Silvana sin Lana Thursday 9/1/16 #32

Fish Market

Chivis looks around in alarm after reading the note from Antonio José. He was going for “reassuring” but it came out more like “stalker.”

Manuel calls Poncho into his office. Now that he can see this wedding business is legit, he congratulates Poncho and wishes him happiness. Poncho starts crying. He’s just so excited and he does love Stella and he always will. Anyway, um, Manuel hopes Poncho doesn’t mind that he’s in the front row for the wedding. You know…as the padrino. Poncho hides his surprise and says he’s ok with it, totally. Manuel’s like a father to him…uh, not because of his age. They hug it out.

Vicente wants help thinking of a wedding present for Stella and Poncho. They already live in the same house and have all that household stuff. Manuel tells him to deal with it on his own, he’s busy. He’s coming to the bachelor party at the salsódromo, though, right? Hey, he’s not having issues with Stella getting married is he? ‘Cause it seems kind of weird to Vicente that he doesn’t care. Manuel says it’s not that he doesn’t care he just hasn’t really thought about it.

Vicente is impressed that Manuel is so in love that he doesn’t mind. That’s right, in love…with Chivis. And he thinks it’s about time Manuel admitted that to himself. Manuel would like to end this conversation–he’s not much for talking about his feelings. Maybe, yes, he’s just not in love with Stella anymore. He just doesn’t feel the butterflies or whatever. Vicente says that’s such a vieja thing to say. “You see why I don’t want to talk to you!” Vicente just hopes Manuel doesn’t get hurt. If Antonio José comes back, he could end up like el perro de las dos tortas (the dog with two sandwiches; he’ll end up with no one because he couldn’t make up his mind).


Don Benito comes over and brings Trini a big bunch of roses. The deep red ones are gorgeous, but I’m intrigued by the peachy-yellow ones too. Trini falls all over herself being embarrassed and apologizing for the lies she told before, but Don Benito is just glad there are no more secrets between them. Uh…unless by some chance she’s not a widow, because he’s not sure he could take that.

Trini assures him she is the widowest widow who ever widowed. They’re about to have a moment but Chivis comes home. Trini sees Benito to the door while Chivis eyes the flowers. She would have said something, but Trini told her the police were there looking for her.

Upstairs, after Trini tells Chivis the whole story, Chivis is annoyed that Trini lied to the cops. She’s sure it’s nothing. And she’s glad Trini finally told Benito the truth. After all this time acting like AJ did nothing wrong, now Trini’s worried Chivis is going to jail, because sometimes that happens when you’re married to a criminal. Uh huh.

As if this wasn’t enough, now Majo tells Chivis she flunked out of school. Chivis is livid–they’re ALL going through stuff right now and they’ve still kept up their responsibilities. But, but, but…she also has to deal with Andres breaking up with her! “You brought that on yourself.”

Chivis can’t believe that with all the financial trouble they’re going through Majo would waste the opportunity to study. Did she not see what happened to Chivis? She spent all that time focusing on being a wife and a mother and look how hard it was for her to get a job without a degree. “But I never wanted to study or work. I wanted the life that you had!” Nope, not paying a damn bit of attention. Oh, wait, it gets better… “My plan was perfect, because let’s be realistic, Andres never would have done to me what Dad did to you.”

Well, guess what, Chivis thinks all women need to be prepared to support themselves now and if Majo lost out on her chance to study, she’s going to have to start working. She’s not having any parasites living in this house. Oh yeah, she said parasite. Majo tries to get by saying she’ll just, uh, run the household, yeah, she’ll learn to be a housewife. Heh, nice try. Chivis says she sure will do that, but she’s also going to come to work with Chivis and sell fish. Don’t make that face, Majo, it’s easier than having to find a job with your lack of qualifications.

Chivis holds back laughter as Majo whines about how unfaaaaaaair it is! All those nacos! Yeah, deal with it, Chivis has made up her mind. Majo is getting up early and coming to the terminal to work with those “nacos.” She’s never taken anything seriously and that is over!


Andres posts grades for the class’ latest test. It’s not good. Well, it’s good for Lucía because she got an A (though there were plenty of B’s and C’s and it doesn’t look like anyone failed it). Except it’s not good for Lucía because she’s the only one and of course they all think it’s because she’s Andres’ novia.

Andres handles it badly, telling them that if anyone has a reason to doubt his professional ethics they can get out. Um, how about “You can go speak to my supervisor”? Because having a special relationship with one student outside of class is, like I’ve said a million times already, probably against university policy.

La noche

Andres comes over to visit Lucha. He brought her a new phone case as a gift. Sooooo not helping yourself, dude. He has a meeting with his boss tomorrow because someone probably complained. He’s sure it’s all going to be fine, though, and if people want to think things that aren’t true it’s their problem (actually, in this context, it’s yours). Also…movie tickets, for him and his BFF! Is she in?

Majo complains to Angie about Chivis’ TERRIBLE idea! Can’t Angie talk to Chivis and get her out of it? Um, no. Because Angie thinks it’s a good idea. Look on the bright side–she can spend more time with Vicente and it’ll help her get her thoughts in order.

Her thoughts are totally in order, though. Vicente’s just a fling. He’s not someone she could get married and have kids with and have a nice quiet life. I mean…can you just imagine? Her? With Vicente? Angie gets it–she’d rather have the guy who DOESN’T like her but DOES have money.

What? No! Of course that’s not it! Angie suggests if she’s having trouble with her feelings for Vicente maybe she should stop seeing him. What?! But she’s single! No, see, the thing is, if Andres wanted to get back together with her, the minute he said he wanted to get back together she’d just be able to drop Vicente. Just like that. And she’d “behave.” Seriously! Neither Angie’s face nor I believe her.

The cops show up at the house and Lupita slams the door on them. She runs upstairs to tell Chivis and Trini starts freaking out. Lupita’s freaking out that these are the people who want to throw her dad in jail. Chivis tells her to chill–they’re just doing their jobs. Trini opts to hide out in her room instead of fainting all over the place. Good call.

Chivis lets the cops in and sits down to answer all their questions. (Bad call–get a lawyer.) They want to know if Antonio José has been in contact with her or the girls in any way since he disappeared. They let her deny it first and then tell her they have reason to believe he’s in town and that he DID try to get in touch with her, so if she’s lying that makes her an accomplice.

Chivis sticks to her story and agrees to let them know if AJ does get in touch with her. She begs them to understand how difficult this is because he’s her husband and she knows he did something wrong, but she’s not exactly having a great time right now. Oh, they understand. And they advise her to cooperate.

Outside on the sidewalk, they run into Lupita. She knows exactly where her dad is. Hollywood. California. At Universal Studios. Of course she would know! She’s his daughter! One cop thanks her for the tip and tells the other they’re going to Hollywood. Seriously?

I don’t know if they bought it or are just humoring her, but she thinks they bought it and she’s getting rid of them for a good long time. Pedrito is impressed. But he wonders how her dad’s going to know. Easy! She’ll leave a note in the tree near where Trini saw him!

Manuel comes home and they debate whether they should tell him. There’s much whispering between the youngsters and Manuel chides them for it. They just tell him the part about two police officers coming by and Lupita not wanting her dad to go to jail. They have a group hug to comfort Lupita.

Chivis fills Majo, Angie, and Trini in on the visit. Trini sips whiskey and engages in her usual histrionics. Majo thinks it was obvious they’d find out he was in town, but having them camped outside is super creepy. Chivis says that she pretended to be surprised, but she doesn’t know if they believed her or not. She doesn’t think she can lie to them again, though.

Majo’s outraged, but Angie doesn’t want both her parents in trouble with the law. Chivis apologizes–she doesn’t want to turn her back on AJ, but she just doesn’t have it in her to lie. “Have Majo teach you,” Angie quips. Majo’s angry that Angie is taking Chivis’ side. She’s sure Angie would love it if their dad got thrown in jail.

Trini calls for an end to the bickering and says no one’s going to jail. AJ will just hire a fancy lawyer and…oh, wait, how’s he going to pay for it. Angie thinks Chivis should just call the cops right now. And tell them what? That he called, that he left her notes. She shows them today’s note. Majo thinks this is proof he’s looking out for them. Trini suggests calling Rafael. Chivis doesn’t want to, but she’s afraid she’s going to have to.

Wedding planning

Stella thinks Manuel is eaten up with jealousy! Dom thinks he’d better do something soon before they all go to hell for lying. When he hears Stella asked Manuel to be the padrino, he suggests a trip to the hardware store to replace their collective loose screws. Poncho took it as a good sign that Manuel asked him if it was ok. He even felt a little sorry for him. Stella puts an end to that–SHE is the victim here, not Manuel. (If you say so….)

Poncho asks Dom to be his padrino (best man?) and Dom gets all choked up. No one’s ever asked him to be the padrino of anything. He can’t believe it! His two best friends getting married! But where’s he going to live? Stella tells him to chill, it’s all fake, remember?

Poncho mutters that he wishes it were true. And then he says he just means that it would be cool because um, weddings are cool. Stella imagines the big poofy monstrosity she’d be wearing if she were marrying Manuel and tells the guys that Chivis is going to help pick out her dress.

Poncho made some late-night breakfast for him and Dom. Dom accepts the breakfast, but he doesn’t accept that Poncho still thinks this wedding is going to turn into the real thing. But hey, he hopes it works out because if he has to handle a disappointed Poncho AND Stella, forget it. He’d rather run home, eat all the rat poison in the house, and die. Poncho jokes that sounds perfect. Really? Who does Poncho think is going to fix his socks and wash his underwear and make his bed and hold on to him on the scooter? Poncho starts poking Dom, who laughs until he screeches.


Marge schools Jorge on logarithms. I’m surprised I remember this much. She explains they’re like “powers” (exponents) in reverse. So 10^3 is 1000, right? That means the log of 1000 in base 10 is 3. She asks him what the log of 8 in base 3 is…2! Aw, darn, show! No, the log of 8 in base 2 is 3. Here, have a fun math page. Marge watches him solve another problem and then snogs him. Because math is sexy.

As if logarithms weren’t complicated enough, she wants to know what that kiss meant to him. Would he really want to just go on like nothing after that? Jorge doesn’t really want to, you know, put a name on it. They should take it slow, but be exclusive. Marge is into that.

Don Benito is NOT into finding them snogging on his living room floor! He wants Jorge out of his house and he’d better not lay a hand on Marge again. Marge walks him out and hides her smile from Benito.

Balcony time

Chivis is about to call Rafa when she hears Manuel. He’s been worried after what Lupita told him. He thinks Chivis should tell the truth, but she feels like she needs to protect AJ. She doesn’t want to be the one responsible for him going to jail. And what if they arrest her, too? Manuel is sure they’re just putting on the pressure to get her to tell them what she knows, not so they can accuse her of being in on it.

So here’s his advice. First, she needs to reach over the balcony and take his hand so he can send her good vibes. He’s not kidding! He’s sure she’ll feel better if she does. They can just barely reach, but she’s smiling at him. He tells her HE’s the love of her life, not AJ.

AJ lurks behind a tree, watching.

Manuel jokes about jumping over to her balcony…or maybe putting a hanging bridge in between where they can sit together. Chivis thinks it’s about time for her to go back inside. Manuel reminds her to come back tomorrow.


Jorge sees AJ lurking and introduces himself. He recognizes him from pictures Angie showed him. AJ listens to Jorge talking about how great Angie is and verifies that he lives in the house next door. And then he splits, telling Jorge that God asks fewer questions and forgives. Jorge doesn’t get it. Me neither. Maybe it was just “Ask fewer questions and I’ve gotta go” (perdona)?

Jorge walks into the house still baffled. He tells Manuel he thinks he just saw Angie’s dad, but he wouldn’t admit that’s who he was. He was acting weird. Manuel feels bad for Chivis, but Jorge thinks maybe it’s good–they can clear everything up. Manuel’s not sure. He’s going to end up in jail. Jorge says that would suck for Angie.

Vicente comes home and hears the story. “Told you so, shark.” Gosh, Vicente, that’s supportive!

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