Silvana sin Lana Thursday 9/8/16 #37

Pick a galan

Vicente keeps pushing Majo to say which one of them she wants. He says he and Andres have both got their charms, in different ways. He just wants to settle this like adults. Majo and Andres would both like him to shut up, but he won’t quit. He wants to be with Majo, Andres wants to be with Majo, Majo’s the one who can’t make up her mind. Or does she want to be with both of them. Majo slaps him, picks up her things, and walks out of the office.

Andres tells him next time he wants to have a stupid conversation like that, leave him out of it. Vicente now starts going after Andres over Lucha. He doesn’t buy this whole “We’re just friends” thing. What’s going to happen to Lucha when Andres takes Majo back? Vicente warns Andres if Lucha cries a single tear, he’s going after him.


Manuel stops by the house, where Chivis is working. Neither of them went to the market today. He jokes about helping her go knock on some doors. She teases him about how he won’t quit flirting and Manuel agrees–she recharges his batteries so he can’t stop.

Anyway, how’s Poncho. Manuel says he’s at Stella’s, packing.

He remembers he forgot to tell Chivis how good she looked yesterday. She agrees, he was looking pretty good, too. They’re joking about how his life is like a romantic comedy, but hers is more of a telenovela, and she should come over and be in his romantic comedy because everyone gets happy endings. Before they can maybe or maybe not kiss, there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Catalina. Chivis introduces her to Manuel. Cata hadn’t met Manuel before. She likes Manuel. You can tell by the way she’s nearly salivating. She has good news for them both–everyone who was at the wedding was pleased with the quality of the food and she has the contact information for all those clients for them.

Cata likes Manuel so much she not-quite-jokes about moving to the ‘hood and selling fish. He can call her Cata. Chivis can’t believe her “friend” is coming on this strong. Manuel jokes about doing housework for Chivis and how she works him so hard. He’s trying to leave, but Cata wants him to stay and have…coffee. Chivis practically shoves him out the door as Manuel jokes that he’s the boss at work, but around here Chivis keeps him on a short leash.

Cata wants to know everything about him. Oh, he’s a widower? She can console him anytime, anywhere. Cata’s married, but hey she’s not dead, and besides who wants a guy like that for a husband? She just wants to “have coffee” with him. Just once and she’ll give Chivis all her contacts. One phone call, one coffee date and she’ll have Manuel in a week. Chivis’ face can’t believe she just said that.

Casa Stella

She’s out of her room, but still in her dress. She tells Dom she’s going to wear it until she marries Manuel. He tries to talk her into taking one of those pills Andres left, but she won’t. At least she’s eating. An apple. With a knife. And she wants him to go get her three chocolate bars with almonds, a box of really sweet donuts with filling, two liters of ice cream, and two liters of non-diet soda. Dom thinks she’ll be climbing the walls with all that sugar, plus she’ll expand. Uh, yeah, ok, he’ll go get the stuff.

She lets him take the knife before she traipses upstairs in her dirty dress. Dom starts collecting all the knives from the kitchen, and the scissors.

Moving in

Poncho shows up at Manuel’s with his suitcase. Pedrito starts complaining about how small this house is, but Manuel tells him it’s only for a few days. He asks how Stella’s doing. Poncho says she doesn’t care about anything besides Manuel.


Trini comes over for a donut and a box of croissants and to ask why she fainted yesterday because she just can’t remember. He says it must have been all the wedding cake she ate. He can’t remember what they were talking about right before it happened. Must have been the wedding. He can’t recall asking her anything specific.

But Trini’s sure she needed to tell him “yes” or “no” to something. She tells him to quit acting stupid over it. He asked for her hand! What, is he regretting it already?!

Fine, he accepts it. They were dancing, he asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend, and she fainted. He hasn’t regretted it. She munches on her donut as he sweet talks her. He dreams of the two of them walking along on the beach. Hm. Trini’s not sure, now that he’s doing all this begging. She doesn’t like him changing his mind like this.

Benito offers to ask again if she won’t faint. He gets down on his knee and asks her to be his girlfriend. “I’ll think about it.” She thinks he’s overacting. He’s going to have to work harder. (Did you not say his croissants melt in your mouth?! What more do you want from him?!)


Majo goes home and tells Angie what happened in Manuel’s office. Angie gets to the important part–which one did she choose? Majo sniffs that she didn’t choose either, since they’re a pair of children.

Angie laughs. More like she couldn’t pick!

To Majo, the important thing is that Andres came looking for her, which means he still cares. Lucha’s “plan” backfired. Andres is different from Vicente. Vicente’s impulsive and intense. Angie knows that’s what Majo likes about it.

Majo and Angie take their coffee into the living room as Majo tells Angie there are days she’s sure she never wants to see Vicente again, but then…he makes her feel so alive. She has a good time with him and she feels free and happy. She denies she’s in love, but that’s what it sounds like to Angie.

Majo says she can’t picture herself with him, introducing him to all her old friends. She’ll have to dump him. For real this time. She has to focus on Andres.

Benji texts to find out if Angie’s working today. She guards her phone from a nosy Majo, but tells her it was Benji. As for Jorge, he got back together with Margarita. Majo accuses her of being in love with two guys at once, but Angie insists she’s not.

Vicente tells Lucha that Vicente went to the market looking for Majo. He makes it sound like they were in the office alone, talking. He can’t understand why either she or Majo is even interested in that guy. Lucha. Well, she can’t believe he’s interested in Majo. Wait…is he in love with her?

They both make fun of each other for liking a fresa. Vicente gets serious and says they have to take advantage of the little time they have. Majo and Andres are going to get back together again, so she’d better not get her hopes up. Manuel calls them down to dinner.

As Jorge serves salad and everyone helps themselves to salmon, Manuel announces that Poncho will be staying with them. Poncho bursts into tears when Manuel mentions WHY he’s staying–he can’t even stand to hear Stella’s name. He bawls as he thanks them all for being there for him.

He may not like hearing about Stella, but he sure does want to talk about her. All the kids flee from the table–some with plates and some without–before Poncho can start telling the story of how he and Stella met.


Vicente’s out flirting with some woman at the salsódromo. Angie angrily gives him his bill and he whines that it’s not his fault if her sister won’t pay attention to him. Does she want him to die of sadness, like Poncho? He pays his bill and goes outside to meet up with his date.

Benji offers Angie a ride home, but Jorge says he called a taxi already. Benji’s not off work for another hour, and besides, he and Angie live right next door to each other. Jorge lurks as Angie says she’s happy to wait for Benji and let him drive her home. Ooh, but she’s not thrilled with the idea of going out to dinner after and staying out THAT late. Benji convinces her to agree and just call her mom and let her know she’ll be home late.

Jorge lurks in his driveway, waiting for them to go home. He watches Angie and mutters “Don’t turn around, just keep walking” as she heads for her front door. He watches Benji drive away and is surprised to turn around and see Vicente watching him.

They go back inside the house and Vicente says Poncho’s rubbing off on him. Jorge gripes about having to give Benji the “win” because he’s in college and has a car. Vicente can’t understand why he got back together with Margarita when he likes Angie this much. Jorge whines about how many times he tried talking to Angie and she wouldn’t forgive him, so he’s not going to keep begging. Besides, maybe he could fall in love with Marge again. Vicente thinks that “un clavo saca otro clavo” doesn’t work.

They’re joined by a sniffling Poncho. Who wants to talk. Jorge promises he’ll be right back as soon as he gets some more batteries for his game controller. He and Vicente run upstairs.


Manuel thought Cata was nice. Chivis offers him her number. Nah, she probably doesn’t like tacos de suadero. Manuel tells her not to act jealous or he’ll get his hopes up. She warns him that Cata’s married with six children. He gets all gross and says those are the ones who need the most attention. And Chivis tells him he’s being gross, too. He insists he means just going out and doing something without the kids.

Yeah, well those kids are looked after by three nannies. And he’s not Cata’s type. She’d just see him as a naco. “Not like you…you like nacos. And you’re my type, even if I’m a naco and you’re a princess.”

He accuses her of not going to work today because she’s got the hots for him. As for him, he didn’t go because he saw the van and figured if she wasn’t going then there was no point.

Anyway, what was it he wanted to tell her? He forgot…no he remembers…no, it’s stupid…ok it’s that every day he likes her more. She wishes him a good night and goes back inside.

Miss Havisham’s

Dom finds the demolished snacks outside Stella’s door with a new shopping list. He refuses to get that stuff. The other side of the list says she doesn’t want to talk. So he parks outside her door and yells at her. Her business is going to tank because they’re not selling! The fish must be stinking by now! He even tries calling her by her full name and she won’t answer him.

Dom begs the Virgen for help…a sign. He turns back around and asks Stella to just open the door and get some air. Just so he’ll feel better.

The door opens. Dom tiptoes into her wreck of a room and finds her crouched in her closet. He’s not cleaning this up! And they’re going to get roaches! Stella insists this is how she lives now and she’s not leaving until Manuel comes to ask forgiveness. On his knees.

Fish Market

Poncho’s afraid to leave Manuel’s office. Manuel tells him to get out there and work to forget his troubles. Who cares if everyone out there was at the wedding? Poncho is sure they’re all talking about him. He’s a trending topic. #ponchogotstoodup.

Manuel says everyone knows Stella’s a little…missing a screw. If people talk to him, it’ll be to comfort him.

Manuel’s phone starts ringing. It’s Dom. He’s desperate. Stella won’t leave her room, she won’t take off the dress, and all she wants to do is eat. She said she’d come out if he comes to talk to her. Manuel absolutely refuses. Poncho wants to know if she asked about him. “She doesn’t even remember he exists!” Poncho can hear him through the phone. Dom can’t take it anymore! Poncho thinks he’s the Marido en Alquiler and Stella thinks she’s La Querida del Centauro! (Are they trying to throw in the name of every other Telemundo show before this is all over?)

Poncho starts sobbing in Manuel’s office and Manuel says he’s got a few things to do and then he’ll come by later. He even agrees to bring over some of the stuff on Stella’s list.

Then he goes over to Poncho, dries his tears with his shirt, and shoves him out the door.


Juanito wants to know what’s up with Benito and Trini. Even Benito doesn’t know. She’s keeping him hanging. Juanito, with his infinite wisdom complains that nothing’s ever enough for women.

Trini comes in asking for macaroons and chocolate cake. She still doesn’t have an answer and she doesn’t want any pressure. She likes old school romance. Benito gets the hint. Trini takes her free bread and asks him not to bring up these personal matters in front of the hired help.

After she leaves, Juanito says she’s up on her high horse again. Don Benito agrees. This isn’t going to be easy. And Juanito is going to have to help him. (Oh, that’s good, since Juanito obviously knows sooooo much about women. Pfft!)


Andres asks for an update about Stella. Lucía tells him she’ll probably be fine in a few days and chasing her dad again.

Mauro, from the immigrant rights group, comes over to tell Lucía they’re having a meeting to see if they can join next week’s march for gay marriage rights. Lucha’s in, she just wants to finish her lunch first.

Andres is all weird about saying he didn’t know Mauro was gay. Lucha says he’s not and why is he lowering his voice. “Well I don’t want to offend anybody.” He’s kind of laughing about it and she tells him she had no idea he was so holier-than-thou. He swears he’s not trying to be.

His phone beeps and Lucha just knows it’s Majo. She knows he went to the market yesterday to talk to his ex. Or is she his girlfriend again?

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