Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 8/31/16 #31

The end of the evening

Majo confesses to Vicente that she’s so overwhelmed with everything, with her dad being back and her mom possibly wanting a divorce. She just wants to run away. He’s all for running away with her, but he thinks she’s being too hard on her mother. Whatever her parents do is between them and if they do separate, he thinks Majo should have her mom’s back the way her mom had their backs. And she should take advantage of having her around. He leaves with a reminder that he’s just on the other side of the wall.

Stella follows up on her earlier antics in the car by calling Manuel to tell him they found the motel, complete with Poncho making monkey sounds in the background. It’s ok if they’re late tomorrow, right? Manuel just hangs up on her.

Dom asks what they’re going to do next, release a sex tape? He doesn’t think Manuel believes any of it. Stella reminds Poncho their proposal is tomorrow and it has to be PERFECT. Dom snarks that it’s going to be so much easier getting Manuel back when she’s married.


Angie and Lupita are off to school and Trini’s off to the bakery. That leaves Majo, Chivis, and an uncomfortable silence. They pretty quickly start apologizing to each other and make up.

Chivis gets ready to go to work and notices Majo’s still in her pajamas. Majo skips this opportunity to tell the truth and says there’s some kind of thing at school and classes are canceled.

Fish Market

Stella comes to Manuel’s office for coffee and innuendo. No, Manuel doesn’t care what you’ve been up to with Poncho, Stella. He grumpily tells her if she’s happy with Poncho that’s great, but he doesn’t want details or comparisons. Stella will not let up and he SCREAMS that he’s not jealous and bangs on his desk!

Stella starts poking him, literally, and saying he’s jealous, and then Chivis walks in. Stella gloats that Manuel’s dying of jealousy because she’s with Poncho. Chivis wants to run, but Stella won’t let her. She keeps insisting Manuel was saying he was jealous and she thanks Chivis for falling for Manuel because it made her notice Poncho. And even if all that were true, I would still be tired of listening to her run her mouth about it.

Manuel removes her from his office and tells Chivis he hopes she won’t pay any attention to what that “crazy” woman said. That’s not a positive face from Chivis.

Stella thinks she’s got Manuel all primed to take her back, so she tells Poncho to make with the proposing. He’s just waiting for Vicente to come relieve him and then…he’s got the outfit, the ring, and the flowers all ready to go.

Yeah, Chivis believed Stella. I wish he’d stop calling her “Señora Chivis.” He changes the subject to Antonio José, but nothing has changed. If anything, Chivis thinks things are worse now that he’s “back” than when he left. Manuel doesn’t see how that’s possible, and besides now he’s here for her.

Um, the “here” thing is causing problems for Chivis, especially in this tiny office. Manuel says if she wants space she’s got it. He talked to Vicente and Vicente will be her partner from now on.

At the Gazebo of the Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market, Dom prays Stella won’t break Poncho’s heart. I imagine they’re not showing us the Virgen’s face for a reason. Poncho tries to get Dom out of his way to do his own praying. Dom says Poncho’s so getting stomped.

The Virgen’s not even looking at Poncho as he babbles about how they’re only little lies he’s telling and maybe he will end up married to Stella for realz. He promises if he does, he’ll give her a new paint job and take her on a procession. I dunno, I think she seems mildly interested. Very mildly.

Dom calls Poncho with the signal when he sees Manuel and Chivis. Chivis looks really impressed–she hasn’t seen the new look, plus he’s got that big bouquet of roses for dramatic effect. She looks a little disbelieving, but happy, as he gives his big proposal speech. And finally her mouth drops open as Poncho pops the question. Stella tells everyone to prepare themselves because in a week, there’s going to be a wedding. Chivis’ smile looks strained now and Manuel looks like he’s trying to get a better look at her face.

Stella rushes to get Chivis and Manuel to congratulate her. Chivis at least says “Congratulations.” Manuel tells Poncho he hopes he knows what he’s doing. Vicente says he’ll throw the bachelor party and Chivis gives a genuine smile for that. That and when she congratulates Poncho and hugs him and wishes him happiness.

Dom, on the other hand, is crying because Ponchito was so sincere and in love and…. Whatever, Stella wants to know how Manuel looked. Actually, Dom thinks it really did come off genuine…and he thinks she’s going to end up married to Poncho. Stella is convinced Manuel will stop the wedding. They look over and Manuel’s face says “Yeah, whatever. I’m not stopping you.”

Dom catches up to Poncho at the Gazebo of the Virgen and forbids him from speaking to her! He’s a sinner and he’s going to burn in the flames of hell! He can’t believe Poncho thinks he’s really going to marry Stella in a week! The first chance she gets, she’s going to back out. The first time Manuel snaps his fingers. Pablo starts praying to the Virgen that won’t happen and Dom yells at her not to listen to him! The Virgen: “I’m just gonna look out at the scenery over here while y’all keep squabbling.”

Poncho accuses Dom of being against him. Dom weeps–he is SO on Poncho’s side! He doesn’t want him to suffer! Poncho insists Stella will end up falling in love with him. He gets back to praying.

Stella goes to annoy me again…I mean, annoy Manuel again, in his office. She wants him to be the padrino of the wedding. “Did you stick your fingers in an electrical socket?” She makes a bad joke about how they’ve been together so long and they could even be lovers after. He doesn’t appreciate the joke. And did she even consult Poncho about this? (The padrino thing, not the amantes thing.) Because he’s not sure Poncho is going to take it well.

Oh, she’s sure Poncho will love it, and besides she doesn’t have any family around. Well, if she’s serious…he’ll think about it. She CRAWLS over his desk to kiss him in gratitude. She insists when she says she loves him she means as a friend. She has him look her in the eyes and tell her how he’s feeling and he sure does look convincing when he says if she’s happy, he’s happy for her. I wonder how she’s going to interpret that later.

Stella finds Chivis out at the food court and insists on paying for her coffee. So they can talk. Chivis tells her to make it quick. Stella apologizes for the way she treated Chivis, but now that she’s getting married she needs to come clean and she needs Chivis’ blessing. Chivis has the experience and she’s older, so…. Chivis is not into this. But she’ll say she forgives Stella if that’s what she wants. She has to do it twice before Stella thinks it’s good enough. And now that that’s out of the way, since she’s so glamorous, can she help Stella pick out a wedding dress? (Um, purely for my entertainment, DO IT!)


Business is still going well, but they’re not busy enough to get Don Benito to quit with the flirting and make with the working. And now Trini takes advantage of her captive audience and starts talking about their date.

Juanito shows up with his test results, but he doesn’t understand them. Trini gets rude about him calling Lucha since she’ll only call Andres just like she calls him for every little thing and how dare she even think that she can compete with her granddaughter–they’re not even in the same class!

Lucha has arrived by now, of course, and agrees with Trini. They’re not in the same class. She isn’t the “class” of person who would cheat on her boyfriend, for example.

At the end of the day, Benito and Trini work on the books. She decides he’s extending too much credit with no payment terms. If he wants the business to survive, he’s going to have to get people to start paying up.

A couple of police officers come in, not to talk about the robbery, but to look for Chivis. Benito and Trini lie. Trini uses a lot more words to do it. One of the officers hands over his “card.” It looks like it has a magnetic strip on the back. And a bunch of fine print.

When they leave, Benito wants to know why they were looking for Chivis. And why Trini was so nervous. She prepares to tell him “the whole truth,” though I’m sure it won’t be anything remotely resembling the truth.

Actually…she declares them a family of extortionists. That’s why they came to this horrible neighborhood. Chivis’ husband ripped off half the city and left them penniless. She cries over her lost laundry room in her previous mansion. Yes, she lied. She won’t blame him if he never speaks to him again. She’s leaving now because she can’t look him in the eyes. Benito looks conflicted and sighs after her.


Jorge feels the need to tell Angie that he’s decided he can’t keep waiting for her to forgive him. The two of them was just a fantasy, they’re too different, and he’s not going to keep chasing her.

“What am I supposed to say to that?” (Right on, sister!) She’s on the verge of tears and he calls her cold and says she’s acting like she doesn’t care. She does care! But there’s nothing she can do. Jorge tells her to just do what her heart tells her to, for once, and stop trying to control everything and think about everything.

Seriously? After everything she’s been through? After what her dad did? Maybe she’s so “controlled” because of that, maybe that’s why she wants to THINK about things before she does them. So she won’t make mistakes. So she won’t suffer.

Jorge whines that this isn’t math, it’s love, and you have to take risks. “We’re 18, not 60.” (Um, dude, this has nothing to do with age.) He thinks she should trust her heart, because it doesn’t make mistakes


Antonio José is playing video games. Video games. I hope they throw the book at him after what he’s put his family through. He doesn’t even stop when Rafa returns his money. He thinks Chivis can’t do a thing without him. He laughs at the idea of her working. He’s sure that’ll pass.

Rafa warns him to be careful–they’re looking for him. AJ is sure they won’t find him before he’s ready to turn himself in.

Villaseñoras Family Drama

Angie tries to get a little privacy in the bathroom. You’d think Majo would understand that, but no. She had something she wanted to tell Angie, but now she’s distracted by Angie’s crying. She’s upset that she didn’t say anything to Jorge earlier. Majo is sure someone better than Jorge will come along. Angie says this is the first time she’s ever been in love with anyone…and this whole thing that happened with her dad made her lose her trust in men…and she thinks she’s lost Jorge!

Jorge picks up some bread from the panadería and Marge talks him into staying to hang out and study. And she’ll make him something to eat.

Majo doesn’t think Jorge’s worth getting so upset over. And not all men are the same. Angie knows, but she just feels so…square…so “Miss Perfect” like Majo says. Maybe she should be more like Majo. Even Majo says two insensitive women in one house would be too much for their poor mom! And that’s without Chivis hearing what happened at school.

She flunked out. Because of her absences. And there’s nothing she can do. Angie is furious! Majo throws the “Miss Perfect” thing in her face again. She blames their dad–if he hadn’t left, none of this would be happening. Angie says that’s crap–she was flunking out before their dad left, but then they had enough money to just put her in a different school. According to Majo she was switching majors because she just didn’t like any of them. OK, but if she liked her latest one then WHY wasn’t she going to class? Excuses, excuses.

Angie’s glad that at least Majo’s admitting the ENTIRE family is going through this together, but really, she’s got to tell their mom. If she finds out some other way, she’ll feel awful. Plus, Majo’s a terrible liar. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Chivis gets back to her van, presumably after shaking off Stella, and finds a note from AJ. He’s sorry she’s working in a place like this, but he’s going to fix things so everything can go back to the way it was before.

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