Tormenta de Pasiones Monday 11/21/16 #64


Ali doesn’t take the reveal that he’s been replaced with Caroline very well. He starts to attack her, but Kenan gets in the way. OK, then, he’ll fight Kenan. They trade punches, end up on the floor, and try to strangle each other, all while Kenan continues to point out to Ali just how screwed he is. Those were his boats running illegal guns for his company and Cemile signed every bit of paperwork. They’re both going down. Caroline goes running for help, but I’m not sure “Ali is killing Kenan” is going to have the effect she anticipates.

I guess Kenan hired security. A bunch of guys with no ties come in to pull Ali off Kenan. Two hold him while the other punches him, then Kenan takes over. He mocks Ali for thinking he was important and brags about how all he had to do was smile and pat him on the back to get Ali to do what he wanted. Apparently a “real man” doesn’t believe compliments.

Caroline has been looking horrified until Ali says he’s going to get Cemile out of this. Now she joins in on the fun, saying she told him to forget about Cemile and he didn’t. So now Caroline has everything that was his.

Ali keeps repeating that he has the files, but Caroline laughs at him. Kenan’s bullies drag Ali outside and drop him on the sidewalk…after getting in a few more punches. Caroline thoroughly enjoys it. Kenan tells her no one will ever understand her better than he does. “There was someone, but he died.” Kenan is alarmed, but she laughs and says she was joking.

Down on the sidewalk, Ali’s still saying he has the file. The bullies load Ali into a taxi and tell the driver to drop Ali off as far away as he can.

Kenan pontificates about keeping calm and continuing with the plan and Caroline keeps looking at him like he’s so brilliant. She gives back the file and wonders why he wanted a newspaper clipping about Ali killing Hikmet. He just says he likes murders. He notices the picture is missing and for the life of me, I can’t remember whether Caroline’s being honest or not when she says there wasn’t a picture. Kenan believes her, and he looks upset as he realizes Ali isn’t on the sidewalk anymore.

He’s busy bleeding all over the back seat of the taxi. Ali asks the guy to drive him home.

Don’t go!

Now that he’s told Aylin, Soner breaks it to Suleyman that he’s leaving again. He laughs when Suleyman asks where he’s going. They talk about that time they were younger and got drunk and dared each other to jump on the barcaza (barge) under the bridge. They messed up the puerros (leeks) and espinacas (spinich) and the vegetable guys beat them up for it. Soner says they were right, those guys were just trying to earn a living.

He and Suleyman made the bet because they were tired of how hard life was and they wanted to run away on the barge. So now Soner has decided to jump on a barge again. He wants to leave Suleyman his inheritance and let Suleyman run everything.

The thing is, the last time Soner jumped, Suleyman jumped with him. And it’s not going to be any different this time.

Street of Drama

Mete, in the love bus, drops off Cemile, Hasefe, Selma, and Aylin at the factory just when the taxi brings Ali home. And just when Neriman, Kemal, and Mesude were walking down the street. Mete helps his dad out of the taxi and gets him inside with Hasefe’s help. Cemile pays off the taxi driver and tells Aylin to open the shop, but Aylin insists on staying with her. Selma offers to open. Neriman curiously watches her cross the street.

Ali refuses to go to the hospital. He mumbles that he’s going to show them who Captain Ali is as Hasefe cleans him up. He slowly explains that Caroline took his job…they’ll pay. Cemile fills in the blanks, guessing correctly that he fought with Kenan and Kenan had his guys beat Ali up. Ali mumbles that he has the files and then falls asleep.

Two of the workers have arrived at the factory when Kenan and Ivo walk in. Selma tells him to stay away–she’s already told the police if anything happens to her, Kenan is the one responsible. He tells her he’s not going to do anything to her, but he’ll hurt Cemile if Selma doesn’t show up in court and tell them she can’t control herself and wants to give him guardianship. If she won’t, she’ll be crying so much over Cemile, she’ll find out what “crazy” is.

Cemile meets him coming out of the building and he tells her not to worry–it’s not Selma’s turn yet. Cemile’s next. They run upstairs and find her sitting in a chair. I was afraid she’d retreated again until she started talking. She seems to think if she leaves, Kenan will leave Cemile alone. Cemile says they’ll get rid of him, but Selma says guys like that always get away. Cemile says guys like that destroy themselves. His end is near. Aylin looks thoughtful.

Nedim comes by with flowers to congratulate Cemile about the new factory. Aylin and Selma keep giving the two of them looks. Cemile’s trial is coming up soon and as soon as he hears about the judgment on Selma’s assets, he’ll let them know.

After Nedim leaves, Aylin suggests they’d better get an actual vase since it looks like Nedim isn’t going to stop bringing Cemile flowers. She and Selma giggle while Cemile pretends to be annoyed. And then Cemile says he’s a total gentleman.

This doesn’t look good

Berrin and Hakan leave from work. I’m starting to get the various henchmen confused, but I think those are Ekrem’s guys waiting down the street in a car, looking over at Zehra with the nanny and saying “it won’t be difficult.”

Oh, sure, now everybody cares

Soner takes a call from a Mr. Mehmet about a construction contract. He wants to partner up and bid on the contract, but Soner refuses, even though Mehmet is going to let him dictate the terms. Soner says he’s retiring from business and leaving. Mehmet keeps trying to talk him into it, but Soner hangs up on him.

Soner’s doctor and Tarik get off work and she mentions her dad is coming to pick her up. Her dad turns out to be Mehmet. I find it sweet that they ask each other how their day went. Mehmet tells her what Soner said on the phone earlier–it confused him. La doctora looks concerned (I cannot for the life of me remember what her name is, assuming they’ve ever told us).

Pobre Nihal!

Haki’s guys all drink tea and talk about how Nihal’s dying soon.

Nihal looks wrong at another prisoner (or, really, the other way around) and a fight breaks out. She’s really had about enough and gets in quite a few hits herself. When the other prisoner gets the upper hand, yet another prisoner pulls off the first one and takes Nihal into the bathroom to clean herself up.

It turns out that the second prisoner, in the pink sweater, is the one who was hired to kill Nihal. She’s not very efficient about it and spends a lot of time punching her with brass knuckles. When she goes to stab her, someone whacks her with a stick. It’s the prisoner Nihal was fighting with before. She says it’s too bad, Nihal’s face is never going to be the same again. She has nothing against her, she just didn’t like the way Nihal was looking at her. She starts calling for the guards.

Nihal’s parents and Mete are there for visiting day, but a guard says she couldn’t come today. She won’t say why, but Suleyman makes one of his surprise appearances to pull them all outside and tell them what happened. Nihal was attacked and isn’t doing well. She’s not going to die, though. He’s sure the attacker was hired by Haki’s men, but he’s had that woman moved to a different area.

In the prison infirmary, nearly all of Nihal’s face is bandaged.

Grossness abounds

Caroline and Kenan have dinner. She wants to move into his house, but they’re all Selma’s. Caroline sulks–when Selma shows up in court, the judge will realize she’s not “crazy.” She suggests kidnapping her, but Kenan tells her about the report Selma filed with the police. He’s going to get at Selma through Cemile. Caroline offers to help.

After dinner they go upstairs and spend way too much time in the hallway trading innuendos and disgusting glances. Then they defile Kenan’s hotel room, that he got just for this purpose. At least we didn’t have to watch.

In the morning Caroline suddenly remembers Mustafa, sleeping in the room across the hall, and she grabs the sheet and makes a run for it.


He sleeps. Hasefe watches him.

In the morning, he wakes up and he’s moving around like nothing happened yesterday. He’s ready to go all I AM THE CAPTAIN on Caroline and Kenan, but he finds that his blackmail file is missing. Hasefe tries to get him to calm down, but he goes out the door to fast to stop him, saying they’ll pay, he’ll kill Kenan. Hasefe screams after him to let Allah punish them. He’s already rounded the corner.

He heads for the taxi stand, but Karim’s not available. A guy who offers to drive him wants him to wait until he’s done with his tea. Ali steals the guy’s taxi. I laugh.

Hasefe calls Caroline and tells her Ali’s on the loose. The household goes into teamwork mode. Mete will drive her to check on Hasefe (who’s freaking out), Aylin will take care of Osman, and Selma will open the factory.

Karim stops by Ali’s to tell Hasefe that Ali swiped a taxi from one of his coworkers. Cemile, Mete, and Selma have arrived by then and Cemile’s sure he went to Karci. Mete drives them while Selma goes to open the factory.

Everybody wants Soner

Caroline stops by Soner’s house, probably to tell him Aylin is pregnant, but Soner won’t even let her in the front door. She can tell him or not, but he’s not going to give her any money. He doesn’t want to hear anything about Aylin. Caroline goes off empty-handed and without having done her evil (but possibly inadvertently good) deed for the day.

Soner is so annoyed he decides to go out to the country house and go riding.

La doctora comes to Soner’s house after he’s left and Suleyman decides to tell her where he went and give her the address.

Osman is having Aylin tie his shoelaces because he’s late for school and had to wash some lemon juice out of his hair and Aylin’s faster at tying them than he is. He couldn’t possibly have let Gulden see him like that! She jokingly threatens to tell Gulden he can’t tie his shoelaces if he doesn’t quit annoying her. She gets him off to school and then quite obviously thinks about her baby.

She calls Soner’s house and Nasli’s happy she called. She tells Aylin that Soner went out to the country house. Aylin calls and asks Kerim to come pick her up.

La doctora arrives first. I’m bracing myself. She tells him that she was concerned about what he told her father, about retiring. She gets all teary when she asks if he’s really going far away. Aha! Her name is Gulay!

Aylin arrives in a pretty dress and coat. She hears from the groom, who’s outside with Soner’s horse, that he’s inside with a guest (in the feminine). Aylin freezes…and then starts walking TOWARD the house.

Gulay is begging Soner to stay and he says he can’t–he’s already told her everything. She knows he can’t make her happy.

Aylin approaches and hears him say he can’t even make himself happy. He makes everyone around him miserable. He’s cursed.

She rounds the corner and sees him holding hands and confessing to Gulay that he’s afraid of himself and has to leave. She offers to go with him and be unhappy with him. (GET IN THERE, AYLIN!) He says she has a job and some dignity and she can’t quit for someone like him. He won’t accept.

Aylin hears Gulay tell him that Tarik is in love with Aylin and he talked to Tarik because he knew that. He told Tarik he’d leave, he told him to make Aylin happy. Soner agrees, that’s more or less what he said. Aylin runs out of the house.

Gulay says if he can give up making Aylin happy he can have some compassion for himself. She begs for a chance and hugs him from behind, begging him to let her come with him and start a new life.

Aylin stomps back to Kerim’s taxi and sobs in the back seat while they drive away.

Soner finally tells Gulay he can’t love anyone but Aylin and she can’t come with him. He hopes she finds someone who will love her.

And now a second woman will go home crying in a taxi. That’s awfully efficient, Soner.


Ali lurks on the docks, saying to himself that someone will pay. He’ll kill them.

Caroline’s car cruises toward Karci, as does the Love Bus.

Ali sees Caroline’s car approaching and starts revving his engine. She sees him, but maybe the driver didn’t. He still ends up clipping the back end of her car. Her driver stumbles out with a gun. He’s not in great shape and Ali easily overpowers him and takes his gun. Caroline starts trying to crab walk back away from Ali. He towers over her with the gun as she begs him not to shoot her.

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Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago

OMG now is the time to try and think of some of Caroline’s redeeming qualities and [tick-tock….tick-tock] I came up with nothing. Even Mustafa may be better off…but now that Ali has finally started to redeem himself, do we really want to see him go back to prison? I’m not really sure how I personally feel about it…and I’m wondering how everyone else here feels about it. Haha “Grossness Abounds” for sure! Kenan and Caroline definitely “defile” that room, I laughed hysterically when I read that. I am glad they spared us the details on that romp! These two together… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I agree with both of you. Can’t find any redeeming quality in Caroline, Mustafa or no. But, oh, how I wish Aylin had not jumped to conclusions about what she saw between Soner and the doctor.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kitty Sanchez

I love a good entrega scene, but felt positively barfy when Caroline and Kenan were in the doorway looking at that bordello-like bed. Did NOT allow my imagination to go there…

4 years ago

Thank you so much for the story of Soner, Suleyman, and the barge! Naturally, I hadn’t understood a bit of it so I truly do depend on you for gems like these! Delightful! Mil gracias. 😀

4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Oh, yes! The Adventures of Soner and Suleyman. I’d pay good money for DVDs, CDs, and tee shirts of them, lol.