Silvana sin Lana Friday 9/9/16 #38

Ex or not?

Andres is not exactly answering Lucha’s question and Lucha’s already getting angry, as if he did say he and Majo are back together. He’s being vague about how he feels, saying it must be the same way Majo feels, that she’s just waiting for him to forgive her. Lucha gets up from the table and runs into Mauro, who notices her tears. She says she’s just being stupid. Andres gets another text from Majo about how she can’t stop thinking about him and smiles.

Fish Market

Majo was texting him from the market instead of working. She looks up from her phone and tells Vicente that Poncho’s here.

Poncho was right, he immediately starts getting razzed about his short “marriage.” Vicente defends him, but Poncho insists he’s a machito (man) and can defend himself. He starts to say something about not marrying Stella, but he can’t say her name without bursting into tears and running off. That just sets the market jerks to laughing again.

Vicente finds Majo in Manuel’s office and apologizes for yesterday. He tries making a joke about how he just loves getting slapped, so he figured that would be the best way to get her to slap him. Majo says all his macho playacting was pathetic, but Vicente disagrees–Andres was totes scared of him and that’s because Vicente fights for what he wants.

Yep, he means Majo…her eyes, her hair, her annoyingness. And what happened to his not wanting an exclusive relationship? Well, Lucha asked him yesterday if he was falling in love with Majo and he thinks he is.

She tries to get him to repeat it and he does, after starting out with things like “I really like you” and “I’m crazy for you.” And then they kiss. Which I kind of wanted to enjoy, but as Majo says, this isn’t right. Although her reasons are different. She can’t marry him because she “has” to marry Andres. Vicente even offers to marry her if she’s so hot to get married. He’s never felt this way before. Majo agrees, this hasn’t happened to her before…and it’s confusing her! She kisses him again. Oh yeah, that ought to help.

She breaks it off and decides maybe if they talk with a chair in between them that will help. To put some distance between them. Vicente disagrees–they don’t need any distance. They apparently need more snogging.

This is not distance

Majo and Vicente go back to the motel of there being nothing to tell. And this time, there’s something to tell. Vicente’s now wishing it had all been a little more romantic, but Majo insists it was perfect because they’re together.

Vicente says they can keep it a secret if she wants. Majo laughs–she wishes she could be more like him. Less uptight. She’s kind of “crazy” but she’s sure once she gets married she’ll stop doing stupid stuff. This was unforgettable and she’s glad she did it (and I think the unspoken “but” is that yes, she does consider this a stupid thing to have done).

After they get dressed, Majo starts telling him she’ll never forget him and thanking him for making her first time so special. I think Vicente’s right when he says she sounds like she’s saying goodbye. They delay their leaving with more kisses.


Manuel shows up at Stella’s with a couple of bags of groceries and Dom begs him to stay and talk to her. Actually, he starts with begging him to just get back together with her so things will get back to normal, but Manuel says there is no “normal” with Stella. He agrees to go take her one of the bags of food.

Manuel tries to get Stella to quit throwing her tantrum. At least she screams at him through the door which is kind of an improvement? She’s still stuck on how Manuel was “supposed to” marry her and Chivis has him “bewitched” and she has no sympathy for Pablo. She refuses to come out until Manuel says he loves her and wants to get back together with her.

Manuel keeps begging Stella to come out. He threatens to call the fire department to drag her out. Stella’s still insisting he still loves her and he’s just confused. The more he says she’s being ridiculous, the angrier she gets. She finally tells him the van was just the beginning and if the wedding didn’t work she’s got a lot more she can do. Dom starts praying, ’cause “The Tasmanian Devil” is back!

Manuel’s leaving. He tells Dom to do something about the stand–he and Stella are losing money and product and he can’t very well ask Poncho to take care of it because Poncho’s busy crying in the corners. Dom’s just scared to leave Stella alone. He wonders if he should take all the cords off the curtains….

Stella comes barreling down the stairs and grabs Manuel, begging him not to go. Dom disappears. Stella says she’ll do anything if they get back together. Manuel can call all the shots. She’ll stay away from his house, she won’t kiss him at the market, she’ll cut her hair like Chivis and dress like Trini. Manuel gives up–there’s no talking to her. He leaves as Stella whines that she’s way more fun than Chivis.

Dom comes back and tries to take advantage of this moment and begs her to stop all this before he loses her. Nope. Stella says Manuel’s going to marry her, even if she has to force him to do it.


Lupita stops by the panadería to see if they have gum. But that’s just a cover for asking Juanito if he’s seen the man who helped Trini again. She confesses that he’s her dad and begs Juanito to let her know if he does see him again.

Next, she checks the tree and there’s a note from her dad.

Lupita runs home to tell Chivis her plan worked and her dad left her a letter. Chivis looks nowhere near as happy about this as Lupita is.

Lupita backs up and explains how she left a note in the tree and when she went back to check, she found a note in return.

She reads it to her mom and it’s the sweetest letter. He plays along with the secretive theme and tells his favorite little secret agent that he’s talked to Harry Potter and the cops are out at Universal, so the coast is clear. He’ll be back soon, but in the meantime she has three important tasks: listen to her mom, take care of her sisters, and remember that he loves her. Also, he kissed the letter, so she should retrieve her kiss. And he signed it Apap–Papa in reverse.

Chivis and I are all choked up. How does the guy who writes a letter like that also abandon his kids? I mean, seriously, what the hell, show?!

Trini comes in and Lupita happily tells her about the letter. Chivis asks Lupita to let her talk to Trini alone.

Trini’s worried that AJ came by again and he’s going to get caught. Chivis explains he just left the letter in a tree. And it was a sweet letter. Trini thinks Chivis is softening and she can’t wait for AJ to come back and resolve everything.

Chivis breaks it to her that she saw AJ a few days ago. He said the same things he always says–he’s going to fix it, he’s sorry, he loves her, he needs her support. She’s done believing him. Because she doesn’t or because she doesn’t want to? Is she afraid OF Antonio José or afraid that if he comes back she’ll have to be his wife again? Because he’s not the one who changed, Chivis did. (I’m not sure Trini realizes that that also means that AJ has been the same careless, embezzling, untrustworthy guy this entire time and they just didn’t know it.)


Benji picks Angie up from school in his little red convertible. Marge makes sure to go over and give him props for it. He offers to drive her and Jorge home to, but they both say they’ll walk. “It’s more romantic,” Marge adds.

Jorge comes over later to question Angie about her relationship with Benji. Seriously, dude? Angie says they’re just friends, but Jorge thinks dating is the next step. So, is Angie interested in dating Benji?

Jorge’s back together with Marge, so why does he care? He’s just confused at how things could be so difficult between the two of them, but some new guy shows up–wait, but they’re just friends and it has nothing to do with what happened between her and Jorge. She really doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

And then Benji shows up. With pizza ingredients. And Jorge gets all huffy and leaves. (But, Jorge…pizza!)

I give Benji points for stretching the dough instead of rolling it. But he spreads the salsa with a spoon, which my brother the pizza expert does not recommend. He’s explaining that he worked in an Italian restaurant and talking about the importance of olive oil when Trini comes in.

She starts interrogating him about his intentions. Angie and Benji both fend off her questions while Benji keeps working on the pizza. He lost me when he skimped on the cheese. Trini won’t shut up about Angie’s heartache over the boy next door and how she doesn’t want her to go through that again.

After after

Vicente drives Majo home, which she points out is right next to his house. Ah, but if she lived in her old neighborhood–he says he’d drop her off at the bus stop. Jajaja. She would still have her car. And they would have gone to a nicer hotel. No, they would have gone to her house in Acapulco! That would have been nice. But if she still lived in her old house, they never would have met.

They kiss and Vicente tells her to cut it out or he’ll have to kidnap her. Majo’s phone rings. It’s Andres. And she’s not answering.

Before she gets out of the van she takes him up on the offer to keep things a secret.

No break for Poncho

Poncho complains to the Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market. She looks more sympathetic today…in a kind of “I tried to tell you!” sort of way.

Jenny shows up…does she have more kids? Different kids? Are they just older? Oh, and she’s pregnant. With Poncho’s baby.

Poncho starts challenging her on that–how does she know it’s not her husband’s? And where is he, anyway? Back in prison. Poncho refuses to take responsibility for a child that’s not his and tells her to get a DNA test first. From Jenny’s reaction, I think she’s just trying to scam him.

Poncho goes to Stella’s and tells Dom he thinks he’s cursed. Jenny showed up again and she said she’s pregnant.

Manuel’s office

Chivis tells Manuel about the letter in the tree. Chivis is torn because she hasn’t seen Lupita that happy since AJ left. Manuel says kids are like that–they don’t complicate things.

So the thief has a good side. She married him for a reason, right? Manuel thinks he might regret saying this later, but maybe it’s time for Chivis to let go of some of her anger. Maybe she needs to think of AJ as just another person. A person who screwed up. And we all screw up and we all have our bad times and maybe she should let him explain.

Chivis is staring at him and Manuel wonders if he said something wrong. No, it’s just that when Chivis looks at him, she feels even more confused.

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