Silvana sin Lana Monday 9/12/16 #39

It’s complicated

If only Silvana had never met Manuel, this would all be easier for her. He jokes about her being the one who hit him and not the other way around. No, seriously, things were kind of boring in his life until she showed up. Chivis says she’s changed because of him, too, not just because she moved to the neighborhood.

She can’t stop thinking, though, that AJ coming back is good for the girls. Manuel agrees. Chivis is going to go home and think about this with a cool head. Manuel adds that she should keep an open heart, too.


Angie likes the pizza. She knows just enough Italian to praise it, but I didn’t understand what she said! They get to joking about whether the secret ingredient is olive oil or love.

He’s a little bothered by what Trini said and whether it really is over between Angie and Jorge. He felt a little jealous. Before Angie can answer him, Majo comes home and Lupita announces that their dad answered her letter and he won’t be going to jail after all!

Angie tells Benji the whole story about her dad, the embezzler, and how they ended up in this neighborhood. Benji acknowledges the badassness of Chivis. He figures this hasn’t been easy for them. Angie agrees. And now he can go running.

Benji, however, has different priorities. The only thing that’s important to him is knowing whether she still has feelings for Jorge.

Majo’s checking herself out in the bathroom mirror to see if she looks any different. Lupita interrupts her contemplation to ask if she messed things up with Angie’s friend. She just got so excited, thinking her dad will be home soon. Majo hopes he will be.

And now on to more important matters: Can Majo, who’s such an expert who has two guys after her, evaluate Lupita’s idea for getting back together with Pedrito?

Angie doesn’t like him asking so much about Jorge. Benji backs off immediately…about Jorge. But he still tries to kiss her. He takes her rejection well and says she’s worth waiting for.

The march meeting/sign-making session wraps up at Lucha’s. They make plans to meet tomorrow before the march and start packing up the signs.

Mauro asks Lucha if the gossip about her and Andres is true. He’s glad it’s not because…um…yeah, he’ll go get the signs.


Dom can’t believe Poncho got Jennifer pregnant. We’ll dispense with the bull metaphors for Poncho and size insults for Jenny. They decide to go pray. Stella’s disembodied voice floats down from upstairs to say she doesn’t care what they do. Dom tells Poncho this is actually an improvement in her mood.

Poncho and Dom get home and the front door is open. Stella is nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of panic, they decide to go to the police and report her missing.

At the station, it’s difficult for the officer at the desk to understand what’s going on since Dom and Poncho are so upset. Because they’re crying and hugging, he thinks they’re a couple. They finally manage to tell him that Stella’s missing, she might be a danger to herself, she’s still wearing her wedding dress, and she might have flung herself into the river. Which sounds kind of like an overstatement, but at the same time not.


Trini comes by, still being annoying about needing him to make more of an effort, but not wanting to tell him what she wants. She leaves in a huff and Juanito appears from the back of the bakery and says he’s got the perfect idea. Is it mariachi? Because mariachi is always the answer…unless the question is “What’s going to win Trini over?”


Manuel wants to know what’s going on with Jorge and Angie and Marge. Jorge kind of complains about Angie going out with someone else and how he’s with Marge again and not going to hurt her again. Manuel agrees–don’t make Marge suffer and forget about Angie. It’s just that Jorge doesn’t seem entirely convinced. Manuel thinks he should be faithful to his feelings, especially if it’s about love.

Jorge thinks he’s talking about Stella and Manuel says he’s not…but she’s a good example of what he’s talking about. See what she did to Poncho? You can’t be with one person when you think you like someone else. Meh, Jorge likes Marge. Right, but like Jose Jose sang, querer and amar are not the same thing. Sometimes querer isn’t enough. It’s not the same as being in love.

Oh, AJ!

Silvana’s exiting a building, but instead of AJ surprising her, this time it’s the police. She keeps insisting she has no contact with AJ and they say they sure hope so, because he committed another theft. If she hears from him, she’d better contact them, for her own sake.

Chivis calls smarmy Rafael and tells him she knows he’s in touch with AJ. He’d better tell his buddy to meet her at the park where they used to take the girls in two hours. It’s urgent.

It’s mariachi

Benito and Juanito are ready to sing, but Juanito’s having some Bluetooth connection problems with his tablet.

Stella arrives. This can’t be good. She wants to hijack Trini’s serenata. Juanito gives in and tells her to pick a song. I can’t even hear what it is because she starts screaming at Manuel that she loves him. She begs him to marry her. Mostly he comes downstairs to shut her up.

In the meantime, Trini heard all the noise and comes outside. She doesn’t approve of Benito’s traje, plus she thinks he was helping Stella. Manuel has to hold Stella back when Trini calls her “crazy.”

Now Lucha and her friends come pouring out of the house and Stella screams about this all being Chivis’ fault.

And then here comes Majo complaining about the freak show.

Manuel gets Stella back into her car and drives her away. I fear for Manuel.

Trini tells Benito to get off her street. Benito blames Juanito for having this idea in the first place.

*sigh* Yep. Mariachi. Not always the answer.

Majo(r) drama

Majo pulls Angie into the bathroom, where they briefly dish about what just happened outside. And then Majo tells Angie that she has to tell her something no one else in the house can hear. Angie thinks it’s something bad, but Majo says it was good…dreamy…perfect…and it happened with Vicente.

When Angie gets it, she screams! So no more marrying a virgin? Majo says she wasn’t even thinking about it. It just happened. Majo argues that it wasn’t all of a sudden–she and Vicente have been dancing around this for a while.

But why did she never sleep with Andres? Angie’s not judging, she’s just asking. Does this mean Majo isn’t getting back together with Andres?

Lucha officially walks her friends out now and they’re laughing over the drama. Mauro suggests they might get more attention with their protest if they take mariachis! Anyway, the other two leave and Mauro stays behind to ask Lucha out. She sees Andres’ car pulling up and says today’s not a good day for her.

She rushes him out of there so she can greet Andres and try to invite him in for coffee. Unfortunately for her, he’s there to talk to Majo.

Yes, Majo’s still confused about Andres. What she does know is that she really did want to be a virgin when she get married, but yesterday Vicente said a lot of really sweet stuff to her and he said he was in love with her and…she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Angie wishes she’d just admit she loves Vicente and is over Andres.

Majo goes back to saying she really likes Andres, he’s super-nice, he’s like them, and she can see herself spending her life with him. “You sound like you’re talking about a boyfriend you ordered out of a catalog.” Angie gets that Majo thinks someone like Andres would be more suitable…. “Yes! I mean, no!”

Angie wishes Majo would just make up her mind already and be happy with Vicente. Suddenly Lupita shouts that Andres is here to see Majo.

Majo awkwardly greets Andres and they make small talk about what they’ve been up to. He turns down a drink. He came over because he wants to talk about their relationship. He’s been thinking about her, about what happened, and he blames himself for what happened with Vicente. Because he thinks a relationship has two people, so he has to accept some responsibility. Majo disagrees–it’s not his fault at all.

The point is, he wants to start over again with Majo and get back together.

She doesn’t know what to say. This feels sudden, even though they’ve been apart for a long time. This is the first time they’ve even talked and been civil to each other. She’s been waiting for this to happen, but she’s afraid to get back together and break up again. Has he really forgiven her?

Andres says if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be here. He thinks it’s all kind of complicated, but they can heal together. Majo still hesitates–she’s surprised and she can’t just say “yes.” She doesn’t want to screw up again. She wants time to think.


Manuel brings her a glass of water. He’s feeling overwhelmed and she keeps acting like it’s all no big deal.

Stella clarifies that it is a really big deal. She’s suffering. She really loves him.

Manuel gets that, but he doesn’t love her and they’re not together anymore. First the wedding, then this…the next thing she tries she’s going to have to admit herself to a mental health facility. Stella accuses him of not taking it seriously.

She says she needs an explanation of what happened. Manuel says there is no explanation. It’s over. They’re not getting back together. She’s angry that he won’t just say he’s in love with Chivis. Manuel says he doesn’t owe her explanations. He starts to walk out and she calls him a coward. Manuel explodes and says he is in love with Chivis.


Chivis gets to the park. It seems empty, but AJ was hiding inside one of the slides. He makes his sudden appearance and starts hugging and kissing her, but she shoves him away. They need to talk.

AJ’s really patting himself on the back for leaving the letter for Lupita. He’s proud that she keeps looking for him. Chivis is angry that he’s lurking around the house. She’s angry that he’s risking getting caught when she drove in circles to get here to make sure she wasn’t being followed.

AJ whines about wanting to feel close to them. He whines that he feels desperate, being in the same city and not being close to them. Chivis says it’s difficult for the girls, too! He needs to fix things! Doesn’t he realize he’s risking the lives of his children.

He says he wants to do things right. Hug them, look them in the eye, ask forgiveness. Chivis says he’s lying and maybe his girls will forgive him, but she won’t. She doesn’t want to see him again.

AJ tries to pull rank as her husband and reminds her she said she’d support him. Chivis says there’s no way. Yes, she said she would, but that was before she found out he committed another theft (zero surprise on AJ’s face). She’ll never support him and she wants a divorce.

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