Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 9/13/16 #40

No playing in this playground

Antonio Jose can’t believe that Chivis is so angry she would want a divorce! He just made one “mistake.” Yeah, and also disappeared without a word to his family–as if they were just some more people he stole from. (Well, technically, didn’t he also sell off Chivis’ stocks?)

He swears he’s learned his lesson and that’s why he came back! To clear his name and so they’ll be proud of him again. But what about his latest theft? AJ swears it wasn’t a theft. Chivis tells him to explain it, then, instead of running off. “Now is not the time.” Nuh-uh, Chivis isn’t playing that game with him anymore. She doesn’t trust him anymore. That’s why she wants a divorce.

AJ complains that she’s being so hard on him when he needs her support. Chivis says fine, if that’s what he wants, she’ll support him, but only because he’s the father of her children. He can earn money again and give back what he stole, but he’s never getting her back.

He thinks he can, by begging for a kiss. Chivis tells him to let her go. She’s sorry, but she doesn’t love him anymore.

The creep whines about wanting to start over. He swears he has nothing and he’s staying in a crappy hotel. He wants her by his side when he starts over. He’s just not listening as Chivis says she’s done.

“Is there someone else?” Before she can even consider whether she’s going to answer, he gets a text and starts running. Without a word. No que he learned his lesson from doing that the first time? A second later Chivis hears the sirens.


I think there’s nothing more to say, after Manuel admitted he loves Chivis, but Stella still wants more explanations. What does he like about her? She’s not even his type! Manuel can’t explain it, but it happened. Stella accuses him of putting on airs. Manuel doesn’t care what she thinks, he loves Chivis. “Oh yeah, well, she’s married! Let’s see how you get out of that one!”

Dom and Poncho show up and Manuel makes his escape. They’re so relieved to see her they both hug her. Stella just looks annoyed.

The three of them end up sitting together on the couch. Dom and Poncho complain about how they went all over the place looking for her. And where was she? “I went to serenade Manuel.” She realizes how “crazy” that sounds and decides she’s had enough. And she’s taking the dress off, because it stinks! They’re really happy about that. She promises she’s going to get past this, even though he broke her heart. Can they believe he actually told her he’s in love with Chivis?!

A round of beers later, Dom still can’t believe Manuel would say it just like that. Stella’s still in her dress. She’s realized Manuel isn’t interested in “a woman like her” (not sure what she means by that). Poncho is, though. And Stella’s sorry about that. She never wanted him to get hurt and if she’d know how he felt, she wouldn’t have dragged him into this. She admits she’s stubborn about fighting for what she wants.

Dom is so happy to hear Stella admitting to this! He’s got his friend back! His Latin American Idol! Stella says she’s like those dolls you knock over and they get right back up. Manuel knocked her down, but she’s ready to get back up and be a different person. She begs Poncho to move back in so they can be a family again. He doesn’t agree so much as he clinks beer bottles.

Stella finally goes off to have a bath and Dom breathes a sign of relief, saying she’s back. Poncho still has his doubts. As for moving back in, he’s not sure, but he lived with Stella before and he was in love with her then, so it won’t be that different. Dom calls him a martyr.

And what about Jenny? Poncho’s not really worried. Plus, now that Manuel told Stella he’s in love with Chivis, Poncho totally has a shot! (Ay, Poncho!) Dom prays for patience.


Majo says she wants time to make sure she’s not going to make another mistake. She still loves him, and what happened with Vicente had nothing to do with not loving him. Andres asks if she’s sorry. Majo swears she’s sorry she cheated on him and she thinks in a way screwing up so badly was a wake up call for her. Andres knows she was going through a rough time. He doesn’t know why she would be worried about making a mistake–they all make mistakes.

Majo just doesn’t want to disappoint him again. Andres reminds her he’s the guy she wanted to have a house on the beach with, the one who knows what desserts she likes, who indulges her when she’s angry, and maybe the only one who can deal with her childishness. Majo laughs. She just wants a little bit of time. She doesn’t want to make a mistake. If they get back together, she wants it to be forever.

Lucha finds Vicente in her room. He’s borrowing her computer to download some music. She wonders if his good mood has something to do with their neighbor.

Vicente has changed his mind about Majo and Andres getting back together. Things have changed. A lot of things. He’ll just say that sometimes things happen in life that you can’t forget, but he still won’t tell her what. What he will say is that Majo and the doc are not getting back together.


After their serenata attempt failed, Juanito says they need to try a different tactic.

Trini comes over to yell at Benito. She kicks Juanito out. She accuses Benito of having a Peter Pan complex and not wanting to grow up. She rants, rants, rants, and in the middle of the ranting it sounds like she would have liked the serenata, but she’s angry that he didn’t think to do it for her.

Trini walks out and Benito blames Juanito again.

Marge and Jorge find Benito drinking in the dark. He tells them about his heartbreak. There are TWO bottles of wine on the coffee table. He thinks his relationship with Trini is over. He explains what happened in front of Manuel’s house and Marge tries not to laugh. She tries to reassure him–if she and Jorge can get back together…. OK, Don Benito, agrees, he’s always been a fighter.

But right now, this fighter is druuuuuuunk and needs some help upstairs. He kicks Jorge out, but Jorge just lurks by the door, watching to make sure he makes it up the stairs ok with Marge’s help.

Marge comes back down and for some reason, she and Jorge get to talking about her mother. Benito doesn’t like that Marge hears from her occasionally. He’s never gotten over her taking off with her boyfriend and leaving Marge behind.

Another bathroom conference

Angie’s popping a zit on her nose when Majo walks in. No, seriously. Majo tells her that Andres wants to get back together. She repeats all the stuff she told him and tells Angie it was all true. Angie says she left out the part where she has feelings for Vicente. Of course she wasn’t going to tell him that! Angie asks her if she wants to get back together with him or not. Majo still doesn’t know. Angie asks if she’s going to tell him what happened with Vicente.

Majo can’t believe Angie would suggest that, but Angie says secrets always come out eventually. Just tell him. Majo doesn’t think he’ll ever speak to her again. Well, so what?! She’s in love with Vicente! Just be with Vicente and be happy! Let Andres find someone else.

But what if Andres is the love of her life?! Angie says that doesn’t exist. Look at their parents! Majo needs to marry the person she loves not the person she thinks is “right” for her. Majo thinks it’s not so simple. She’s a realist.

They don’t know when their dad will be back, their mom can’t keep supporting them forever, and Majo thinks a realistic thing she can do is marry Andres. That way she can help the family. “You know you’re nuts, right?” Chivis will never let her do that. If Majo doesn’t marry the man she loves, she’s going to suffer for the rest of her life.

Again, creep?

Back at his hotel, Antonio José packs up his stuff and downs a bottle of booze from the minibar. The police arrive at the front desk, but since he’s not checked in under his real name, they can’t find him. The clerk recognizes his picture, though, and knows he just checked out. She gives them the name in the computer–Ricardo Melendez. One of the cops says that’s five aliases now. (Sorry, dude, five aliases? That’s not “one mistake.”)

Chivis gets home and Trini immediately starts telling her what happened earlier with the serenata drama. Chivis isn’t even listening. And she doesn’t want to hear it, either. She wishes Trini would stop–she sounds like a parrot!

Chivis might think she’s getting a break when there’s a knock at the door, but it’s the police. They’re here to hassle her and accuse her of helping AJ. Chivis keeps up the denials, but they know stuff. They kind of hint about the letter to Lupita. They know Chivis evaded her surveillance. And they know she just walked in even though she says she’s been home all night. They’ll go, but the warn her if she gets any new information, she’d better give it to them.

Upstairs, Chivis tells Trini what happened with the cops and her meeting with AJ. Trini’s still trying to make excuses and say AJ’s going to fix everything, but Chivis breaks it to her that he’s committed another crime. She’s sure he’ll be caught any minute now. Trini starts to fake faint and begs for a whiskey.

Trini nipped out for some tea and whiskey. She asks Chivis to explain again what happened at the playground. She makes a bunch of excuses for AJ, but Chivis says he IS a criminal and he’s the worst kind because he keeps lying to his family. She’s never going to forgive him. Trini says he’s still her husband and that’s not going to go away. Chivis says she already told him she wants a divorce.

Trini doesn’t think this is a good time to make a decision like that, but Chivis doesn’t see why not. AJ could leave the country again, and then what? She’s not going to keep putting her life on hold. Trini assumes Chivis is talking about Manuel, after Stella’s scene earlier.

Chivis wants to tell the girls the truth, but Trini doesn’t approve. Chivis is tired of lying when she did nothing wrong. She’s not going to cover for AJ. She’ll support him when he officially shows up again, but not as his wife.


Benji is texting Angie because he can’t sleep. She tells him to go to sleep already. Then she asks if he thinks Lorenzo would let her work two more nights a week. She wants to take some math classes. Benji offers to teach her. He has time. Angie agrees and he says he’ll be able to sleep now.

Except he’s outside by his car, picking up a couple of dates. Yes, a couple.

Not the balcony

Manuel and Chivis are both getting ready for bed. He knocks on the wall and she knocks back.


Vicente comes over to pick Majo up and take her to work. Chivis left early today. He can tell she didn’t sleep last night and he wonders if it has anything to do with Andres. Hey, it’s a small neighborhood and gossip moves fast. Plus, eh recognizes Andres’ car.

Majo admits he was there. Vicente guesses she couldn’t sleep because she’s confused. Majo angrily asks if he’s playing detective. He has one more guess…Andres wants to get back together.

I’m surprised by Majo’s honesty. Vicente’s upset that she said she’d think about it. He feels stupid now. He was sure she’d tell Andres “no.” Majo reminds him she was with Andres for three years and he’s put up with a lot of crap from her, so it’s not that easy to just tell him “no.” Vicente thought she’d have the guts to tell him she doesn’t want to be with him because she’s in love with Vicente.

“I told you I might get back together with Andres. We both knew this might happen.” Vicente agrees, she was honest, but he got his hopes up. Majo’s back to “We’re too different.” It’s not that they don’t have chemistry, just that they don’t “fit.”

Vicente thought after what happened, the way she feels would be more important to her than all that other stuff. He thought it was going to be unforgettable. Majo swears it was! Vicente can’t understand, then, how she could just go back to Andres.

Fish Market

Chivis comes to Manuel’s office to tell him she saw AJ yesterday and told him she wants a divorce. Manuel is shocked. It’s what he wants most in the world, but it’s still catching him by surprise. Chivis says she did what he suggested–think with a cool head, but an open heart. Manuel has doubts that separating from AJ when he’s not actually around is a good idea. What if later he comes back, fixes everything, and she changes her mind?

Chivis says she won’t. For one thing, he’s a criminal. For another, she doesn’t love him.

“So this means we’re both single.”

Chivis says she’s not single yet. Plus she has three kids. It’s not quite that easy. Manuel can’t wait to go tell everyone he’s in love with her. Chivis begs him to wait. He already said he would and at least now he won’t have to wait as long. He wants to know when they can go out for tacos again. Chivis has to talk to the girls first and tell them the truth–that their dad committed another crime, that he’s putting them in danger, that she’s divorcing him.

Manuel says that’s not all the truth, and not the most important part. Chivis isn’t sure. She knows that what she’s feeling for him gives her strength. She can’t quite get the words out, but she eventually admits she’s in love with him. She loves him. They kiss.

‘Bout damn time.

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