Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 9/14/16 #41

Manuel’s office

Wow, Manuel thought he’d never hear her say that. Chivis never thought she’d say it. She’s shy about repeating it…or repeating the kiss. OK, Manuel says he’ll wait.

He suggests they start their relationship by correspondence. With actual letters. Sent through the mail. Chivis suggests fake names.

Who would’ve thought the two of them would fall in love, Chivis wonders. Oh, she said it again! Manuel says he’s going to faint, like Trini. Chivis tells him to cut it out. She has to go talk to the girls.

Before she leaves, Manuel wants to tell her he loves her again. Chivis kisses him and then slips out of the office.


Jorge and Marge are running a little late getting to school. Marge whispers to Jorge that it’s her mom’s birthday and since she doesn’t have money to send her a gift, she had the idea that they could make a video for her and send it. That way she can “introduce” Jorge as her boyfriend. He’s in.

They nearly get busted by Benito, but they say they were just talking about a video they need to make for school. He rushes them out of the house and Jorge advises him to take something for his headache.


Poncho brings the Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market some flowers. He’s hoping that now that Manuel is in love with Chivis, this is his chance with Stella. He also asks for Jenny’s baby not to be his.

Dom can’t believe he would ask the Virgen that!

Their pending argument is interrupted by the arrival of Stella. That’s right, she’s back and better than ever, whatever that means. Dom explains that Poncho was just praying about his paternity drama.

Stella thinks it sounds like good news! Kids are always a blessing.

Anyway, have they seen Manuel? She just wants to tell him she’s not holding a grudge. Dom walks over and takes a big whiff, then says he doesn’t believe her. OK, fine, Stella agrees. She’s like a bulldog–when she bites, she doesn’t let go. “Right, Virgencita?” The Virgen looks concerned.


Majo never wants Vicente to doubt that what happened between them was special for her. This is not about going back to Andres. Even if he weren’t around, she’s not sure the two of them would keep seeing each other. Right, right, because he lives in a duplex and works at a fish market. Majo begs him not to make this more difficult.

Vicente knows she likes him. Why not stay with him? Or would she rather live in a mansion and be lonely, bored with Andres. She tells him not to talk that way about Andres. “Ubicate.” But he can’t. Her kisses make him lost, and when he calls to ask him to go out he feels like she’s choosing him, just like she chose him for her first time.

Majo says she’s made a decision–she’s getting back together with Andres. (She could at least try to look a little happier about it?) They both knew this was going to happen. Andres says that’s not true, she’s always had her doubts.

Anyway, it’s been a pleasure. They hug and she cries and says she’ll always remember him, he’ll always be in her heart. He agrees he’ll always like her, his güerita loca. He jokes it’s a good thing she picked Andres, in case she has some kind of crisis. Majo says she’s gotten to like the smell of fish.

Andres asks her not to cry. Besides, he’ll always be there for her, whatever she needs. They kiss.


Poncho is still going to move out. Now that he confessed his love for Stella, he feels embarrassed about it. He doesn’t want to keep living under the same roof. Besides, maybe if he leaves, she’ll miss him.

Isn’t Dom missing him enough? They’re a family! Poncho says he has to think about himself. Dom says he’s being selfish. Who’s going to watch movies with him and eat popcorn? Who’s going to wash his scooter and make his bed and pick up his wet towels off the floor?!

Stella hears all the yelling and comes in to see what’s going on. She refuses to let Poncho leave. He’s her renter and, um, he has to pay a month in advance if he wants to leave. Poncho offers her two months’ rent.

Stella apologizes again. She knows she hurt him and she’ll keep apologizing as much as she has to, but he can’t end up without a place to stay and without her and Dom! Poncho angrily tells her not to feel sorry for him–he can make it on his own. He grabs back the clothes Dom has been trying to pull out of his suitcase and re-packs them.

Dom and Stella keep muttering about poor Poncho being in love with her. Stella thinks Poncho should stop being in love with her and Manuel should go back to being in love with her. Seriously? Dom wishes she’d stop with the Manuel business. Poncho says you can’t choose who you love.

Stella intends to help him try. She’s going to tell him all her defects and see if it turns him off. She talks too much, she only thinks of stupid things, she lacks culture…. Poncho says it doesn’t matter, he loves her anyway.

OK, then she promises not to parade around in her underwear or sit on his lap. She’ll be more careful about that. But it doesn’t matter to Poncho what she looks like, he’d like her anyway.

Dom and Stella go back to just plain begging him not to leave. He finally says he’ll stay.


Mauro has now had Lucha’s cooking. Now she’ll never get rid of him.

He gets a text from his friend Vanessa–she can’t come with him on a clowning gig. He explains to Lucha that they go to hospitals and entertain the kids. He tries to convince Lucha to come, but she says she’s terrible at telling jokes.

They’re arguing about it when Manuel comes home and asks how the march went. Mauro makes a hasty retreat after telling Lucha to think about what he said. Manuel asks if the doctor’s been cut already. Lucha supposes so.

Manuel’s glad, because the most important thing is to be happy. He dances around the living room with her, to her surprise. She asks if he’s in love and says he’s turning red. “No, it’s just my artistic veins.” He keeps babbling about dancing flamenco but now, ouch, his back, and keeps on babbling his way to the kitchen.

Family meeting

Lupita is out of the house, so Chivis takes the opportunity to sit the others down and tell them the police came to find her and their father committed another theft. Trini continues to insist she won’t believe it until he’s declared guilty. Angie wonders what they’ll do. Chivis says they’ll just keep doing what they’ve been doing.

Majo wonders, hypothetically, what they’ll do if he gets caught, and if he’s guilty. Chivis says they’ll keep supporting him. He’s still their father. He’s still part of the family, but…she’s decided to divorce him.

Majo can’t believe Chivis would do this when AJ isn’t even here. Well, too bad, she’s not going to keep waiting for him. It’s not that she hasn’t let him explain things, it’s that he doesn’t want to and he keeps lying. Majo thinks this sounds more like being disloyal than supporting him. “He never would have abandoned you!”

News flash, he already did! He abandoned all of them! Majo wants Angie to say something, or Trini. She can’t believe she’s the only one who cares. Trini says she will never shut the doors on her son-in-law, but they have to respect Chivis’ decision. She’s a grown woman and a badass.

Majo can’t believe they’re supporting Chivis. Well, she wants her to know that if she has to make a choice, she chooses her dad and Chivis will lose her forever. (Don’t let the door hit you….) Chivis isn’t asking her to choose. Angie doesn’t think they have any business choosing. Majo lays into Angie about being on Chivis’ “side” since this whole thing started. (As opposed to? The side of your lying, thieving dad who took off without caring about what was going to happen to you?)

Trini calls for an end to the bickering and warns Majo not to say things she’ll regret later. Majo says if no one else supports her dad, then she will. She stomps upstairs, leaving Angie to console Chivis. She says she’ll talk to Majo.

Trini tells Chivis she loves her, she just hopes she doesn’t regret this.

Majo and Angie have a bathroom conference. Majo thinks her mom doing a lousy job, making a mistake. She’s leaving their dad without talking to him or letting him explain. Well, he did leave without asking any of their permission. “He had no choice!” Maybe mom feels like her only choice is to divorce him.

Majo can’t believe no one understands that their dad is probably going through the worst time of his life. Angie points out that people do generally tend to separate when things are going badly, not when they’re going well. That’s life.

Majo is convinced there’s more to her dad’s story. Angie is convinced their mom is doing the best she can. Majo accuses Angie of idealizing their mom. Angie says Majo’s definitely idealizing their dad. Or has she already forgotten what he did?

Majo still doesn’t think it’s fair to divorce him without giving him a chance to explain. Angie says their mom is partiendo el lomo (breaking her back; working her ass off) for them right now to support them all. Majo says their dad did it for years. One mistake and they’re going to turn their backs on him?

That night, Chivis can’t sleep. She takes off her wedding ring and leaves it in a box in her nightstand.


Lupita notices Chivis’ wedding ring is missing. Chivis says she took it off. She’s going to work without it so she doesn’t lose it when she’s working with the fish. Lupita’s relieved. She’s sure her dad is wearing his wedding ring and thinking of her. Trini babbles about leaving valuable things at home because it’s safer.

Chivis is off to work now, late. Majo gets up from the table to avoid giving her a kiss goodbye. Lupita noticed. She doesn’t appreciate Majo lying and saying she’s not mad when Lupita saw what she did. Fine, whatever, Majo’s angry, so what? She stomps upstairs and Lupita lets out a long groan and says Majo will drive them all “crazy.” She must be on her “ruler” (because ruler in Spanish is regla and regla also means period). It’s rude to suggest it, but mostly Trini and Angie find it funny that she said “ruler” and they laugh at the joke.


Trini delivers her letter of resignation…not that she actually wrote anything, she just wants him to know she’s serious. What?! She can’t leave him when Juanito has gone missing! I’m ignoring their chatter about their relationship since it goes nowhere.

Oh, this is interesting…there’s a French bakery nearby with a handsome French baker. I mean, it’s interesting if it’s true.

Juanito finally shows up for work. His house burned down! He left the coffee maker on all night. He had to escape out the window. His whole family lost everything and it’s all his fault and they don’t have anybody in this country to help them. Benito says, “You’ve got me.”

Fish Market

Chivis has a talk with the Perpetually Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market. Stella comes to interrupt her prayers and spew venom at Chivis. She accuses Chivis of planning to “take” her boyfriend. Chivis says she has nothing to do with Manuel and Stella’s relationship. If Stella has a problem with Manuel breaking up with her, take it up with Manuel.

She did, and he said he’s in love with Chivis. (Like that’s news.)

Ugh, whatever! Chivis is tired of it! She’s tired of Stella blaming everything on her! She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Stella shouts after her that one day soon they’ll have to!

Chivis is working in Manuel’s office when Stella comes in to harass her. She notices Chivis’ missing wedding ring and asks what the deal is–does she feel less guilty cheating on him if she’s not wearing a ring?


Benji shows up to pick up Angie and Lupita. Jorge and Marge and Lupita make a big fuss about it. Lupita likes Benji so much she skips out on the promise of ice cream to leave them alone together. She’d rather walk home with Jorge and Marge as soon as Pedrito shows up. Angie is uncomfortable that everybody keeps treating her and Benji like a couple, but Benji doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Lucha caved. She’ll go to the hospital with Mauro, but if anything embarrassing happens, he’d better not tell anyone. He says she’s going to love it.

Majo walks up and interrupts their conversation. Since she knows Lucha’s the only woman on this campus who pays attention to Andres–has Lucha seen him today? No she hasn’t, and she won’t because they don’t have classes today.

Majo stomps off and Lucha explains to Mauro that she’s Andres’ ex. He asks again about those rumors. Lucha can’t believe he’s asking her again. He’s just like everyone in class. They never had anything going on and she’s tired of the rumors. Lucha swears she’s not angry, even though she’s yelling at him, and goes off to get a coffee.

Majo finally finds Andres and tells him she wants to get back together. They’re kissing to celebrate it when Lucha walks by. Majo sees her and breaks off the kiss and hugs Andres instead. I kept expecting to see her gloating, but instead she looks upset.

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