La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 11/16/16 #2

Weirdest interview ever

“I’m here to marry you.” He introduces himself as Alessandro Casteló and shakes Marcela’s hand. He almost sits down before she remembers she’s not interviewing applicants today. For the temp job. Not a husband. So, he can just go. She gets him to leave and then thinks it was the guy from the island…and then laughs at herself for thinking it was the guy from the island!

María Laura whines to her mom about wanting money to go into the city. Or at least, can she borrow the truck? Marcela says the truck’s not working. It’s spitting oil and hasn’t been fixed yet. Then what’s that? Alba wonders….

Out front, Alessandro’s under the aforementioned truck, whistling away as he fixes it. He noticed it was spitting oil. It’s all good now. Marcela may not appreciate his efforts, but Maria Laura sure does…and his biceps. His sweaty biceps. He turns down the offer of a drink while Marcela doesn’t quite glare at him.

All five of them end up back in Marcela’s office where he officially meets Maria Laura (who won’t stop feeling him up), Alba, and Sagrario. Marcela hustles her aunt and cousins out of the office and leaves Alessandro there alone so she can scold them without him listening in.

Sagrario thinks she should just come up with some interview questions. He obviously comes from the city. Yeah, and Marcela blames Maria Laura and her big mouth for that. “Hey, it’s not my fault there’s a bunch of gossips in this town!”

Sagrario starts pointing out how very manly he is, with the biceps. “And the résumé!” Alba chimes in. Maria Laura’s hand gesture does not indicate that it’s his résumé she’d like to grab with both hands. Plus he fixed the truck, unlike all the losers from yesterday who just wrecked stuff.

Marcela’s sure that her future husband is one of the guys she’s already seen. Alba begs her to give Alessandro a chance. He’s the perfect man …for all of them! Sagrario asks Marcela to do this for her–if she has to marry someone to get that inheritance it shouldn’t be the first man who comes along. She deserves someone decent. Marcela’s just got a bad feeling about him. They all badger him to go talk to him before he thinks they’re all rude.

Alessandro takes this opportunity to wonder if Marcela’s really that woman…? He starts searching her desk and finds her account statement from Interbanco. He searches the rest of the office while she’s out there arguing with her aunt and cousins and she catches him fiddling with the folders on her desk. He claims he was just, um, checking out the desk and, um her books.

He sits down in a chair and the leg falls off. He hits the floor and Marcela starts laughing and apologizes for not telling him not to sit in that chair. He thinks it was worth it to see her smile.

Marcela pulls herself together and gets back to the “interview.” He doesn’t have all his paperwork. She asks him what the ad says and he lists each thing she asked for and basically says he meets all the qualifications. Sure, it doesn’t say she’s looking for a husband, but he heard the rumors and he thinks some rumors are worth checking out.

Marcela can’t help thinking about her mystery man and Alessandro notices she’s drifted off a bit. He asks if he said something wrong…Marcela says it’s a long story. So, uh, does he have any questions?

Yes. He wants to know if she’s looking for someone with experience. Because he has a lot of experience. With women. Uh huh, so he’s single? Nope. Happily divorced. He used to work in a bank, but it failed and he lost his job. He claims he’s wearing his best clothes so he’ll make a good impression on her. The truck he brought belongs to an older couple he drives for sometimes.

So, why is she in such a hurry to get married? He doesn’t want to get into anything illegal and it sounds kind of weird. He’s looking for an honest job. Yes, he’s driving that older couple, but that doesn’t pay much. She says he’s like the Internet–an answer for everything. “Yes, I’m a marvel. And you haven’t even seen me como Dios me trajo al mundo!” Ha! He may have gone too far with that.

Maria Laura pulls Alba away from the door where they’ve been listening in on the “interview.” She has this feeling she knows Alessandro from somewhere and she’s determined to find out for sure. Alba rolls her eyes. Maria Laura spreads gossip “faster than Facebook!” Maria Laura says she’s off to consult her “spiritual guide,” aka a gossip mag in her room.

Marcela seems to have gotten over the mention of his naked body and says his last name sounds kind of ritzy. Eh, it’s Italian, but he doesn’t have money. Education? He’s studied a bit of this and that. He promises he’s taking this seriously, but he has a lot of questions for her, too.

Marcela doesn’t like questions, but Alessandro thinks he has a right to know some things. Like, what’s going to happen to the guy she picks as a husband? She’d say it’s more like esposo (spouse) than marido (husband). Will they stay in her room? Uh, no, in the guest room. And he’ll have to respect the rules of the house.

And what does he get out of it? Marcela says he gets 10% of the inheritance. The first payment will be on the day of the wedding and the rest in six equal parts over the duration of the contract–six months. He asks how much money we’re talking about. “The amount I’m going to pay to the person I hire for the job, which definitely won’t be you.” Alessandro laughs at her answer.

Look, she’s got a lot of résumé on her desk for some serious dudes. Does he think he’s the ultimo chamoy del recreo (the last chamoy [candy] at recess)? She doesn’t like arrogance.

Ok, he has one more question–why does she want to marry a stranger? That’s none of his business. If she picks him, he’ll be told what he needs to know.

Alba and Maria Laura interrupt with some coffee. Alba apologizes for the delay, but the coffemaker was being temperamental. Maria Laura contradicts her–the coffeemaker is Alba’s coco (boogeyman) and she can’t deal with it, so Maria Laura has to do everything around here. Marcela cuts the two of them off and says it doesn’t matter, because he’s leaving. Maria Laura tries to convince Marcela that he should at least have some coffee before he goes.

Marcela says he’s NOT having any coffee! Maria Laura calls her “peladita” (from “pelada” oafish) and Marcela agrees, she’s silvestre. Ooh…that word again…Alessandro remembers That Night. He tells Maria Laura he just…hadn’t had that word in a while. He tries to leave but she convinces him…well, she practically forces him to stick around, hang out with her, and take a tour.

Marcela and Alba watch Maria Laura dragging him along and just shake their heads.


Don Timoteo explains that Marcela’s just lucky con todo y que haya nacido en noche de vendaval (even though she was born on the night of a vendaval). Octavia cuts him off before he can tell the heartwarming story of her birth and why her dad named the ranch El Vendaval. Uh, anyway, her mom left her an inheritance…and boy, her mom was a looker.

Octavia cuts him off again and asks just how big an inheritance we’re talking. He just assumes it must be big because she’s doing everything she can to claim it. Octavia says if Marcela does that, she’ll pay off the bank, and then goodbye to Octavia’s dream of a spa.

It’s Timoteo’s job to keep Marcela from claiming her inheritance. He suggests Octavia just buy some other land, but the only thing that interests her are those aguas termales (hot springs) on El Vendaval. If he wants to put his town on the map and have a statue of himself erected as the mayor who brought progress to the town, the only way that’s going to happen is if she invests.

The whole time they’ve been talking, Mauro has been giving her a shoulder massage and nibbling on her neck. Assistant, eh?

Other plans

On a beach…from the depths…emerges José. Boyfriend to Nisa. She leaps into his arms and flails about with complete abandon as she coos to him about the superfabulous diving school they’re going to open. She’s practically hanging upside down by the end of this short scene and I very much admire the trust Thelma Madrigal must have had with her scene partner to be able to do that so casually.

Nisa so believes in José that she impulsively stole her family’s priceless antique necklace from the house at Isla Garza Blanca. Excuse me while my mouth hangs open.

Nisa has a plan. She’s going to take this priceless necklace with diamonds, bigger diamonds, and huge diamonds (and maybe I’m wrong here, but I’m seeing diamonds, pearls, and emeralds, so maybe gemology is not her strong suit) and pawn it. (Mouth hanging open again.) And then they’ll use the money to open the Instituto Superior de Submarinismo. José has a brief fantasy of the logo and flashing lights and himself all studly in his wet suit.

José sure hopes she left the box in the safe…and Nisa remembers she didn’t close the safe door! But hey, it’s totally fine. It’s been a month and nobody’s said anything. Besides, once the ISS has made a bunch of money, they’ll just go get the necklace from the pawn shop and put it back in the safe! Ohhhhhh dear….

José takes Nisa to his friend Gordo’s shop. She finds it creepy and wants to take off. It looks like a prop shop to me–a bunch of shelves with assorted decorative items. José swears a big stuffed tiger bit him. Nisa’s getting a bad vibe from this place, but he convinces her to keep walking.

Gordo finally appears from behind them, scaring Nisa. Gordo claims to be a dealer in art, antiques, and jewelry. Nisa shows him the necklace and his eyes nearly fall out. He quickly gathers himself…and the necklace!…and offers Nisa a tidy sum, just because she seems like a nice person. Nisa agrees to accept a check, but thinks it’s missing a couple of zeros.

Gordo claims the necklace is a fake and Nisa flips out! José calms her down and he and Gordo talk her out of asking her brother, Alessandro, if it’s a fake. She can’t very well say “Hey, bro, I accidentally took the family’s fake necklace instead of the real one….” Gordo gets highly affronted that they would try to sell him stolen merchandise!

José begs Gordo to help them out, here. It’s not like it would be the first time! He assures Nisa that they could still start the school by buying a few diving tanks and getting a loan for the rest of the money. Gosh, she’s just so proud of her cuchi (which seems to mean honey baby sweetie muffin) for coming up with this brilliant plan!

She accepts Gordo’s check and Gordo and José silently congratulate each other behind her back before José gets her out of there.

Damiana’s dilemma

She feels like she can’t get divorced from someone so prominent. What would people say? It was Christian Serratos who convinced her to get a divorce (the actress from The Walking Dead?). He (oh, right, Alessandro’s friend the lawyer) even promised her an apartment and a big settlement. But Alessandro’s not giving her everything she needs to be set for life.

Octavia reminds her that she’s the one who ruined her marriage by sleeping with the gardener and every other guy who crossed her path. They’re interrupted by a phone call and before Damiana leaves, Octavia warns her that if her business deal doesn’t go through or takes longer than expected, Damiana is going to have to figure out how to hold on to Alessandro. LOL…good luck with that!

As Damiana strolls the hotel, she thinks to herself that there’s one surefire way to hold on to a man. This oughta be…horrible….


If Maria Laura was trying to get Alessandro to stay, I’m pretty sure complaining about the heat and how boring the town is isn’t the way to do it. As they get back to the house, Marcela meets them and says Maria Laura could always work if she’s so bored. She’s actually got a degree, or at least took some university classes at an expensive university that Marcela paid for. There was only enough money to send one of them to the city. No word on what exactly she studied.

Marcela’s bristling at how familiar Alessandro is being with her and how he keeps bringing up the job as her “husband” and how he likes the ranch. She’s ready for him to go. He’s had coffee and a tour–what more does he need? A siesta? Aw, hell no, he can have one somewhere else!

Maria Laura’s escorting him out when Don Mateo rides up to tell Marcela there are some men taking measurements and saying the embargo of the hacienda is imminent.

Alessandro tries to get some info from Mateo about this embargo while Marcela runs inside for her hat and the shotgun. Of course, Mateo’s not going to talk to a stranger about it. He tries to go with Mateo and Marcela, but she scoffs that a city boy wouldn’t know what to do.

She calls for her horse, Huracán and Alessandro remembers them trading stories about their horses…he had one called Tormenta and she told him about Huracán.

Maria Laura tries to get his attention back on her, but Alessandro takes off.

Sagrario is stressing and wants to go out there and see what’s happening, but Maria Laura would rather take the recently-fixed truck into town. She suggests they pack their bags so when she gets back they can all leave. Losing El Vendaval would be the best thing that could happen to all of them.

Maria Laura Investigations

Girlfriend goes to the local Internet café and, after freshening her lipstick (as one does before one Googles), she asks Amadeo, the clerk, to turn on Computer 3 for her. Amadeo is a man of multiple talents. He also bakes the treats at this café. And he has a crush on Alba and he thinks free pastries for Maria Laura will help him win her over. Not so much.

Maria Laura shoos him away and starts searching for info about Alessandro Casteló. She takes a bite of pastry and declares it not that bad. Suddenly she finds a picture of Alessandro Casteló, Vice President of the Toscana Hotels chain. Aha! She thought she recognized him! But why does this catrín (dandy, rich boy) want to marry her cousin?

Don’t mess with Marcela

Marcela and Mateo find the surveyors and she starts demanding to know what’s going on. Gonzalo, the engineer, gives his name and disputes that she’s the owner. Must be ex-owner, because he heard the land was for sale. “Over my dead body!”She tells them to leave and fires that shotgun into the air. Gonzalo flinches, but he doesn’t cower like the rest of his team. Marcela gets an “Oh, crap, now what?” look on her face.

Gonzalo’s assistant whines that they should leave! He’s heard there are almas en pena (lost souls) on this land. Gonzalo scoffs. He only sees a witch who’s trying to scare him. Mateo tries to get him to back off, but Gonzalo’s men pull him aside and hold him as Gonzalo says he thinks the little witch just needs some love.

Well, Alessandro thinks Gonzalo needs a punch to the face. “Who gave you a vela in this entierro?” Alessandro said he just bought one. He tells Gonzalo and his crew they’re on private property and if they don’t leave, he’s got something scarier than Marcela’s shotgun–a cell phone and the number for the cops. Gonzalo insists they have the right to be there doing an avalúo (appraisal) since Marcela has a debt to Interbanco.

OK, then, he’ll call the general director of the bank. Now THAT scares Gonzalo off enough to leave, even if he still gripes at Marcela to pay her debt if she wants to keep her ranch.

Marcela and Mateo agree they need to set up more security. She’s pissed that Alessandro got involved and doesn’t like him offering to “help.” She angrily answers his question about the amount of her debt with “unpayable.” Her eyes are bothering her.

Look, the thing is, some people go looking for someplace to be happy, but she doesn’t. She was born here, she was raised here, she’s happy here. El Vendaval is hers and nobody is going to take it away from her. She’ll do anything to keep them from taking it. Understand?

Alessandro wonders to himself if “anything” includes lying to a guy and stealing a necklace.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Diva thanks
This stuff is so funny ” Gosh, she’s just so proud of her cuchi (which seems to mean honey baby sweetie muffin) for coming up with this brilliant plan!” oh my gosh I got so used to hearing him called cuchi I totally forgot he had a real name.

” after freshening her lipstick (as one does before one Googles)” I have been omitting this crucial step, no wonder my searches are so ineffectual :b