Silvana sin Lana Thursday 9/15/16 #42

Together again

Well, that’s Majo and Andres back together again. Behold my skeptical face. They agree they’ve missed each other.

Majo feels like she’s closing a chapter. Things got so chaotic, there were so many changes, she didn’t even know what she was doing, but she wants to do things right now.

Andres is more in love than ever, or so he says, and he figures things must have happened for a reason, right? He just has one request. He knows Majo’s working at the market now, but if she could just spend as little time as possible with Vicente…? He can’t help it, seeing her near him just makes him feel…insecure.


Benji and Angie decided to take their ice cream back to Angie’s and study while they eat. Benji reviews Angie’s work and says it’s perfect. She’s not only nice and pretty, she’s also smart! Angie looks embarrassed and Benji gives her a new equation to solve.

Angie suddenly realizes she doesn’t know anything about him. He gives her some lies about how his last relationship ended six months ago and he always takes his relationships seriously and he thinks Angie’s the kind of girl he could marry. “We’re not even twenty yet!” Oh, sure, but his parents married young and they’re still together and in love. Angie gets quiet and goes back to working.

Benji’s cell phone rings and someone texts to ask if he’s rumbeaste (danced the rumba…I think they probably mean horizontally). He responds “Almost. Chill” And then tells Angie it was his mom.

Lupita gets home and finds Benji in the dining room alone. She takes advantage of Angie’s absence to sit him down for a Very Serious Conversation. Angie always needs a push to make decisions, so Lupita has compiled a list of reasons why he should ask Angie to be his girlfriend. I’m charmed by him preparing to take notes, until I remember he’s a creep. OK, Lupita’s reasons:

  1. She’s had a boyfriend and Angie hasn’t.
  2. Angie always puts herself last.
  3. It will get Marge to leave her alone about Jorge (even though Angie doesn’t like Jorge anymore).
  4. You have a car.
  5. She’s the prettiest sister in the world. Right?

Angie comes back downstairs and wonders what they were talking about. Lupita suddenly remembers some homework she’s got to go do.

Fish Market

Cata goes to the market. She gets the usual harassment, including the classic “Tu con tantas curvas y yo sin frenos” (You with all those curves and I’ve got no brakes). She wonders what Chivis got herself into. Between Stella and Manuel’s booths, she asks for Chivis and finds out about her nickname, La Langosta. She’s starting to look freaked out by all this. Poncho offers her his arm, to escort her to Manuel’s office. It’s going ok until he brags about being the gentleman of the market…and Cata nearly trips on the floor mats.

In Manuel’s office, Chivis is still yelling at Stella. She’s sick of her. “Go on vacation, then!” Stella says Chivis screwed up her life, but Chivis thinks she did it to herself. Stella can’t believe Manuel left her for Chivis.

By the time Poncho and Cata get there, they’re nearly fighting (mostly on Stella’s part). Cata tells Stella to leave her friend alone, but boy is she not as tough as she acts, because the minute Stella turns her attention to Cata, she just cringes away. Poncho starts to drag Stella out as she’s still screaming at Chivis, but she untangles herself from him so she can swish out on her own.

Cata’s in shock. What IS this place?! If she’d known Stella was going to wail on her, she would have brought her golf clubs in from the car! It was like a prison brawl!

Chivis explains Stella is Manuel’s ex. Cata thinks he’s got bad taste. She looks like a teibolera (table dancer). Of course, she’s still interested in Manuel–does he have another girlfriend yet? Gosh, Chivis’ life is so exciting! Cata’s is so boring right now. “I don’t even have a lover.” Um…poor you?

Anyway, Cata’s here because she’s got a client for Chivis who’s so rich, he makes Cata look middle-class. She came by because she hoped all three of them–her, Chivis, and Manuel–could snag this client together. And that way she could keep hitting on Manuel. Ugh! Chivis says Manuel is very serious and he’d never get involved with a married woman. “You say that like you’re jealous. Do you like him?! Please, please, let me have him!” Um…wow.

Manuel comes in before she can get too much farther and she smarms on him a bit and then says she’s here with a great business deal.

Before they get down to it, did something happen with Stella? Because she’s out there like an energúmena (madwoman, wild woman) saying they had a fight? Yeah, she pulled Chivis’ hair and came after Cata too. Manuel apologizes on behalf of the market for Stella’s behavior. Manuel and Chivis get a little too close as they’re doing the “Yeah, you know how Stella is” thing and Cata feels like she’s intruding on a private conversation. Oh, no, not at all!

Chivis goes over to the other side of the desk and steers the conversation back to business. Cata says she’s organizing a huge event, just something to keep herself busy, and all her daughter’s wedding guests just loved their food at the reception…. Chivis reminds Manuel they have another appointment, so maybe they should talk about this later?

Cata takes her leave after praising the quaintness of the market and the lovely people. Whatever. She just oozes “fake.”

It seems like Chivis got rid of her just so she could ask Manuel why he told Stella he was in love with her. Seriously Chivis? Priorities!

She can’t believe he would do that after everything she’s had to put up with! What’s next?! Is Stella going to pain her house or cut her brakes or poison her food? (Oh, when she puts it that way, yeah, maybe they do need to talk about it.) Manuel says he had to say something to her to get her off his case after the whole serenata in the filthy wedding dress debacle. Oh yes, Chivis heard about that. THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD heard about it. She just told the girls she’s getting a divorce–what’s going to happen if they find out everything that happened between her and Manuel?!

Manuel thinks she’s being silly. His kids already know what’s up. They could pretty much read it on his face. And when they put two and two together…or in this case one and one…it was obvious. For Chivis, it’s different, though. Her girls would look at it like a disaster. So he can’t go around telling anybody about them, but especially not his “crazy” ex!

OK, OK, he gets it, he messed up and he’s sorry. He knows when to cut the jokes and he promises he’s going to help her with this. It’s important to him that she be happy.


Benji stops by the panadería for some juice and Marge says she’ll take care of him while Benito goes to get some bread out of the oven. Turns out Marge is our mystery texter. Benji says he’s getting nowhere with Angie. She’s old-fashioned and has a lot of stuff going on.

Marge tells him to just try harder. He’s seduced every other woman in the barrio, hasn’t he. Benji complains he’s only doing this as a favor to her. He doesn’t even like Angie. Marge tells him to just get her to fall in love with him and then “have a good time” and dump her. Seriously, Marge? She thinks when Jorge sees that Angie is “in love” with Benji, Marge will have him all to herself.

Benji tells her not to worry about it, in another day he’ll be sinking his teeth into the fresita (double entendre: fresa is both rich girl and strawberry). And how’s Marge going to pay him for this? Marge says they’ll work that out after. Benji swipes a pastry out of the case as partial payment.


Majo tells Angie about her reconciliation with Andres. She’s glad Lucha saw them, so she’ll “know her place.” Yeah, Andres was all excited about it, but he wants her to stay away from Vicente.

Angie can’t believe she got back together with Andres when she doesn’t love him. She knows even Majo doesn’t really think that somehow once they get married, everything will go back to being the way it was before. And Andres doesn’t excite Majo in the least–how can they have a relationship like that?

Suddenly Majo wonders if that’s what happened with their parents. Was their mom not really in love with their dad? Angie says some people confuse habit and comfort with love. Hm, Majo’s sure Chivis is feeling things and she’s pretty sure she’s feeling things for Manuel. What else is Stella causing scenes for? Angie: “‘Cause she’s crazy.”


Stella tells Dom and Poncho about the fight. Amid her ranting, the only thing of note is that she called Chivis a cara de nalga (butt-face). Stay classy, Stella. Poncho adds that he had to go break up the fight. But did Dom get a look at Chivis’ friend? Oh, sure, he’s still in love with Stella, but he’s not dead!

Stella keeps ranting about Chivis. She had her wedding ring off today. Dom begs her to forget about Manuel, but no. She’s not going to let that fresa podrida (rotting) have Manuel! If he wants a fresa, he’ll get a fresa. She doesn’t expand on this, but for now she’s going to make sure Chivis’ daughters know their mom’s de cascos ligeros (she sleeps around).

The conversation ends when Jenny comes by looking for Poncho. She’s allegedly just been to the gynecologist and has the ultrasound results that say how far along she is. She gives them to Poncho and tells him to do the math. Stella agrees it’s Poncho’s baby and he’s going to have to take responsibility. Seriously, people?

Stella insists, Poncho isn’t going to abandon Jenny the way Manuel abandoned her. She promises Jenny that she’ll give her all the help she needs.


Juanito talks to Manuel and Vicente about the fire. Some neighbors have taken him and his family in, but they know how it is with fish and visitors–after three days they start to smell! Don Benito sent Juanito over to talk to Manuel and see if he had any ideas for how they could raise money. Vicente suggests doing something at the salsódromo and Manuel agrees to organize it. Woo hoo! Salsathon!

Jorgito’s so grateful. And about the mariachis the other night, he’s sorry! That was not meant for Manuel! Oh, Manuel knows.

A truth half-revealed

Angie stops by Chivis’ room to check on her. Chivis is feeling better after that family meeting they had, but she’s still worried about what and how to tell Lupita. Angie thinks taking off her wedding ring was a good start, but now Chivis is feeling like it was a stupid decision and she puts it back on. Angie tells her not to worry, she’s going to be on Chivis’ side no matter what. Even if Chivis were to fall in love with someone else.

Lupita comes in and demands to know who her mother is in love with. Angie fobs her off with some twisted logic about their dad being like another person because he left. Chivis chimes in that they’ve all changed. Lupita buys it, but just for some extra distraction Angie tells her to go downstairs and pick out a movie for them to watch.

Chivis is freaked out that Lupita heard that and that Angie would even say something like that! She’s completely missing Angie’s point–that just because she gets divorced doesn’t mean she has to be alone forever and the girls will be able to deal with it. She just keeps insisting she’s not even thinking about that, she wasn’t expecting any of this, it’s all been so difficult, blah blah blah. Well, now Angie hits her with “Sorry to tell you, but I don’t think you were in love with dad.”

Chivis is horrified that Angie would think that. Angie says Chivis was more like his shadow–she did everything for him, whatever he wanted, she never had a different opinion, and she never complained. And yeah, her dad’s fun, but he’s also a sexist. She had a lot of affection for him (querer) but she didn’t love him (amar). Chivis disagrees–she did love him. He gave her everything she needed and treated her like a queen. “He gave you what he thought you needed and you’re not a queen. And we’re not princesses.” Angie thinks they’ve been through some difficult stuff, but it’s better than living such a superficial life.

Chivis doesn’t know what to think. Sometimes she wishes this were all just a bad dream. She’s glad to hear what Angie’s saying about their new, more authentic life, because sometimes she doesn’t even have time to think. Angie tells her to take time for herself. She doesn’t want her to lose her new life when her dad comes back. Chivis reminds her that even though Angie is the one giving her support, Chivis will always be her mom. How could she forget? But she doesn’t need the same things from Chivis that Lupita does. She admires her mom.

Bad news, confirmed

Vicente goes to check on Lucha and she tells him about Majo coming to campus today. From the way she and Andres were kissing, it’s obvious to her that they’re back together again.

Vicente gets angry. And he doesn’t want to hear Lucha being sad, either. Those two deceived them and the earth should swallow them up! What does Majo even see in that guy?!

Oh, hold up, doesn’t he mean, what does Andres even see in Majo?! They start arguing about how the other doesn’t “know” their crush the way they do and Andres says what he and Majo had wasn’t the same as what Andres and Lucha had and Lucha tells him to back off. What are they fighting for anyway?!

Vicente snaps out of it and says he’s sorry. Lucha asks him why he’s so upset. Why did he fall in love with her? They weren’t even novios. Is there something he isn’t telling her?


It’s later and Jenny has left. Stella’s annoyed that Poncho doesn’t even know where she’s living. Just in case they need to rush over for some reason. Poncho and Dom both try to warn Stella that Jenny’s probably just trying to scam them, but Stella won’t listen.

She left a copy of the sonogram and Poncho intends to go see her doctor and make sure she’s pregnant, for one, but he also wants a DNA test. Stella complains that men always abandon women after they get what they want. She hates men!

After she stomps off upstairs, Dom takes a look at the ultrasound and says the baby has a cara de roedor (rodent face) and a big body, so obviously Poncho and Jenny are the parents. Poncho is not amused. He threatens to bring Jenny and the kids to live there again and Dom backs off. Stella hears Dom’s rant, but she’s somehow convinced that yes, Jenny WILL be living there and when she is, Stella will be living at Manuel’s.

Balcony time

Chivis tells Manuel about the conversation she had with Lupita and Angie earlier. Angie defused the situation, but Chivis is so worried that people will find out about them. They’ll have to be more careful.

“But we haven’t done anything wrong!” He says Chivis is just so culposa (guilt-ridden) she’s punishing herself, running circles like a dog chasing its tail. He thinks she should just relax. Chivis says she’s not like him. She tends to make things bigger than they are.

Manuel does like to plan the really important things, so he thinks they should start planning. Like, once they’re together, he thinks they should go camping in North Carolina without the kids. Um, she doesn’t really like camping.

OK, then let’s plan how things will go at the market. They will never show up holding hands, and no more kissing. They’ll each spend Christmas with their respective families, but that means they get to be together for New Year’s Eve. Chivis wants to interrupt, but he has one last thing–when can he start addressing her as “tu” (the familiar “you”)? Welllll, Chivis likes when he addresses her as “usted” but, ok, he can start using “tu” now. So as his first official use of “tu” he says “te amo.” Duuuuuuude. Very smooth.


Andres is driving Majo home and he admits that one of the things he missed most about not being with her was driving. Seriously, he’d hit a red light and want to lean over and take her hand and she wasn’t there. Majo says it’s hard not to see someone when you’re used to seeing them all the time.

There were good things, though. Like, he saw friends he hadn’t seen in a long time and he played tennis again. Majo agrees, she took some time to find herself. “And did you miss me?” She says she did, but it was good they broke up–their relationship was getting too routine. Oh, yeah, Andres agrees.

In fact, he thinks maybe now is the time to take the next step. Majo pretends not to understand what he means, so he says he’d like for them to make love. Majo looks less than thrilled.

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