Silvana sin Lana Friday 9/16/16 #43


Wow…um…making love…. Oh, no Majo’s not feeling pressured she’s just surprised. And he’s so sweet and careful to ask…but if they’ve waited this long already and it’s still so “important” to her to be a virgin when she gets married, they can wait a little longer, right? Andres agrees. Does his car have heated seats or are Majo’s pants on fire?

Fish Market

In the morning at the fish market, Majo struggles to load the coolers full of fish into the van. She calls out to Vicente to help her. Dude, seriously? Vicente refuses to help her. He’s busy and he’s trying to keep his distance after what she did. Majo whines about her feelings, but what about his feelings? Majo’s angry that Lucha went to run and tell him what happened. And didn’t he wish her luck?

She complains that this is hard for her. And for what it’s worth–he’s the only person she’s never lied to. Vicente admits he screwed things up with her, but he loves her and wants her to be happy. So she’d better get used to picking up coolers by herself. It’ll be good for her. He takes the cooler she’d been struggling with off the one it was stacked on top of and sets it on the ground.

Chivis was trying to avoid Stella by not going over to Manuel’s stand to greet him before she went into his office. So much for that. Manuel finds her first and then Stella walks in. She wants to “talk,” mostly about how Chivis stole her man and she’s never going to accept that it’s over with Manuel. Majo comes in and Stella draws her into the conversation, saying that Manuel and Chivis totally traen ondas (“have waves”; they have feelings for each other).

Chivis panics and calls Stella crazy, which Stella agrees with, but she says she’s not blind. She says Chivis has been chasing after Manuel despite being a married woman. Stella now graciously offers to leave and let them discuss it among themselves. First she mangles the dicho that “Camarón que se duerme se lo lleve la corriente” (A sleeping shrimp gets carried along by the current) and warns Majo that when the shrimp carries the current, the water sleeps. Or maybe that just means something more profound than I’m getting. Anyway, Majo takes off before Chivis can explain (or, let’s be honest, lie to her) and Chivis runs after her.

Vicente tells Dom and Poncho about the fire at Juanito’s house and the salsathon to raise money for him and his family. They’re both sorry about the fire and excited about having a party. Stella comes up and asks Vicente to let her talk to her roomies alone–to brag about how she just buried Chivis in fango (mud).

Chivis catches up to Majo and denies everything, blaming it all on Stella for being “crazy” and insisting that she and Manuel are just friends and he has nothing to do with why she wants a divorce. But without Manuel as a reason, Chivis wanting a divorce makes no sense to Majo (really, Majo? You can’t think of a single reason?). In desperation, Chivis says she’s had enough of this and they’re not going to work at the market anymore. Majo looks like she wants to object–because they won’t have any income or because she won’t see Vicente as much?

Vicente walks up and Chivis asks if the van is loaded. Majo: “I loaded the van!” Chivis ignores her and asks Vicente to help Majo with “what’s left” while Chivis goes out to make deliveries.

Vicente asks Majo what that was about and she tells him they’re not going to work at the market anymore. Stella just said a bunch of stuff in Manuel’s office and Majo doesn’t even want to think that Chivis has something going on with Manuel. “Right, because fresas need to be with fresas and nacos with nacos.” Majo says it has nothing to do with that (yeah, right). She thinks Vicente knows something, but he claims not to–his dad didn’t even tell them about Stella for a whole year. Majo buys it. Still, she thinks what Stella said is true because Chivis just told them she wanted a divorce. That’s news to Vicente, but he thinks it’s brave of Chivis. He calls Majo on the hypocrisy of thinking her mom’s a “cheater” if it’s true. “What? She’s married, I’m single. It’s totally different.”


Lucha and Mauro have sandwiches at school. Turns out they both cook. Mauro makes a sauce just like the one on this sandwich, only way better. Lucha hopes so, because this is worse than hospital food. And speaking of salsa…she explains about the salsathon for Juanito and his family and Mauro agrees to go with her.

Andres comes over and asks to speak to Lucha. Mauro has no problem inviting Andres to sit down. Oh, he wants to talk to her alone? That’s going to have to wait, since she already has plans.

Andres starts to walk away and Lucha decides she’d rather get it over with. She jokes with Mauro about not eating her sandwich while she’s gone.

All this drama just for Andres to tell Lucha that he and Majo are together again. Which Lucha already knew, because EVERYBODY knows because EVERYBODY saw them kissing yesterday. Lucha thinks she and Andres had better keep their distance. He acts all hurt that she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, but Lucha says it’s going to be better for them. Because of Majo.

Lucha gets back to Mauro and her terrible sandwich. He can tell something’s wrong and he asks her to be honest with him. Lucha tells him about Andres and Majo breaking up and Majo imagining things, but she swears Andres never had any feelings for her. Uh huh, and did she have feelings for him?

Lucha gets hung up on how they have nothing in common. “Right. Except for medicine.” He jokes that Andres looks like a total desabrido (bland person) who probably doesn’t even dance salsa. That gets Lucha to laugh. Mauro says he’s going to cheer her up. Lucha finally admits she did like Andres a lot.

Mauro listens to her talk about how awful Majo is and how she manipulates Andres and he just sticks to insulting Andres, saying Majo’s not even worth being angry at, and making jokes about how awful Andres is to get her to laugh. He even offers to kiss her in class just to make Andres jealous. “What telenovela are you watching?” she asks, but she’s laughing.

Angie and Jorge and Benji and Marge

Benji’s coming on pretty strong to Angie. He’s still playing Math Teacher, and now he brings up the salsathon and even offers to teach her to dance. He promises when she sees his moves she’ll fall into his arms. Angie gets a little flustered and leaves the room to get drinks. Benji texts Marge that at the salsathon “la rumbeo” which I guess could mean actual dancing this time or…. Marge texts back to make sure Jorge sees them.

When Angie gets back with the drinks, Benji points out that she does that every time she gets nervous around him. Angie says he does come on a little strong with the flirting and she doesn’t know what she feels. He tells her to chill–he’s not asking her to marry him or anything. Since Angie isn’t going to make the first move, Benji says he’ll do it. Lupita walks in just as he’s kissing Angie and turns right around and walks back out, saying she didn’t see a thing.

Angie’s angry. She just told him he comes on too strong and he thought kissing her would be a good idea? Benji blames it on whatever happened between her and Jorge leaving her scared and offers to step aside if it’s Jorge she’d rather be with.

It’s not that. She likes being friends with Benji, she just thinks if things are going to go beyond friendship that should come from both of them. Benji, of course, takes it well, because otherwise his little plan with Marge is going to fail. He repeatedly assures her that he’s a nice guy, which…stuff it, Benji. Angie suggests they get back to what they were doing. The math, not the kissing!

Lupita runs next door to go tell Pedrito what she just saw. Although, first she has to tell him to chill, she’s not there to talk about them. She just saw Angie kissing Benji! Pedro sees Jorge lurking by the stairs and shushes her.

Jorge pretends he didn’t hear anything. Then he pretends he doesn’t care. But he sure has a lot of questions about exactly what Lupita saw…did Angie seem happy, how long was the kiss…. He pretends he’s happy Angie found someone and goes off to do some stuff. Riiiiight. Lupita tells Pedrito she screwed things up, didn’t she. Yep. But he thinks that even though Jorge likes Marge, he also likes Angie.

So, now can they talk about the two of them? Pedrito agrees they should. But first…ice cream!

Jorge stops by the panadería to see Marge, but Juanito stops him. He really needs to talk to someone about how traumatic the fire was for him. He’s just not letting Jorge get past him. He has this idea for a promotional video for the salsathon. And has he told Jorge what the worst part was for him…?

Jorge finally escapes from Juanito, comes into the living room, grabs Marge and starts kissing her. Marge is a little weirded out by it, but whatever. She has a surprise for Jorge and runs upstairs to get it.

The sin is not what you think it is

Benito comes over to the house to tell Trini about Juanito’s house burning down. Trini knows what it’s like to lose everything (*death glare*). She agrees to help Benito set up a table and sell some stuff to raise extra money during the salsathon. Benito is sort of whining and begging through the whole conversation and Trini has been…well, Trini, with an extra helping of rudeness…but when she agrees to help he’s so excited he grabs her face and kisses her. He walks out, leaving her surprised.

Trini goes to Padre Sanchez to confess that she’s been having feelings for a man who isn’t her (dead) husband. He thinks that sounds great! God wants us to be happy! “Are you a hippie, padre?” Padre Sanchez says she’s young and has a right to live her life and if Don Benito–hey! How did he know she was talking about Don Benito?! Padre S says priests see more than people think. Trini complains that Benito has already stolen two kisses from her and Padre S says “That’s my friend!” She accuses him of being a gossip. Yeah, yeah, well, just to be gossipy…were the kisses on the lips? Did she like them?

Tiresome Trini goes to the panadería to blame Benito for making her sin. *yawn* She turns down his offer to just kill him already (yeah, that was kind of ridiculous). She agrees to go to the salsathon with him, but only for Juanito’s sake. Benito acts like this is a big victory.


Chivis is packing up her stuff. All she cares about is getting away from Stella and Manuel both. She wants Manuel to keep his distance…not talk about love, not meet her on the balcony, not knock on the wall before he goes to sleep, not send her letters with no return address. “It sounds like you’re asking me not to love you.” Chivis agrees that’s what she’s asking. Instead they start kissing.

And Majo walks in. She doesn’t want to hear any explanations. She has nothing to say to “this woman.” Ouch. Manuel keeps Chivis from chasing after her–they’re both so upset they’ll only fight. Chivis is upset because her precious baby girl just saw something that’s devastating for her. Manuel points out she’s a grown woman (only in age, Manuel). He’s sure they’ll work it out.

Majo goes running outside and begs Vicente to take her home. As late as it is, he probably won’t be coming back, Poncho notes. A worried Chivis runs outside next and asks Poncho if he’s seen Majo. Poncho tells her Vicente took Majo home. Chivis runs back inside. Sweet Poncho asks the Virgen to help them, whatever’s going on.

Chivis goes back to the office to grab her stuff. She’s worried Majo will tell her mom and the other girls what she just saw. Manuel doesn’t want her driving when she’s this upset, but Chivis won’t let him drive her home. (This may be uncharitable of me, but there’s no other way to interpret this–she’s rushing home to try to stop Majo from telling the truth when she keeps saying how difficult it is for her to lie.)


Stella’s dying to know what’s going on in Manuel’s office. Dom isn’t happy with her behavior and wishes she’d cut the “fighting for my love” crap and talking about men like they’re pets. Even Poncho wishes she’d leave Manuel alone…and give him a chance.

I’m not going to pretend Stella’s hints are at all subtle. It seems like we’re heading for a makeover–Stella as fresa. She tells Dom and Poncho to take a good look because this is the last time they’re going to see Stella-with-an-S.

Stella hits some fancy shopping district, scares a few fresas by being way too interested in their “looks” and finally gets some baffled actress who wasn’t expecting to have any lines to tell her she can go to that store right there.

Stella emerges in a pantsuit, with straightened hair. Her original look may have been loud, but this is boring.

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