Tormenta de Pasiones Wednesday 11/30/16 #69

Anyone having a craving…for romance?

Soner and Aylin are still crying together. Murat’s plan worked–Soner couldn’t look at Aylin before without seeing Murat’s bloody (literal) face. But now that she’s pregnant he has his life back. He has her back. Murat punished him and he punished Aylin without wanting to, but he can’t punish the baby.

He thinks he can get over Murat’s “punishment” thanks to Aylin and the baby. They deserve to be happy. He’s always loved her, even when he shouldn’t have, and he’ll always love her. Aylin says they’ll never be apart again and Soner agrees. He loves them both.

The older man who runs the restaurant comes upstairs to tell them he’s grilling some fish for them, but if they don’t come out to the back deck and eat, the cats will get it all!

Out on the back deck, it’s just Aylin and Soner and the chef serving them piles of little grilled fish. Aylin starts off with the ciruelas (plums, yep they come in green) and Soner chides her to have some fish first. “Now that you’re pregnant, you’re going to eat everything!”

“I’m going to eat you!” (Saucy!)

“Eat the fish first.”

Suleyman comes out to the deck while they’re having their post-lunch nap. They wake up and he tells them he’s happy to see him like this. He’s been dreaming about it for a long time and he’s glad it’s real. Soner and Aylin giggle like he said something dirty.

It’s getting late. Aylin thinks she should go back, thank Tarik, and tell her mom what happened. Suleyman goes to get the car and Soner complains that he doesn’t want to be away from her. He wants them to be together all the time.

He’s not proposing, though. Not yet. He’ll have to come up with something original like…taking flowers and chocolates to her house and talking to her parents. “I’d better talk to my dad first so he doesn’t make you eat them!” Soner definitely agrees with that!

No sale today

Ali goes running out of the building and Hasefe gets out of breath trying to chase after him. She insists she’s fine after he stops, but he wants to take her to the hospital anyway. Hasefe, Ali, and Cemile pile into Kerim’s taxi and speed away. Kemal grabs the next taxi and has to scream at Neriman to get in. If anything happens to his mother, she’ll pay!

Cemile and Ali bring Hasefe back to Cemile’s house after the hospital. The doctor had a hard time getting her blood pressure down, so once she gets up that flight of stairs she’s to rest!

Cemile puts Hasefe to bed, but she’s fussing about her head feeling huge and she’s short of breath. She begs Ali not to do anything stupid and then falls asleep. Or, you know, collapses from the exhaustion of trying to single-handedly keep Ali from doing anything stupid for the last however many days. No wonder her blood pressure was up!

Mesude is on the phone at the real estate office and it sounds like she’s talking about a soap opera, but apparently she’s just gossiping about her friends. She nearly gets busted by her parents and insists the reason nobody has called isn’t because she’s been on the phone the entire time they’ve been gone.

Now that they’re back, Kemal wants Neriman to do what she promised. Divorce him for telling Ali she was selling the house to Caroline. Neriman says she’ll forgive him this once, for Mesude. Divorce is bad for kids–look at Cemile and Ali’s! Neriman whines that she’ll never do it again. Kemal storms out of the office.

Mr. Omer and his suitcase of cash go back to Caroline’s office at Karci to tell her and Kenan what happened. Caroline whines about Cemile, Cemile, Cemile! Ivo comes in with the bad news that Mete and his band got Cemile’s sweaters to sell out at the bazaar. Kenan’s getting a bit desperate. If he can’t “control” Cemile by the trial, he’ll lose Selma’s guardianship. Caroline screams at him to do whatever he has to. He gives a subtle nod to Ivo and smiles faintly.

In a somewhat redundant scene, later Kenan summons Ivo to his office so he and Caroline can grin while Kenan tells him to kidnap Cemile before Selma’s trial. He’s so confident this will convince Selma to hand over her shares that he doesn’t even have an “or else” planned in case she doesn’t.

Divorced at last

Berrin and Hakan emerge from the Palace of Justice. It sounds like they had a divorce hearing. Hakan jokes that the judge is going to grant them the divorce just because he’s sick of them! Berrin actually smiles at that. She hopes that Hakan will also end up happy. They hug and walk off in different directions.

And then Ekrem’s main hench guy walks out from his hiding place and calls Ekrem. I’m so ready for Ekrem to just pop off and die any minute now. Hench guy reports that Hakan got divorced.

Berrin finds Ahmet at the park by the water. She says they’re divorced, they just have some more paperwork to do. She’s not sure how she feels right now, but she’ll be fine because she has him. He asks her about coming back to work at the union and reminds her that their boss said the door would always be open.

Osman plays with Zehra while Ali, Cemile, and Berrin watch them. Mete’s worried that Hasefe is still sleeping. Ali congratulates Berrin on her divorce, now that she and Hakan are on the same page about that. Cemile asks Mete about Nihal–she’s free, but he hasn’t heard from her. When Mete goes back to his room, Osman tells the adults that Mete bought Nihal a ring. They all trade looks.

Thank you and goodbye

Suleyman drives Soner and Aylin to the hospital and Aylin insists on getting a taxi back home once she talks to Tarik. Gulay sees Aylin and Soner hugging.

Soner decides to go over and talk to her, to thank her for giving his life back to him. Well, she couldn’t stand to see him doing so badly. He hugs her while Suleyman watches the expression on her face. Gulay is just happy that she’ll have a special place in Soner’s heart. She’ll never forget him and she hopes they’ll always be happy.

Aylin goes to Tarik’s office. (It’s so weird to see an ashtray on the little table between the two visitor chairs.) She thanks him for what he did and shakes his hand. Tarik hopes they’ll be happy and Aylin says she hopes he will too. Tarik reminds her not to skip her checkups.

In the hallway, she walks past Gulay and they both stop, as if they want to say something, but neither one turns around and they both keep walking.

Original enough?

Ali has dinner at Cemile’s. Osman went to bed early because he played two fútbol games today. Aylin comes home and hears that Hasefe wasn’t doing well earlier. Aylin turns down dinner and Cemile asks if “they” finished planning the wedding. Aylin says they did–they cancelled it. Ali wants to know why.

“Soner.” Cemile starts to flip out. Aylin explains what Murat did and suddenly it all makes sense to them. Cemile hugs Aylin as she says that the baby brought Soner back to life and they’re together again. She already talked to Tarik. They hear music coming from outside.

It’s a band…on a stage set up on the back of a flatbed truck…with lights and everything. I don’t know what this woman is singing about, but it’s gorgeous 😀 Osman even woke up to go outside with the rest of the family. (I swear, that kid’s got drama radar!)

Suleyman flips on a portable spotlight to reveal Soner standing out in the yard. He calls up to Aylin that he doesn’t want to be dead anymore! He wants them to be together!

Be mine and end this separation! I want you to be my wife! Señora Cemile, Señor Ali! I love your daughter too much! We promised we’d never be apart! Let her be my wife!

Ali says he and Suleyman will rip Soner’s head off if he makes another mistake.

Come to me! I want to open my heart to you again!

(If he’s got a judge stashed in the truck, I’ll give him bonus points.)

Everybody watches Aylin hugging him and kicking her feet up in the air. Soner gives her a ring and actually asks her if she’ll marry him. Aylin accepts the big ‘ol honkin’ rock.

The band breaks into a livelier tune. I want to imagine she’s singing something like “Isn’t it nice when people actually talk and work things out!” Soner and Aylin dance. He asks permission to take Aylin out tonight and Cemile gives him until midnight to bring her back. They make a run for the car.

On behalf of El Tango de Istanbul, Suleyman bids them a good night. Osman says people sure do act stupid when they’re in love. Adult Osman ponders the connection between love, stupidity, and trying to avoid love.

Everyone goes back inside and Ali says he’s going home. He hopes Aylin will be happy. He tells Cemile he hasn’t felt this happy in a long time and thanks her. For the tzatziki, if nothing else. She asks if he’s so desperate, or is he getting old? “I’m growing up.” Uh huh. Hasefe brings his coat and Ali goes home.


Mete goes over to Nihal’s house. Her parents haven’t heard from her either. Her mom goes on and on about how her face is “ruined” and what’s going to become of her now. She’s probably hiding from Mete so he won’t see her face, so no one will see her face.

Nihal’s out by the water somewhere, alone.

This is what Hasefe was talking about, Ali

Ali goes to the real estate office and screws up a sale by telling the buyers that the house Neriman was about to show them is scheduled to be torn down. He demands she tell him where Caroline is. Didn’t she recommend Melike to her? Call Melike and find out where she is.

Neriman calls Melike’s house and lies to whoever answers the hone. She said she’s supposed to take some things to Caroline that she left behind at her old house, but their call cut off before she could get the address. Of course she won’t tell anybody!

Ali goes off in search of Caroline at the hotel while Neriman and Mesude cackle that he looks so furious they’re sorry not to be able to see what’s going to happen.

Ali goes to the hotel, pretending to bring flowers for Caroline. Well, he does actually have flowers, but you know what I mean.

At her room, he uses them to bash the guard over the head. Inside the room, Melike at least tries to defend herself, but Ali shoves her into the closet or bathroom and locks her in. He takes Mustafa.

Cemile and Hasefe get to Drama St. just as Ali arrives with Mustafa. At least he doesn’t lie about taking him without Caroline knowing.

It may or may not be significant, but there are a bunch of guys out at the sandwich cart, praising the sandwich guy’s mad sandwich skillz.

Cemile puts Mustafa down for a nap while Ali and Hasefe watch. She asks what Caroline’s going to do when she finds out. She and Hasefe both agree that Caroline has rights. He needs to come to some arrangement with her.

Caroline arrives at the house while they’re in the middle of this conversation. Ali goes outside so that once again, the entire street can watch the show. The dudes with the sandwiches come over. And a guy in the middle of a shave. And Mesude and Neriman. Among the other things Caroline screams at him, she brings up saving him from the guys in the warehouse. Oh, and he’ll be sorry.

Neriman tells the collected gossips the story about Caroline trying to buy the house, conveniently omitting the part where she’s the one who was helping her. “It’s a good thing I found out in time!”

Caroline goes back to Karci to shriek at Kenan about Ali taking Mustafa. “I thought it was something bad.” (*snort*) He says they have more important things to do right now. Ivo arrives to say he’ll do the “job” today, and then he’s off again. Caroline is intrigued and gives Kenan that gross turned-on smile when he says Ivo will try to bring Cemile there as if she’s their guest.

The end of a beautiful friendship?

Berrin comes to the union office to see about getting her job back–but first Ayten walks in on her hugging Ahmet. Ayten welcomes her back and says she’s glad Berrin ended up with Zehra. Then she runs out of the room crying.

Berrin goes after her, but Ayten doesn’t want to talk. She knows Berrin and Ahmet have always been in love and she was just being stupid. Berrin disagrees–Ayten fell in love. If Berrin comes back to work, though, Ayten will leave. She can’t be near Berrin anymore. Ayten walks away. (So…um…I guess there’s a job opening?)

Again with the kidnapping!

Cemile gets snatched off the road and stuffed into the back of a car while she’s walking back home from Ali’s.

Ivo goes to the hotel to report to Kenan that they have Cemile at the house in Emirgan and no one will find her there. Caroline listens in on the conversation, but still lets Kenan give her the news. She spends some private time gloating after he’s gone.

Kenan goes to the house to gloat. He doesn’t need anything from Cemile anymore–Selma has everything he wants.

Ivo catches Selma walking home and tells her Kenan has Cemile. If she doesn’t transfer the shares to Kenan before the meeting, they’ll never see Cemile again. And she’d better not tell anyone, either. (Screw it, Selma! Tell someone!)

The kids are starting to worry. There’s a knock at the door and they think their mom’s home, but it’s Mete. He calls Hasefe to see if she might know where Cemile is. Hasefe says she left a few hours ago.

Ali gets worried and gets ready to go to Cemile’s house, but Selma knocks at his door. She tells Ali that Kenan kidnapped Cemile. (YES!) He wants her shares before the meeting. She swears she’ll do it, she’ll transfer the shares and save Cemile. Ali leaves Selma with Hasefe and goes out on his own, in slow-mo, without bothering to call anyone who might be able to help. Like, I dunno, Soner or Suleyman or the cops.

Hasefe calls the house and tells Mete what happened. He tells Berrin and Aylin (Osman went to sleep finally.) Aylin calls Soner. (YES!)

I guess Caroline finished drying her hair and put on clothes and a full face of makeup just to gloat, alone, with her glass of wine. Creep. She hears a ruckus out in the hallway. It’s Ali beating up her guard again. He shoves his way into the room, drags her around by her wounded arm and strangles her. Caroline agrees to tell him where Cemile is if he gives back Mustafa.

She wants him to sign papers she had her lawyer draw up. Ali does it and Caroline hassles him about loving Cemile more than Mustafa. (That’s rich, coming from her.) She tells him Cemile is at an old house in Emirgan. “She’d better be, or this time I’ll kill you.” (Not like the last fifty times.)

At the house, the guards are getting sleepy. One has fallen asleep in the car already. The other sits down against the house and nods off. Cemile’s not sleeping, because it’s probably pretty damn uncomfortable to be tied up like that.

Ali approaches the house and grabs a stick from the lawn. He beats the guy asleep in the car and steals his gun. He gets the other guy up and knocks him out. Then he goes inside and unties Cemile.

Unfortunately, he left Guy #2’s gun on him. Hasefe would probably have another blood pressure spike if she saw Ali reach behind him and just yank up on the gun as Guy #2 was holding it to the back of his head. Cemile’s still trying to untie her feet while they roll around on the floor with the gun occasionally pointing in her direction. Ali finally knocks the guy out, but he got shot in the gut. I hope that other guy’s still knocked out in the car!

Yep, he is. Ali drags him out of the front seat and steals the car. He starts passing out while he’s trying to drive, which is worrying. He finally pulls the car over and asks Cemile to forgive him. He passes out and Cemile just keeps screaming his name.

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4 years ago

Oh, how I love the happiness with Soner and Aylin. They and we deserve it after all that WE have been through with them! lol. Positively loved the whole sequence from Soner’s “confession” to Aylin right through his proper courtship of her. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

What I’m hoping for now is that Suleyman will find Ali and Cemile in time since Aylin did call Soner about the kidnapping!

And thanks again for the great dialogue. 😀

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago

OMG, I think I just want Cemile to forgive Ali at this point. I never thought I’d really get here! I don’t think he can ever truly make up for what he did, but I do think he has proven that he understands how terribly wrong he was to do all of those horrible things that he did before he went to prison. He’s really trying to redeem himself. I loved the float serenade engagement! It was perfect! The TM episodes are so far off from the Turkish episodes now, and the endings don’t match up with ours either, so… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Kitty Sanchez

I have to agree, Kitty, that some of the things Ali did are essentially unforgivable in that he can never truly make up for them. But it is heartwarming to see that he is learning, and realizing, and truly sorry for the things he has done. He’s doing his best to atone for it, and I think the kindhearted Cemile does appreciate that. I’m enjoying the Turkish episodes tremendously, but can watch them only after watching the Spanish ones on TM. Also depending very much on the recaps here for full understanding of each episode. I am finding a little… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Kitty Sanchez

Thanks for the heads up about the Turkish episodes and the TM ones.

I’m glad Ali is at least trying to redeem himself.

4 years ago

I especially loved the serenata and the happiness of Soner and Aylin and the family that evening.

Thanks for the recap, Kat!