Silvana sin Lana Monday 9/19/16 #44

Stella 2.0

Next stop in Stella’s quest for fresahood, she asks a random dude where she can find a shop that sells little dogs. Apparently, she thinks being a fresa entails bragging about her nonexistent mansion. That sounds more Trini than fresa. Anyway, she drops the fresa act and asks a taxi driver and actually gets directions.

Stella’s checking out a Yorkie. As a fashion accessory. It’s ridiculously expensive and it matches her hair.

Poncho and Dom clean the house. Stella comes home with her new look and a new name: Maria Estella. Uh huh. They’re both speechless. Poncho finally ventures that she looks like Chivis’ clone…only better looking. She keeps repeating her thing about “If Manuel wants a fresa, he’s getting one.” I’m starting to doubt whether Stella has ever actually MET Manuel if she thinks this is going to work.

The dog is Francisco Javier. Stella intends to learn how to play golf, but she could only afford one club. And she’s maxed out all her credit cards. She’s going to have to raise Dom and Poncho’s rent. She drags Dom out on an errand and leaves Francisco Javier with his Tío Poncho.

They go to some super-secret private boutique where Dom’s just delighted with everything he sees.

Together again

Lupita has come up with five reasons she and Pedrito should get back together:

  1. No one makes her laugh like him, and he’s cute.
  2. He defended her at school.
  3. He’s making his First Communion for her.
  4. She thinks about him all day.
  5. All the previous reasons.

OK, Pedrito’s in! They shake on it. And hug. But, um, no kissing until they’re 15.


Marge’s surprise is the dress she’s wearing to the salsódromo. Benito gets upset at seeing them kissing. Plus, Marge’s dress is too short (um, it’s longer than most of her shorts). Marge ignores him and he goes upstairs.

Benji texts Marge, bragging about “kissing” Angie and maybe making the lie go on longer. Like Marge cares. She’s going to go upstairs to change, but Jorge convinces her to stay and snog instead.

Casa Chivis

Majo’s home. She didn’t calm down any on the drive. She still hasn’t told Vicente what happened. She just keeps going on and on about it being so terrible! She finally says “I saw my mom kissing your dad.”

He doesn’t think it’s that bad, but Majo’s hung up on the “she’s cheating” thing. Vicente thinks Majo is being disrespectful and maybe she should talk to her mom and listen to her. She does not appreciate being reminded of what happened to her.

Vicente’s on his way out of the house when Chivis arrives. She ignores him and asks Majo if they can talk.

Yeah, not so much. Mostly, Chivis defends her decision to lie saying things were way too complicated and Majo defends her decision to cheat on Andres because it wasn’t cheating because she was single. She’s really upset at her mom for lying and giving her lectures about her behavior when as far as she was concerned, Chivis was doing the same thing.

Thankfully, Trini arrives (I can’t believe I just said that), because this conversation is going nowhere. Angie and Benji come downstairs, too. Chivis wants to keep lying that nothing’s going on, but Majo wants to spitefully tell the truth if Chivis won’t.

When push comes to shove, Majo can’t do it.

Angie walks Benji out, thanking him for his help with math. They’ll make plans for the salsathon later.

Now that Angie’s gone, Trini wants some answers. Majo says her mom quit her job and now they’re back where they started. More guilty looks as Trini keeps asking questions, wondering if Stella had anything to do with this. Majo goes upstairs for a bath. Chivis takes the line Trini tossed her and blames Stella, but Trini still feels like there’s more to it.

Chivis goes upstairs to try and talk to Majo…and make sure she’s not going to tell her sisters. “I’d be too embarrassed to tell them.” In fact, she’d rather not talk about it at all.

Which, of course, is why she texts someone, saying she needs to talk.


Lucha and Mauro are back from clown duty at the hospital and hanging out in her room. Mauro tells her about the time he showed up with a fútbol signed by the entire Mexican national team. Lucha suggests they do a group storytelling thing. It’s something her mom used to do with them. Mauro doesn’t get it.

Lucha starts off…Once upon a time there was a girl, and the only toy she had was a balloon. So now it’s Mauro’s turn.

Mauro: She really liked her balloon and she took it everywhere, but one day…

Lucha: One day she went to the forest and she passed by a cactus and…

Mauro: It popped! But a doctor with a fresa face showed up and told her to give her balloon some medicine and everything would be fine.

Lucha: And she did, but nothing happened, so she cried and then…

Mauro: A boy showed up who was tall and good looking with bracelets and a clown wig and he gave the girl another balloon…

Lucha: And she loved that the boy didn’t ask for anything in exchange, right?

Mauro: Right, because besides being very handsome, the boy was smart and he knew better.

Because things weren’t bad enough already

Angie goes down to the panadería. Juanito’s so glad someone asked how he’s doing that he tosses a little Benji-esque flattery her way. Jorge rushes past them to leave the panadería, without a word. Angie chases him back to his house to as what his problem is. “Ask Lupita.” Friends, dude! FRIENDS! Why is it any of your business?!

Angie falls for the guilt trip and defends herself, saying it was Benji who kissed her. Jorge screams at her, still angry because he apologized over and over and then she kissed some other guy and all he ever got for his apologizes was a bunch of talk about how she’s having a hard time trusting men. He calls her a liar. (Wow, Jorge. Get ready to start apologizing all over again. Or maybe, don’t, since apparently your apologizes have ulterior motives.)


Vicente makes it back to the fish market and he’s surprised that Majo was right about the kiss. He warns Manuel that Majo’s not going to calm down so easily. She’s pretty conservative. And if it’s a choice between him and Majo, Chivis will choose her daughter.

Back at home, Vicente grills while he gives his dad a primer on Majo: she acts tough, but she’s really sensitive. Manuel asks if Vicente’s in love with her. Yep, down to his toes. “But she’s getting married.” Yep.

Manuel thinks maybe there’s time to stop the wedding. If Vicente’s in love, there must be something on Majo’s side too, right? Vicente doesn’t think he can compete with Andres, but Manuel thinks the only difference between the two of them is that Vicente’s not a fresa. And he’s saying that even though he likes Andres.

Vicente disagrees. Andres is going to be a doctor and he’s just some guy who sells fish. Majo may not like Andres, but she sure does like money, and Vicente’s never going to be able to give her the kind of life she wants. Manuel says that’s not just about money–their family has different values. He didn’t raise his kids to do nothing and he’s proud of that. Vicente tells his dad he’s really not proud to sell fish and he doesn’t see how it’s anything to be proud of.

Dinner’s ready. Vicente’s sorry to be springing this on his dad, but lately, yeah, he’s been feeling dissatisfied with his job. Manuel blames it on Majo and her superficial ways. Vicente has nothing but compassion for her–she didn’t choose to grow up rich and spoiled. And yeah, her dad’s a criminal, but not all rich people are. He thinks Manuel is being unfair to think that most of the really rich wouldn’t be rich if they were good people.

Vicente admires his dad, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be like him. He started out working at the market to help him, but now he’s thinking he might want to do something different. Manuel’s ok with Vicente making this decision for himself, but not if he’s doing it for Majo.

Vicente promises it’s just that he wants to choose what he does, not just inherit a job. Which means working fewer hours so he can go to school. He promises he’s doing it for himself. He’s actually been looking into it and he thinks maybe he’d like to study industrial engineering. Manuel starts laughing and says that’s a totally fresa career!

Now can we talk?

Trini hasn’t forgotten Stella painting the side of Chivis’ van or causing the scene in the church or coming over in her wedding dress to cause a scene in front of the house. Chivis insists that it has nothing to do with her, it’s just that Stella decided everything was her fault. Trini says she’s not stupid.

Chivis cracks and tells Trini that Majo caught her kissing Manuel. Trini declares it the end of the world. Her princess kissing a guy who sells fish! She’ll try to understand, but she can’t decide which is worse–the kiss or that Majo saw.

So, was that kiss just a momentary lapse of reason, or did it mean more? Chivis doesn’t want to answer her, but Trini knows “You’ve fallen in love with Manuel, haven’t you?”

Majo texted Andres. He comes over, but now she doesn’t want to talk, she just wants him to hold her. She begs him to get her out of there. She lies and says she just can’t stand her mother and she wants to get out of the house. Not just to talk and get some air, she wants OUT and she never wants to come back. She begs him to let her move in with him.

I wish Chivis would stop with the “I don’t know.” She knows. What’s with the excuses? Sounds to me like she’s afraid to admit it. I guess I can’t blame her with all the ‘tude Trini’s throwing at her about how she’s too good to love the fish man. Plus the “You’re still married,” thing. And eventually everything gets out and Angie and Lupita are going to find out, so Trini thinks she’d better end this and forget about Manuel.

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