Despertar Contigo Wednesday 11/23/16 #57

Just a quick rundown of the events of this episode. I feel like we’re in a holding pattern, but I do find that I’m still entertained.

And if you’ll indulge me for a moment, I have to grumble about something that is driving me nuts. A few years back I had noticed that the final commercial break was cutting into the actual program by about 30 seconds. I emailed my then cable company and they informed me that it was a problem from Univision’s end. So basically, Univision was selling ad time that was cutting off its own programming. I’ve since switched cable companies and not had a problem. Well now it’s happening again!! All this week I’ve missed at least 30 seconds coming back from the last commercial break. It’s annoying. I have to keep going to hulu to see what I missed.

Now for the actual summary…
Methinks abuelo is still pretty sharp.

After Maia and Pablo share a prolonged kiss, he steps away to answer Pablo’s ringing phone. It’s Cindy. She wants to talk to her “pistoncito.” Silvestre tells her he’s busy. She wants to know what he’s doing. Abuelo plays confused and says he’s answering the phone of course (It’s a play on words that works better in Spanish “¿Qué hace?”. She means “él” and Abuelo assumes “Ud.”) After hanging up, Abuelo erases the call. Go, Abuelo!

Silvestre goes back to Pablo. Pablo asks about the call. Silvestre just tells him it was a credit card offer. When Maia says she has to leave, Silvestre acts like they all have a date at Chapultepec the next day. Of course Maia goes along with it. Pablo pulls her aside and thanks her. They are both sure Silvestre won’t remember the next day.

Cindy and Cristián

Cindy is still determined to break up her father and Tulis. She sends Cristián to go buy a huge flower arrangement. She warns Cristián not to buy some skimpy thing and keep the rest of the money. Cindy reminds him it has to be an amazing arrangement. If Rafa has something better it won’t work. Cristián realizes Cindy is wanting to make “Don Rafles” jealous. Cindy tells Cristián it’s “Don Rafael”. I’m partian to Don Rafles myself. I swear sometimes I’m just watching this show for the play on names.

Cristián leaves and Wilson shows up and tries to sweet talk Cindy. She shuts him down. She only wants to be with Pablo. Wilson makes a show of pulling a piece of paper out and making a call as he leaves.

At home

Jenny is still getting texts from Monkey. She’s reading something and I don’t catch the title. I only mention it because she’s quick to hide it when Mosquito comes in (without knocking.) Mosquito seems worried about Jenny and Monkey. Monkey is a lot older (wow he doesn’t look it to me though.) Jenny shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything. Jenny just throws Mosquito out.

At breakfast, Tulis tells the family that she and Rafa have made up. Cristián tries to rain on her parade. Rafa is kind of a popular guy. He’s always getting visits from the ladies of the Barrio. One brought him chilaquiles. The lady from the carnicería came to see him too. Tulis is sure that she just needed him to repair something. And he is handsome. Pablo tells Cristián to stop trying to ruin their mother’s happiness. Mosquito says something about Monkey. It just ticks off Jenny. Pablo wants to know who Monkey is, but Jenny has already left for school in a huff.

La Fantasma

Fedes goes to the Alcala house. He tells Flora that Othón sent him to get some papers out of the office. Flora leaves. Fedes waits a moment then calls out to Flora that he’s leaving and he’s closing the office door. He makes himself comfortable on the couch. The next morning, Flora comes in to clean. Fedes has managed to hide under the desk, but he makes a noise. Flora also looks down and sees one of Gael’s toy cars. She’s now convinced there’s a ghost in the house.


Carmen wants Othón to do something with their associates. Othón reminds her that they are HIS investors not THEIRS. Oh no sir, Carmen says. She put up the money. Othón says that as soon as she deposited the money her job was done. Maia tells them to stop fighting. Othón apologizes, but it sounded pretty patronizing to me.

Carmen goes to see Antonia. She wants to suggest a truce. Othón is starting his business in Mexico. Carmen doesn’t want Antonia setting up roadblocks. The two old friends talk about the past. Antonia is still angry at Carmen for marrying Othón. Carmen swears she thought that Antonia was over him. Carmen begs her to think about their old friendship. Antonia remembers the time after her grandfather died. He was the only person who thought she was capable of running the business. Her parents certainly didn’t want her to work. In the present, Antonia remembers that it was Carmen who helped convince her parents to let Antonia work. Antonia accepts the truce. She won’t do anything to harm Othón’s business.

Othón Schemes

Rodolfo manages to sneak into Pablo’s office. Antonia catches him, but he makes excuses and she accepts them. He finds the USB and hands it over to Othón.

Othón giggles over the plans. He’s so excited, he barely notices how quickly Fedes managed to get to the house. I mean, he noticed…he just didn’t follow up. Othón realizes that Antonia plans to double or triple her production because she can store flowers longer with the new cooler she’s building. Othón notices an unpleasant odor, but he keeps going. He’s going to let Antonia build her cooler and then apply his crushing blow…when he figures out what it is. Fedes is sure Othón will come up with something. Othón finally figures out that Fedes is the one who stinks (literally.) Fedes claims to have just come from the gym. He asks if he can use the guest bath. Othón encourages him to.

Nestor and Tati

They really don’t deserve their own headline, but I guess it’s important. Tati is sure Wilson is not going to call. Nestor is sure he is. Nestor wins. Wilson calls. Note: Tati looked great in those pants and that sweater.


Eligio is still with Pilar. He cries about Tati not wanting to listen to him and the burro running after some mare. Pilar points the gun at him and tells him to quit crying if he wants to stay the night.

The next morning, Eligio makes breakfast for his hostess. She’s not happy with it. He apologizes. She encourages him to get tough and stop being a whiner. That’s what his problem is. Finally Eligio gets frustrated enough to pull the gun on her and tell her that SHE can fix her own breakfast if she didn’t like his. She’s happy with this. She confesses she actually kind of liked the breakfast. She was just provoking him. Pilar gives Eligio the money he needs to get back to Mexico city. He promises to pay her back and swaggers away.


Carmen and Maia were planning to go check out wedding dresses, but Pablo calls. Silvestre did actually remember their Chapultepec date. Maia agrees to meet them.

When she gets there, Silvestre calls her by name. She gets angry and thinks they’ve both been lying to her. Silvestre saves it. Aztecas! They were the ones that built Chapultepec. Not the Mayas. Well played, Abuelo. Pablo and Maia hop on their boat. Maia is still mad at Pablo for all his lying. He says he’ll keep apologizing for it, but that his grandfather really is sick. Maia does believe that and she’s touched that Pablo is caring for him. They kiss. They are so distracted they don’t notice the boat has launched without Silvestre. I think that was his plan. When they finally notice, Pablo tries to get the boatman to go back. Sorry. The old man paid for a full trip and they aren’t going back until it’s over! Pablo tries to take the oar/pole. It just falls into the canal. Now they are really stuck.

Another boat passes by. Pablo tries to flag them down. He explains about his grandfather. The passengers on the boat have seen him. He’s enjoying some beers. Pablo laughs at that. Abuelo does like his beers. He and Maia sit down and wait for rescue. Despite it all, Pablo is really having a good time. He feels so alive with Maia. He thinks he can never be fully happy without her. She has something she wants to tell him.

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4 years ago

Gracias, Sara! I agree, I like Don Rafles, too 😀 Something that occurred to me while I was reading this is that Cindy’s stupid ploys aren’t working to keep Rafles and Tulis apart because they like each other too much…and yet Pablo and Maia, who are supposed to be so in love, keep getting foiled by Cindy, and Fedes, and Tati. Like, bro, do you even love? It takes Abuelo’s sneaky plotting to get them to even be civil to each other. Which–Go Abuelo! I liked seeing more of Antonia and Carmen’s relationship and I’m sad their “truce” didn’t include… Read more »