La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 11/18/16 #4

He’s married?

Marcela falls for Damiana’s ploy. She apologizes profusely and gets off the phone quickly. Her eyes are bothering her again, from the stress. And probably because Damiana has that effect on people.

When Alessandro’s done getting dressed and realizes he really did hear his phone ring, he is NOT happy. He’s also not happy that Damiana said she was his wife. At least by tomorrow, he’ll have the paperwork to prove she isn’t. He tries calling Marcela back as Damiana continues to whine at him about reconciling and he tells her the least she can do is let him live his life.

Marcela doesn’t answer the phone and Alessandro tells Damiana to take her breakfast tray and go–he’d puke if he tried to eat anything now. Actually, he’s leaving, so she needs to shut the door on her way out. There’s something pathetic about her slowly wheeling the cart to the door.

At the café, Román is annoyed that Amadeo keeps looking at Alba like a piece of art in a museum. He takes matters into his own hands, plops down that bag of goodies Amadeo tried to have Maria Laura deliver, and shoves Amadeo in Alba’s general direction. Amadeo chickens out and tries to give the little bag of treats to Penelope at the table behind Alba.

Alba’s phone rings, distracting her from Amadeo’s failed attempts to either woo her or make it look like he’s not trying to woo her. It’s Marcela calling with the news that Alesandro isn’t single. Alba can’t believe it! She asks Amadeo for the check.

Amadeo: “She knows my name!”

Román: “Yeah, so do I, bro.”

Román goes over and starts flirting with another customer whose name he should know because she already told him, but he apparently forgot. It’s Carolina, in case that becomes relevant later.

Cristian is waiting for Alessandro in his office. He laughs at Alessandro’s annoyance that Damiana tried to seduce him. Also, it’s way too late for that anyway because the divorce will be final tomorrow.

Alessandro knows he’ll still have to see her since he can’t fire Octavia–it would look like he’s doing it for revenge. Eh, no worries, Cristian informs him his parents want to get rid of her themselves. He can’t believe Alessandro, aka Padre Tereso, cares how it looks.

Anyway, he has the scoop on Marcela’s debt and it’s quite a whopper. Alessandro looks over the paperwork as Cristian says if she doesn’t pay up, it could wipe out the back. Alessandro and I both want to know how the hell that even happens. “Multiple loans and accumulated interest,” doesn’t seem like an adequate explanation. Cristian warns Alessandro to think hard about how desperate Marcela must be and what she’d do to pay back that loan.

Oh, and Alessandro had better call Damiana and make sure she comes to the meeting tomorrow.

Octavia’s plans continue to crumble

Octavia continues to fuss at Don Timoteo about making Marcela’s life miserable and he agrees, but oddly enough I don’t think he has any solid ideas about how to make that happen.

The ever-faithful Mauro with his tireless hands tries to massage the tension out of Octavia’s shoulders. It’s stressing her out that this deal isn’t going smoothly. Plus once Damiana gets divorced she’ll have no more links to the Castelós.

Damiana comes in, loudly announcing that Alessandro raped her. Language lesson here, courtesy of Octavia, “abuso de mi” typically means abused/took advantage of sexually. Damiana’s just complaining that he threw her out of his suite. Octavia dismisses Mauro so they can continue the conversation alone.

What was Damiana doing in his suite anyway? She seriously tried to offer him sex? Octavia can’t believe Damiana doesn’t know her soon-to-be-ex better than that. When Alessandro has an objective, nothing gets in his way.

Damiana whines to Octavia about all the sacrifices she’s making. Sacrifices? Octavia got to this point in her career by sleeping with Mr. Casteló. No, not Alessandro’s father–his grandfather! And now Damiana has thrown all that effort away by getting caught in bed with the gardener. As soon as the divorce is final Alessandro’s parents won’t hesitate to kick them both out of the hotel.

Timoteo hasn’t a clue

Dom Timoteo goes for a walk through the square with Eulogio holding up his parasol…umbrella…whatever. Eulogio warns him that Román is trying to compete with Lencho for the coveted position of town galán. Puh-leeze, there’s no way, when Lencho has inherited his dad’s gift with women. Timoteo is sure that soon his son will be discovered as a singer-songwriter. Not that he’s ever written anything. Ooh, or maybe a telenovela star. They reference “the one that’s on at 6pm on Canal de las Estrellas” which I believe would have been this one when it originally aired.

Eulogio tells Don Timoteo that Ramón spent some time in prison before coming to San Bartolo to start over. Timoteo thinks Ramón might be just the guy he needs for a job….

But what the heck is a “spa” anyway? Eulogio goes into a Wikipedia-esque description of a spa as a place to relax away from the stress of the city, mentioning it was originally a Latin abbreviation “salute per acqua.”

Timoteo gets distracted by one of his uh, signs? Paintings? on the side of a building having been defaced so now it reads “Timador Quiñonez tu peor enemigo” (Timador = swindler). He wants this cleaned up and the guilty parties thrown in jail!

Just marry him already

Back at the ranch, Marcela repeats the story to Alba, who comes up with a nearly-accurate explanation. Alessandro’s ex-wife must have picked up his phone and decided to be a jerk when she heard a woman’s voice on the other end. Rosa interrupts by bringing in coffee and a request for them to speak up because she can’t hear a thing from outside.

Marcela accepts the coffee and scolds Rosa for listening at doors and then spreading the chisme around town. Rosa pouts and flounces out while Alba laughs. The phone rings, but Marcela won’t let Alba answer it, thinking it MUST be Alessandro because no one else ever calls.

She’s right, it is him, calling from a table in the hotel restaurant. He tries again and it sets off another round of arguing about trust and how the last time Marcela trusted a man he ended up leaving her at the altar. We get a flashback, just in case anyone forgot how heartbreaking that was for her.

Maria Laura makes her way down to the restaurant and loudly greets Alessandro. I can’t tell if he really didn’t remember her from the day before or he was just hoping it wasn’t really her. She claims she’s here for a job interview and he does as well.

Mauro’s looking for Alessandro to get a signature on some paperwork. Another employee conveniently stops Mauro right behind Alessandro’s table, which means he gets to hear the rest of Maria Laura and Alessandro’s conversation. Who cares about the bit where Maria Laura claims it’s a good thing he’s looking for another job because her cousin said some terrible things about him. The juicy part is where she asks if he really wants to marry her cousin and Alessandro clearly says he DOES want to marry her and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Alba reminds Marcela that she’s gotta marry someone if she intends to claim her mother’s inheritance. Alessandro Casteló is her only hope. Alba tries to hand the phone to Marcela.

OK, if Marcela won’t call then Alba will. She dials Alessandro’s cell, but Marcela takes the phone out of her hands. Alessandro tells Maria Laura it’s that guy he’s interviewing with and excuses himself from the table. He knows that Marcela called earlier and someone answered the phone and told her something and he can explain–she’s not interested in explanations. She’s giving him one last chance: either he brings her a copy of his divorce decree within two days (in which case she’ll still consider marrying him) or the deal is off.

Marcela’s not happy that Alessandro lied to her. She complains that she’s got a short turnaround on this whole marriage deal and he makes a crack about her being pregnant. Um, no.

Look, she’s not saying he has the job, she’s just giving him another chance. She doesn’t quite believe his story that his soon-to-be-ex-wife came over to his…house…and answered his phone and he called back so STBX could explain, but Marcela didn’t answer. If he just wants to make a fool out of a desperate woman, he can do that to someone else! She didn’t do anything to him!

Wrong. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her. Flashbacks to hot island sex.

And also, he’s started addressing her as “tu” since they’re going to be fake-married and all. Marcela tells him to just…bring the paperwork and then she’ll think about how she’s going to address him!

Maria Laura pounces on him as soon as he’s done, saying if the call was that long, it sounds like he’s gotten the job. Alessandro says he’s really busy and he’s got to go…Maria Claudia, was it? Yeah, no, really, suuuuuper busy, not even time to let her put her contact info in his phone, gotta go, bye! Maria Laura’s not even fussed that he calls her “Maria Claudia” a second time. She just goes back to the table to get acquainted with the rest of his breakfast.

Maria Laura gets Inés at the front desk to give her Damiana’s number. But only because Inés saw them having dinner together!

From bad to worse

Damiana apologizes to Octavia for screwing up so badly. Octavia says it’s no big–and besides, in 24 hours a lot can happen. She’ll think of something. Mauro bursts into the room and Damiana leaves rather than stay and listen to “work” talk–which is not at all what Mauro came for. He tells Octavia he has big, bad news: Alessandro wants to marry someone else. Oh, good, so he didn’t hear who!

All Mauro knows is that he heard Alessandro talking to the future bride’s cousin. The divorce may not be final yet, but once it is Alessandro could marry the hotel doorman if he wanted to! Octavia reminds us that she’s getting kicked out, but now it’s, like, even more sure than it was five minutes ago.

Octavia takes a call from Timoteo. She complains he’s not moving fast enough. She doesn’t like his suggestion of visiting Marcela, but agrees to do it. And if that doesn’t work, he needs to put pressure on her!

Octavia hangs up and screams that she’s tired of him. Her phone rings and she starts screaming at him again, but it’s actually her consuegra, Silvana Casteló. Or, STBX-consuegra, which thrills Silvana to no end.

Speaking of consuegros, the cigar-smoking Luciano Casteló just landed at a helipad that Silvana informs us is in Greece. She’s there dealing with the family’s investments. Octavia complains about working so hard she never leaves the office and she’s beyond pale–she’s practically transparent!

Yeah, whatever, Silvana’s just calling to ask if the divorce is going through without any further delays/demands from Damiana. Octavia whines that Damiana’s just getting her due. If it were up to them, she’d be leaving with nothing. “Yeah, and she’d probably make good use of her nudity,” Silvana snipes.

Luciano takes the phone from her to ask Octavia if she’s checked her email. She hadn’t, which means he gets to listen to her read her dismissal email.

Yep, she’s fired. Of course, she’ll keep being a partner, with her two measly shares. Octavia can whine all she wants about how Luciano “promised” she’d keep her job. Damiana also made promises she didn’t keep. “So this is revenge?!” Octavia gripes that she’s still his partner and she’s not going away, but Luciano says they’ll see about that.

He hangs up on her and Mauro stops his incessant massaging. He knows Luciano’s been waiting years for this moment. Octavia continues her whining about how her nymphomaniac daughter screwed everything up and couldn’t even bother to get pregnant! Yep, that’s a damn shame she didn’t get pregnant…or end up a widow. Octavia’s ears perk right up at that.

Alba has plans

Marcela and Alba visit Alba’s dad’s grave. (I usually don’t mind Alba’s constant smiling, but it’s a little odd here.)

Marcela and Alba start decorating the two graves (not sure whose the other one is) with flowers while Alba keeps teasing Marcela about Alessandro.

Marcela’s not convinced Alessandro’s really divorced. She thinks he just wants a mistress in the country. Alba says she’s going to be legally married with documents and everything. And then she’s going to get the inheritance which (RED FLAG!) they don’t actually know the size of, but they’re sure it’s big. And they’re going to pay off the mortgage and Marcela and Alessandro will have half a dozen kids and they’ll be Alba’s backup band–Alba and the Sobrinos Mágicos!


It would appear that the wayward Camilo is still with the woman he left Marcela for, but that honeymoon is over. She has a nice apartment and a career where carrying a briefcase to work isn’t out of the ordinary. She doesn’t care for Camilo being unemployed and he swears he’s still trying to find a job.

Once she leaves, his drinking buddy from last night comes over to check on him. He remembers trying to make his drunken way inside and her deciding she’d better deposit him at his actual door. She has no interest in getting him into trouble with his roommate, so she waited for her to leave. And now, maybe he’d like to offer her a drink?

Camilo’s drinking buddy is impressed with the “nice stuff” in the apartment. Casing the joint, perhaps? She claims she’s a millionaire and her parents have a bunch of cattle and sent her to the finest schools, blah blah blah. Camilo waxes rhapsodic about working the land. Drinking Buddy says she’s not the type to go over to a guy’s apartment, but I guess Camilo is a special case. She’s in the mood for some snogging.

Camilo and his drinking buddy complete their roll in the hay and she spikes his drink while he’s in the bathroom. She’s not going to let him make it to Round 2.

Family time!

Nisa visits her bestest big brother who has no illusions when it comes to his sweet baby sister. Alessandro asks which “love of her life” she’s here to talk to him about today? The trapeze artist? The Hawaiian massage therapist? The poet?

Nope, this one’s a diver, with lots of ambition. “Why do you always pick the ones who are going down and not up?”

The phone rings and Nisa rushes to answer it. It’s mommy! Yes, yes, Alessandro’s here, working as usual, but Nisa has the biggest news–she met the love of her life! And she swears, Cuchi is different….

“Cuchi?” Silvana repeats. Alessandro gets a kick out of repeating “cuchi, cuchi” and tickling Nisa (which I get a kick out of). Nisa gets him to stop and tells her mom about the ISS. Silvana is dismissive in a perfectly kind, patronizing way and Nisa knows the drill. She’ll pass the phone on to the favorite child now.

Silvana rolls her eyes as she tells Alessandro that Nisa will never grow up. (OK, she’s a flake, but I wish they’d at least take her seriously enough to explain to her how this great business venture is maybe not so great instead of dismissing it because it’s Nisa.) Alessandro tells his mom she’s just in love, that’s all…with the eighth, no, ninth? love of her life. He’s lost count. (I’m kicking you in the shins, Al.)

Anyway, what Silvana was really calling about is she’s heard the necklace is missing from the beach house. Alessandro and Nisa both make shocked guilty faces.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks Diva The plot is hotting up! The other grave is Marcela’s father’s grave And thank you for explaining the Timoteo/Timador thing. When I watched it I could tell it was something bad but had no idea what timador meant Nisa is the monster her parents made her to be, she acts like a child because everyone is constantly infantilizing her, that little girl whiny voice and baby doll behavior has worked for her in the past so she keeps using it. (not a spoiler since the plot never really goes there, much, but she’s got some brains in that… Read more »