La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 11/19/16 #5


Silvana wouldn’t have found out about the theft except that she sent the head of security for the entire hotel chain, who apparently has nothing better to do, to the beach house to pick up the necklace and bring it to her. Alessandro rushes to assure her that he has the necklace, it’s in the hotel safe–where else would it be?! Nisa looks relieved…and curious.

Octavia can’t get Damiana on the phone. Why she’s trying, I don’t know, since she tells Mauro she’s not going to tell Damiana what’s going on with Alessandro.

Alessandro tries to tell Nisa that their mother’s rude to her for her own good. Whatever. At least Cuchi is nice to her. She and Al act like a couple of little kids making faces at each other as she leaves his office.

Octavia calls Alessandro to find out what his dad told him, but not only did they not talk about her, if his dad wants her out of the company that’s his decision. He tries to cheat and get Octavia to give Damiana that reminder about tomorrow’s hearing, but that just gives her a chance to ask him why it’s so soon. He’s not planning to get remarried, is he…? Alessandro says his only rush to divorce is to make up for the time he wasted with Damiana.

Damiana tries to have a nice relaxing time by the pool, but Maria Laura joins her at the neighboring lounge chair. She fishes for information about the divorce and ogles a diamond bracelet Damiana’s wearing. Damiana takes advantage of this to toss the bracelet in the pool and tell Maria Laura she can have it if she pulls it out with her teeth.

She does. And now Damiana can’t wait to go tell her mom.

Octavia’s busy griping to Mauro yet again how much she needs her job so she doesn’t have to dip into her savings. They review their options and Octavia thinks killing off Alessandro is their best bet. Hey, you know, it’s just a thought…because the last time he updated his will was when he married Damiana, so she’d end up with everything.

Nisa joins Alessandro and Cristian for lunch. Cristian wants to hear about “the diver.” Both the guys make fun of his nickname, Cuchi. Nisa refuses to tell them his real name, but she wants them to meet him. They’ll just die! “Sure…if you haven’t fallen in love with someone else first!” (Ouch!)

Nisa doesn’t even care because she knows they’re going to be crying big snotty tears at her superawesome wedding, where she’ll be wearing her necklace….

When Damiana and Maria Laura get to Octavia’s office, it’s empty. Damiana leaves Maria Laura alone and she starts rooting around for information.

She finds Octavia’s executive bathroom…and her perfume collection. She’s spritzing herself liberally and she hears Mauro and Octavia come back to the office, talking about some guys…for a rush job…Octavia doesn’t want to deal with them herself…she’s sure it will be easy…she just has to tell Damiana to take Alessandro to a quiet place to discuss the divorce terms and the guys will cut Al’s brakes while he’s having dinner with Damiana. And he’ll die on the way back.

Well hell, Maria Laura’s not going to let them kill off her fantasy boyfriend. She keeps listening as the argument goes on. Alessandro calls to remind Octavia to remind Damiana to be on time to the hearing tomorrow. She angrily tells Mauro to call those guys and not tell Damiana or she’ll screw it up. Maria Laura thought bubbles that she has to tell Alessandro somehow.

Nisa’s done with lunch, but Alessandro begs her to stay–he feels like he doesn’t get to see her enough. Meh, she’s not talking in front of Cristian. As she walks away, Cristian tells her say hi to Cuchi for him!

Nisa’s mention of the necklace got Alessandro thinking about Marcela again. Cristian tells him he should be focusing on how poor Nisa’s not going to get to wear the necklace because Marcela stole it.

Mauro calls his nefarious contacts, but it sounds like he’s going to have to meet the guys in person.

Damiana walks in, wondering where Maria Laura got to. She keeps trying to remind Octavia who Maria Laura is, but Octavia doesn’t remember her at all. Anyway, the office was empty when they got there.

Octavia tells Damiana to sit down. Alessandro called to remind her the hearing is tomorrow and Octavia wants her to meet him tonight and see if she can get more out of him before they sign the papers. Damiana is not in the mood to take a long drive just to get to some restaurant Octavia recommends. She whines about it, but Octavia puts her foot down–she’s going to do it because Octavia says so.

They finally exit the office, leaving Maria Laura to gripe about all the names Damiana called her and vow they won’t kill her future husband.

Alessandro and Cristian are still arguing about Marcela when Damiana calls to tell Alessandro he has to meet her tonight. Aw, hell no! He thinks she’d be better off meeting with someone who organizes burlesque or table dance events. (Dude, that’s insulting to burlesque and table dancing. Damiana lacks the depth for either.)

Damiana says she has new conditions. If he won’t come to dinner and discuss them, she’ll get on a plane and skip the country. Eek…that means he has to agree. Cristian’s already making an “I do not get paid enough” face.

Mauro meets his nefarious hench in a damp parking garage and hands over a wad of cash.


Camilo’s drinking buddy’s name is Yadira, or at least that’s the name she gives him. She also gives him the glass of drugged juice and it doesn’t take long to knock him out.

When Camilo’s roomie comes home, the place is completely wrecked and everything of value is gone. I guess it would have been too hard to take the furniture.

Roomie finds Camilo drugged and mumbling Yadira’s name. She keeps screaming at him to wake up. They got robbed and it must have been that woman he had over–yeah, the neighbor told her.

El Vendaval

Marcela’s been wanting to put some kind of roof over the two graves–her dad’s and Alba’s dad’s–since her dad died. There was a vendeval the day they buried him, as if Alba’s dad didn’t want to share the spot. Alba has memories of her dad as tall and good looking. He never got a proper funeral. Marcela’s dad did, but she only remembers him as angry and worn down by all their debts. She vows she’ll take care of them so he can rest in peace.

Timoteo and his, uh, stylist?, July traipse through the underbrush to El Vendaval. Timoteo steps in poop. It smells, as evidenced by everyone holding their noses. He asks to speak to Marcela alone.

Marcela takes him back to the house and Sagrario gets nervous, thinking Marcela got into some kind of trouble. He still hasn’t gotten around to saying what he wants, besides to talk to her.

Some guy named Severo calls when Sagrario goes to the kitchen for Timoteo’s double espresso. He mentions “Nasaria,” lawyers, and getting the girls ready to see him. He’ll be there in a week. She just hangs up on him in a panic. When Marcela comes looking for Timoteo’s coffee, Sagrario says it was a wrong number. Marcela noticed the look on her face, though

Severo tells a barely-listening bartender Sagrario hasn’t even heard from him in fifteen years. Not since he ran off with his brother’s wife, Nasaria. Marcela’s mom. And now he’s excited about the prospect of going back to El Vendaval and seeing the fam. (Duuuuuuuuude…what a piece of work!)

OK, Timoteo, you’ve had your coffee, now get to the point. Nope, he blabs about how they’re practically family on account of Maria Laura and Lencho dating. OK, now he starts in on her debts. Oh, dear, no, please don’t slow down, just get to the point! He says he’s going to solve all her problems?

Alba and Sagrario are putting the tablecloth on the kitchen table and thinking Don Timoteo isn’t up to anything good when suddenly Sagrario faints. Timoteo and Marcela come running. For all Timoteo’s screeching about how they need a man, this is a man’s job, blah blah blah, he’s useless. Marcela is sure this has something to do with that phone call earlier, but Sagrario keeps insisting it was just a wrong number.

Now she tries to get rid of Timoteo, but he’s whining that he had nearly gotten to his point. Hey, you snooze, you lose! Marcela escorts him out and says maybe they can discuss it again in another week…or a month…. Sagrario thought bubbles that she doesn’t know how to tell the girls their dad isn’t dead.

Later, in her room, sitting in a chair by her yarn stash, Don Mateo comes by to find out what happened. He knows something’s going on and he wants to know. She admits it’s Severo, and they both know he’s not dead and buried. She sobs that he’s coming back to the hacienda. She got so nervous hearing his voice that she hung up on him. How is she supposed to tell the girls that their dad ran off with their aunt? That there was no accident and the grave is empty?

Marcela looks over Alessandro’s resume for the millionth time and remembers El Hombre de Isla Garza Blanca. Hey, who can blame her? She says she needs to forget her mystery man and get some calm back.

Aura is giving a piano lesson when Alessandro calls Marcela. He tells her he’s making big sacrifices to push his divorce through, so he wants some assurances that she’s going to marry him.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Diva I liked the whole thing but these two parts -oh the snark
” Dude, that’s insulting to burlesque and table dancing. Damiana lacks the depth for either.) ”
” the head of security for the entire hotel chain, who apparently has nothing better to do”
Hey he delegates really really well ;P

Ah Severo, before him I didn’t even know it was possible to be humorously evil

thanks Diva