Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 9/20/16 #45

Moving out

Majo whines and cries about wanting to leave. Andres isn’t saying “no” but he wants to talk about why. What did her mother do that was so terrible? When Majo won’t tell him, he asks if it’s really Vicente she wants to get away from.

She swears it’s not, whines and cries some more, and despite Andres’ insistence that moving in with him isn’t actually going to “fix” anything, he says he’ll talk to his parents about it. In exchange, she has to promise to talk to her mom–no sneaking out on her.

Majo loves how sweet he is to her. She wants to marry him already. Andres wonders if she’s not just trying to run away from the situation, but Majo swears she wants to get married.

How to be fresa

Stella has a bunch of questions for Monique The Fresa Whisperer. For those of you playing along at home: everyone plays golf now, not just rich people; you can wear whatever colors you want; a guy who sells fish isn’t the most appropriate boyfriend, but if you love him then it’s ok; elegance is about being discreet and recatada (demure); “la calor” is about 100 degrees hotter than “el calor.”


Chivis runs into Manuel out at the trash bin. She lets him know Majo didn’t say anything, but…this is not going to be easy. Manuel gives her a pep talk about how she’s accomplished so much and she’s going to be able to deal with this, too. She knows her daughter and she’s going to find a solution.

Tonight is the salsathon, but Chivis doesn’t want to go. She’s staying home with Lupita and he’s welcome to send Pedrito over if he wants to. Manuel stops pushing for her to go and opts for reminding her that he loves her. I swear I just saw her heart do a flip.

Majo’s still in a foul mood. Angie’s angry that she’s acting like not working at the fish market anymore is no big deal. Doesn’t she realize it puts food on the table?

Trini changes the subject to the salsathon and who’s going. When Majo hears that Chivis is planning to stay home with Lupita and Pedro, she rudely suggests maybe Chivis should go and let her stay with Lupita. That way the neighbor will be happy. She gets up from the table and Trini says once Majo gets out and dances a little she’ll be fine.

Fresa practice

Stella goes from trying to say “pizza” instead of “picza” and “esperame” instead of “‘ perame” to some bad fake-British-English. Poncho gets in on the action, throwing around a few “my lords,” with Dom and Stella.

The guys are going to the salsathon, but she’s staying home to keep practicing and let Manuel have time to miss her. Poncho can’t believe she still won’t quit with the Manuel business!

Annnnd I just noticed Dom’s shirt has water guns on it. OK, that’s cute.


For some reason, she’s trying to get Lupita to go to sleep, but Pedrito hasn’t even come over yet. She’s getting all nostalgic and not wanting Lupita to grow up, but Lupita says that’s what people do. She bets she’ll be taller than her mom and sisters!

She misses her dad. Chivis encourages her to pray he comes back soon. But if they’re still poor, would he live in this house with them? Chivis doesn’t know if he’s coming back–that’s up to him.

Manuel brings Pedrito over later and basically calls Chivis’ entire parenting strategy with Majo into question. And I also kind of agree with him. If Majo’s going to support her dad even though he’s a criminal, she can damn well support Chivis for being in love. The longer this goes on, the more Chivis’ “this is really haaaaard for Majo” speeches bother me.

He reminds her that she’s a wonderful woman and he loves her. He won’t leave until he’s gotten a smile out of her.


Benito and Trini sell tacos. Lucía brought Mauro. Vicente finds “the mother of [his] children.” Angie and Benji show up. Marge feels the need to point them out to Jorge. Poncho and Dom arrive…and Jennifer shows up. Uyyyyy.

Majo and Andres arrive. Well, this oughtta be fun. Predictably, Majo and Lucha argue, Mauro is polite and cheerful, and a tipsy Vicente can’t wait to remind Andres that Majo used to come here with him. Actually, we can kind of blame that last one on some other guy who told Majo “long time, no see!” Andres is still determined to leave the past in the past, so he cuts off her explanations and they go say hi to Trini and Benito.

Benji hassles Angie to kiss him. Then he bumps into Jorge and they nearly get into a fight. When Benji goes to take a call and Jorge goes to the bar, Marge starts hassling Angie about how glad she is Angie’s dating Benji so she’ll leave Jorge alone. You know, the usual.

Benito dances with Trini and tries to talk to her about dating, while she tries not to dance too close to him and avoid talking about dating. Again, the usual.

Jorge overhears Benji’s phone call and he doesn’t think it sounds like Benji was talking to his mom. Neither do I with all the “I’ll come pick you up after work” and “kisses.” He tells Angie he caught Benji on the phone to some woman and he doesn’t trust him. Angie doesn’t like that Jorge cares.

Manuel shows up, teases Mauro and Lucía, and Andres comes over to say hi to him. Lucía notices that Majo stayed by the bar and she gets all upset about it. (What, like not wanting to get into another fight with Lucía isn’t a good enough reason to stay away?)

Jorge tries telling Angie about Benji’s phone call, but of course it comes off like he’s just jealous.

Manuel goes over to try to talk to Majo and take responsibility for what she saw earlier. She doesn’t appreciate him trying to talk to her about her mother’s feelings. Dom pretends not to be listening as Majo reminds him her mother is MARRIED. Lucha comes up in time to hear Majo calling him descarado and that nearly starts a fight, but Mauro and Manuel pull her away.

Andres missed it, so Majo just says she can’t stand working for Manuel. Well, hey, good news–his parents said she can move in anytime! (Dom’s still standing there getting all the chisme.) They go over to the bar and he distracts her from a glaring Lucía by kissing her.

Vicente gets drunk and tries to pick a fight with Andres. When going after him directly doesn’t work, he yells that this dude took his girl. Manuel tries to get him to back off, but Vicente just wants to say “one more thing,” which turns into a long speech about how he hopes they’ll be happy and have a bunch of kids that look just like them. Andres eventually loses his cool and punches Vicente. Annnnnd a fight breaks out.

And the fight gets broken up. And then Majo and Lucha start going at it because Majo accuses Vicente’s entire family of ruining her family. If Lucha wants to know what she’s talking about she can ask her dad.

Late-night visits

Chivis has just turned out the lights when there’s a knock at the door. She thinks it’s Manuel, but it’s Antonio José and he wants to know who that guy is who just walked out of there! Is that it? Are we going to get any answers from him?

It sounds like AJ came by just to say he’s not going to let Chivis have a divorce. And he hasn’t committed any new crimes, they just found out about some old ones. Chivis doesn’t care–he is not getting her back!

AJ is convinced Manuel is the real reason she wants a divorce. (Because of course, running off and leaving her without a cent isn’t enough of a reason?) He wants a better reason or he refuses to leave.

They both panic when they hear a knock at the door–it’s the cops! She refuses to let them in. They just wanted to stop by and tell her they know AJ’s been around. Is she sure she hasn’t seen him? They give her yet another reminder that if she sees him and doesn’t tell them, she could be considered his accomplice.

When the cops are gone, Chivis tells AJ to go and not come back until everything is cleared up and he’s not hiding from them anymore. He offers to turn himself in right now if that’s what it takes to get her forgiveness. (I can see it in her eyes, she’s not going to take him up on that offer.)

Eh, not exactly. She tells him she can’t tell him what to do. All she wants is the chance to live her life in peace. AJ gives her a little stuffed animal for Lupita. Chivis says Lupita’s still hoping he’ll show up for her First Communion. Majo defends him, but Angie’s angry. They both miss him.

AJ says his life has been difficult without them. He looks around and says she’s made a home out of such a small house. He gives her a hug before he leaves and she tells him to take care of himself.

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