Silvana sin Lana Thursday 9/22/16 #47

El Club

Stella’s new target is Esteban Williams. He claims to own a few transnational corporations and be friends with the owner of the club. Stella claims she just moved there from Key Biscayne which is why they’ve never met before. He gives her his card and she thinks she’s scored.

Fish Market

Cata stops by to flirt with Manuel and he breaks it to her that Chivis doesn’t work there anymore. That’s actually not good news to Cata because she’s organizing another big wedding. She gets over it quickly and makes sure to tell him that while she is married she’s not a fanatic about it. (Hahaha. And EW!)

Manuel tries to get the conversation steered back to business, but Cata’s not passing up her chance to hit on him. She backs him into his shelves, talking about wanting to take Chivis’ place in the business, and kisses him.

Manuel escapes from her clutches as she tries to tell him it was no big deal and besides she and her husband have an open relationship. When she can tell she’s turning him off, she tries to talk about the wedding again, but now Manuel tells her she should really discuss it with Chivis.

Cata would rather discuss Chivis with Manuel. He cuts her off again and Cata says she’ll go talk to Chivis. Unfortunately, Manuel asks her to keep the kiss between them, so that pretty much guarantees she’s going to bring it up with Chivis later.

Manuel tells Vicente what happened. He doesn’t even think it’s true about the event. Vicente jokes about how rich chicks reeeeeally like him. And hey, he likes married women, doesn’t he? Manuel says Chivis is different. And did Vicente go apologize yet? No, but he will.

Stella finally shows up to show off her new look. Manuel takes her into his office and says she looks ridiculous. I disagree, I think she looks nice with her blouse and jeans, without being too fussy or overdressed. Stella tells him he lost the woman of the century and she (and the dog) aren’t going to stick around talking to him because he’s a loser. If only she meant it.

It’s amusing seeing Dom work the stall in his tux and Stella trying to hawk fish in the most understated way she can manage. She tells Dom she’s done with Manuel–she’s going after a real man now. What she actually means is she’s going to use golf club guy to make Manuel jealous.

Casa Chivis

Andres arrives to pick up Majo, interrupting Trini’s Candy Crush game. She chats with Andres until he goes to help Majo haul her giant suitcase down the stairs. Chivis comes in from the kitchen and Majo says she’s moving in with Andres. She cries to Trini that she can’t keep living there anymore.

Chivis wants to talk about it, so now Andres knows she didn’t do the one thing she asked. He tells her they need to do things the right way, but Chivis says it’s ok. They can talk later.

Trini makes an effort to stop Majo, asking what they’re going to tell Lupita. She’s already been abandoned by her dad and now Majo? It doesn’t work. Majo says she’ll talk to Lupita. Andres assures Chivis that he’ll take care of Majo.

And then they’re gone.

Trini can’t help herself can she? She tells Chivis she had it coming. What will people say? Chivis is past caring. Where were all those people when they needed help? Trini continues fussing about how they’re going to excommunicate them if it gets out that Chivis was kissing a guy who sells fish. (And that would change what, exactly?) She insists that nacos and fresas just don’t mix any more than peacocks and rhinoceroses “and that’s not classism.” (Yes, it is.)

Chivis takes a call from Cata. She feels bad about ditching Cata–she totally forgot they were supposed to do business together. Cata’s on her way over to talk about that and what just happened with Manuel.


Trini is so upset and thinks what happened is so terrible, she runs right down to tell Benito about Majo moving out. He gives her a pastry. Suddenly I’m thinking it wasn’t such a bad strategy. She even asks for a hug, she’s so upset.

Benito is curious about why Majo moved out, but Trini doesn’t want to talk about it. She has no problem telling him Majo’s “useless” and was born to be married (at least she says she’s the same way?) and she won’t be living alone with her boyfriend because she’s a good Catholic girl.

Benito tries to wheedle some more hugs out of her.

Business is business

Cata’s really worked up by the time she gets to Chivis’ house, and it’s not just about Manuel. There’s a lot of money riding on this event, and it could lead to even more. She begs Chivis not to ditch her.

And oh yeah, by the way, Manuel “gave” her a huge kiss. Chivis doesn’t believe it. Manuel’s not like that! She laughs it off.

Cata thinks maybe Chivis has a thing for Manuel. That must be why she quit! Because she has a thing for Manuel! “You kissed him before I did!”

Chivis continues denying everything and laughing it off and finally tells Cata she’ll do the wedding, but it’s the last one they do with Manuel. The last one Chivis does, maybe, but Cata’s not letting Manuel go that easily.


Andres talks to a bunch of students who are disappointed with their grades. He agrees to let them do a group project for extra credit, then excuses himself when he sees Vicente.

Vicente apologizes for what happened. Because his dad made him. Hey, he was drunk, he said stupid stuff. Andres thinks drunks tell the truth, too, so if Vicente still has a thing for Majo, he’d better watch out.

And yeah, it’s his business because he and Majo are getting married. “You were pretty sure of that before and look what happened.” Andres says they’re living together.

Lucha, who was spying from behind a tree, heard the whole conversation.


Benji claims he brought over enough math exercises to keep Angie busy for years.

The conversation moves quickly to the personal when Angie gets a text from Majo. She’s picking up Lupita from school. Angie ends up unloading on Benji about how Majo moved out and how Angie is getting tired of being the sensible one in the family.

Benji keeps up the Nice Guy routine, but he makes the mistake of offering to bring them both some juice from the kitchen while Angie downloads those exercises from his laptop. Angie’s at his computer when a message from Marge pops up.

Benji’s excuse is that he and Margarita were talking about math tutoring the other day and Marge thought she might ask him for lessons. But if Angie dislikes her that much, he won’t tutor her.

He gets another message from Marge saying she needs to talk to him and he makes a big show of responding “I’m with Angie,” and tells her she’s right, Marge is a total pain.

She’s back, but not really

Chivis drops off some invoices and starts asking about Cata’s visit. Manuel’s very obviously nervous. He tells Chivis he didn’t do a thing, but Cata totally kissed him. He told her his heart was already spoken for (he did).

Chivis says she’s doing the event, but it’s the last one. He gets flirty, saying she could have just sent him a message. Come on, is the situation really so bad? Chivis says it’s worse than they thought. After everything that happened, Majo moved out.

Manuel thinks she’s just throwing a tantrum. Who hasn’t done something like that? Chivis didn’t. And since Andres’ parents are really conservative, she’s sure Majo must be really embarrassed.

It’s time for another Manuel pep talk about how far Chivis has come and what she’s accomplished. Chivis is focused on how upset Majo is and how she’s never going to forgive her.

Stella comes into Manuel’s office and Chivis’ reaction is “What happened to you?” Manuel says it’s an extreme makeover. Chivis tells her it’s a very original look, with the hair and all. Anyway, she’s gotta go now.

And what did Stella come by for? To invite him to dinner.


Lupita is having a total meltdown in Andres’ car. She tries to beg Majo to come home, but Majo keeps insisting this is what’s best. Of course Lupita is always going to be her favorite. Lupita isn’t at all comforted.

She’s still sobbing when Majo drops her off at the house.

Vicente hops into Andres’ car before Majo can leave. He asks if she really moved out and tells her he apologized to Andres. And now he’s apologizing to her–he made a mistake.

Majo asks if he told Andres what happened between them. “What, that we’re in love? That deep down you’re dying to be with me? Or that you’re scared of what’s happening?” Yeah, he knows what she meant and he didn’t tell Andres. That’s staying between the two of them.

“Until you get drunk and tell everyone.” Vicente says that’s why he’s apologizing. He really wants to know why she’s leaving, but Majo says it’s “everything.” She begs him to get out of the car.

Vicente says they could have been happy. It’s too bad she didn’t want to try, because he would have given everything for her. He gets out of the car.

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