Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 9/21/16 #46


Majo and Angie leave with Benji and Andres.

Manuel scolds Vicente and Lucha both for contributing to this big scene. He’s not very proud of his family at the moment. Lucha is desperate to know what Majo was talking about, but he says they’ll discuss it at home.

Casa Chivis

Majo, Angie, and Trini get home and after Majo sends Andres home, they tell Chivis about the fight. And Trini blames it all on Majo for getting involved with Vicente in the first place. Before Majo goes upstairs she says if she’s going to burn in hell for this she can’t imagine what’s going to happen to other people. She gives Chivis a pointed look.

Angie tells Chivis about Vicente accusing Andres of “stealing” his girl, but then Majo said some pretty awful things about his family…and she seemed especially upset at Manuel, which Angie doesn’t understand at all.

Trini convinces Angie it’s just Majo being Majo and hey doesn’t she have school tomorrow? Angie goes off to bed and Trini starts in on Chivis about the repercussions of her actions. Chivis interrupts to tell her AJ was there. And the cops came looking for him and she had to hide him. Trini says it’s a good thing she’s sitting down, because she feels like she’s going to faint. (Oh, Trini!)

Chivis gets Trini a drink. Trini is mostly worried about what AJ must have thought of this horrible little house. She’s still convinced that somehow AJ is going to fix everything.

I don’t know why Chivis felt the need to tell her AJ saw Manuel leaving the house. All it did was make Trini upset and I can’t imagine they have the whiskey budget to deal with it.

Up in their room, Angie thinks Vicente was on the verge of telling Andres (and the entire club) everything that happened between him and Majo. She also thinks Majo went too far with what she said to the Gallardos, when none of this is their fault.

So Majo tells her about catching Chivis and Manuel kissing and says it’s the reason she’s decided she has to get out of this house NOW. She’s going to move in with Andres. She can’t keep living there and solapando (covering up) her mom’s relationship with Manuel when she’s still married. She says she’s never going to forgive her.

Casa Manuel

Jorge helps Drunk!Vicente upstairs and Lucha starts in on her dad. If he’s not going to tell her, she’ll go ask Majo. Manuel tries to say it’s really private, but if Majo’s going to go around accusing them of ruining her family, she thinks they need to know. “She caught me kissing Chivis.”

He is SO uncomfortable having this conversation at all, much less with one of his kids, but Lucha won’t quit asking until he tells her that yes, he does have feelings for Chivis. Of course she thinks this is terrible because she’s not from their world and it’s totally different from her crush on Andres because she’s not going to marry him and he’s just going to be some guy in her past. And now that she’s put un cable a tierra (in other words, thrown him a line to pull him back down to earth) she’s off to bed.

Jorge brings Vicente some coffee. He’s worried about him–he’s never seen Vicente like this over a woman before. Vicente says it makes him angry that he knows Majo loves him, but she doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. And he thinks Jorge’s wrong–he’s not this awesome guy. He’s a slacker and he’s let too many things slide and now he’s going to make up for it and prove he’s just as good as that doctor.

He advises Jorge to keep studying because if not, one day the woman of his dreams is going to show up and she’s not going to take him seriously.


Dom and Poncho try to fill Stella in on the big fight, but it was all so confusing, they’re barely sure what it was about. Other than Vicente punching Andres in his pretty face.

No, Manuel did not ask about her.

She’s all set to show off her makeover at the fish market tomorrow, complete with the dog and her bad fake English accent.

Stella does some yoga. Because that’s what fresas do. And she cleaned all the food out of the fridge. From now on it’s all greens. And they’re going to wake up early to do yoga and cardio with her.

She wants them in their wedding outfits (presumably after yoga and cardio). Poncho’s going to be her bodyguard and Dom’s going to be her butler. They’re going to the golf club so she can pick up a rich guy.

Enough with the late-night visits already!

A knock at the front door scares Chivis and Trini, but it’s just Manuel. He came to apologize for Vicente’s behavior. Trini tells him to save it. And Chivis doesn’t think they’re responsible for all the stuff their kids do–she heard Majo was pretty horrible herself.

He’s about to go upstairs and get Pedrito, but Chivis stops him to tell him AJ was there being all jealous. Also the cops came looking for him. She felt sorry for him, he looked so sad. It’s the first time he’s been like the man he used to be before.

This is all too much drama for her between the kiss and AJ and the salsa bar. And Manuel trying to cheer her up isn’t going to work today. Plus he’s the only complication in her life she can get rid of. Ouch. She’s making a decision and she hopes he’ll respect it. They need to end their relationship.

Manuel, of course, argues that she’s just afraid. He begs her not to distance herself from him. He tells her he’s not going to abandon her and goes upstairs to get Pedrito.


At Manuel’s office, Vicente tries to apologize for last night, but he fails since he’s trying to minimize what he did and make excuses for it. Manuel’s still pretty disgusted about the scene. He thinks Vicente needs to make a graceful exit if Majo’s not into him.

Vicente’s still convinced Majo loves him, but she wants Andres because he’s rich. Regardless, Manuel thinks it’s Majo and Andres he needs to apologize to, not him. Vicente’s sorry Majo ended up taking it out on Manuel.

And, by the way, Poncho hasn’t come in and Stella’s stand isn’t open.


Once again, Andres is a topic of gossip, this time for his beat-up face. Lucha and Mauro get in late and he won’t let them start their exam.

After the exam, Lucha comes in to yell at Andres for not letting her take the test. He claims he was concerned because she’s not usually so irresponsible. Yeah, that’s not it either. It’s weird because they were so close and now…Majo calls for extra emphasis.


Is that a new thing in Marge’s hair? I’m seeing a red streak or something. That’s the most interesting about this conversation because Marge and Angie have had it a million times already. Marge wants Angie to date Benji so she’ll leave Jorge alone.

Jorge finds Angie so he can argue that she shouldn’t be dating Benji. She begs him to back off–it’s hard enough staying away from him when he won’t leave her alone!


Oh, yeah, the salsathon was supposed to be for Juanito and his family, not just for the drama. Juanito says they raised enough to move into a new place and get some used furniture.

Trini’s going to drop her (fake) French bakery and start shopping at Benito’s again. Benito starts hassling her about dating. (Give it up!)


Well, at least Stella’s outfit is cute and not overly obnoxious? But Mr. 5ft cringes at what she’s doing to the lawn. She blames the ball for her utter inability to hit it. Poncho and Dom try some cheering, but Stella takes it as an insult.

When she finally manages to hit the ball it hits some random dude and the Team Stella makes their getaway in the golf cart.

They make a stop for a picnic lunch and Stella breaks her “diet” and has a torta. No, kids, the pond on the golf course is not for swimming in. They’re all having a great time just hanging out on the course, but Stella’s supposed to be looking for a husband and I don’t see that going anywhere. Plus if the stand isn’t open they’re not making any money and she’s been spending it left and right. And also…where’s the dog?

Poncho starts stripping down to get himself a tan and security chases them off the course.

Out in front of the club, “María Estella” introduces herself to some guy who just drove up.

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