La Mujer del Vendaval Week of 11/22/16 #6-10

Tuesday 11/22/16 #6

Marcela won’t make any promises to Alessandro about marrying him if his divorce comes through. She’s really starting to fall for him and it bothers her.

María Laura continues making herself a nuisance around the hotel, dropping off her reeking swimsuit at the front desk for laundering, hitting on the male staff, and trying to get in to see Alessandro.

Don Timoteo naps outside Marcela’s while Eulogio keeps watch in case there’s an opportunity for Timoteo to accidentally-on-purpose bump into her and talk to her again. Timoteo has decided there must be something valuable on the lands of El Vendaval if Octavia wants them, so he wants them for himself…uh, to keep the land locally-owned.

Marcela pulls out a picture of her mom and cries over her abandonment. I had this suspicion that Octavia was her mom, but now that I see the picture I can see she isn’t.

Sagrario can’t tell her daughters she lied to them about their father being dead, but he’s going to show up one way or another, so she’d better think of something! Sagrario decides to try calling Severo and telling him not to come to the ranch, just to send a lawyer. Mateo wants to know where he fits in, if Severo does return, but Sagrario’s priority is making sure the girls are ok–their relationship has to wait.

Octavia wants Damiana to add to her list of demands that Alessandro will make sure Octavia keeps her job with the hotel chain permanently.

Nisa crashes Alessandro’s workout to beg for money for Cuchi’s brilliant business idea. Alessandro won’t make a loan without meeting Cuchi, no matter how much Nisa whines.

Maria Laura runs into Damiana and tries to tell her about her mom’s murder plot, but Damiana insults her. In retaliation, Maria Laura offers her dear “friend” the advice to hit Alessandro where it hurts–demand his car in the divorce and make him hand it over at dinner! Maria Laura even offers to go with Damiana to the dinner and Damiana is so moved she takes back all the horrible things she says and lets Maria Laura pick an outfit from her closet.

Don Timoteo visits Marcela and tries to offer his help with her debt, for “personal” reasons–he wants Lencho and Maria Laura to have their wedding at El Vendaval. All she has to do is sign some paperwork. Timoteo sticks his foot in it, mentioning the surveyors who were there as way to pressure her into signing. Marcela gets suspicious enough to throw him out and tell him she’d better not see him or any of his people around there.

Gordo’s having trouble moving The Necklace because it’s way too famous–Sara Bernhardt was the first owner. The last time the family loaned it was to a museum. Nisa calls to tell Cuchi that Alessandro told her mom the necklace was in the safe, so they must have stolen a fake necklace. Gordo is absolutely sure they have the real thing.

Before they leave for dinner, Maria Laura has to cool her heels in the hotel restaurant while Damiana has a quickie with the sommelier. She sees Alessandro and tries to talk him out of going, but he and Cristian can’t wait to get away from her.

Ilse, Camilo’s girlfriend, calls the police to accuse him of the robbery. Camilo spends the afternoon in jail, but Ilse and a couple of bullies are there to pick him up as soon as he gets out. Camilo ends up in a park after getting a beating, lamenting that he ever ditched Marcela for Ilse. Some other guy assaults him and drags him off, literally. After two beatings in one day, he ends up on a public street in his underwear, where two older women swat him with their purses because they think he’s some kind of perv.

Alessandro and Cristian arrive at the restaurant and two suspicious-looking guys get to work on sabotaging his car, which is really more of an SUV.

Damiana’s a little tipsy and/or sleepy as she navigates the long and winding road to the restaurant. Maria Laura’s stressing about the road and how to keep ANYONE from driving back down it in Alessandro’s car.

Octavia called to check on Damiana and she’s worried that Damiana sounded drunk. Maro assures her the plan will go off perfectly–and if not, at least they tried.

Alessandro takes a break from waiting for Damiana to arrive to call and flirt with Marcela. He brags about being divorced very, very soon and she wishes him a good night. Ominously he says now he can die happy.

Wednesday 11/23/16 #7

Damiana and Maria Laura make it to the restaurant. Maria Laura takes Damiana’s car out for a spin while Damiana goes inside.

Damiana presents her latest list of demands, including shares in the hotel, a house in Miami that Alessandro doesn’t even own, a stable of purebred horses, and his SUV. The lawyers, including Cristian, try to intervene to bust up their lengthy argument. Alessandro finally gives in to everything but the house in Miami. She can even take the SUV right now.

He signs the paperwork and Cristian disgustedly hands it over to Damiana’s lawyers. She signs. Alessandro says this is what he gets for being stupid enough to marry her. From now on, he wants nothing more to do with her.

Sagrario is annoyed at Marcela for throwing Don Timoteo out of the house, but she’s convinced he’s in league with the guys who came over to take measurements.

Sagrario slips up and says the lawyers are coming in a week, but how would she know that? Mateo covers and tells Marcela and Alba it was that mysterious call she got. She didn’t say anything because they were vague about the amount of money and Sagrario was worried it would be very little.

Amadeo shows up with a bread order, providing a distraction from money matters. He gets flustered when he finds Alba in the kitchen washing dishes. He gets even more flustered when she says cooked dinner earlier and he should totally call her if he ever needs a cook. He gets a laugh out of her saying Maria Laura can’t even make café con leche.

Poor Amadeo goes on so much about bringing some of the sweets Maria Laura likes and how he’d do anything for her, that Alba thinks it’s Maria Laura that he’s in love with!

Cuchi comes over to the hotel to have dinner with Nisa.

Mauro tried some nookie to relax Octavia, but she’s way too nervous about the meeting. She has a feeling something is going to go wrong and she wants to call Damiana and tell her about the brakes on the car.

Her call interrupts Damiana ranting at Alessandro about how boring he is, but she ignores it. Kids, you’re divorced. Move on already. Damiana sticks him with the bill.

Out front, Alessandro has the valet bring his SUV and says the lady will be taking it. She’s so sloshed I don’t even know if the tampered brakes are what’s going to get her.

As Maria Laura’s driving around in Damiana’s convertible, she nearly hits a still-mostly-naked Camilo and sends her cell phone crashing to the floorboards in pieces. So much for waiting for Damiana to call her. Camilo ends up being picked up by the cops on suspicion of prostitution.

Alessandro and Cristian see Damiana’s lawyers off and then Cris unloads all his frustration on Alessandro. He can’t believe he signed the agreement! They’re having to wait for a van from the hotel to come pick them up. His father’s going to be furious he gave Damiana some of his shares! Why didn’t he just hand over the necklace, too…oh, yeah, because it was already STOLEN by the woman he’s anxious to marry! Cris doesn’t think this is the end of this. He’s sure Alessandro is jumping out of one bad situation and into another.

Marcela reviews Alessandro’s résumé yet again and reminisces about The Lover of Isla Garza Blanca. But they can’t possibly by the same person, nope, completely impossible. She seems happy enough to be marrying Alessandro, though.

Octavia finally gets through to Damiana and guess what? She completely forgot to get Alessandro to agree to keep Octavia’s job safe. Just before the signal gets bad, Damiana manages to tell Octavia she got Alessandro’s SUV. She can’t understand why Octavia and Mauro are screaming at her to get out of the SUV. How could it not have brakes? He takes good care of this car! Stop screaming!

She ends up rolling the SUV off the edge of the road and nearly making a box truck and a car hit each other. One of the drivers reports the accident.

In the hotel van, Cristian and Alessandro hear the sirens and get stuck behind a bunch of other traffic. They get out to check things out and realize it was Damiana in the accident. They head for the Cruz Roja.

Maria Laura fixed her phone, but she got tired of waiting for Damiana’s call, so she started heading back to the restaurant, but because of the accident, a police officer tells her the road is blocked–she’ll have to go back the way she came. She starts to worry about whether she’s going to look guilty because she’s driving Damiana’s car.

Octavia and Mauro get ready to go out looking for Damiana. Way to make yourselves look guilty–Mauro tells the hotel staff to call all the hospitals and see if Damiana is there, for no reason. Yet. The hospital calls Octavia to say Damiana is at the Cruz Roja.

At the Cruz Roja, we find out Damiana has a head injury.

Nisa and Cuchi’s post-sex chill is quickly, uh, chilled, when her mom calls. She’s been trying to reach Alessandro to tell him a photographer is coming to take pictures of The Necklace next week.

On their way to the Cruz Roja, Alessandro calls Mauro. Octavia takes the phone from him to tell Alessandro that if anything happens to Damiana he’s going to regret it.

Thursday 11/24/16 #8

How does Octavia know the brakes failed? Octavia says Damiana told her before the accident. She blames Alessandro for planning it all. Neither he nor Cristian can believe it!

Even though Nisa thinks the real necklace is in the hotel safe, she still freaks out every time she so much as hears anyone mention it. Cuchi tells her to relax, but after she goes to take a shower, he starts to wonder what’s going on here, if both Nisa’s brother and Gordo both think they have the real necklace.

Damiana’s out of surgery and in the ICU. Octavia can see her, but only for a minute.

Alessandro descends on the Cruz Roja like a proper concerned husband. Octavia calls him on it, since he’s fought so hard for this divorce. They get into an argument in the lobby and Octavia accuses him of tampering with his own brakes just to get rid of Damiana. Cristian was there, though, and he knows the SUV was a last-minute demand.

Damiana’s accident made the news, but Marcela turns off the TV and continues snuggling her pillow and Alessandro’s résumé. She dreams about marrying him.

Meanwhile, Amadeo dreams about marrying Alba…until his brother comes home and throws flour in his face.

Maria Laura decided to drive Damiana’s car back to El Vendeval. When Lencho calls her, she’s still feeling guilty, but not guilty enough not to tell him to assemble all his friends in the town square so she can show off the car. She doesn’t hear her cell phone ringing and misses a call from her mom.

For all Octavia’s screaming, Alessandro seems genuinely worried about Damiana. (The cynical part of me says he’s worried about her being conscious enough to sign the divorce papers tomorrow.)

Octavia would be incriminating herself if anyone were listening to her babbling to Damiana about how she didn’t want this to happen. Damiana is sort of awake and trying to talk to her mom. Octavia begs her to save her strength, but Damiana insists on telling her mom repeatedly that she loves her. She apparently dies, but shouldn’t all the doctors be rushing in?

Octavia comes out to the lobby screaming that Damiana’s dead and it’s all Alessandro’s fault, so I guess she’s really dead. She already told the doctors to take the body, without letting Alessandro see her, and she insists she’ll handle the funeral. Cristian advises him to let her.

Nisa made a grave error–she told the valets to wash and vacuum Cuchi’s Jeep. He gives her a bunch of crap about it, but he really likes it. He goes off in search of Gordo.

Marcela and Alba have a huge basked of eggs from their chickens. Marcela is obsessing over Alessandro not taking her call (right before Octavia announced that Damiana was dead), even though Alba is convinced there’s some perfectly innocent reason for it.

They think Alessandro’s the one driving up honking the horn, but it’s Maria Laura. She gets a scolding for making Sagrario worry and not coming back with the truck! They need the truck! For her penance, Maria Laura can take the giant basket of eggs to the house in the car…and if she refuses, she can WEAR them back to the house.

It’s time for the funeral already and Cristian tells Alessandro that Octavia had Damiana’s body cremated. OK, no, now that sounds to me like she’s not dead. Regardless, Cristian declares him free to re-marry.

They start to head into the funeral home, but Octavia left instructions not to let Alessandro in. Inés stops to give Alessandro her condolences and offers to find out what’s going on. He gets another call from Marcela and he says he’s busy and he’ll call her later.

Alessandro’s family start arriving for the funeral. His parents found out and hopped a plane back to be with him. His dad tries to talk to Mauro about letting Alessandro in, but Mauro tells him Octavia’s really upset and she’s liable to say something in front of the press. Mention of the press gets Luciano to back off. He convinces Alessandro they should leave and Cristian backs him up.

Now Marcela is really steamed! But Alba is sure he must be driving or signing his divorce papers. Marcela thinks he changed his mind. She’ll have to marry someone else. She only has until next week to get married and Alessandro is off her list!

Marcela interrupts another round of pointless scolding by Alba (since Maria Laura never listens anyway) to ask Maria Laura for a ride into town. She’s going to the cyber-bakery to email her new husband. No, not Alessandro, some guy who makes Maria Laura exclaim “You’re marrying THAT?!” Marcela explains that she’s called Alessandro twice and he blew her off, so he’s out. Maria Laura worries that Damiana is dead, but more importantly that she has to figure out how to get Alessandro back to the ranch.

Alessandro and the family get back to the hotel and he tells his parents they should rest. His mom brings up the photo shoot for the necklace and Alessandro pretends Nisa gave him the message. As soon as they go upstairs, he confesses to Nisa that the necklace was stolen.

Friday 11/25/16 #9

Nisa starts to cry when Alessandro says the necklace was taken from the house at Isla Garza Blanca. He promises her he’s going to get it back, thinking she’s upset that she won’t be able to wear it at her wedding. Nisa vows to herself that Gordo’s going to pay.

Maria Laura is a little too invested in Alessandro being Marcela’s husband. She swears she’s not interested in him, but she thought bubbles that if Marcela doesn’t marry him she won’t have a chance to snag him–he has to come back! They head into town in the convertible.

Cuchi stalks Gordo and catches him trying to sneak out of town. He shakes Gordo down and Gordo finally admits he sold the necklace. For 2000 Euros. And he’ll deposit Cuchi’s share directly into his account, he swears. Cuchi grabs Gordo’s backpack and takes the roll of cash he finds inside.

Camilo gets out of jail again. He gets picked up by a preacher who wants to get the devil out of him. Camilo’s just interested in the preacher’s promise of bread from his table. On the way back to his church, Camilo tells the preacher about ditching Marcela at the altar for Ilse.

Octavia gets back to her room at the hotel. She refuses offers of tea, food, and says she just wants to be alone. She promises she’s going after Alessandro now and she won’t rest until he’s dead. (And now I’m leaning towards “Damiana is really dead” again.)

Luciano stops by Octavia’s room to give her the family’s condolences. He and Silvana never liked Damiana much, but they still understand what she’s going through. Octavia doesn’t think they can possibly understand her pain.

Octavia accuses Alessandro of killing Damiana by deliberately giving her his sabotaged SUV. Luciano thinks her pain is getting to her. He’s not going to discuss this with her right now.

Octavia supposes he’s going to fire her now (technically, didn’t he already?) and basically challenges him to go ahead and do it.

Instead he starts talking about how as much as he dislikes her and couldn’t get rid of her before, he’s realized what a valuable employee…yes, EMPLOYEE…she is.

At the café, Marcela gets a computer and takes way too long sending an email, unless she needed to set up an account first. Román watches Amadeo watching Alba and gives him the terrible advice to make friends with Maria Laura–he’s sure that’s the way to get to Alba.

The misunderstandings continue as Alba tells Maria Laura she thinks Amadeo is in love with her. When he gives them free pastries, that just bolsters her story.

Alessandro’s stressing about the necklace, but he’s still determined to marry Marcela rather than turn her over to the police.

Cristian fusses about it, but of course he’ll help. He hands over the agreement Damiana and Alessandro signed last night for Alessandro to show Marcela. (No death certificate? I’m back to “Damiana’s not dead.”) Alessandro plans to keep the marriage a secret from his parents.

Maria Laura interrupts Marcela’s hunting and pecking to try to talk up Alessandro as the ideal husband for Marcela–the bod, the face, the richness…er, the richness of his kisses. Marcela can’t understand why Maria Laura is so insistent, but Alba says for once she agrees with her sister.

Alessandro visits his parents’ room. Luciano is still talking to Octavia, but Silvana tells him they want him to come live with them in Europe. He starts making excuses instead of just saying “no” and his mom gets suspicious.

Luciano makes it clear that this is a family company and Octavia isn’t part of the family. An employee is all she’ll ever be. He’ll understand if she’d rather leave.

I don’t know what Marcela’s been doing at that computer, but Román comes over to try to explain she needs an email account to send an email. Meanwhile, Maria Laura flirts with Amadeo to try to find out how to disable the computers.

Octavia says she’ll stay, but only because right now she’s not in a position to make drastic changes in her life.

Silvana stops Octavia’s room, followed quickly by Alessandro. Each of them offers their condolences. Octavia makes vague noises about how it was her pain talking, though she’s not apologizing to Alessandro.

For some strange reason, Silvana brings up Alessandro going to Europe and leaving Cristian in charge of the hotel. He insists he is going to spend some time away, but not Europe. Octavia accuses him of wanting to remarry, but Silvana doesn’t see what the big deal would be–Alessandro’s been waiting for his marriage to be over, which Damiana never bothered to do.

Hold up, Alessandro doesn’t think it’s a good idea to be talking about this when Octavia’s grieving. Before they leave he assures Octavia he never wanted this to happen. She still curses him when he’s gone and says his luck will run out soon.

Mauro advises the guys he hired to tamper with the car to get out of town. Inés sees that he’s upset and assumes it’s because of Damiana’s death, full stop.

Timoteo is out at a “spontaneous” rally in honor of his twisted self. The kids will be bribed for cheering with animal crackers. The only point of this scene is so we can see Maria Laura sneaking to the back of the cybercafé.

No, wait, there’s more–he’s got a gaggle of reporters with him and he appears to be showing off the town and all the wonderful people in it who barely tolerate his presence. Next stop–the café. Timoteo tries giving a speech about progress in the town, but he can’t get through a sentence without Eulogio having to correct him. Hey, here’s a thought–Eulogio for mayor!

He starts talking about the uniqueness of the ciber-panadería and how he’s giving them a little something-something to reward them. It’s mouse pads. With his photo. Hoooo boy…. And then, the lights go out.

Courtesy of Maria Laura, with the help of a couple of random dudes in the alley, one of whom nearly takes off with her purse. The things a girl’s gotta do to make sure her cousin marries her future husband.

The guy Marcela’s trying to email calls the house and Sagrario takes a message. She’s fussy about how long the girls are taking, but Mateo is happy for the alone time.

Marcela never did get to send that email, but that’s ok, because she was allegedly chatting with the guy and he’s on his way over.

Sagrario keeps pushing Mateo away because she’s too nervous about Severo’s impending arrival. He thinks the only thing to do is tell the girls the truth, starting with how her husband ran off with Marcela’s mom.

Saturday 11/26/16 #10

Sagrario might be coming around to the idea that it’s better if she tells the girls the truth than that Severo does it.

Timoteo comes out to the front of the café to give a speech about the power company needing to give advance notice of outages. Alba suggests maybe they don’t have outages. The crowd likes that idea better. Timoteo calls for a round of applause for the Morales woman, showing the strength of the mujeres del Vendaval.

The lights come back on and everyone goes inside, leaving Timoteo to hassle Marcela about accepting his offer. Nope, still not taking it.

Camilo’s exorcism doesn’t go quite as the preacher had hoped. Camilo gets away.

Nisa tells Cuchi they DID steal the real necklace and it’s supposed to get photographed this weekend! Um, no problem, Cuchi will just go ask Gordo to return it. Oh that’s a relief! Now Nisa won’t have to tell her daddy that Cuchi and his friend have it. She smiles innocently and Cuchi looks terrified…as he should!

Just in case he planned to leave her to deal with the fallout from the missing necklace alone, she made a few copies of his ID which is in his wallet that he conveniently left upstairs in her room. He tries to talk his way into a roll in the hay so he can get that wallet back. Nisa’s not in the mood, what with her parents being there. And he’s not in the mood to meet them as her future husband.

We have new characters: Nuria and her mother Valeria. Somehow, they’re related to Cristian. Nuria’s going through treatment for cancer. She heard about Damiana’s death. Cristian fills her in on Octavia’s accusations.

Lencho tells Maria Laura about the offer his dad made to help Marcela with her debt. Maria Laura thinks that there’s no way she’s going to let Marcela save the ranch. Uh huh, but she wants her to marry Alessandro so…I think she needs to figure out her priorities.

Octavia is even more convinced she has to get Marcela’s land. She’s not going to wait for Luciano and Silvana to fire her. And she’s going to make sure Alessandro goes to jail for killing Damiana by refusing to hand over the shares she wanted and giving Damiana the SUV.

Maria Laura wants Lencho to find out more about his dad’s offer to Marcela. The news reports Damiana’s death.

Mauro begs Octavia to back off Alessandro. If she accuses him of murder, there will be an investigation and it’s going to lead back to the two of them.

I guess Cuchi talked Nisa into that roll in the hay after all. Too bad he can’t avoid meeting the parents. Because they walk in on them. Mid-roll.

Luciano’s not in the mood to hear explanations–what they’re doing is obvious, isn’t it. Silvana snarks that she might remember better if it hadn’t been so long since…. Duuuuuude. Awkward. They leave so the kids can put some clothes on. Nisa’s thrilled since she assumes now Cuchi will be forced to marry her.

Alessandro shows up at El Vendaval…where he gets introduced to Marcela’s future husband. Alessandro starts flirting with Marcela. He tells the new guy he and Marcela are a couple and she loves playing these little games to keep the relationship exciting. Marcela stomps off, outraged, and Alessandro tells the new guy he’s so crazy about Marcela, he’s put up with all sorts of stuff–sex games, ads in the paper looking for husbands…murder attempts. Marcela appears with the shotgun, making his wild stories seem completely plausible.

Lencho’s been trying to have a hot makeout session with Maria Laura all night, but between his news and the news about Damiana, she’s done. She reminds him again that they’re not dating and leaves poor sad Lencho strumming his guitar and crying.

Marcela threatens to shoot Alessandro if he doesn’t leave. Instead she fires at the ceiling, bringing down a rain of plaster. The new guy has had enough! He wants out! Sure, he said he’d marry Marcela and she’s just his type, he swears, he’d love to marry her, but…he dodges past her and runs out of the house screaming for help.

Well, unless she’s got another fiancée hiding around here someplace, she’ll have to marry Alessandro, right? Not so fast–first she wants to see some divorce papers.

Sagrario takes the shotgun before they can continue the conversation. Marcela is sure he doesn’t have the divorce paperwork. She barely lets him get a word in. He finally shows her the folded-up paperwork…stuffed down the front of his pants. He dares her to take it.

She does. And she can tell those aren’t divorce papers. Alessandro points out that it does prove they agreed on the terms. His lawyer can explain, if she wants.

Maria Laura blames herself for not telling Damiana about the brakes.

In her parents’ room, Nisa is surprised to hear that Cuchi’s name is actually Jose Manuel. The fact that she didn’t know that doesn’t help Luciano’s mood.

Cristian tells Marcela that Alessandro can get married with this paperwork. If she’s not sure, she can consult with another lawyer. He tells Alessandro he still doesn’t agree with this and he’d better call his parents and tell them he’s not coming to dinner.

Maria Laura freaks out seeing Alessandro’s car in the driveway and decides to park the convertible out back so he doesn’t see it.

OK, so he brought the paperwork…now they need to talk about his pay. The problem is, Marcela doesn’t know exactly how much she’s getting, that he would be getting 10% of. She whispers an estimate in his ear and he laughs that it’s not nearly enough.

Silvana seems much less hostile toward Cuchi than Luciano is. He tells them he’s a diver and Nisa talks about the Instituto they’re going to set up. Bottom line, Luciano is sure he’s a scammer who’s after her–or rather, the family’s–money.

Alba and Sagrario watch Alessandro and Marcela talk/argue and they both have high hopes that the two of them will end up making the fake marriage a real one. Maria Laura sneaks in the back and they give her an update on Marcela and her fiancées.

The phone rings and Sagrario and Maria Laura are both nervous–Sagrario thinking it’s Severo and Maria Laura thinking it was Octavia. It was Camilo, but he gets so nervous when Sagrario answers instead of Maria Laura that he hangs up. Alba notices that Sagrario and Maria Laura both look scared.

Alessandro continues to argue that Marcela’s “business proposal” isn’t very equitable. Then why is he in such a hurry to close the deal? “Maybe I’m in love.”

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