Silvana sin Lana Friday 9/23/16 #48


Benji comes over to the panadería to tell Marge she has to back off Angie and let him do his thing. Marge doesn’t like being told she’s messing up the plan and tells him that Jorge nearly busted him talking to one of his girlfriends. So who’s the screwup now? Benji reminds her she’s the one who has more to lose. Jorge walks in as Benji is yelling at her to quit doing stupid stuff and leave him alone.

Benji and Marge make up a story–Angie doesn’t want Benji tutoring her in math and Marge got angry. Not that Marge needs help with math, usually, but she’s worried about the SATs. And that was totally not a fight, they were just talking.

Manuel’s office

No, Stella, Manuel’s not going out with you. Not even as “friends.” She obnoxiously takes a call from “Steve” right in front of him and accepts an invitation to have drinks.

Andres’ house

Andres’ mom (but not his dad) is back early from their trip. Mommy knows “everything,” but Majo has nothing to be embarrassed about. She’s not responsible for her parents. She wants Majo to talk to Chivis, though.

Mommy’s a little surprised at Andres’ beat-up face, but he says it’s nothing. She doesn’t push. She came back early in case they needed her for anything. And of course, she’s not pushing for Majo to talk to Chivis, but she should really think about it.

She goes off to take a bath and Majo tells Andres she’s sure his mom hates her! She’s going to start setting him up with other people! Andres doesn’t think so. He changes the subject to Lupita and Majo says it didn’t go well. She was even thinking about going back to the house, but no.

Andres finally gets Majo to tell him she left the house because she caught Chivis kissing Manuel.

Majo is looking for a part-time job. She just posted on Facebook and already her friend Maca asks if Majo wants a job selling her clothes.

The job search is interrupted by a call from Chivis. She just wanted to check on Majo. He tells her they haven’t talked much about her leaving the house, but he’ll tell her Chivis called as soon as he sees her. Andres begs Majo to please talk to her–he hates lying.

Majo changes the subject to Maca’s offer and shows him some of her dresses. She’s sure she can sell them to her friends from school and earn commissions. (I’m sure this is going to go about as well as it did when Chivis tried to approach all her old “friends” about the fish business.)


Lupita has a little convo with her BFF God…once she verifies it’s ok to just have a casual chat. She just doesn’t understand why her dad and Majo left. She asks God to take care of them and in return she’ll make a really great First Communion. She waits for a sign her offer was accepted and the curtains start to move (the a/c kicked on).

Casa Manuel

Vicente mopes and listens to music. Lucha interrupts his moping to talk. She wants to know why he was at her school.

Vicente claims he was there apologizing to Andres because he knows Lucha has to see him at school and he didn’t want things to be more difficult for her. OK, and also because his dad made him.

Lucha asks if he’s still going to chase after Majo. He says he’s not, especially now that she’s living with Andres. That’s news to Lucha. They’re both conservative–why are they living together before they’re married?!

Vicente seems to think Majo wanted to move out to get away from him, but Lucha thinks it also has to do with her catching Manuel and Chivis kissing. He had no idea she knew about that. He wants to trade information.

What they end up doing is talking about whether or not it’s a big deal for Manuel to have a thing with Chivis. Lucha’s annoyed that all the men in this house think the neighbors are so great. And of course, her little crush on Andres is totally different.


Stella’s ready for her date with the guy whose last name she can’t remember and somebody has to play chauffeur for the night. She even rented a convertible. (She really needs to get back to selling fish if she expects to be able to pay for all this stuff!) Dom agrees to drive, but he didn’t realize it’s a standard. Poncho whines but he does it anyway, as usual.

At the restaurant, Stella pretends to be someone she’s not. She makes up a ranch in Mexico, a love for travel, an ability to speak French. Esteban or Steve or whatever his name is finds none of her fakeness suspicious. That makes me suspicious of him.

He starts to smell fish, which is weird because they don’t serve seafood at this restaurant. Stells runs off to the bathroom, sniffing her wig.

Lucha and Mauro

Lucha is annoyed with herself that even after going to the hospital to entertain sick kids she’s still upset about her dad and her brothers and the neighbors. Mauro thinks if her dad is such a great person and he thinks the neighbors are ok, then maybe she should trust his judgment.

Mauro tells her we don’t choose who we love, it just happens. And then he kisses her. They get into not-really-an-argument about who kissed who. He says he didn’t plan this! But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Maybe if she makes an effort she could gain a Mauro.

Casa Chivis

Angie tells Chivis that Majo told her why she left the house. She doesn’t really want to talk about it–she trusts her mom. Chivis complains about being out of work again and Angie offers to pick up a few more hours at the salsódromo. Chivis refuses to let her do that! She’s got an event coming up with Cata and she’s sure that will bring in some money.

Chivis teases her about wanting to work more days to spend more time with Benji. Oh no, Angie’s taking things really slow after what happened with Jorge!

Chivis hangs up with Lupita. She’s so down about Majo leaving that Chivis offers to let Lupita sleep in her room tonight. That cheers her right up.

They start to head upstairs with Lupita’s dinner on a tray, but some guy in a suit comes knocking on her door to bring her an embargo notice. Seriously?! Again?! Lupita comes back downstairs and Chivis shoves the guy out the door and grabs the envelope out of his hand. She, um, needs to go talk to Manuel about something about the business….

Before Chivis can get out the door, Benji shows up to see Angie and Chivis tells him to just go on up, but leave the door open!

Angie is burned out on math. Benji suggests a discussion of probability…like, the probability of them getting together. He jokes about that being a complicated equation–should he change the factors? Angie says at least his formula for making her laugh works. (Oh, great, I found it charming–I keep forgetting he’s a sleaze!)

Lupita walks in on them kissing and makes a very big deal about how she’s not looking and she’s not going to tell anyone and she just came to get her book. She closes her door on the way out, which seems like it’s going to cause trouble later.

Angie’s annoyed this wasn’t a private moment. Benji thinks she’s worried about Jorge finding out and reminds her Jorge is with Marge. But if she wants him to back off….

Casa Manuel

Cata texts Manuel a bunch of pictures of herself in various pieces of lingerie. Didn’t we go through this before with Stella? Pedro comes in and Manuel fumbles the phone. Pedro gets an eyeful of Cata in her underwear.

Manuel claims it’s just a practical joke from the guys at the market. He has no idea how to block the messages and Pedro would be happy to help with that…um, no.

Chivis comes over with the notice, all freaked out, and Manuel thinks there’s no way they can do this to her–everything is in her name, she bought it all with her money that she earned. Chivis is sure it doesn’t matter because she’s still legally married to AJ and since he’s not around to answer for himself, they’re going to get everything they can from her.

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