La Mujer del Vendaval Week of 11/29/16 #11-14

Tuesday 11/29/16 #11

Alessandro claims he’s fallen in love…with the land. That’s something Marcela can accept and understand. He’ll sleep in the guest house and he’ll have no authority in the hacienda and there will be no sex. Kisses appear to be up for negotiation. Alessandro accepts, but he thinks they should have a pre-nup. Marcela agrees.

They break the news to the rest of the family. Sagrario and Alba are clearly hoping for some romance between Marcela and Alessandro, but Maria Laura is all about this being a “contract.” Maria Laura keeps hinting about him not being poor and putting her hands all over him and it’s getting her some confused and almost hostile glares.

Nisa defends her love for Cuchi and accuses her dad of only caring about his money. Silvana asks to speak to the kids alone. Once she verifies that they love each other and Nisa is willing to give up everything to be with Cuchi, she gives her blessing. They don’t even have to get married. Nisa can move in with Cuchi right away. At his place. Where they can live off whatever money the two of them can make.

Luciano comes back in. The insurance company called to tell them the necklace was stolen. Silvana takes the phone and they tell her the necklace was taken from the house at Isla Garza Blanca, so if Alessandro says it’s in the safe he’s either lying to her or lying to them.

Nisa and Cuchi sweat as Luciano fumes. No way is the insurance company going to pay them the 6 million euros for that necklace if it doesn’t show up! Cuchi’s sudden interest in the value of the necklace makes Luciano turn on him. He and Nisa flee the room and Luciano warns Nisa he’s going to be watching her, so she’d better not do anything “crazy.”

Alessandro’s little engagement party is interrupted by an angry phone call from his father about the necklace. Luciano demands he get back to the hotel right away and come directly to his suite.

When Alessandro gets off the phone, Maria Laura’s conscience gets the better of her and she asks if it was the police. This sets off a whole chain reaction about how he’s not a criminal, but maybe he should ask to see Marcela’s criminal record, and then Sagrario getting upset.

Things get back on track when Maria Laura asks about the wedding. Marcela is determined it’s just going to be a trip to the registro civil, y ya. That requires a call to Don Timoteo, which requires getting Maria Laura to give up Lencho’s phone number. Yes, yes, Maria Laura, he’s not your boyfriend, we know.

Silvana checks the safe and finds the empty box for the necklace. She’s upset that Alessandro lied to her.

Cuchi is still in shock at the value of the necklace, but Nisa’s more worried about getting it back. And none of this “Gordo’s probably sleeping” business…she means NOW!

After pretending to call Gordo and getting busted, Cuchi “admits” that Gordo sold the necklace to an Italian and then went on vacation…but not before calling Cuchi to tell him the buyer happens to be staying in this hotel. So all they have to do is look through the guest registry.

Technically, Nisa doesn’t have permission to do that, but she bullies her way behind the desk. Girlfriend knows how to do a search. She finds two guests from Italy before Sandra, the desk clerk, brings Inés over to kick Nisa off the computer. No worries, though, because girlfriend also has photographic memory.

Nisa and Cuchi aren’t supposed to be going back to her suite, but Nisa gets someone from housekeeping to let her in. He just wants his ID back, but Nisa won’t give it to him until they have the necklace back. And since he’s not interested in finishing what they started earlier, she tells him to leave.

Octavia spends some time watching home movies and crying over Damiana, then she calls Don Timoteo about the ranch. If he hasn’t been able to get to Marcela and she’s waiting on an inheritance to save her, then Octavia thinks they need to “scare” her–make her think her life is in danger as long as she has the ranch.

She’s looking at pictures of Damiana when Timoteo calls again later to tell her Marcela’s getting married to some guy named Alessandro Casteló. She doesn’t explain anything to Timoteo, just says that it’s best for them if Marcela doesn’t get married and he has to stop the wedding. While Timoteo’s wondering how to do that, Octavia is wondering what the Castelós are planning.

Alessandro drives back to the hotel, trying to talk himself out of falling for Marcela. Marcela hangs out in her room, trying to talk herself out of falling for Alessandro.

Camilo takes up watching cars to earn a little money. He plans to go back to El Vendaval and try to make up with Marcela. Won’t that be entertaining.

He calls the ranch, interrupting another of Maria Laura’s attacks of conscience, to ask how Marcela is doing. He accuses Maria Laura of encouraging him to go after Ilse.

When Maria Laura won’t tell him anything about Marcela he threatens to go to the ranch. Maria Laura’s insistence on him not coming back makes him suspicious, though the part about how Marcela’s so angry she’s taking the shotgun with her everywhere and shooting anything that moves isn’t that far off. And certainly the part about the ceiling looking like a colander is true. Instead of discouraging him, I think he’s more determined now.

Octavia raids the liquor cart in Luciano’s office and spills the beans about Alessandro getting married to Marcela.

Wednesday 11/30/16 #12

Oddly enough, Luciano doesn’t believe her, because Alessandro trusts them and he would have told them. (You mean, like the told you about the necklace?) Octavia’s not sure now if his reaction means Alessandro is lying to his parents or the family is plotting something.

Luciano goes to his head of hotel security, Nestor, and tells him to find out everything about Alessandro and some woman named “Marcela Morales” by tomorrow.

Luciano mentions to Silvana that maybe Alessandro hasn’t been telling them everything, but he doesn’t explain. She’s convinced Alessandro must have the necklace.

Camilo calls Lencho and finds out that Marcela’s looking for a husband. Lencho encourages Camilo to come home if he wants the whole story just before someone kicks Camilo off the pay phone so they can call for an ambulance.

Alba has been up all night planning Marcela’s wedding. Marcela’s plans for a quick trip to the registro civil are out the window, whether she likes it or not. Instead of going out to the field to supervise the vaccination of the cows, she’s listening to Alba rattle off an endless list of things to do before tomorrow.

Marcela assures Alba that it’s a wonderful list. She thought of everything. Except for the fact that this isn’t a real marriage–it’s just a contract. “But if you could see the look on your face every time you look at him.” Marcela says she’s just trying to get his face to come into focus. “That isn’t love, it’s retinitis!”

Cristian can’t talk Alessandro out of getting married, but he’s more than happy to draw up a pre-nup for him. He flees the room at the mention of being Alessandro’s best man and in the process lets Luciano and Silvana in.

Yep, Alessandro never bothered to find his dad when he got in last night, so now he’s getting scolded by both his parents. And that’s not all–his dad knows everything about what happened on the island and the security team did the same research the PI did and it led them to Marcela. He’s ready to call the police and accuse her of the theft, but Alessandro stops him.

Hasn’t the family already had enough scandal? If word of this gets out, the press will be all over it. He convinces his father to let him continue investigating on his own, quietly. He’s very close to finding Marcela Morales and he’s sure in two months he’ll have the necklace back–whether she took it or someone else did.

Maria Laura convinces Lencho to return Damiana’s convertible to the hotel parking garage and bring back the pickup truck. He tries to ask if this is legit because hey, his dad’s a public servant and he’s got to worry about the family name, but of course he ends up agreeing to do it. Maria Laura promised him a massage when he gets back.

In between greeting guests at Damiana’s memorial service, Octavia tells Mauro about the “plot” the family is cooking up to ruin her. They’re going to marry Alessandro off to Marcela to get their hands on her land. Mauro isn’t convinced.

Back at the office, Octavia keeps insisting on her theory. After all, didn’t the Castelós kill her daughter? That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. Mauro changes the subject to Damiana’s car–if she drove the SUV back, then where is it?

Silvana comes to Alessandro’s room alone to guilt him some more about the necklace, to tell him she’s confident he’ll get it back…and to ask him about his feelings for Marcela Morales. Because, mama carried him four extra days and she knows her baby boy. Alessandro admits that Marcela turned his entire life around, but at the same time he knows she’s probably the one who took the necklace.

Not that he has any idea of who else could possibly have done it. She was the only one in the house that night. He tells his mom about meeting her, about how alone he felt and how she seemed to reflect that same loneliness. If she was faking, she’s the best actress he’s ever met. And if it does turn out to be her who stole the necklace, he’s going to declare himself guilty. He wants to be the one to get the family out of this problem.

He tells his mom he’s going out of town, but he won’t say where. He begs her to trust him and by the time she and his dad get back from their next trip, that necklace will be the first thing they see. He’ll bring it back, safe and sound. “And will your heart also be safe and sound?”

Marcela brings all the paperwork to Don Timo to get her marriage license, but he makes up excuses to stall her. All that does is make Marcela angry and she takes her paperwork back and decides to go talk to the judge from San Jacinto instead.

When they get back to the house, Alba, Maria Laura, and Sagrario are waiting for her. They think they’ve come up with a compromise about Marcela’s wedding dress–the “honeymoon” dress she took to Isla Garza Blanca. I think that’s a brilliant idea! Marcela gets a flashback to her hot, hot times on the island and then faints.

Sagrario is furious! She’s sure this is because of Marcela’s eyes and she knows Marcela is overdue for a doctor’s appointment. She goes off to get some rubbing alcohol for Marcela to sniff, even though Marcela has already recovered.

Alba sends Maria Laura for the tape measure and asks Marcela what happened. She thought about the guy from the island, didn’t she? Marcela admits she did and she’s afraid. Alessandro reminds her of that guy and she’s afraid of falling in love again. She takes a call from him, asking about the time of, uh that thing tomorrow, and the two of them banter. Marcela ends up laughing after she hangs up the phone.

He tells Cristian the wedding is at noon tomorrow. Cristian’s on to him–he doesn’t want to marry Marcela to prove she’s guilty, he wants to prove she’s innocent!

Octavia’s latest brilliant plan is that she’ll become friends with Alessandro to keep tabs on what the family is planning. Mauro points out she’s been insulting and threatening him ever since Damiana’s accident. Well, sure, but grieving women are allowed to say anything.

Cuchi tries to convince Nisa that they should just make an anonymous report to the police about the necklace and let them pick up “the Italian” at the airport. Um, no, Nisa’s not going for that. She found out “the Italian” is out by the pool and right now the rooms are being cleaned, so here’s their chance! (To…steal the necklace back?!)

Luciano finds out Nisa’s still running around the hotel with Cuchi and complains to Silvana that “her” daughter is doing whatever she wants to. “And where were you when we conceived her?” Silvana cracks me up! Luciano gripes about needing to break up Nisa and Cuchi before she ends up pregnant. And as for Alessandro–Silvana warns him to leave Alessandro alone. Too late. He already called the police.

Thursday 12/1/16 #13

Ah, but he hasn’t told them anything yet. They’re coming over to tell him about the theft and he plans to give them Marcela’s name then. Silvana forbids it, as the owner of the necklace. (She toooold you!) She warns him he’d better keep his word to Alessandro.

Alessandro is on his way to deal with a problem with the pool filters when Octavia comes in to put her “BFF” plan into motion. Who else but Alessandro could understand her pain?! Uh huh. Octavia apologizes for all the accusations she made. She claims she’s finally realized he truly loved Damiana. He agrees to the past tense. She would love nothing more than to see Alessandro make a life with a woman who can give him what Damiana never could. Alessandro tells Cristian he believed Octavia’s about-face.

In the lobby, they meet with a jeweler to pick out Marcela’s ring. Just in time, Cristian reminds him it’s not supposed to be so fancy and Alessandro makes up a story about the ring being for an employee at the beach house. They’ll bring back a selection of more modest rings later.

Nisa gets a hotel maid to leave the door to Vittorio’s (aka, “The Italian’s”) room open, claiming it’s Cuchi’s. He’s supposed to give her a signal, but she gets confused and doesn’t realize she HEARD the signal until Vittorio comes back to his room, with a lover.

Nisa calls Cuchi to tell him she didn’t find the necklace, but the sex she heard…! Vittorio got a safety deposit box when he checked in, so maybe the necklace is there. Unfortunately there’s no way for her to get the key–even her dad doesn’t have them. Cuchi’s going to have to seduce Vittorio since Nisa’s obviously not his type.

Lencho has been driving all over the parking garage looking for the spots marked “Vice President.” Mauro and a garage attendant have been looking all over for Damiana’s car. Mauro gets distracted at the sight of the truck and the garage attendant swears they’ve been looking for the owner. Lencho finally finds a Vice Presidential parking spot and eases in without Mauro seeing him. He walks over to claim the truck and as he drives off, Mauro and the garage attendant find Damiana’s car. They’re both sure it wasn’t there before. Mauro thinks he needs a vacation.

He checks in with Octavia and tells her the car reappeared. She tells him that Alessandro bought her act.

Lencho pulls the truck over to take a call from Maria Laura. He can’t wait to get back so she can reward him properly at the hot springs. She berates him for having a one-track mind and tells him her calendars finally came in. So now he wants to celebrate that at the hot springs. She tells him she’s tired of him treating her like a sex object and hangs up on him. I’m not even touching that one.

Marcela comes into the kitchen and Maria Laura shows off the calendars and then tries to ask about her fainting spell earlier…is she pregnant with Camilo’s baby? No, seriously, Maria Laura thinks it would be a good idea if Marcela had someone to love and since her marriage is just going to be a business arrangement….

Marcela torments Maria Laura by telling her if she wants to make a play for Alessandro, she can. After all, it’s just a business arrangement…for now. When Marcela leaves, Maria Laura says maybe it’s not such a bad idea for Camilo to come back after all–once the wedding is over.

Román drops Amadeo off at El Vendaval to attempt to woo Alba. He suggests a little skinny-dip at the hot springs and letting nature take its course! Once again there’s a misunderstanding when Alba finds Amadeo out in front of the house and he can’t tell her how he feels. Instead he says he wants to take piano lessons and Alba thinks he’s trying to get closer to Maria Laura.

Don Timoteo asked Román to pay him a visit. Román gets to watch July color Timo’s hair and hear about Timo’s goal to be the Beckham of presidentes municipales and usher in a new era of metrosexual leaders in Mexican rural politics.

But what he really called him there for was to ask how much he’d charge to commit murder. Of the cows at El Vendeval. By poisoning their water supply. He knows Román has a criminal background, plus he got a girl pregnant and he moved to town to avoid her family. So, if he does it he can set his price, but if he doesn’t Timoteo will call that girl’s family.

Alessandro packs for his trip to El Vendaval. Once again Cristian has to point out to him that his clothes and his suitcase scream “rich guy.”

Camilo made it back to San Bartolo and when he can’t find Lencho, he goes to the ciber-panadería instead and calls El Vendaval. Sagrario answers, but he won’t talk until Maria Laura takes the phone from her. Sagrario and Rosa clear out, but Marcela comes into the kitchen in time to hear Maria Laura calling him by name.

Friday 12/2/16 #14

Marcela grabs the phone, but Maria Laura hangs up before she can talk to Camilo. Maria Laura starts making excuses for Camilo and suggesting that Marcela should think about giving him another chance, since her marriage is going to be all-business.

Román agrees he’ll do it for 5,000, so Timoteo calls Octavia and tells her he found someone to do it for 10. What? This job isn’t a hobby for him! We don’t find out whether Octavia agreed to the price.

Alba and Sagrario tell Marcela about Amadeo taking piano lessons and joke he’s going to pay in pambazos (soft bread dipped in chile sauce and stuffed with chorizo and potatoes). No, actually he’s paying with real money, but he volunteered to make pambazos and the cake for the wedding.

Maria Laura tries to call Lencho and find out where the truck is. Mateo reminds her yet again that they need the truck and Maria Laura unloads on him. Sagrario tells her to back off and says Mateo has been like a father to her. Maria Laura is outraged she would even compare Mateo to her father. She takes off and Mateo warns her that she built up too much of a legend around Severo. What’s going to happen when he actually shows up and her daughters find out he’s not who she said he was?

Alessandro and Cristian arrive at El Vendeval and Cristiana and Alba are smitten at first sight. He meets the rest of the family and Marcela is cranky, asking how many more guests Alessandro is going to foist on them. Sagrario has no problem putting them in the guest room, which Alessandro now hears they rent out sometimes.

Once she’s alone with the guys, Maria Laura starts laying some groundwork, blaming Marcela’s mood on her ex calling earlier. While she’s in the kitchen fixing coffee, Lencho calls. The truck broke down and his tow truck is a couple of burros.

While they’re getting the guest room ready, Sagrario makes it clear she saw the eyes Alba was making at Cristian.

Camilo spends several hours at the ciber-panadería whining to Ramón and Amadeo until Ramón takes off (for presumably nefarious reasons) and Amadeo goes in the back to start making dough for pambazos.

He calls and reaches Lencho, finally, and gets the scoop on Marcela. She’s getting married because her mom died and left her an inheritance, but she’ll only get it if she’s married. Now he feels stupid for ditching her. He figures this is why Maria Laura didn’t want him around–she doesn’t want him getting a share of the money.

Cristian swats mosquitos while Alessandro searches the guest room, even though he knows it would be a stupid hiding place. Still, he has to check.

Octavia’s so upset, she turns down sex and sends Mauro home so she can sleep alone.

Silvana tries to get a little pre-sleep affection from Luciano, but she was so not kidding about how long it’s been. She caresses his cheek, but he pretends to be asleep already and then he grins after she turns the lights out. Jerk.

Nisa sends Cuchi to try to hit on Vittorio at the hotel bar, but he’s appallingly awkward, trying to act seductive and failing miserably. Plus Vittorio didn’t even see him until he knocked a tray and a couple of glasses over and his response was to pay for his drink and walk away. Nisa gives Cuchi, like, a super-mega death glare.

Camilo thinks about Marcela. Marcela thinks about Camilo, unfavorably. Marcela wonders if Alessandro is really the guy. Alessandro prays Marcela isn’t the thief.

Inés flirts with Mauro and, in the process, reveals that she’s single and has a son. Mauro responds favorably to her flirting.

Eulogio comes into Don Timo’s office. He rushed over from Doña Lupe’s fonda, where he ran into the judge from San Jacinto. He’s here to perform Marcela’s wedding. Timoteo orders him to keep the judge away from El Vendaval.

Amadeo brought over the cake. Alessandro and Cristian are all suited up. Alba’s ready for some last-minute practicing. Maria Laura flirts with Alessandro and he runs back to the guest room to escape her. Lencho shows up, to Maria Laura’s displeasure.

Eulogio intercepts the judge and tries to tell him the wedding is off, but he’s not going home without collecting his fee and if Eulogio doesn’t get out of his way, the judge is going to demonstrate his mad martial arts skillz.

Marcela walks into the living room in her blue Isla Garza Blanca dress and Alessandro is floored. But then Don Timo interrupts to tell them the judge isn’t coming, so the wedding is off. Marcela and Alessandro look at each other in distress. The living room erupts into shouting.

The judge appears to say he’s here to perform a wedding and that’s what he’s going to do! As the wedding gets underway, Alessandro whispers to Marcela that love exists. The theme song swells and everyone gets smushy.

Timo goes out to see what happened to Eulogio. He found out the hard way the judge is a black belt in karate, judo, and kung fu.

Octavia discovers Alessandro and Cristian are both missing from the hotel. Mauro massages her shoulders and tries to get her to relax. Octavia has just finished telling him she doesn’t really do “feelings” and still he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Con ring y todo.

The wedding goes on so long there’s time for Lencho to complain about being bored and Amadeo to cry over how beautiful Alba’s playing was. Timoteo interrupts to invite everyone to bingo next weekend. Then he wants the judge to ask for objections. Marcela wouldn’t mind him skipping to the end because his sermon has gone on way too long. The judge calls for objections and Camilo shows up in a white suit and says he objects.

Saturday 12/3/16

No episode – Telethon

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