Silvana sin Lana Week of 10/03/16 #53-56

Monday 10/03/16 #53

Chivis and Manuel try…oh, how they try!…to get Cata to believe that Manuel just now spontaneously kissed Chivis and he’s been coming on to her at the market and that’s why she had to quit. Nope, Cata can tell–they’re having a relationship. She realizes some of that stuff Stella was saying in Manuel’s office about Manuel and Chivis was true. But whatever. She drops it.

So…why is the house empty? Chivis explains they got hit with another notice of seizure.

After torturing Dom and Poncho with this new “diet” Stella gets busted in her room eating a burger. She makes excuses, won’t share, and tries to talk them out of going out for tacos…and then Steve calls. Not only was he not scared off, but he wants to come over and see Stella’s “mansion.”

Like Dom, I’m sure something weird is going on here. Stella just thinks Steve is falling for her. As for the “mansion,” Stella has a plan. Too bad the guys refuse to help her. She bribes them with tacos.

Steve comes over to her actual house, but she tells him it’s her employee’s house and his mom just died and she just had to go over there because her employees are like family. Poncho takes the opportunity to apologize for the other night, then Dom comes downstairs and sobs on Steve’s allegedly muscular shoulders and then Steve and Stella make their escape. And after all this, Poncho still has hope that one day Stella will come to her senses.

Stella keeps up the mourning act in Steve’s car, but she’s having a hard time striking a balance between being too sad to answer his questions and so sad he thinks he should take her home. She wheedles a dinner invitation out of him and then begs him to take her back to his mansion afterwards because she doesn’t want to be at her house alone. Didn’t quite think it through, eh Stella?

Lupita and Angie have been hanging out at Manuel’s all day with Pedrito and Jorge. Majo comes over to visit and she’s barely had a chance to hug Lupita and Angie when Vicente comes in. She cuts her visit short and Vicente follows her out.

He stops her and begs her to talk to him just for a minute. He wanted to tell her he’s going to be going back to school and studying Business Administration. He wants her to talk to him, too, to tell him anything at all. Majo says she saw her mom and she’s really tempted to forgive her.

Vicente says there were a couple of women at the market asking for her. “Where’s the pretty blonde with the eyes that light up the whole market?” Majo laughs, but she admits she misses the market. She even misses this place.

Vicente asks if she misses the place or the people? Who does she miss the most? Has she thought about him? Does she miss him? Majo keeps trying to get away but she can’t leave without giving him a hug.

And then she says she’s going to move up the date of the wedding with Andres. He’s angry, but she says this is the only way she can help her family. He tries to beg her not to do this–he’s going to get a degree and they’ll be able to work together to help her family. She says she can’t wait. And just then, the truck arrives. “See? This is what I’m talking about.”

Don Benito has a surprise for Trini–he bought Lupita a dress for her First Communion. Trini thinks it’s a wedding dress. *facepalm* When he explains it’s for Lupita, she’s touched. For once, she doesn’t have a negative thing to say. She says it’s perfect.

Antonio José watches from down the street as Manuel comes outside to check out the truck that’s not supposed to be there because Antonio José said he would take care of it, right?

Inside the house, the guy in charge looks around the living room and says there’s nothing here–did they already come to take everything? Silvana explains they just don’t have a lot of stuff. “I don’t know if you know, but this is our second seizure.” Ha! He doesn’t even check upstairs, he just decides they can leave.

Trini, Chivis, and Manuel celebrate. Manuel’s ready to move everything back into the house, but I say wait and make sure they’re not coming back! Trini shows off the dress from Benito and Silvana actually makes a not-good face. Trini says that’s just how they wear them around here. So I guess not making the snotty comments in front of Benito is an improvement.

They go over to Manuel’s house so he can start moving things back and Trini and Chivis can show Lupita the dress. She loves it! She runs out to thank the Virgencita for making this happen, which is code for “I’m going to go leave a note for my dad.” Trini says Lupita’s so innocent she really thinks her dad is going to make it. “And she likes this.” Come on, Trini, don’t diss the dress.

AJ watches and smiles as Lupita runs out to leave a note in the tree and then goes to the Virgen in front of the house to ask her to do what’s best for the family. He gets out of his car to go grab the note and starts reading it.

Just then the two cops who have been looking for him show up to stalk Chivis and see AJ. The chase begins! AJ’s pretty spry. He outruns the cop chasing him on foot, ditches his jacket to mislead them, then jumps into a dumpster. And if he’d stayed in the dumpster he would have been fine, but instead he pops back out, they see him, and he has to start running again.

Tuesday 10/04/16 #54

The chase continues, and AJ ducks into a veterans nursing home to hide. He sneaks past the police later, boarding a shuttle bus with several other residents.

As Benji and Angie are getting ready to for the salsa bar to open, Benji takes advantage of Angie’s good mood to ask her to be his girlfriend. Jorge arrives in time to hear Angie accept and watch the two of them kiss.

Majo gets back to Andres’ house and tells him she and her mom made up, but she’s not moving back in with her. In fact, she’s realized they have no idea when her dad’s ever coming back, so she wants to get married right away. Poor deluded Andres is thrilled. Apparently, so is his mom. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Majo tells Andres’ mom she wants a small wedding. Laura’s disappointed, but she gets over it quickly (or she pretends to). Andres wants to use his grandparents’ rings, so they try them on and Majo gets all weepy.

Chivis, Trini, and Lupita are moving things back to their house when the cops who were following AJ show up to tell Chivis that AJ was in front of their house earlier. They complain about losing him (like that’s her fault) and want permission to search the house. She won’t let them do it without a warrant.

Upstairs, she tells Trini what the cops said. Trini realizes if he really was outside, then AJ saw what was happening. Chivis agrees, but more than that–he didn’t do anything to help them. She swears if she sees him she’s going to turn him in.

AJ packs up to head to his next hideout.

Jorge’s in a lousy mood after seeing Angie and Benji earlier. He mouths off to a customer in the middle of his shift and when Lorenzo tries to talk to him about it, he quits.

Vicente’s not doing much better. He apologizes to Lorenzo for the other night. He’s not in the mood to dance, even though Poncho brings a couple of women over to meet him. Poncho accuses him of trying to be “fresa” like Stella, taking classes for “that chick who won’t pay attention to you.” He says Poncho’s one to talk, going through a whole fake engagement. Yeah, that hurts. He leaves so he can give Jorge a ride home.

Chivis and Manuel work on getting the furniture back into the dining room while Chivis fills him in about AJ. They’re both worried that him being around is putting both him and the family in danger. But they also both think he’s going to hide now, somewhere away from this house.

Trini’s moving out. Benito attempts a proposal, but he completely screws it up.

Stella and Steve get back to his house. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him with ice cream. Steve’s trying too hard to convince her that he’s interested in more than her body and/or her money. He tells her his sad, sad, story about being left for a richer guy. So, see, he totally understands her! Stella falls for it.

Vicente and Jorge get home and catch Lucha and Mauro snogging in the back yard. Mauro escapes, leaving Lucha with her two cranky brothers. Vicente tells her Jorge quit and Jorge tells her about stupid Benji giving his stupid flowers to Angie and asking her to be his girlfriend. Lucha and Vicente agree Jorge needs to break up with Marge already. If Angie won’t date him, then some other girl he actually likes is bound to come along, but he hasn’t liked Marge in a while.

Marge gets a text from Benji–he’s Angie’s boyfriend and Jorge got a front row seat to the proposal.

Before Manuel leaves for the night, he and Chivis agree neither of them wants to do business with Cata anymore. Chivis warns him Cata’s going to keep coming after him. They fantasize about how nice it will be when all this mess is over and they can live together. Chivis sighs–at least she has her dreams, and they can’t take those away from her.

Poncho gets home and finds Dom in tears. Dom is convinced that after pretending someone was dead, they attracted death’s attention–Francisco Javier died. ¡No puede ser! Yep, yep, Dom gave him a chicken wing. Without taking out the bones first? Poncho yells at him that HE killed the dog!

When Stella gets home she announces she thinks she’s really falling for Steve. And where’s her baby? Dom says Francisco Javier is…sleeping.

Jorge waits for Angie to get home. He watches her and Benji say their goodbyes and kiss, then he calls out to her after Benji drives off. Among other things, he tells her he knows he’s supposed to be Margarita’s boyfriend, but he can’t help it–he’s not in love with Margarita, he’s in love with Angie.

In the morning, Dom pretends to take the dog out while Stella talks to Poncho about Steve. She’s convinced by the time he finds out she doesn’t have money, he’ll be too in love with her to care. She calls him and he breaks the bad news that he won’t be able to see her today…he’s got some business to take care of.

That “business” is his boss, Roberto, getting home from his trip. “I took care of your house as if it were my own.”

Antonio José jumps into Rafa’s SUV when he pulls into his parking spot at work. He demands that Rafa find a place to hide him for a few days before he turns himself in.

Stella makes a surprise visit to Steve’s and finds out the terrible truth. He’s the butler. He knows he stretched the truth a bit, but his feelings are totes legit! They can get married any time she wants to!

Wednesday 10/05/16 #55

Stella is so incensed that Steve would lie about being rich that she decks him, breaking a glass vase in the process. She rats him out to his boss.

Jorge shows up at Marge’s before she’s even dressed. Damn, when a guy gets up early to break up with you…. He’s asks if they’re alone first and then says he wants to break up–he’s never been able to forget Angie. Marge throws him out, which sounds like the best thing that could happen, but I’m sure she’ll be back.

She texts Benji, who’s in the middle of hanging out with Angie, to tell him she needs to see him right away. When he gets to her house, she tells him Jorge broke up with her. She threatens to tell Angie it was all a plot, but Benji reminds her if she does that, she’s practically handing Jorge to Angie.

Stella comes over to Manuel’s to apologize for all the horrible things she said to him and ask him to give their relationship another chance. He thinks she needs therapy, and he means that in the nicest way. He really, really, really…and I mean really…tries to convince her they’re never getting back together, but Stella is sure if she just figures out what she did wrong she can get him back.

Dom finds a replacement Francisco Javier at an animal shelter. While he tries to figure out why Francisco Javier II won’t eat anything, he tries to get Poncho to give up on Stella, but Poncho is convinced she’s the one for him and one day he’ll figure out what it will take to gain her affections. Dom heads to the kitchen for the sandwiches he made earlier and finds that Francisco Javier 2.0 ate them. Boys, I think this one’s the dog for you! Uh, no offense to Francisco Javier I, RIP.

Majo visits for lunch and everyone’s happy to be together again. She gives them the news that she and Andres are getting married. Everyone but Angie congratulates her. Lupita has to prompt her.

Rafa takes Antonio José to a warehouse he never uses. AJ keeps insisting he’s going to fix everything and he only needs a few more days. He wants Rafa to pick up his rental car, but the cops have already found it and now they’ve added “John Smith” to his list of aliases. He re-reads the note from Lupita about coming to her First Communion and gets a sudden inspiration from a box of costume/dress-up stuff in the warehouse.

Dom and Poncho are just finding out that Francisco Javier II isn’t housebroken when Stella comes home. She tells them Steve was a big lying liar who’s actually a rich guy’s butler. The guys can’t help laughing when Stella complains that the rich guy said she sounded like a fish-seller. And then she’s on to how she told Manuel and he was so sensitive and she’s sure she can get him back as soon as she gets back to being herself.

Stella was planning to return all her fancy clothes, but when she gets upstairs she finds that Francisco Javier II has shredded the lot, plus dismantled several pillows on her bed and left her a little gift. She can’t understand what is wrong with “her” dog!

Lupita tells Angie about her latest note no longer being in the tree. She knows her dad probably won’t be able to make it to her First Communion, but she had to invite him–he’s her dad! Angie gives Lupita the necklace their dad gave her when Angie made her First Communion.

Antonio José shows up at Rafael’s office in coveralls, a wig, cap, glasses, and fake beard. Looks totally fake, but at least his face is covered. He makes some vague comments about needing to get out of the warehouse to take care of some stuff and tries to get Rafa to call Lupita for him.

Before he can do anything, Rafa’s phone buzzes and the receptionist tells him there are two police officers here to see him. AJ pretends to be fixing something while they come in and start asking Rafa questions. One finally notices him and asks that they have this conversation in private. (It’s really annoying that he keeps getting away like this.) So AJ walks out and misses the cops telling Rafa that they’re willing to negotiate.

Lupita and Pedro have a little last-minute First Communion class with the Padre. Things get a little out of hand, with Pedrito asking if the communion wafer tastes like medicine and asking if they’re going to have wine and Lupita bringing up Trini’s fondness for whiskey. Trini barges in after hearing too much and blames the whole thing on these darn progressive priests!

Rafa is tired of AJ and his crap. Ever since he’s been “in hiding” he’s committed even more thefts and has more enemies now who would pay more money than they lost to see him in jail. AJ makes stupid excuses like “I haven’t stolen anything! I borrowed it.” Whatever. Rafa gives him two options: either leave the country tomorrow or turn himself in.

Thursday 10/06/16

No episode – Latin AMAs

Friday 10/07/16 #56

It’s the big day! All the Villaseñoras are dressed up for Lupita’s First Communion. Majo comes over and gets to make her “EW!” face at the mountain of ruffles on Lupita’s dress. Lupita still thinks her dad is going to show up.

At the church, the ceremony gets underway, with Jorge acting as family videographer. There’s a lot of chatter in the pews. Lupita gets up to give the speech she knows her dad would have given if he’d been there (publicly instead of sitting in the last pew by the door so he can make a quick getaway), about how her family is what’s really important. Yeah, AJ, you sit there and cry, creep.

The kids start lining up to receive the Eucharist and when Lupita turns to walk back to her seat, she sees her dad. She starts screaming and runs down the aisle and for once, FOR ONCE, the creep doesn’t run away. Majo runs to him next. Angie is less enthusiastic and walks over slowly. Trini convinces Chivis to go over, for the girls, and Manuel gives her a “might as well” nod. As soon as the whole family is assembled at the back of the church, it seems, the police arrive to arrest AJ.

Lupita doesn’t take it well, as expected. Majo isn’t doing much better. They all try to tell Lupita it’s going to be fine, at least they know where he is, she’ll be able to visit, they’re just going to ask him questions. Trini tries to joke with Chivis that AJ seems to have been well-fed while he was away. Manuel comes over to tell them he’s here for them if they need him.

Stella can’t figure out why Francisco J II is going all over the house. Dom convinces her that he’s just responding to her emotional vibes and they all just need to be super-supportive. Stella buys it, but she still flips out when she hears Poncho went to Pedrito’s First Communion and she wasn’t invited.

Don Benito and Juanito get back to Benito’s and tell Angie what happened. She’s shocked…and then she starts gloating. She wants to know exactly what Angie’s face looked like. She pretends to be sorry for being happy about another person’s misfortune until Benito goes upstairs… and then she asks Juanito to give her all the details.

At Chivis’ the Villaseñoras are bummed. Lupita and Majo are weeping. Angie mostly looks angry. Chivis tells them she called Rafael and she’s going to do everything she can to get things resolved. She decides Lupita is having her party, over Trini’s objections. She wanted to make her First Communion, and she did, so they’re partying.

At Manuel’s things are also a bit subdued. Lucha gives Manuel a hard time about how surely he’s going to rush to help the neighbors, as usual. Manuel isn’t sure what he can do, since legal stuff is not in his wheelhouse. But at the very least, they can offer the family their support. Each member of his family has at least made friends with a member of theirs…uh, except Lucha. They joke about assigning Trini to her, so to speak.

Lupita comes over and Pedro sweetly says she can always count on him before giving her a big hug.

Pablo gets home and tells Dom and Stella that Chivis’ husband showed up again. Stella thinks now Chivis will leave Manuel alone and she can get back together with him. *groooooan*

Chivis finds out where AJ is being held and she and Majo head over to see him. Angie refuses to go, and no matter how much Majo yells at her, she refuses to feel sorry for their dad. Chivis asks Trini to take charge of Lupita’s party and not cut the cake until Chivis gets back.

Trini goes upstairs to check on Angie, who’s overthinking things as usual. She feels like she has to choose between supporting her dad and being loyal to her mom. Trini says maybe there’s a third option–supporting both of them. Angie’s not sure she can do that. She felt really weird giving him a kiss with her mom right there, and the way her sisters just ran right up to him. No, Angie’s still too angry and she doesn’t think she’s going to be able to forgive him.

Even as Antonio José is being booked, he keeps up the pretense that he hasn’t done a thing, they must be mistaking him for someone else, blah blah blah. The cop in charge of the case puts him in a cell and comes back a minute later to say that his lawyer got him a 10-minute meeting with his wife before he sees the judge.

Rafa whines to Chivis and Majo about how he told AJ to turn himself in, how he’s AJ’s lawyer, but he wants to help the family…. Chivis reminds him about what he did and tells him the family knows, so stick to being AJ’s lawyer. Rafa gets her checked in so she can go in to see AJ, but Majo can’t go. Majo decides she’d rather wait for her mom in the car–she doesn’t trust Rafa.

Jorge comes over to visit Angie and let her know that he’s there for her if she needs him. Even if it’s just something like changing a light bulb. Angie asks him if he can talk to Marge and get her not to spread gossip around the school–not for her sake, but for Lupita’s.

Too late. Marge is on the phone telling someone the story and asking them to tell everyone. When Jorge comes over, she pretends to have some sympathy for Lupita and swears she would never do such a terrible thing, because she knows what it’s like not to have your parents around. She gives him another guilt trip about dumping her after everything she did to torture Angie…I mean, for him…and Angie still won’t pay any attention to him, how sad.

Chivis gets her total waste of 10 minutes to talk to AJ. Through the glass, over the phone, he makes the same vague excuses he always does and he still won’t tell her what he actually did to set everything off. He just says it’s something that could have happened to anyone and he can’t tell her before he talks to Rafa. He gets all hung up on her saying she’s his wife, but she warns him she’s still planning to divorce him.

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