Despertar Contigo Tuesday 12/27/16 #79


Pablo’s not doing so well after getting conked on the head. The nurses have to help him up and hold him up a little. Fed taunts him about being a bodyguard. And then we all get to laugh because the security guards (hello! Actual security! In a hospital!) show up and both nurses point to Fed and say “It was him!”

Fed rushes home to tell Othón that he saw Pablo at the hospital, but the coward hit him from behind and got security to throw him out. He says it’s time for them to act. Othón agrees. What either of them has in mind, I have no idea.

And they kind of have no idea either because all Fed can come up with is to cut off her credit cards. He’s sure that crappy hospital can’t be paying her that much. Othon gets all whiny about not wanting to do it and it would just be temporary until she comes home, right?

Fed and Othón think Maia’s coming home when someone comes over, but it’s just Fed’s parents. They chew Othón out for not telling them Maia left Fed. Othón gives them the “la ropa sucia se lava en casa” line. Fausto offers to call his friend who works in the intelligence service to track down anyone they want. Othón thinks if they can get Bernarda back in the house, Maia will come home on her own.

But first there’s the little matter of the loan to Fausto to clear up.


Between Maia and Cindy, Rafa doesn’t stand a chance. He’s got a new roommate, like it or not. Maia goes off to her “archaeological photography class” while Cindy works on getting the guest room ready.

When Cindy’s done at Rafa’s she goes back to her place and cleans up in between bites of powdered donut. She doesn’t make much progress before deciding she’s tired and wants a shower. Too bad there’s no hot water because the gas got shut off. She tries to call someone to take care of it, but she doesn’t like whatever they tell her. She calls them useless and throws the phone at the wall.

Cindy makes a sandwich, tries to relax on the couch, sits on a stiletto, can’t turn on her lamp, cries for mercy….

Pablo and Maia

Pablo’s starting to get antsy, but Maia finally arrives (only 15 minutes late, according to the nurse), and takes Pablo back to her office. She checks out the back of his head and gets him cleaned up, saying it’s a good thing Doctor Ordoñez isn’t around.

She writes another prescription for Santi (I wish he would have brought up how he’s actually doing, because I’m a little worried that it’s gone on so long) and semi-jokes that she hopes he didn’t use it as an excuse to come see her. Pablo tells her about Silvestre using the last one as notepaper…but yes, he did also use it as an excuse.

He wishes she would talk to him about what’s going on with Fed. Since he threw the bodyguard thing in Pablo’s face that means she told him, right? Maia really doesn’t want to get into personal stuff, but Pablo wears her down. Her problems with Fed go way back, to before she met Pablo. She thinks a lot about what would have happened with her and Bernarda if Pablo had found out–

She gets interrupted by her beeping phone…it’s a message saying her credit cards have been cut off. She puts her conversation with Pablo on hold for a second to go call Carmen and tell her what’s going on.

Carmen is annoyed that she ever gave Othón the money to rescue his business. Maia asks her to please take good care of Bernarda–she’s worried Othón will try to take her. No worries, Bernarda’s off in the background swimming with Eligio. Maia starts to tell Carmen about moving in with Rafael….

Pablo gets a text from his mom that Santi is running a faver. He doesn’t see Maia in the hallway, so he takes off. Maia finishes her conversation with Carmen and finds her office empty.

By the time Pablo gets home, Santi is feeling better, as he tells Tulia. Pablo gives him the medicine (the bottle says Ibuprofen) and thanks Tulia for watching him. She says that’s what grandmas are for–but she still thinks it should have been Cindy.

The love triangle…square…whatever

Teen fun time at the water park continues, complete with underwater photography. Jenny watches Rox and Fabián kissing and gets all mopey about how she wishes someone would kiss her–so Mosquito does. Which is not what she had in mind. Fabián notices how uncomfortable Jenny is and she gripes that she doesn’t like being on double dates when her date isn’t someone she’s interested in.


Flora goes up to the office to check on Rod and complain about Fed’s parents. Rod’s not in the mood to go down and greet them. Flora noticed he’s not in the mood for much of anything lately. That’s because Frida is getting married.

She clutches the poor dear to her bosom to comfort him then starts asking about Frida’s fiancée. She suggests that Rod needs to get himself a makeover and become an “influencer” to get Frida’s attention. Rod thinks that’s a great idea! From now on, he’s no longer Rod! He’s Fabrizio. “Yeah, you don’t have to change your name.”


Maia gets home and is surprised to find Cindy there. Yeah, um, there were some issues at home and…she’s staying with them for a few days, bunking in the guest room with Maia. (It’s gonna be 24/7 happy cousin fun time. Rafa should plan on not sleeping for a few days. I’m just saying…I have cousins. I know how this works.)

Anyway, Cindy cooked carnitas…she ORDERED carnitas, Rafael corrects. As she starts serving, Maia automatically goes into doctor mode, telling him it’s fine for today, but he needs to watch his fat intake. Cindy’s surprised, but she takes it well, joking that it’s a good thing she bought the natural orange juice or la doctora would have scolded them! They toast to family and Cindy gets all emotional because this is the first time they’ve ever had another member of the family at the table with them.

How the other half lives

We get a little compare and contrast as Othón and Rafa get ready for breakfast. Othón’s in his satin robe; Rafa’s is cotton. Othón sits down to a table laden with fruits and juices; Rafa’s table is laden with the remains of last night’s dinner. Othón has Flora to bring him coffee and make him eggs; Rafa makes his own coffee and toast.

They both read the paper and yell at it. This country is going down the drain! This economist is clueless! The price of gasoline! Flora whispers to Ismael that Othón needs somebody to love him. Ismael agrees, he needs a brother. Maia sneaks up on Rafa, giggling at the resemblance. She tells him, after he promises not to get angry, that her dad does the same thing.

Cindy’s asleep and she’s a heavy sleeper, so they get to talk a little bit about the lie. Rafa’s glad Maia’s helping him keep faking that she’s their country cousin. Maia promises she won’t tell Cindy, even though she’s dying to tell her she has a daughter! I swear Rafael’s eyes light up. He teases Maia about naming her “Bernarda.” Didn’t she just say the kid was her reason for living?! Maia goes into the kitchen to make him some veggies. “OK, but no broccoli! It gives me gas!”

Pablo and Antonia

Pablo trains. Antonia watches him and chats with his trainer. The trainer and the coronel both agree that Pablo’s ready to go back into the field.

Pablo and Antonia are giddy. She hugs him and harshes the buzz. “I’m sweaty.” “I know! I like it!” Pablo goes off to the showers. Awkward!

They head over to Machul’s office to talk about the set list for the TV show and Antonia and Amanda get into a fight over Pablo. I’m suddenly worried about whether his trainer and the coronel and his doctor all took into account that he’d have women playing tug-of-war with him when they decided he was ready for field duty. Machul shuts them up by telling them both to back off! Pablo’s his! And now that he has their attention, can they please get back to work?

Pablo takes a walk through the hallways and runs into Amanda. She snarks about him being in bitter Antonia’s shadow all the time, but he likes his job. He wonders if she likes her job, though, pretending to sing with a voice that isn’t hers. Amanda scoffs–the public doesn’t like her for her voice, they like her for her moves. She encourages him to feel those moves…and then Antonia comes down the hallway.

Pablo takes advantage of Antonia asking him to wait back in Machul’s office to make a run for it. Antonia warns Amanda if she ever sees her touching Pablo again, she’ll skin her alive!

Antonia sings for Machul in his office while Amanda tries to make eyes at Pablo. She warns him Antonia’s talking about him like he’s her personal property. She’s sure Antonia wants to have a fling with him.

Antonia sees Amanda touching Pablo and decides rehearsal time is over. She’s ready to go clothes shopping. Pablo begs off–he needs to go see Santi. Antonia tries to pull rank on him, but Pablo insists Santi is more important than any contract. Antonia snaps out of it and says he’s right, but he’d better make sure to set aside his nights once they start filming.

She goes back to looking at set lists and the stage setup with Machul.

La Sirenita Sabrosa

Fabián still doesn’t get how this works. He had no idea he was “dating” Rox. And now she’s put it on Facebook, so it must be true.


Ismael doesn’t like Othón making this “loan” to Fed’s parents. He’s nearly cleaning out his savings…and this after he already spent a bunch on that private “concert.” Fed comes running in to say his dad’s friend checked all the airline databases and found out Bernarda went with Carmen to Cancun. Othón tells Ismael to get on the computer and get him a ticket to Cancun on the first available flight.

Cousin Emilia

Maia takes some pictures of Cindy as a present for her “husband” Herminio. Cindy wants to go out to a bar tonight, but Maia’s broke. No problem! Cindy will give her a job at the taller! “But I don’t know anything about being a mechanic!” Cindy laughs. She knows that. She was thinking Maia could help bring some order to her dad’s chaotic paperwork. Maia is sooooo not an accountant, but Cindy insists. She can alternate between that and the photography class and that way next time Cindy suggests they go out, Maia will have the money to buy her a drink.

Maia Skypes Frida from the taller and explains that she’s working there now. And she’s Cousin Emilia from Tijuana. Frida gets a kick out of that. Maia sends her the address so she can come check out “Emilia from Tijuana” anytime she wants.

Frida stops by and Augusto and Raymuno fall all over themselves trying to impress her. They realize they’ve seen her before and she flashes a photo from her phone at them. Yep, they recognize her from the Internet…and because she’s dating Wilson. Frida’s surprised–Wilson works here? Cindy comes in and swats at Augie and Ray, telling them to get back to work. Then she turns on Frida. Why is she asking about Wilson?

Maia, meanwhile, wanders through an outdoor art show and market, taking pictures. A couple of dudes who really need to get different jobs try to swipe her purse. And here comes Pablo! He blocks the first guy and starts fighting him, but the second hits him in the back and Pablo goes down. Damn. I knew he wasn’t ready!

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