La Mujer del Vendaval Week of 12/06/16 #15-19

Tuesday 12/06/16 #15

Pro tip: When the officiant asks for objections, “Because I don’t want her to marry someone else!” is not a valid one. We waste precious minutes letting Camilo whine before Marcela tells him to get lost.

And still the fool won’t shut up and tries to insist HE is the one who’s going to marry Marcela. Alessandro’s the only one who hasn’t weighed in and he agrees with Marcela–they should continue with the wedding.

Camilo attacks him. (See, typically, you save the fighting for the reception, not the middle of the wedding.) Marcela cuts it short with a shotgun blast to the ceiling. Everyone freezes as the plaster rains down and she tells Camilo to go or the next shot is for him. She only gets as far as counting to two and her next shot hits the ceiling and sends him running.

She hands the shotgun to Rosa to hold on to (because handing off a bouquet is just so last season) and tells Alessandro she’s marrying him today, even if the sky falls. They get the judge to go back to droning on about how women are supposed to be kind and compassionate and blah blah blah. Was he not just paying attention?

Woot! They made it to the actual vows! Marcela remembers the previous non-wedding with Camilo…and the non-honeymoon with The Guy From Isla Garza Blanca. The judge offers to text her the question, but no, she’s in. He declares them married in the wordiest damn way and says “Sign here before anything else happens.” Got that right!

At the hotel…Octavia turns down Mauro’s marriage proposal. Which is bad enough, but she also says it was stupid of him to ask. Nope, she’s going to wallow in her aloneness now that Damiana’s dead.

Nisa bought Cuchi an itsy bitsy teeny weeny black and white Speedo that she’s sure Vittorio won’t be able to resist. All he’s gotta do is walk on by and she’s sure he can get Vittorio’s attention and the key to his safe deposit box. And then they can go to Vegas and get married. I don’t think any part of that actually appeals to Cuchi other than the implied “and you won’t have to go to jail.”

I’ve gotta say, he’s got the bod, but that suit is just not flattering. It doesn’t look purposely small, it looks like he bought the wrong size. And Vittorio isn’t noticing him at all. Cuchi’s sure it’s just that European prejudice against Latinos.

And then his future suegra walks up, for maximum embarrassment. She needs to speak to Nisa. Before Nisa goes with her, she tells Cuchi to get back down there and make some magic happen.

Silvana wanted to talk to Nisa about school. She flaked out on Graphic Design, but if she doesn’t find something else to study, her dad’s going to put her on a plane and ship her to Hong Kong.

Cuchi finally gets a look at the magazine that has Vittorio so engrossed. It’s a diving magazine! Score!

Back at the ranch…Ramón subcontracted the poisoning job out to some drunk guy who will hopefully screw it up.

It’s too late, though, because Timo didn’t stop the wedding like Octavia wanted. They’re all celebrating. Except for Camilo, who’s outside crying over Marcela. El Vendaval is technically his “home.” Mateo’s his godfather. Maria Laura tells him this wedding is a diplomatic affair–she’ll explain it to him later in town. Just because Marcela’s married doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a chance.

Back at the reception, for some unknown reason, Timo tells the judge they seem to be missing the “kiss the bride” portion of the wedding. Marcela tries to get out of it, but Alessandro wants his kiss and so do the guests. So she gives him a quick one that gets quickly booed.

Alessandro turns up the heat. This time they get applause.

The reception continues with pambazos, drinks, chatter….

Maria Laura finds out Lencho told Camilo about the wedding, so she uses it as an excuse to avoid giving him “payment” for getting rid of the evidence…uh, I mean, taking the car back to town and bringing back the truck.

Alessandro makes all the ladies sigh and Marcela freak out when he toasts to love that isn’t always where you expect to find it, that hides its face behind masks, and to fools who fall in love with love. She breaks a champagne glass, dropping it in her shock, and Alba replaces it with another.

Marcela pulls her aside after the toast and says Alessandro is The Guy From Isla Garza Blanca. He was talking in code! She can’t fall in love with him! (Hahahahaha, too late!) The stress of the day is getting to her. Alba tells her to just chill and get to know him.

Cristian is sure Marcela was on the verge of confessing. Alessandro had better spend his time looking for evidence and not trying to seduce his new wife.

Marcela goes to her room, looking for a little solitude. She finds Camilo instead. He begs her to meet him later at the hot springs so he can explain.

Maria Laura starts working on Alessandro, spinning the story about Marcela and Camilo into this great love. He bolted from the wedding, but she’s sure Marcela will forgive him like she always has. They were born for each other. I’m amused at the rattlesnake sound that’s starting to accompany Maria Laura.

Alessandro bursts into Marcela’s room while she’s changing, acting like a stupid jealous macho schmo and demanding she tell him about Camilo.

Wednesday 12/07/16 #16

He turns this into a “respect” thing, which is rich coming from a guy who just barged into someone’s room without asking. He won’t leave until she tells him what she feels for Camilo, which technically she doesn’t–she just emphasizes that he dumped her at the altar and she doesn’t forgive.

Camilo goes for an angry walk around El Vendaval and busts the drunk guy getting ready to poison the water.

Cuchi and Vittorio are BFFs now. Cuchi doesn’t really speak Italian, but their love of diving transcends language barriers. Nisa gets so freaked out seeing what a good time they’re having, she follows them to Vittorio’s room and knocks him out with a fire extinguisher before he can invite Cuchi in.

Cuchi can’t believe Nisa thought something was going on! They were just going to check out the diving equipment Vittorio has in his room! The “good” news is, he had the safe deposit key hanging around his neck.

Marcela is out of her dress and ready to go meet Camilo at the hot springs. Neither Sagrario nor Alessandro think it’s a good idea, but they can’t talk her out of it. Alessandro at first says he’s “asking” her not to go, then when she explains why it’s important to her to talk to him and find out what happened, he TELLS her she’s never going to see him again.

Cristian is leaving, so Alba walks him back out to his car. Amadeo has been watching them flirt all day and getting increasingly down about it. Now he suddenly decides he needs to show Alba that he’s more of a man…which he seems to think means beating Cristian to a pulp for absolutely no reason. Instead, he makes a run at Cristian and accidentally hits his own face on Cristian’s outstretched arm. In his embarrassment, Amadeo takes off without waiting for Alba to come back with alcohol to clean him up with.

Marcela is determined to go meet Camilo, but before she can leave, he walks in with the would-be poisoner.

Octavia calls Don Timoteo for an update. He explains that he couldn’t stop the wedding, but in his opinion it’s good news that Camilo came back and caused a scene. Seriously? Like Octavia’s supposed to care about the wedding coming with an extra side of drama? He brags that the guy he hired is sure to come through for them.

Hahahaha, no. Román’s subcontractor gets interrogated, but the guy’s either so drunk or so loyal he doesn’t give up Román. He just keeps saying he doesn’t know who hired him. Marcela and Mateo both think it’s the people who are after the ranch. This is now the second mention of that in front of Alessandro.

He takes off to check on the horses, despite Camilo saying he did it already, Maria Laura trying to get him to come take a dip with her, and Marcela saying she’ll take care of it. He’s not going to sit around waiting for people to tell him what he can or can’t do.

Down at the stream, nobody’s sure if the poison made it into the water. They’ll have to test it. Marcela keeps sniffing the bag of poison. She thinks it’s arsenic. Camilo acts like a big jerk, bragging about how he caught the guy before he could do anything and wanting to beat the crap out of him. Alessandro grabs a swaying Marcela and rushes to assure her that he’s not going to let anything bad happen to her.

Octavia tells Mauro that Alessandro did end up marrying Marcela. So now they’re kind of stuck, but she thinks Camilo will be useful. Maybe he’ll help drive Alessandro away from the ranch. She wants to make a visit to see how things are going and get a look at the woman she thinks took Damiana’s place.

Alessandro’s starting to feel rejected here. He’s used to running things at the hotel, but at the ranch, nobody needs him telling them what to do. Marcela takes Camilo and Mateo with her to turn the poisoner over to the the law, not that she has any faith in that in this town. She makes a big deal of telling Alessandro it’s nothing personal, but he’s annoyed all the same.

Maria Laura tries to comfort him and make Marcela look bad at the same time. We all know it’s a lie that Marcela’s still in love with Camilo and that she treats the workers badly. But Maria Laura does let slip some important info–Marcela has had multiple offers to buy the land. Maria Laura doesn’t see the appeal, but she swears people act like there’s some sort of buried treasure here. She has no idea what it could be. (I guess none of them are used to thinking of the hot springs as anything special, or none of the prospective buyers have ever mentioned it?)

Camilo tries to take advantage of the ride into town to try to sweet-talk Marcela. She’s not having it. And neither is Mateo. They both know what he did. Camilo tries to hint that he didn’t leave town with a woman and she and Mateo both bust out laughing. (Nice try, sucker!)

Alba gets a call from a restaurant in town that’s looking for a pianist.

Román, not having a clue what happened at the ranch, stops by Don Timo’s office to collect his pay. Don Timo, not having a clue…about anything…in general…pays him.

Román has just ducked out of one office door when Marcela, Camilo, Mateo, and the subcontractor come in the other. Marcela tells Don Timo this guy tried to poison her animals. She demands he investigate.

Timo tells Marcela she always does this–she should have accepted his offer, but she waited for something to happen. Marcela warns him to stop talking like that or she’s going to think he had something to do with it. Timo makes a big show of summoning Eulogio and says he’ll get the answers of the poisoner.

Nisa and Cuchi drag Vittorio into his room, steal the safe deposit box key, and trash the place so it looks like he got robbed. Then they get one of the desk clerks to leave them alone in the room with all the boxes so they can try the key on each…and every…one….

In the meantime, Vittorio wakes up and starts screaming for help….

Alessandro manages to ditch Maria Laura, claiming he wants to walk around the ranch alone. What he actually does is start searching Marcela’s room.

The key finally opens up the right box. Color me surprised, the necklace is in there! I thought Cuchi was lying!

Thursday 12/08/16 #17

Don Timo swears up and down he’ll get to the bottom of things and Marcela tells him he’d better–she’s tired of his negligence! She, Camilo, and Mateo clear out and Eulogio takes the drunk guy, who now says he’ll tell them everything, off to interrogate him. Timo gripes to July that Román subcontracted the job. Personally, I think he’s just annoyed that Román was only going to have to pay that guy a little cash and a bottle of booze to do it.

Sagrario’s a little worried that the job is going to take Alba away from the hacienda three days a week, but Alba’s already picturing herself making it big and winning awards.

Nisa has just put the box back and they’re talking about getting the key back to Vittorio when she hears her mom coming to look for her. She tells Cuchi to put the necklace in his pants. I want to make a “family jewels” joke, but it’s too easy. Silvana gets them out of the room and warns Leonel, the security guy, he’d better not let anyone “unauthorized” in again. (Hey, blame the desk clerk for that.)

The subcontractor makes out like a bandit! He got cash and a bottle of booze to poison the water, which he never even did, and now Eulogio is paying him more cash and another bottle of booze to get out of town without telling anyone who hired him.

Luciano is having an emergency meeting about the Vittorio incident. They’re still trying to figure out what was stolen and he’s fuming because Octavia isn’t there.

Cuchi is freaking out. He claims the diamonds are cutting him. Plus he’s worried that Vittorio is going to turn him over to the cops. Too bad, so sad. Nisa’s not letting him get away. They’re going to stick around, pretend nothing’s wrong, have dinner at the hotel restaurant, and he’s going to remember that she still has his ID. But first, they’re going to the bathroom so he can give her the necklace.

Mateo reluctantly drops Camilo and Marcela off at the front gate to the hacienda so they can talk. Camilo swears he didn’t run off with “the tourist,” he just asked her for a ride to San Jacinto. And then he got mugged and held hostage and by the time he recovered and got back to town she was marrying that other guy. He swears. Repeatedly.

Marcela doesn’t know whether she should believe him or not, but she’s leaning toward “not” and she needs to stay married to Alessandro. There’s no going back. She’s a different person. If he’s telling the truth about what happened, she’s sorry.

Don Timo drives through the town reminding everyone about bingo night to benefit the Quiñonez Fund. (Hm, why does that sound like code for “to line my own pockets”?) He sees Román and has Eulogio shake him down for the cash Timo gave him earlier. Too bad Román has already spent some of it. So from now on, he’s going to be stuck doing all of Timo’s dirty work…and no more subcontractors!

Maria Laura found out from Mateo that Marcela was out talking to Camilo, so she made sure to tell Alessandro. When Alessandro gets out to the front gate, Camilo is grabbing Marcela, insisting he has nothing without her, and Marcela is screaming at him to let her go. Alessandro jumps in there to beat on Camilo and warn him he’ll ruin his face if he ever goes near Marcela again. He and Marcela walk back to the house, holding hands, while Camilo seethes.

Nisa skulks around the lobby, listening as Octavia berates Leonel and Mauro. She’s gone for a few hours, and look what happens! She sends Leonel and another security guy to review all the camera footage from today. If they don’t find the person who did it, maybe they can see if the Italian made a mistake that would make it not the hotel’s fault.

Nisa says to herself that he sure did make a mistake–buying stolen jewels. He’ll have to keep his mouth shut.

Camilo runs to tell Maria Laura about how Marcela didn’t believe him and her stupid husband came to run him off. She declares that good progress–Alessandro will see that Marcela plays around with men. Now all Camilo has to do is go get his godfather to let him stay on the ranch, even though Marcela kicked him out. (The last time he listened to her, what happened? And now he’s going to do it again? Not the brightest bulb in the box, this one.)

Marcela and Alessandro get back to the house and flirt. She’s amused by his forcefulness. She jokes that it’s making her wonder if he could be some kind of serial killer. And how would she know? Because he’d never tell her if he was one. Alessandro agrees–and she’d never tell him if she was, for example, a thief.

Marcela agrees, but adds that if she was a good thief she wouldn’t be having all these financial problems. (Which is about what Alessandro was thinking earlier when he couldn’t find the necklace anywhere in her room.)

Alessandro makes a phone call to Don Timoteo and hints that if Timo doesn’t find the person responsible for the near-poisoning, Alessandro is going to make a separate report about the incident to the feds.

But wait, there’s more bad news for Timo! The subcontractor never made it out of town. He was so drunk, he started to get onto the bus, fell, and cracked his head open. Eulogio assures Timo that he has a backup plan.

Nisa poses as a maid to plant the keys back in Vittorio’s room. When he complains, she shuts him up with “piano, piano, allegro ma non troppo,” which is hilarious if you’re a music nerd. She tells him (mostly in Italian) that she’s a member of an international organization that tracks jewel thieves. She knows he bought a stolen necklace, so…maybe he’d like to keep quiet about this whole incident instead of her calling the cops?

Over dinner, Alessandro proposes to the family that they get the feds involved. “Pfft! Who would care?” is the general consensus. Alba takes some offense…so they should just let themselves be killed? Marcela says nobody’s killing anybody. They have a defense from all evil. Alessandro? Divine Providence? No…the shotgun!

They move on to talking about Alba’s job interview, which annoys Maria Laura. She tries to talk about her calendar and about how they were lucky Camilo was there today. Marcela would really rather they not talk about Camilo in this house again. Ever. Maria Laura asks Alessandro out for a walk in the moonlight and her mother tells her to cut it out! Doesn’t she realize there could still be someone dangerous out there?!

Sagrario’s still on edge later and admits to Mateo that Severo called again. Maria Laura walks in as he’s telling her she has to prepare the girls or it’s going to be worse.

Alessandro finds Marcela outside, reading. He gets all flirty, saying she’s like a book in a language he doesn’t understand, but he’d like to. Marcela gets away from him before he can kiss her and says there’s something she hasn’t told him. She married him to claim an inheritance.

Friday 12/09/16 #18

Marcela explains that it’s an inheritance from her mother that she has to be married to claim, but she doesn’t know how big it is. She’s sure he thinks it’s silly for her to base her whole future on this, but she has to have some kind of hope.

Rather than telling Maria Laura the truth, Sagrario says they were talking about preparing to have to leave the ranch. Maria Laura scoffs at that–she was born ready! She hopes they lose the ranch and have to leave. Sagrario ignores the ‘tude and lets her walk out. She’s not going to tell them anything and she’s going to hope that Severo changes his mind about coming.

Camilo feeds his godfather the same lies he gave Marcela. It’s not that Mateo believes him, but he feels sorry for Camilo for having nowhere else to go (except his Tía Epifania’s house that’s falling down that a young strapping lad like Camilo could maybe fix up for his poor sick aunt if he wasn’t so hell bent on staying at El Vendaval). Mateo lets him stay on the ranch until he finds somewhere else, on the condition that he not cause any more trouble.

Nisa and Cuchi are walking through the lobby as Vittorio’s taxi arrives. She happily waves at him and keeps Cuchi from hiding behind a couch. He’s confused–he knows Vittorio saw him. Nisa explains she threatened to turn him in for buying stolen jewels. And now they’re going to have dinner and tomorrow they’re going to Isla Garza Blanca to put the necklace back in the safe.

Marcela walks Alessandro partway to the guest house. They say a long goodbye in front of a fountain because he won’t let her hand go.

As Alba and Maria Laura are on their way to bed, Sagrario gets another call from Severo. So much for “a week.” He’s going to be there tomorrow and she can’t talk him out of it.

Alessandro failed to recognize the danger in not locking his door and blocking it with a heavy piece of furniture. He doesn’t wake up to Maria Laura coming into his room and nearly crawling into bed with him. Lucky for him, she hears Mateo outside and that scares her off.

Alessandro is up before dawn and searching the kitchen. Marcela walks in on him on her way out to the stables, but he says he was looking for the coffee, which is completely plausible.

Don Timoteo and Eulogio go to the hotel. Well, this oughtta be fun. Octavia certainly thinks so when she sees him in the lobby. He came all this way to “apologize” and show her a picture of Alessandro from the wedding, which is completely useless to her, and to tell her their plan didn’t work. She’d already guessed that since he fails at everything she tells him to do. He begs her for another chance.

La pobre de July goes to take breakfast to the subcontractor and finds his dead body, crushed by a concrete slab that fell on him in the jail cell, his head conveniently at the edge of the concrete bench where he was lying and dripping blood onto the floor. I’m tempted to ask how Eulogio got him to keep bleeding after he was dead, but I probably don’t want to know.

Timo and Eulogio explain that even though the water was never poisoned, the poisoner is no longer in a position to say who hired him. Hm…that gives Octavia an idea. Maybe what they need to do is create another suspect. Get Marcela to be suspicious of the people around her…like maybe her new husband…?

Alessandro finds Marcela hanging out with Huracán. He jokes that everything around here gets named for weather, so what’s his nickname? “Fresco,” Marcela suggests. A gaggle of little kids come greet her and she sends them to the kitchen for breakfast. They’re the workers’ kids, she explains, and she tries to make sure she takes care of her people, since they work so hard.

Anyway, she’s off to supervise the vaccination of the cows. Alessandro wants to tag along, but she’s doubtful–can he ride? “A little.” So she goes to grab one of those miniature horses. Ha! No, how about that black horse over in the next corral? That would be Trueno (thunder) and she doesn’t think he should ride Trueno unless he has a death wish.

Alessandro’s supposed to be Mr. badass fancy rider, but he screws around, getting on Trueno backwards and having to turn around. He challenges Marcela to a race with a kiss as a prize. He wins, of course, but she thinks he scammed her and refuses to pay up.

Alba goes to the ciber-panadería to send in the paperwork for that job interview. Amadeo’s happy to scan it for her, but he freaks out at the thought of her going to work in the DF and meeting “elegant” people who are good at conversation (read: people like Cristian). He has to do something to show her there’s someone in San Bartolo who loves her. So he sends her a secret admirer email from “Chopin.” Because Mozart would have been too obvious?

Sagrario is picking up Severo at the airport and she’s determined not to let him get to the house. She even brought a gun along with her. Severo brought Mike Cisneros, Nazaria’s lawyer (It’s Marcos, from El Vato!). Mike doesn’t seem to think it’s weird to be introduced to Severo’s wife when he knows Nazaria was Severo’s lover. He even takes a photo of the two of them with his cell phone. Sagrario asks Severo please not to go to El Vendaval.

Actually, Mike had no idea what he was walking into. He had no idea that Nazaria was Sagrario’s sister. And unfortunately Severo is going to have to be at the reading of the will because he’s the albahaca (basil)…no, wait, the albacea (executor). Sagrario asks them to please just stay at a hotel in town and she’ll bring Marcela to them. But Severo can’t go to El Vendaval. For fifteen years the girls have thought he was dead, because that was a less embarrassing story for them than telling them he ran off with their aunt.

Marcela takes Alessandro to see her Uncle Severo’s and her dad’s graves. She introduces him to her dad and talks about how he started dying as soon as her mom left. Her uncle died soon after, in a car accident.

Severo is furious. (Should’ve thought of that before you ran off with your brother’s wife and your wife’s sister, creep!) He thinks she turned his daughters against him, but no. She AND DEMETRIO came up with the idea to say he was dead. They brought in a coffin and packed it with everything Severo and Nazaria left behind and then Mateo dug a grave for it. She turned him into a much better man in fake-death than he actually is. He says that’s too bad, but it’s over. Sagrario pulls the gun out and puts it to his gut–he’s dead and he’s going to stay that way!

Mike may have been nervous, but Severo’s a bloodless rat bastard who doesn’t think she would risk getting thrown in jail just to shoot her cheating husband. He shoves the gun away and says they should get a taxi.

Marcela continues telling Alessandro about all the things that went wrong after her mother left. That’s when her father’s debt started. In a way, things are coming full circle because it’s her mother’s money that’s going to get them out of debt.

A strange breeze comes up and Marcela tells him that Sagrario says that’s her dad. Alessandro loudly tells Don Demetrio that he promises to behave himself with Marcela. She laughs, warning him the weather rules around there. He remembers a sudden storm coming up when he was on his way home after meeting her the first time. And he admits, she scared him, but she also hit him harder than any storm.

Maria Laura kicks Camilo out of his bed and tells him to get himself cleaned up so he can come back to El Vendaval a new man and show Marcela that he’s better than the guy she married.

He finds Lencho out strumming his guitar and asks if he knows of any available jobs. Maybe his dad? Lencho brings up how stubborn Marcela was about not letting his dad help her with her debt. This makes Camilo curious–how long has Timo been interested in the land? A couple of months, Lencho thinks.

So, Vittorio is gone and he won’t be suing the hotel. He claimed nothing was missing from his room. Cristian and Octavia are thrilled with this outcome, but Mauro seems to find it odd.

Don Timo comes home to find Camilo waiting in his living room with a proposal–if Timo gets him a job, Camilo will help Timo get El Vendaval.

Saturday 12/10/16 #19

Don Timo plays hard to get, but Camilo is sure with a good job he can win Marcela back and get rid of the city boy in a couple of months, tops. He’s not too clear on how that’s going to get Timo the land, but hey, it’s only a few months, right? After a nod from Eulogio, Timoteo agrees.

July comes running in to give them the sad, sad news that the attempted poisoner died in jail!

Alessandro gets the story of El Vendaval: Marcela’s parents were going to San Bartolo, but a vendaval came up that kept them from getting there. She was born in an abandoned house. Later, her dad started buying up the land and founded the ranch.

While she’s still in a question-answering mood, he asks what the problem is with her vision. She lies and says it’s miopia (near-sightedness).

Nisa and Cuchi get to Isla Garza Blanca all set to un-steal that necklace, but it’s not going to be as easy as they thought. After the theft, Luciano ordered extra security. CCTV cameras, a security team…the house is being watched 24/7. There are even cameras inside, aimed at all the valuable stuff…like the safe.

Alba gives Amadeo a ride back to El Vendaval for his first piano lesson. On the way, they talk about her secret admirer. Alba thought the message was a little old-fashioned, but she liked it. She’s never gotten a letter like that before.

She doesn’t want to keep talking to them until she’s sure who it is, but she suspects it’s Cristian. Who else could it be? He even asked for her email address at the wedding.

Inés meets with Luciano. Even though Vittorio didn’t press charges, Luciano still wants the pool cameras (which were damaged in some recent rains) fixed and he wants new cameras installed in the safe deposit box area. Inés tells him about Nisa giving Cuchi that tour and Luciano is furious.

Before they can discuss it further, Nestor arrives and Luciano asks Inés to give them the room. Nestor has been tracking Marcela and found her flight back and which bus line she took north from the DF. The problem is, it’s a local, so it made a lot of stops and there’s no telling where she got off. Luciano demands he have them check each town until they find someone who knows her. He may have promised not to give her name to the police, but he didn’t say he wouldn’t keep investigating.

The town is starting to hear about the dead guy and Marcela and Alessandro just happen to be there to see if there’s been any progress on the case. Eulogio dances around the issue and eventually says their suspect changed his legal status and he’s now “the deceased.”

Nisa and Cuchi need a plan to put that necklace back. Her father isn’t going to stop until he finds the person who stole it. If he keeps investigating he’s going to find out they were there the night of the robbery and he’ll send her to a boarding school in Switzerland! A waiter comes to their table with the bill–unfortunately, Nisa’s credit card was declined.

Don Timoteo comes in with Lencho and the doctor and explains to Marcela and Alessandro that the suspect had the upper bunk fall on him and died instantly. But he did give up a name yesterday before it happened–Eustaquio Conrado. Neither Marcela nor Alessandro has ever heard that name. Alessandro doubts there is any such person, though Timoteo vows to find him. After Alessandro and Marcela leave, Timoteo complains to Eulogio that Alessandro’s out to get him.

Luciano gives one last instruction to Nestor–he wants someone at the airport at all times to make sure Marcela Morales doesn’t leave the country with the necklace. If she does, they’ll never get it back. He takes a call from Nisa, sobbing about her credit card being blocked and her privacy being invaded by having cameras all over the house.

First of all, he gets an alert on his phone every time she makes a purchase, and he’s pretty sure the clothes and cologne she bought aren’t for him or Alessandro. And second, he’s only sorry he didn’t put the cameras in sooner to catch the woman who stole the necklace.

*gulp* “How do you know it was a woman?” Nisa starts freaking out until Luciano says it was Marcela Morales, some woman who had a one night stand with her brother on Isla Garza Blanca. Nisa is relieved to hear he knows who the thief is…and then she whines until he agrees to un-block her card.

Things are still weird between Octavia and Mauro. He’s trying to keep it all business, but she still wants to carry on screwing around with him. She just doesn’t want to marry him. She likes him, a lot, and that’s as good as it gets with her. Take it or leave it. Looks like he’s opting for “take.”

Marcela and Alessandro get back to El Vendaval and agree that the poisoner’s death is suspicious and so is his naming of “Eustaquio Conrado.” Alessandro’s curious about enemies, or anyone who might want El Vendaval. Marcela says that’s pretty much everyone lately. They all seem to know about the debt, they know it’s good land and it’s got hot springs. Even Timoteo offered to buy at least some of the land.

But doesn’t she have anything at all she could sell to get rid of the debt? Marcela jokes that the most valuable things she has are Alba and Sagrario, and she’s certainly not selling them! There’s Maria Laura, but she’d have to pay someone to take her. There’s Huracán…but she’d die first.

Alessandro calls Cristian and asks him to get the number for his dad’s friend, Comandante Ramirez. He wants to have him investigate Don Timo.

Camilo sneaks up to Marcela’s open window. He says he’s got a job and he’s enrolling in night school so he can read those books she likes so much. He wants to prove he can be her life partner. That’s all nice, but he’d better do those things for himself because it’s over between them.

Alessandro knocks on her door and she tells Camilo to go. Alessandro heard voices, but Marcela denies she was talking to anyone and tries to distracts him with talk of food. He finds the rose Camilo left at her window.

Don Timo convinces Lencho that Alessandro must be the person behind the attempted poisoning…and he should go tell Marcela.

Cuchi tries to convince Nisa that they should sell the necklace, since no one suspects them. Um…no. She plans to drop it somewhere in the yard. And if that doesn’t work, then they’ll find this Marcela Morales and give her the necklace, since everyone thinks she took it anyway. (Nisa! No! Use your powers for good, not evil!) All they have to do is stick close to her dad and get to Marcela five minutes before the cops do.

Don Timo is worried about the feds showing up, on account of Alessandro’s threats and glares, but Eulogio assures him there’s no evidence to be found. Roman bursts in, daring to ask if the guy actually died, or if…? Eulogio convinces him, with a twist of the arm and a punch to the gut not to raise his voice to Timo. And Timo warns him to be careful. When one person dies, others follow.

In the kitchen, Alessandro confronts Marcela about the rose and the ever helpful Maria Laura says that’s the same kind of rose Camilo used to leave her all the time. They get rid of her and Rosa, and Marcela admits that yes, Camilo left it, he was there at her window talking, and she didn’t tell Alessandro because she didn’t want any more fighting. She tells him Camilo’s story about getting robbed and kidnapped and he laughs it off, but she believes him.

OK, then. Alessandro can see he’s got competition. “Are you scared?” Sure he is. Of Marcela believing Camilo, forgiving him…and not realizing that she’s too good to settle for a guy like him. He reminds her that she still owes him a kiss….

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