Tormenta de Pasiones Wednesday 12/28/16 #88

It’s past your curfew

It’s a total role-reversal with Mete and Cemile. He follows the standard child interrogation procedures.

Step 1: Ask the question you fully expect the child to lie about. If the child tells the truth, stop here. If the child lies, move on to Step 2.

Mete: Where were you?
Cemile: At the factory.

Step 2: Ask the child if they’re sure they’re telling you the truth. If the child tells the truth, stop here. If the child lies, move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Explain why you’re questioning the child’s story. Do not give them the full list of reasons. If the child tells the truth, stop here. If the child lies, move on to Step 4.

Mete: We called the factory and no one answered. When I got here, no one was inside. So, where were you?
Cemile: I got out late and then I had to run some errands.

Step 4: Stop fooling around. Tell the child exactly how you know they’re lying.

Mete: Aunt Neriman saw you coming out the back door of Arif’s house. What were you doing in his house so late?

Cemile employs the “How Very Dare You!” defense. He’d better stop talking like Neriman or she’s going to hit him! And she’s never hit him, but she can do it! She’ll kill him if she has to! Does he think she was in there “having a good time”? He’s acting like his father. Who does he think he is? How dare he question her! Since when do you listen to Neriman?! Shut up!

She keeps swatting him with her hands and her purse and telling him to shut up when he’s not even saying anything and Mete just gapes at her and keeps trying to say “Mom?…Mother?”

Cemile calms down and tells him the truth–Arif was the mystery shooter and the dumbass spent all day bleeding. Mete’s impressed about the solo bullet extraction. “That’s why I was late, mini-Ali.” Arif’s doing better now and she left him sleeping. So can they go home now?

Familia Soner

At breakfast, Soner asks Suleyman’s advice. He’s been wanting to do something in honor of Aylin, and recently he got a clearer idea about it. An architect came to visit him and showed him some projects. One was a boarding school for girls. Suleyman thinks that sounds like a great idea. Soner’s going to meet with the architect later.

Deniz and Bahar come in and Deniz hears Soner talking about work. She wants to go, too. Soner says that would be perfect–she can do all his work for him from now on!

Soner calls the architect to confirm their meeting and it’s Ziya, of course.

Deniz totally didn’t get that Soner was kidding about taking her to work. She gives him that look…you know the one…and he agrees she’s going. And so is Bahar. Bahar looks like she wants to argue, but she runs inside to get ready.

They all end up at Ziya’s office. Soner introduces Deniz as his daughter and his partner and says Bahar takes care of Deniz and teaches her. Bahar does NOT say “And this is the married guy who was stalking me and the reason your mother-in-law talked me into taking this job.”

Ziya and Soner talk material cost while Bahar and Deniz peruse the cookies. Ziya insists on Bahar having a drink and Soner’s antennae go up. He doesn’t drink when Ziya toasts to “us and the days to come.” He says he just doesn’t like celebrating ahead of time.

Soner reminds Ziya they haven’t seen the model. Ziya whips a cloth off the top and it’s four large multi-story buildings clustered around a pool or a pond, with a lawn and a walking track. Even Bahar can’t help smiling.

The Aylin Talasoglu Center for Education and Culture will have a school, a dorm, a library, areas for sports, and they can even get a permit from the forest service for riding in the woods. It all sounds great, but Ziya is giving Bahar a look and Soner’s sensing the vibe again. He says he’s going to think about it.

Words, words, words

Arif’s fever is gone. “Why do people always leave when the fever is gone?” Cemile says she’s not a poet. OK, he gets more direct–his fever is gone and she’s leaving, so he wishes he still had the fever so she would stay.

Cemile tells him to shut it. No seriously, STOP TALKING! She’s already confused and…at her age?!

He’ll shut up on one condition. She refuses, then changes her mind. What’s the condition?

“I’ll hide what’s in my heart, I promise, but don’t leave me.”

Cemile starts crying and says he’s crazy. She runs downstairs to cry while Arif just chuckles to himself. When she gets herself together she heads out the door. In her knee-high boots and her flippy skirt, going off to run her tiny empire and fiercely protect her loved ones. But oh yeah, sure, how completely incomprehensible for someone to be into her “at her age.”


Betul is walking Ayca to school when Osman jumps over a wall and starts demanding Betul tell him where Mithat is. He grabs her by the throat and pins her to the wall and Ayca tries to pull him away. He doesn’t stop until four of Mithat’s gang come around the corner. One starts shooting at him as he runs off.

Betul tells Ayca these guys are going to walk her to school to protect her. So they take her orders now? When did Betul become this person?

So much for Ayca’s “guards.” They see a bunch of “stupid communists” near the school and get into a fight with them. And Halit throws a bag over Ayca’s head and drags her off.

He drops her off at an isolated warehouse and leaves her with her hands and feet tied and the burlap sack over her head and shoulders. He’s not sticking around to keep an eye on her. I’d say if she can get calm she should be able to free herself.

Halit goes back to his workshop to tell Osman they’ve got Ayca. Osman’s like, “The f are you talking about?” Halit’s brilliant idea is that now Mithat will come to them. Osman tries to say she has nothing to do with it, but Halit’s cracked. This is “war” and everybody’s in it.

Mete and Cemile go over to Arif’s and Hasefe answers the door. (Um…? Is she trying to steal Cemile’s not-boyfriend? She did say he was cute….) She tells them to come inside already. She made Arif soup. And he looks like one of the living again.

Mete tried looking for Osman. He went to Ayca’s house and she wasn’t there, but Betul and a bunch of guys were and they were angry. Ayca’s missing and they think Osman took her. Cemile says Osman wouldn’t do that. (Right, but what else has he done in the last few days that you thought he’d never do?)

Halit brings Osman and some food over to the warehouse and locks Osman in to watch Ayca.

Osman takes the burlap sack off of Ayca and she doesn’t move. He freaks out and starts untying her. She wakes up and starts panicking. It’s obvious to her that they’re going to do something to her or they wouldn’t have brought her here. She starts banging on the door and telling him to let her out.

Osman tells her to give up. They can’t stop this. Mithat will be lured out of hiding. “You’re going to do something to my brother? But Mithat is innocent! He didn’t do anything!” (Annnnnnd she lost me.)

Stalking again

Ziya calls Bahar. The smarmy creep’s all proud of himself for “finding” her. He did a lot of research on Soner and he can tell Soner likes the project, but if Bahar is going to avoid him then he’ll abandon it. He’ll be waiting for her at Karakoy at two. He hangs up without even waiting to hear if she’ll be there, he’s that arrogant.

Deniz heard Bahar’s end of the conversation and she looks disturbed.

When it’s time for Bahar to leave, she interrupts a very important Q and A session between Deniz and Soner about floating clouds, airplanes, and why people don’t have wings. Soner is a little surprised she’s asking to go out, but he has no problem with it….

Until miss Deniz Yildiz chismosiz informs him that Bahar is going out with Ziya. Yep, she heard her say Karakoy at 2. Soner runs for his jacket and starts shouting for Suleyman.

At a café, Bahar tells Ziya to cut the “I miss you” crap and get to the point. What does he want? He shows her his divorce decree and says there are no more obstacles to them being together.

Except for Bahar not wanting to be. She has a life and she likes it and there’s no room for him in it. She can’t believe he would threaten to dump the project if she won’t marry him. He did all that research, got into Soner’s head, and he has no respect for his pain?

He doesn’t like that she cares so much about Soner’s feelings. She calls him stupid and walks out.

Soner and Suleyman watch Bahar walk out of the café and get into a cab, but Soner doesn’t want to follow her. They wait a little longer and Ziya comes out. Suleyman recognizes him as Bahar’s ex-fiancée. Soner thinks something isn’t right here. Suleyman advises him to talk to Bahar about it.

They pull into the driveway right after the taxi drops her off. Soner hops out of the car to ask where she was and Bahar tries to lie about going shopping. He tells her he knows she went to meet the architect who used to be her fiancée.

With absolutely zero fuss or drama she admits he was and if she’d known HE was the architect they were meeting yesterday she never would have gone. She broke it off because she found out he was married. She only went to meet him because he threatened to pull the project and she knows how much it means to Soner. But now he wants to marry her again and, like she told him, she likes her life and there’s no room for him in it.

Soner asks if she likes wine. He thinks the should go get some. Right now.

They stop by Ziya’s office first so Soner can destroy that model and tell Ziya he’s not going to work with him. He turns to an impassive Suleyman and says they should get that wine now. Bahar just stares and awkwardly follows him out.

Day 2 of captivity

Osman leaves the warehouse while Ayca is sleeping. He bangs on the door for Halit to let him out and she doesn’t wake up. Halit tells him to call “them” and demand that Mithat show up at 4. Alone.

Cemile, over Mete’s strenuous objections, marches right up to Betul at that café where all the conservatives hang out to ask that little girl what her problem is. Why is she saying Osman kidnapped Ayca? Betul says he threatened her, so of course he did it.

One of the guys with her doesn’t like the way Cemile is talking to Betul and threatens to forget she’s a woman. Cemile dares him to go right ahead, but Mete intervenes. A fight breaks out, with Mete in the middle of everything and all those stupid overgrown boys ignoring Cemile as she swats at them and screams at them to stop it.

One boy comes running out of the café to say that Osman called. He has Ayca and he wants Mithat to meet him. He’ll call back later with the location. Cemile walks away, in shock.

Betul takes charge again, asking when he’s supposed to call back. Oh, no worries, the little punk lied. He knows the location–at the entrance to the forest. (Yes, wouldn’t want to tell his mother and maybe risk missing out on having the whole thing resolved peacefully, would you. Jerk.)

When Osman gets back to the warehouse, Halit leaves to make some preparations. He doesn’t expect Mithat to come alone.

Cemile and Mete go to Arif’s and Mete fills him in on the situation. They have no idea where Mithat’s supposed to go…but they know where he’s hiding! They can follow him to the meeting. Cemile wants to call Soner or Ahmet, but Mete says it would complicate things.

Mete drops Cemile and Arif off at the gas station café while he drives out to the cabin to watch from there.

Cemile falls asleep at the table in the café and Arif watches her sleep. He drapes his coat over her shoulders and goes outside.

Mete watches Samil and a couple of other guys come pick up Mithat. He rushes down to the café to pick up Cemile and Arif.

Osman asks Ayca if she loves Mete. She doesn’t see what difference it makes now. “Love makes miracles.” Not that he remembers who said it. “Maybe I said it.” Ayca laughs and calls him stupid. But she admits it. She loves Mete. She stares off into space and says “I love you, Mete.”

Osman unlocks the door and says it’s a miracle. She hesitates, but goes to pick up her bag. It’s as if she’s making sure he really means it before she takes off.

Halit comes back and he’s not happy to see that Osman released his prisoner.

Ayca runs down the road and makes it to the van where Betul and her crew were waiting. Ayca sobs that they’re going to kill Mithat, but Betul says it won’t be so easy. The car with Mithat pulls up and he hugs Ayca. She says Osman let her go, it’s over.

Oh, honey, you didn’t really think it was going to be that easy, did you? Mithat says it will be over as soon as Osman pays for what he did. They can’t leave or Osman will think they’re afraid. Ayca won’t tell him where Osman is and cries instead. One of the younger boys says if they follow the road she ran down that should lead to Osman.

Ayca cries to Betul that she’s tired of this fight. She told them not to go!

Mete, Arif, and Cemile have been watching all this happen and Arif can tell they’re going to go after Osman. He tells Mete to hide the car in the trees and follow him. Cemile should stay in the car. Yeah, good luck with that.

Halit is barricading the door to the warehouse and complaining about how much easier it would have been if they had Ayca. He’s got guns, like that’s going to help them with anything.

Arif and Mete find the back of the warehouse. Mete watches Arif put together his weird gun. “Does it work?” “No, I got it for decoration.” There’s nothing for Mete to do but throw rocks.

I get even more annoyed with the situation when I see that there were windows in the warehouse that had no glass and were only covered with flimsy pieces of wood.

Mete prepares to throw rocks on Arif’s signal.

The shootout starts.

Ayca starts running toward the warehouse, but Betul pulls her back.

Mete hits one guy with a rock. Arif shoots another in the arm. He only had 9 bullets to begin with. He loads bullet #8.

Halit gets shot in the arm. That must have knocked some sense into him because he tells Osman to leave. “So one of us can avenge Aydin.” Spoke too soon. Osman pulls all the crap they’d piled in front of the door away (which makes a LOT of noise) and goes out the front door. Mithat, et al, make a run for it. Hopefully they’re not all going in the same direction, but I’m a little fuzzy on the geography of this place.

Mete and Arif head into the warehouse and see the trail of blood, but no one’s there.

Betul scolds Ayca for crying when she can’t hear any more shots. She walks off in disgust. Osman pops out of the trees and Ayca freezes. Where’s her brother? Osman says he didn’t see him. Ayca tells him to get out of there, but Betul comes up behind him and whacks him with a pipe. Ayca screams at her to stop and picks up the gun he dropped.

Frickin’ Betul starts telling her to shoot Osman. (First, WHY?! And second, do it your damn self, Betul!) And Ayca, though she doesn’t think she can do it, responds to Betul’s screeching that Osman tried to kill her brother with “It’s true, you were going to do it. Maybe you killed him already. Is this how you do it?” Osman walks up until the gun’s against his chest and says if she pulls the trigger she’ll have all her answers.

When she still won’t do it, Betul grabs the gun and walks him off into the woods. She tells Osman to get on his knees and says it’s over. But she sure is taking a long time to shoot for someone who kept screaming at Ayca to do it already.

Ayca whacks her with the pipe and tells him to go but he runs right into Mithat. They end the episode with Osman and Mithat aiming at each other.

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Visita/ Guest

Kat- Thank you for having the patience to recap these shenanigans. I am so tired of these kids who think they’re revolutionaries, and Halit and his revenge, and Mithat and his little rat face. I just want to put them all over my knee and spank them!

I loved Cemile smacking Mete and telling him off for questioning her. That whole scene was great. Ha! Also loved Soner telling stalker Siya to stick his project where the sun don’t shine. Let’s hope he gets the hint this time and leaves Bahar alone.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks for the summary, Kat! Close call for Osman.

I like the idea of the memorial for Aylin, but with a different architect, of course.

Visita/ Guest

I got such a kick out of Cemile going off on Mete! Boy was he surprised! Your dialogue made it all the more delicious. Thank you for that. 😀

Visita/ Guest

Mini Ali. Too, too funny. 🙂