Silvana sin Lana Week of 10/10/16 #57-61

Monday 10/10/16 #57

Antonio José seems to think they can get their old life back. He’ll only be in here a few months, maybe less. He tells Chivis he needs her love and the love of his daughters.

Chivis says she’ll try to soften things for Lupita as much as she can, but she’s not going to lie to Angie or Majo–they’ve had enough with one liar in the family.

Manuel continues his frustrating conversation with Stella. He tries to get rid of her, but she kind of threatens to go console Chivis, so Manuel pulls her back inside the house. But no, he will not go have a drink with her! There is no “them”! They’re not a couple!

Stella starts trying to convince him that Chivis is going to throw him over to get back together with her rich husband and get back to her rich life. At the very least, she’s going to get back together with him because its best for her daughters and if there’s one good thing Stella can say about Chivis, she’s a good mom and she loves her daughters.

Lupita’s party is going mostly ok until one of the kids asks why her dad is there and he doesn’t go to the school. Pedrito scoffs–how’s he supposed to when he’s in jail? Pedro tries to walk it back, but the damage is done. Angie goes upstairs to deal with a sobbing Lupita. Pedro tries to apologize, but Lupita yells at him for being a chismoso.

By the time Chivis and Majo arrive, Trini’s at her wit’s end. That same kid from earlier asks if they came from jail. Majo and Angie try to distract them all with party favors and cake.

Finally the guests have gone home and Chivis fills them in on AJ. He has a court date tomorrow to hear the charges, then he’ll go back to jail to wait for trial. Majo and Trini are very invested in the idea that AJ shouldn’t be with, you know, actual criminals. He just had a little cash flow problem. Majo attacks Angie for not wanting to support AJ.

Majo decides she should move back in and goes outside to try to get a signal and call Andres. Vicente comes outside and jokingly introduces himself as the guy who’s here to save her…from marrying the wrong man. She’s going to postpone the wedding, right? Majo says she’s going to stick to her plans and she hopes now that she’s moving back in they can keep some distance.

Andres shows up as Vicente is giving Majo a happy hug. He splits so he can spy on them from his driveway. Andres wants to help, but Majo says right now they’re trying to keep a low profile. She thinks she should move back in–her family needs her. Andres gives her his car to use. Majo thanks him and starts to go inside. She stops to shoot Vicente a guilty look.

Poncho keeps moping over Stella. Dom tries to convince him Stella’s not paying attention to him because he keeps going after her. It’s like a tango–one person advances, the other retreats. Poncho resolves not to chase after Stella anymore. (That should last a whole five minutes.)

Dom had stashed Francisco Javier II in Poncho’s room and they find that he chewed up all Poncho’s clothes. Stella comes home and announces she’s getting back together with Manuel. Whatever, Stella. What. Ever.

Majo checks on Chivis. She’s still worried about her lack of a job. Majo suggests asking some of her old friends, or maybe Andres’ mom, but Chivis’ “friends” are all gone and Laura has done enough for them already. Majo offers to help with what she brings in from selling clothes, but Chivis says it’s not her responsibility. OK then…what about asking Manuel for her job back. Chivis is hesitant, but Majo knows Manuel would totally give her back her job in a second.

Laura finds Andres packing Majo’s stuff. He tells her AJ got arrested at Lupita’s First Communion and Majo’s moving back home–obviously none of the family are in any position to think about a wedding. Laura doesn’t like that Majo keeps changing the wedding plans and that Andres keeps putting what he wants second. She thinks Majo is immature and irresponsible. She asks him to consider whether, if he had a serious problem, he would be able to count on her. (I’m going with “no.”)

Chivis changes the subject to Majo’s wedding, but once again, she’s making an excuse not to get married. Chivis just wants her to do whatever she wants, as long as she’s doing it from the heart. Majo announces she’s moving back in and she’s not leaving until she gets married.

Balcony time…Manuel was waiting. It doesn’t sound so comforting to say AJ will be out in no time at all, drinking whiskey in her house. He’s sure that creep Rafa will defend AJ–they probably did some dirty deals together.

He changes the subject to “them.” He loves her so much, she can ask him for anything she wants. Chivis asks for her job back. Of course she can have it back! This is the best news he’s had all day! But she’s gotta quit coming on to him at work. Har, har. Chivis does want them to keep some distance so there’s no trouble with Stella and the girls. And no, she’s not at all confused now that AJ is back–the way she feels about Manuel is the one thing she’s sure of.

Chivis finds Stella in Manuel’s office in the morning. Stella tries to pretend to start over and be friends. Chivis accepts, but she hopes Stella’s being real here. Stella hopes Chivis can get her old life back. (She means it in a nice way, but also not.)

Here we go again with the snotty girls Angie’s age picking on Lupita. Jorge’s pretty sure that was engineered by Marge, but she swears she didn’t say a thing! He couldn’t expect it to stay quiet if Angie’s dad caused a scene in church! She knows she did some stupid stuff before to get to him, but she’s done.

Manuel announces Chivis’ return to the market and everyone applauds and whistles.

Tuesday 10/11/16 #58

Chivis thanks everyone for the warm welcome but, um, she actually needs to go take some stuff to AJ. Manuel insists on going with her, over Vicente’s objections. He’s got class later. Manuel swears he’ll be back in time.

Dom doesn’t think Manuel and Stella’s reconciliation looked like such a sure thing, but Stella’s prepared to be patient. Once Chivis’ husband gets out of jail and finds out she’s working here, surrounded by dudes, he’s going to drag her out by the hair.

Angie drops Lupita off at her class where that little twerp Luis, the some one from the party, laughs at her and calls her la hija del ladron. Pedro starts a fight with him and the teacher breaks it up and tells the lot of them this had better be the last time–they’re supposed to work out their problems by TALKING! Lupita thanks Pedro for defending her and gives him more kisses on the cheek than Pedro knows what to do with.

Trini goes to Benito for pastries and comfort. He starts talking about being more than friends and she gets all excited. And then he screws it up by saying he wants to be a friend to the entire family, like a godfather. Trini says he’s no Marlon Brando and walks out in a huff.

Chivis just dropped off AJ’s stuff. She didn’t ask to see him. I notice she’s wearing the earrings Manuel gave her the other day. Manuel flirts with her and gets her laughing. Rafael watches from his car.

Angie sneaks into Marge’s house to confront her about spreading gossip. Marge keeps insisting she didn’t do it–she showed up at school and everyone was talking about it already. Angie can’t believe she would do something to hurt Lupita.

Just because she can’t leave well enough alone, Marge decides to tell Angie that Benji is only going out with her because Marge asked him to. No, really, ask him. Before she wanted Benji to keep Angie away from Jorge but now…Angie took away the person Marge loved most in the world, so if she can’t be happy, she doesn’t want Angie to be happy.

Rafael’s suit is making my TV do strange things. It looks like AJ is having him place a bet for $10K. AJ’s convinced everyone in here loves him and he’s going to find a way to raise the $1M bail. And then he’s going to get Chivis back.

Rafael warns him that Chivis has a “friend.” Some neighbor of hers. He helped her with the girls and got her the job at the fish market. And he was just outside with Chivis. Oh, please! AJ can’t believe Chivis would ever go for a guy who sells fish! He tells Rafa not to worry about it, just keep placing those bets for him. He jokes that it would be awful if Rafa couldn’t get him out of here and Chivis married that guy with a shark on his truck. Hahahahahahaha! (Dumbass.)

At Manuel’s office, he manages to flirt with Chivis using the high cost of healthcare as a topic. Seriously. Because if she gets lovesick he won’t charge her for treatment. Chivis reminds him they’re supposed to be keeping their distance…

Just before Catalina walks in, babbling about how she’s so sorry about AJ! All their friends are talking about it! Chivis says they’re not her friends and she’s busy with work right now. She doesn’t have time to think about anything else with AJ in jail. She doesn’t want to talk about Manuel.

Cata changes the subject to the wedding next weekend. Chivis will send her some stuff–she knows how to manejar (use) Excel, right? Cata not-jokes that she only knows how to manejar (drive) her car and manejar (manage) her husband…and his credit cards!

Chivis isn’t amused and she doesn’t like Cata trying to bring the conversation back around to Manuel and what all their friends will think. From now on they’re only doing business by email!

Angie goes home and confronts Benji about what Margarita said. And he lies! He says Marge is lying, she’s “crazy,” and Angie shouldn’t let Marge ruin their relationship. Angie ends up apologizing for doubting him. They kiss and she invites him to stay for dinner, but he needs to go to class. (Really? Or does he still have other girlfriends on the side?)

Stella’s oddly feeling sick at the smell of fish. She wonders if she got out of the habit of smelling it. Speaking of being out of the habit…Dom and Poncho talk her into getting some chilaquiles or tacos. Stella agrees–screw the greens diet! She sends them out to get lunch in her car. She sees Chivis working on a quote for the wedding and insists Chivis let her take a look and give her better prices.

Don Ezequiel, the landlord, is in Manuel’s office. It’s time for the annual renewal of contracts and he wanted to come by early to break it to Manuel that this year, he’s raising the rents by 10%. If they can’t pay, he’ll kick them all out and tear the place down. He’s had an offer to build luxury condos. Manuel is sure this isn’t legal. He’s going to consult a lawyer and find out what their rights are.

Cata has been lurking around the market and now she runs into Ezequiel as he’s leaving. Oh great, they run in the same circles. She decides to talk smack about Stella and he gives her his card so she can call if she has trouble again. But he’s not worried about needing to kick her out–they’ll all be leaving. He’s had an offer to build luxury condos here. Cata gloats.

Dom and Poncho stock the fridge with food (and booze, it looks like) and start chowing down on some chips while Poncho continues talking about how he and Stella are going to end up together. Whatever, Poncho. Poncho suddenly worries about Francisco Javier II, or as he puts it “that mini crocodile.” Dom left him at the shelter.

Jorge comes by to check on Lupita and tell Angie he talked to Marge and she denied telling anyone. Yeah, about that…Angie’s starting to think Marge told the truth this time. Which doesn’t mean she’s not usually a liar–she told a pretty big one today, about Benji only going out with her because Marge asked. Jorge doesn’t know what to think. Marge is acting like a child. So, how’s Angie’s dad?

Majo visits AJ in jail. I can’t tell if she’s being genuine or trying to guilt him a little, but she talks about how hard this has been on her mom and how awful she (Majo) has been to Chivis and how she thinks she’s matured so much since everything happened. She knows her dad tried and tried to fix things and she’s here for him 100%. She really wants him to be at her wedding and walk her down the aisle. (So, um, subconsciously hoping he never gets out, then? Just saying….)

Angie guesses her dad is fine. She hasn’t seen him and she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want to forgive him. Would Jorge forgive his dad if he abandoned the family?

AJ’s sure he’ll be out soon and Majo says he can’t even imagine–they live nowhere near where they used to and Chivis is super disappointed in him. AJ knows. She even said she wanted a divorce. No, not while he was in jail, she told him one of the times he saw her before. Majo’s confused–she knows he left presents one time, but he visited other times? Sure, they saw each other three or four times.

Wednesday 10/12/16 #59

Majo’s upset Chivis didn’t tell them about the other meetings, but as AJ reminds her, if they had known they would have had to lie to the police about it. Now he starts working on gaining her sympathy about the divorce and digging for information. Does Majo think Chivis is really going to continue insisting on the divorce? Did she tell them why she wanted a divorce?

All of a sudden, Majo’s talking like she’s on her mom’s side. Can’t he imagine why she would want a divorce? After everything he did? Her mom’s way too busy for another guy. All she does is work. Oh, “Don” Manuel? He’s a friend of the family. He’s helped the girls with school and helped Chivis get her job. Oh, no, there’s no need for AJ to thank him personally, they’ve all thanked him a bunch.

AJ brags about how he’s going to be out soon and going to throw Majo the biggest wedding she can imagine and take them all back to their old house to live.

At least Jorge admits no one can say how they would behave until they’ve been in a situation. At the same time, he keeps trying to convince Angie not to be angry, everyone makes mistakes, she should focus on the fact that her dad’s still alive, he’s sure AJ loves his family. Angie doesn’t think what AJ did was just a “mistake,” he’s a criminal.

Angie sighs. Jorge’s so nice. How did they ever lose each other? Jorge reminds her he lives right next door if she ever comes to her senses.

Manuel gets the market vendors all riled up about fighting Don Ezequiel. Vicente read the rental contract and it’s not even up for another six months. Poncho tries to make a big speech about how that rich creep is making money off them, and they’re the ones who do all the work. It falls pretty flat.

Manuel talks about suing Don E if necessary, but Chivis is concerned–that can take a lot of time and money. Stella starts asking what side Chivis is on. Later, Chivis tells Manuel she knows rich people and this Don Ezequiel guy is bound to fight dirty–that’s what she was worried about.

Poncho visits the Gazebo of the Perpetually Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market to ask her to make him the new leader of the market and help him knock Manuel off his pedestal. Dom overhears and tells Poncho maybe he should try being more like Manuel. (Well, that would mean actually getting stuff done instead of whining about it.)

Marge is looking at old pictures of her and Jorge on her laptop when Benji tries calling. He leaves her a message telling her off for telling Angie about their plan. Marge calls him back and leaves him a message telling him it was pretty stupid of him to leave an incriminating message she can now play for Angie. “Anything else you’d like to add to your confession?”

Andres runs into Lucía at school. They talk about the scene at the church. Lucha gets where Majo’s attitude was coming from, but really, she doesn’t need to understand her as long as Andres does. Why does he tell her that he and Majo are getting married soon? I’m asking because I thought it was on hold again. And Lucha’s asking because all it does is piss her off when he talks to her about Majo.

Lupita and Pedrito do homework. Lupita’s determined to do well after her teacher defended her today. They talk about her dad and they both agree to pray for him so he can get out. Lupita thanks him again for helping her at school and says he’s the best boyfriend in the world! Pedrito is so not comfortable with physical contact!

In today’s episode of Don Benito Screws Up he keeps talking to Trini about her son-in-law the criminal and says in front of Lupita that he probably won’t be in jail long. Twenty years, maybe. (OK, so, let’s not upset Lupita, but at some point they have to stop acting like her dad’s going to be out of jail next week.)

It’s Lucha and Mauro’s turn to study. She’s having trouble concentrating. She admits that it’s because she talked to Andres and he said he was getting married. Mauro is annoyed–if she’s with him and she likes him, then she needs to quit being worried about what Andres is doing. He calls for an end to the study break and she teases him about being jealous.

Stella’s been really hungry all day and eating a lot. In the middle of a conversation about what to do about Don Ezequiel she starts getting some really obvious gas.

It doesn’t stop her from eating ice cream with the guys while they watch a telenovela…or as Dom calls it, a tele-cebolla (cebolla = onion, as in it’s making him cry). Stella gets nauseous at the mention of the word “onion” and goes running to the bathroom to throw up. Poncho thinks it’s all the food she ate. Dom thinks it’s something else. I’m with Poncho–don’t even be thinking it, Dom! Dom has Poncho make Stella some tea, but she can’t even keep that down before she’s running to throw up again.

Chivis gets called to a meeting with the school’s Vice Principal and Manuel invites himself along. Which is probably a good thing, because the Vice Principal is unhappy that no one mentioned that the girls’ dad was on the run from the law when they first got enrolled–and it was Chivis and Manuel both who were involved in that. What she wants to do about it isn’t clear, beyond gripe at them and say that while she knows Angie and Lupita are the ones who are the victims of “bullying” (which the subtitles are choosing to translate as “burla” “making fun of; making jokes about”) and she’s going to talk to the kids who are doing it, it’s nearly impossible to stop it if there really is a legal issue with AJ. Huh?

Vicente gets home from his first day back at school joking about how he doesn’t even remember how to hold a pen. Lucha isn’t worried about him–she knows he’s learned a lot working at the market and she has faith in him.

Really what he wanted to talk about is that Majo is living next door again. “Why does everybody insist on telling me about her?!” Lucha complains. He also wanted to tell her that Chivis is working at the market again.

Lucha thinks it’s time they had a talk with their dad and convinced him to stay away from Chivis now that her husband is back. Everyone knows they had a relationship and AJ has a lot of power. She doesn’t even want to imagine what would happen if he wanted to come after their dad.

Jorge comes looking for Marge and she hides and begs Don Benito to tell him she’s not here. He goes a bit beyond that and tells Jorge to leave Marge alone–she doesn’t deserve for him to keep hurting her. After Jorge leaves, Marge whines to him that there’s no one like Jorge and Angie “took” him and she’s a horrible flirt.

Chivis and Manuel get back to his office and after complaining about the VP at school, they move on to talking about AJ. Chivis is sure a lot of people are happy he’s behind bars. Manuel warns her she’s got a whole new fight now that he’s going to go to trial and they’ll find out all the things he did.

He starts flirting with her again, but Chivis isn’t in the mood with all that’s going on with her husband. “EX” he reminds her. As long as AJ is “ex” and not “in” he can handle it. What? Well, ex and in are opposites, right? Like the opposite of extroverted is introverted. And AJ is Chivis “ex” and Manuel is her “in…menso amor.”

Thursday 10/13/16 #60

Dom tries calling the doctor to tell him Stella’s not keeping anything down…then he promises a fridge full of seafood if he’ll come tonight instead of tomorrow…then Poncho threatens him and gets him to agree to show up tonight.

Stella says her goodbyes to Poncho and Dom before dying dramatically…or rather falling asleep dramatically and snoring. She still wants to say goodbye to Francisco Javier (II) though, she can’t possibly die when she knows her son has such serious behavior problems.

Poncho convinces Dom to go get FJII out of the shelter. They bring his tiny little carrier (one of my cats wouldn’t fit in that thing!) in all tied shut with belts and bungee cord and Stella says her goodbyes…but she wants them to open the carrier. They do, but FJ growls at her and bites her.

The doctor finally shows up, listens to Stella’s symptoms, and asks the obvious question–when was Stella’s last period? He’s recommending some routine tests, plus a pregnancy test.

Stella tells the guys about the doctor’s suspicions, but nah, no way. She hasn’t been with Manuel in forever. Suddenly, Dom remembers Esteban and now Stella’s freaking out! If she’s pregnant by that “wannabe” she’ll throw herself in the Atlantic! Dom suggests they do something practical–go get a test from the drugstore.

They all end up sitting around the coffee table watching the stick to see if it ends up with one line or two. Did nobody set a timer? The second line never shows up, but as Dom reads the instructions again, Stella starts feeling pukey. He mentions the margin of error and says she ought to go to a gynecologist anyway just to make sure.

Lucha and Vicente (mostly Lucha) catch Manuel as soon as he gets home and start talking to him about how they’re worried that Chivis’ husband isn’t going to take it well when he finds out his wife is seeing someone else. And Manuel can’t keep saying there’s “nothing ” going on, because Majo saw them kissing and Stella is spreading it all around the market.

Lucha doesn’t know what he would do, but she wants Manuel to be careful. She and Vicente are sure that now that their dad is back, the girls are going to want their parents to get back together. Chivis might have said she’s getting a divorce, but it’s a long way from saying it to doing it. Manuel can’t believe they’re making such a melodrama out of this, but Vicente corrects him–it was a melodrama before, but now it’s more like a horror film.

Manuel thanks them for their concern, but he just wants to focus on dealing with the drama at the market, which they now tell Lucha about.

Chivis is talking to Angie about taking turns with prison visitation, but Angie’s not interested. I wish everyone would quit trying to tell Angie to stop being so angry. Angie brings up all the ways he hurt everyone else, but Chivis wonders why she never talks about herself. OK, then, her dad disappointed her. She thought he was the most trustworthy man on the planet.

Chivis keeps trying to push the forgiveness angle and reminding Angie he’s her dad and she needs to stop punishing him. Angie asks about divorcing him, but Chivis says that has nothing to do with punishing AJ, it’s because she feels their marriage is over. Majo comes home, angry that Chivis didn’t tell them she’d been meeting with AJ.

Chivis doesn’t like Majo’s tone. And she didn’t “meet” with him, he followed her around and popped up randomly and she kept freaking out because the cops kept interrogating her every time. She didn’t know what to do.

Majo is angry that Chivis told AJ she wants a divorce and she wants to know if she also told him about Manuel. Chivis says she’s not getting a divorce because of Manuel–why would she have said anything about him to AJ? Well, Majo finds it suspicious that on her first visit to her dad, he wanted to talk about Manuel. He must have seen something when he was following her around.

Chivis admits he saw Manuel leaving the house once and he was jealous. An argument breaks out. Majo doesn’t like Chivis trying to act like Manuel is just “a friend,” Angie doesn’t like the way Majo excuses every crappy thing their dad did but goes after Chivis, and Chivis wants them both to butt out of her marital problems. Majo just wants to know one thing–what’s she supposed to say to her dad the next time he asks about Manuel? (Oh, I don’t know, how about “Why are you more interested in Manuel than in me?” Just a thought.)

Seriously, Majo wants to tell her dad about that one kiss she saw? What good would that do? But ok, if it will make her feel better, she can go right ahead. And what is Chivis going to tell him? Chivis says that’s her problem. What they need to focus on is how to help AJ and not whether he’s jealous.

Majo can’t believe they’re having this conversation when they were so happy a few months ago. Angie would rather be here and knowing the truth. Chivis says she needs them both and they have a little “We’re all in this together” moment.

AJ and his cellie make friends. Cellie mocks him for looking at a racing magazine–like that’s a way to make money. AJ tries to convince Cellie that if he helps him get out, he can help Cellie make even more money on the outside.

Benji goes over to Marge’s to try to convince her not to play that message for Angie. Then he changes his mind–Angie loves him and she’ll forgive him. Whatever. Marge is happy to cause Angie any little bit of pain she can. Benji starts trying to get Marge’s cell phone from her when Jorge walks in. Benji gives her a last warning about being sure about the “answers” she’s going to put on her “test” and making sure not to make a mistake.

Jorge wanted to apologize, because Angie said it probably wasn’t Marge who gossiped. Marge is tired of his apologies and of hearing about Angie.

Lupita wants to sleep in Chivis’ bed again. And she wants to talk about when she can see her dad. Chivis doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to go…but if Lupita writes down all the questions she has for her dad, Chivis will go and she’ll bring back all his answers. She’ll be like Lupita’s messenger.

AJ’s capture made the front page of the paper. It doesn’t give any additional information. I mean, ok, we get it, he embezzled, but I want the details! Pedro and Jorge rush to get to school before Angie and Lupita so they can defend them. Lucha’s off to school as well. And Vicente’s just hoping nobody next door has read the paper yet.

On today’s episode of Don Benito Screws Up…Benito comes over to tell Trini something very important. She thinks he’s talking romance, but he just wanted her to brace herself before he showed her the front page of the paper.

Stella has an appointment with the gynecologist and she wants Dom and Poncho to go with her. Dom gives her a hard time, but he eventually agrees. Stella’s just worried about getting bigger. Poncho’s all about how cute the baby will be. Dom scolds Stella for being so cranky. If it were Manuel’s baby she’d–

No, wait, forget he said that!

Too late. Stella’s got the idea already.

Friday 10/14/16 #61

Stella’s convinced if she unleashes the full force of her Stella-ness on Manuel she can get him back into bed and pretend she JUST got pregnant. (Well, sure, if she can keep from puking on him!) And if not, then she can convince him she was pregnant from the last time the had sex, months ago. By the time they’d be able to get a DNA test, he’ll be in love with her again and eating out of her hand. Dom doesn’t think this is going to work. I’m with Dom.

Trini visits AJ in jail. She shows him the front page of the paper and listens to his excuses and complains about how low the family has fallen. And then she says she’s here because this is serious stuff and she’s been defending him to Chivis since it started, but if he wants that to continue, he’d better tell her right now exactly what is going on.

And still he makes excuses and says vague things and if I had to read between the lines, I’d guess that he’s been using other peoples’ money to make risky investments for years and this is just the first time he’s gotten caught. Then he turns the conversation to Chivis wanting to leave him and that neighbor Manuel he’s been hearing about.

Oh, no, he’s not going to turn this around and talk smack about her daughter! She’ll have him know the only time Chivis has lied through this whole thing has been to protect him. Trini knows all about the time she had to hide him in their house. If he wants her help to convince Chivis not to divorce him, he’d better realize he’s the bad guy here, not Chivis.

Cata comes over to the office to hit on Manuel. She’s heard about his problems with Ezequiel and she came to offer her help, no strings attached. (Yeah, right.) Manuel turns her down, even when she tries to make it about all the other families besides his who could lose their source of income. And she’s offering to get Ezequiel off their backs for them. Nope, he’s still not buying it and he’d like her to leave because he’s got a lot of things to do today.

It’s about time for Dom and Stella to go to the market, but she gets hung up on arguing with Dom about Francisco Javier (II). Dom wants to take him back to the shelter, but Stella is convinced it’s her job as his mother to get him back on the right path. She’s sure she’ll have him behaving again before the baby arrives.

Two of Marge’s friends harass Angie at lunch. Their little coordinated finger snaps “loser” thing just makes them look ridiculous. Jorge snatches the paper out of one’s hand and gets rid of them before explaining to Angie that her dad was on the front page. Angie asks to see it.

Jorge takes it out of her hands when she starts crying and tells her not to give those creeps the satisfaction. He’ll stick by her the rest of the day to make sure they don’t bother her. And she doesn’t need to worry about Lupita–Pedrito’s not going to let anybody hassle his girlfriend! Angie’s suddenly reminded of how nice Jorge has always been, ever since he helped her with that suitcase full of Majo’s shoes.

Manuel calls Don Ezequiel, with Vicente, Dom, Stella, and Poncho in his office. Don E isn’t backing down, so neither does Manuel. He says they’re going to sue, but he mentions to the others that there’s one more thing to try before then and the lawyer thought it was a good idea. In the midst of all this, Poncho is still trying to act like Manuel 2.0, Now With More Political Slogans, but as Vicente points out, it’s not like he ever cared before about what was going on with the market.

On today’s episode of Don Benito Screws Up, Trini walks in while Benito is chastising Juanito for eating all the freshly-baked bread so he has nothing left to sell the viejas in the neighborhood when they come to buy. She asks if that’s how he talks about all the women in the neighborhood.

And then she gets her own spinoff because she asks why he’s watching TV in Spanish (Caso Cerrado)…he should be decent and put on something in English. (Well, high five to all us indecent people out there watching Spanish-language TV!)

Majo cleans the bathroom. Andres calls and she complains about cleaning the bathroom. He asks how the visit went with her dad and says he wants to go with her next time. Majo has barely gotten off the phone with him when Vicente texts her, wanting her to send a picture. Majo tries a couple of selfies, but she keeps deleting them. When Vicente asks why she texts him back that it’s not because she’s ugly it’s because she’s sad and she doesn’t want him to see her that way.

Manuel’s “Plan B” before he sues Don Ezequiel involves getting a news crew over to the market. Since all the market peeps are gathered outside, Vicente encourages Poncho to make a speech. (That’s not funny, Vicente.) Nobody listens to Poncho.

Manuel, of course, has no problem getting the crowd all riled up and cheering about how they’re not going to let their place of business be taken away from them. The local news guy runs a segment called “Ayudame, David” (which is apparently not really a thing, but the guy is legit) and he’s there to confront Ezequiel on-camera about trying to break the rental contract and tear down the market. Ezequiel rushes back to his SUV, telling David repeatedly to talk to his lawyers.

Chivis arrives as Manuel is thanking David and his crew for their help. And then David ends up interviewing Chivis live. Trini, who has gotten over her aversion to Spanish-language TV, is watching when it comes on and nearly chokes on her pastry. And then she faints.

Andres comes over and gives Majo some “good” news–he has their marriage license and they’ve got the church reserved and they’re getting married in a month. Majo does a terrible job of pretending she’s happy about this. So she whines about things having “changed” and how her dad really wants to be there and Andres blows his stack.

Marge listens to the recording of Benji again. She sends Angie an email telling her to listen to the “song” she attached, that Angie’s going to like it. Benji convinces Angie not to open it and just ignore Marge and block her and Marge will get bored and leave her alone. (OK, ignore her, but let’s be real–Marge isn’t going to leave her alone, no matter what.)

One of Vicente’s classmates starts flirting with him at school. He’s actually very charming about counting on his fingers because he forgot his abacus and simultaneously finishing his last semester of Kindergarten. She likes his sense of humor.

Rafael gets Chivis to meet with him in a public, well-lit place to tell her that there are more charges against AJ and he’s still trying to work on getting his bail lowered, but it’s not looking good. (Seriously, Rafa? I’m not even a TV lawyer, nor did I spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express, and I could have told you that.) Chivis doesn’t even know where they’d get bail money, but Rafa is totally willing to make a loan. Oh, hell no! Chivis isn’t racking up any more debt. The sleaze says they can work something out and slides his hand onto her leg….

OK, that’s it! Chivis hasn’t told AJ about him to keep the situation from getting any worse than it already is, but she’s done with that. He needs to know what kind of friend he has. Rafa threatens to abandon the case, and AJ, but Chivis doesn’t care. He asks if she’s also going to tell AJ about the neighbor who drives her to the prison in his truck and acts all lovey with her. Chivis calls him gross and Rafa laughs–he’s gross, but he’s indispensable! (Ugh! We’ll see about that!)

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