La Mujer del Vendaval Week of 12/13/16 #20-24

Tuesday 12/13/16 #20

Lencho does what his dad asked and points out the spurious connection between Alessandro’s arrival and the dead guy in the jail. After all, he’s not from here and none of them really knows him. Maria Laura pretends to agree with him.

Inés gets permission from Luciano to turn off that stupid recording that plays constantly in the hotel and replace it with ambient music. She mentions going home to eat with her son and Luciano complains that he never gets to see his kids.

Silvana scolds him for mentioning it to Inés, but he says it’s true–she and Cristian are more excited to see them than Alessandro or Nisa were. Silvana assures him Alessandro is out tracking down the necklace. Luciano complains that Nisa is at Isla Garza Blanca with Cuchi spending his money. She thinks it’s best not to raise a big fuss about it–Nisa’s not going to get pregnant and she’s very enthusiastic about her boyfriends, but she doesn’t fall in love.

Nisa goes looking for a likely spot to plant the necklace, but they saw her on the monitors and the security guy came out so see if she was ok. Nisa decides she’s leaving tomorrow.

Cristian tries to get Comandante Ramirez’ contact info for Alessandro, but Nestor doesn’t want to give it out without Luciano’s permission and Cristian doesn’t want to bother Luciano about this. Nestor mentions that his team is busy looking for a woman…er, women, that is. Some Romanian masseuses that Luciano wants to hire. Anyway, he’ll call Comandante Ramirez and give him Alessandro’s number.

Everyone’s waiting for Sagrario to get home to have lunch and they’re starting to worry about her. A car finally arrives. Sagrario walks in, in tears, moments before Severo comes in with Mike.

Severo tells the girls he’s her father and Maria Laura is quick to run to him. Alba and Marcela don’t even want to believe it’s him. Sagrario wants to explain, but first she asks Alessandro and Mateo to leave. Marcela has Rosa take Mike into the kitchen.

Sagrario is stalling on giving an explanation until Severo taunts her and Maria Laura tells her to respect her father. Why? Did he respect them when he screwed around with Nazaria? They cheated for years and ran off together. She never wanted the girls to find out how awful he was.

Even Severo admits it’s true–he and Nazaria “loved” each other. He blames it on Sagrario for not wanting to have sex. Marcela slaps him for saying he loved Nazaria. He says Demetrio threw them out. OK, fine, they left, but it was to live their love. Sagrario says he’s only back because of the reading of the will.

Marcela blames him for how much her father suffered. Severo lies about sending money and presents and letters to his daughters and Marcela. He says Sagrario did all this to get revenge. Sagrario insists he never wanted to know anything about the girls once he left.

Severo reveals that Sagrario used to call Nazaria regularly to tell her about Marcela. When Marcela gets angry at Sagrario, Severo keeps goading Sagrario, saying this is her fault.

Maria Laura doesn’t want to listen to Sagrario’s explanations, but Sagrario insists if she wants to take her father’s side, she’s going to listen to her first. And she’s not letting Marcela walk either. Severo can go.

So what’s left to say? The girls were so young when it happened that Sagrario didn’t know how to explain to them that their dad and Marcela’s mom had gone off together. She wanted to keep them form having to feel that pain. If she thought he would come back, she would have told them the truth.

Marcela wants to know why Sagrario even talked to Nazaria if she knew Nazaria had run off with Severo. Did her mother ever love her? Sagrario had hoped that being in the US, with all her money, Nazaria might have found a treatment for retinosis, but she never did. And Demetrio started drinking. She really has no idea if Nazaria loved her, but she liked hearing about her.

It was Sagrario’s idea that Nazaria should put that clause in the will that Marcela had to get married to claim her inheritance, so that Marcela would be taken care of.

Sagrario admits she screwed up, big time, but she never wanted to hurt them. Maria Laura is totally on her dad’s side. Alba is on her mom’s. Marcela wonders if any of the stories Sagrario told about Severo were true. Nope. Not a one. He wasn’t a good person at all. Marcela’s on Sagrario’s side, too.

Alessandro tries to talk to Mateo about how weird it is that a dead guy just walked in, but Mateo’s angry. Alessandro wants to know what his problem is. Nothing in particular, but Alessandro’s from the city and nothing good comes from the city. It’s only a matter of time before he pulls out his claws, and when that happens, Mateo is going to be here to defend his people.

Mateo goes out to his cabin, where he’s surprised to see Camilo. Camilo tells him about the job with Timoteo, working on stuff at his house. (Liar!) They bond over Camilo’s insistence that he loves Marcela and their mutual dislike of Alessandro.

Mateo gripes to Camilo about being treated like the help. Severo’s still more important than he is, despite all his faults. And BTW, he’s not dead.

Román gets drunk at the town bar and toasts to his own crappy luck.

Alessandro’s waiting out by the fountain when Marcela comes outside. He offers to leave, but she hugs him. Camilo watches from behind a tree and seethes. Marcela’s annoyed with herself for taking refuge in his hunky arms when she was raised to be “strong.”

OK, one thing at a time. Alessandro gets that that’s her not-dead uncle who showed up. Marcela adds that he was also her mother’s lover. And him coming back is stirring up a lot of memories for her and making her understand a lot of things she’d rather forget. Alessandro encourages her to forget the past, because she’s the one in charge of her fate.

Marcela gives him a grateful kiss on the cheek for listening to her and says they’re even now. Camilo keeps watching and fuming.

Alessandro busts Severo talking smack about Sagrario to Mike. When he introduces himself as Marcela’s husband, Severo thinks he’s Camilo. The rest of the family arrive and Severo introduces Mike, finally. Maria Laura gets all kids of excited over him.

Marcela takes an instant dislike to him and warns him he’d better not try to read that will in English. And she’s not a “Miss.” The only “Miss” in this house is Alba because she gives piano lessons. She’s Mrs. Marcela Morales de Casteló.

Hey, Mike’s cool with that, he just wants to get the will read ASAP and get back to New York. Maria Laura tries to talk them into staying, but Mike looks alarmed. If he doesn’t get back quickly he’ll have to charge a higher fee.

In that case, Marcela wants the will read tomorrow. She wants this over with, even if it means Severo and Mike have to stay at El Vendaval. Alba doesn’t want them to stay here, but Sagrario is happy to let Severo stay in her room.

Wednesday 12/14/16 #21

No, not WITH her, she’s leaving.

Marcela pulls Sagrario into the office to tell her she’s certainly not asking her to leave and this whole house would fall apart without her. And they all need her, even Maria Laura. It’s just one night, so they can get all this legal crap dealt with. Sagrario agrees, but in that case, Marcela’s going to have to do something about Alessandro or Severo and Mike will realize the marriage is fake.

Luciano does some paperwork and thinks about the revelation that Nisa and Cuchi were in the safe deposit box room. He asks Silvana to figure out if Nisa was at Isla Garza Blanca at the same time as Alessandro. Then he calls the beach house and asks the security guy to sneak Cuchi’s documents out of his room and send Luciano a copy. He suspects Cuchi of being part of “the gang” that stole the necklace.

Sagrario whines to Mateo about how she’s lost her daughters and they’re never going to forgive her. (Please, it’s just Maria Laura.) Mateo wants to take advantage of all the drama and just tell everyone they’re in love already. Sagrario wants to let things die down first. And, sure, Sagrario’s right–Maria Laura probably has been waiting all her life for this moment so she could tell Sagrario she’s a bad mother and leave–but she seems to have no clue that that’s a reflection on Maria Laura and not on her.

Marcela asks Alessandro to give up his room to Severo and Mike…and stay in her room. She needs him to seriously fake that they’re married. He gets all weird and asks if this isn’t the first time she’s lied about who she is. Marcela doesn’t understand the question. It’s not a lie, they’re married, and she doesn’t like having to put on a show, but she’s going to do whatever it takes to save the hacienda. “Including steal?” Including defend what’s hers.

She doesn’t know if her uncle is looking for a reason not to give her the inheritance, but he did run off with his brother’s wife (and his wife’s sister), so he’s not exactly trustworthy. Anyway, what does he say? Will he pretend to be married to her “hasta la herencia nos separe?” Not if she keeps making it sound like a business deal! But he’s been prepared to expect anything. Sure, he’s in. He’s just sorry it wasn’t a serious proposal.

And then he apologizes and she’s all “I don’t have a problem with you talking about sex. This is the country, not the 19th century!” She’d just rather he not keep acting like she’s doing this because she wants to. He tries asking “what if” they just ran into each other and didn’t know each other–could something have happened? He’s just asking. She just wants to impress on him that this marriage is purely for show–inside the bedroom and outside. OK, one last question–does he have to pretend her kisses don’t affect him?

Camilo’s still lurking outside and complaining about seeing Marcela “kissing” Alessandro “near the mouth.” Maria Laura tells him that doesn’t even count! So chill out! As for his plan to buy Marcela some impressive present, she approves.

Maria Laura starts sucking up to her dad and Mike. She called somewhere and ordered dinner and she’s arranging a tour for them tomorrow. Severo asks about Marcela’s husband–where did this guy come from? What happened to Camilo? Maria Laura’s only too happy to tell them Camilo ditched Marcela at the altar and put an ad in the paper for a husband so she could claim the inheritance.

So how much is this inheritance anyway? Is it enough to save the ranch? Because the ranch is totally broke. Mike’s the only one who knows exactly what Nazaria left behind and he hasn’t told anyone. Severo can’t figure out why things are going so badly. Ah, well, Demetrio gambled it all away (that sounds like BS to me) and drank all the time and…hey, wait, that means the whole thing is Severo’s fault! Maria Laura tells him not to worry. She won’t mention it to anyone but, um, she does hope it’s a very, very small inheritance. Severo tells Mike he likes knowing they’re all depending on him.

Just to clarify, Marla Laura makes it clear to Alba that she doesn’t really give a crap about their dad except for what she can get out of his wallet. She also shares Lencho’s suspicions about Alessandro being the one behind the attempted poisoning. She finds it suspicious how enthusiastic Alessandro was to marry Marcela when he has much more refined tastes…uh, because he’s from the city.

Marcela gives the hacienda kids pastries and sends them home. She offers Alessandro something to eat, since everyone missed dinner. He jokes that she’s trying to delay going to the bedroom. Marcela admits she’s nervous, not about that, but nervous that maybe the inheritance isn’t what she thinks.

Alessandro suggests, not that he knows much about business (*snort*), that maybe she needs to consider selling off part of the land rather than losing all of it. Marcela gets a little illogical and asks if he’s interested in buying. ‘Cause he keeps praising this hacienda and she knows it’s nice and all, but there are nicer places.

Sure, she’s paranoid, but how else is she supposed to be when it’s been one problem after another. And she just found out that instead of being ambitious her mom just ran off with her sister’s husband. She knows she’s taking her anger out on him and it’s not his fault. He jokes that he’s getting used to it.

Sagrario comes in and announces she’s already taken Alessandro’s stuff to Marcela’s room. He pulls Marcela into a hug. For practice, I suppose.

Nisa entices a bored Cuchi into the Jacuzzi with her and the security guy starts searching their stuff. He gets out and makes the copies without being caught, but when he comes to return the ID, Nisa busts him. He defends himself, saying her dad told her to, routine procedures…. She throws a tantrum and shoves him out of her room.

Don Timo is reading comics when Octavia calls to tell him she’s coming to down. She asks him to make her a reservation for the best room in the best hotel in town. (This oughtta be good….)

Amadeo comes to the bar, listens to Román’s whiny “I love you man! I’m not worthy! Just leave me here!” and drags his sorry ass home. At home, the whining continues until he says he killed a man. Having unburdened himself, Román passes out, leaving Amadeo wondering what the hell he was talking about.

Sagrario announces to Severo and Mike that the guest room is ready and she hopes they don’t like it so they leave sooner. Maria Laura freaks out when she hers Alessandro is staying in Marcela’s room.

Marcela tells Alessandro a little about the history of the hacienda–they used to grow coffee. She goes off to take a bath, leaving him to search the room again, but he remembers Cristian’s words. He’s not trying to prove her guilty, but prove her innocent.

She emerges from the bathroom in her blue dress with the silver mask that even I forgot was in Alessandro’s hotel room…until they show us she’s really in her pjs. She plans on sleeping in the bed with her shotgun. He can sleep wherever he likes–the tub, the floor….

The news that Alessandro’s in Marcela’s room spreads and causes another fight between Maria Laura (against)and Alba (for). I’m pretty sure “loseres” is not an actual word in Spanish but whatever, Maria Laura.

OK, ya, Alessandro draws the line at sleeping on the floor. He’s outta here. If she thinks that just because they share a bed that means he’s going to want more, then she’s never had a “real” man. If he’s going to sleep on the floor, he’s going to go choose the patch of floor where he sleeps.

Marcela reminds him they’re doing this for the benefit of her uncle and his lawyer. She asks him to stay.

Thursday 12/15/16 #22

Sagrario can’t believe she has to explain to Maria Laura why a married couple would sleep in the same room. She starts to let slip that she already told her dad and Mike they’re not really married, but Alba and Sagrario start to get angry, so she takes it back.

Alessandro asks permission to take a bath without her thinking it means he wants to make love to her. Fine, fine, but there’s no hot water because they shut off the water heater at night, and she knows he’s a city boy…. Alessandro angrily jokes city people like cold water, being extraterrestrials and all. And he wants the shotgun out of the room–she could be a sleepwalker for all he knows! And she’d better not try hiding it under the bed, either.

Marcela reads a nerdy agriculture book. Alessandro comes out of the bathroom and says that wasn’t “cold” water, it was freezing! The lights go out and Marcela shows off her backup plant–a gas lantern. There could have been a moment, but Maria Laura invaded and had her hands all over him before Marcela shoved her out of the room. Locks and heavy furniture, people!

Marcela and Alessandro try to get comfortable in the one tiny bed. I was sure at any moment either a hot bout of lovemaking or a fight over the pillows was going to break out, but no. By morning, they’re snuggling and slept in later than Marcela would like.

Alba noticed how late Marcela is up this morning and teases her about it not being the same sleeping alone as sleeping with someone. And hey, if Maria Laura says anything about Alessandro being the one behind the poisoning, just ignore her–Lencho’s putting ideas in her head.

Still, neither of them can help making some of the same connections–he’s new, they don’t know anything about him, he was awfully insistent on getting married, and yesterday he advised Marcela to sell part of the land. Alba still tries not to believe it, and besides they have other things to worry about first.

Octavia and Mauro show up and they’re horrified at the condition of the hotel, with its lack of a/c and its, uh, quaint rustic charm? I mean, it could have possibilities, but the owner doesn’t seem all that concerned with upkeep and the central courtyard is dominated by an overgrown garden of sorts that I’m sure is hiding a dead body in there somewhere.

Román doesn’t remember what happened last night, but Amadeo certainly remembered Román’s confession about killing a man and he wants to talk. Román claims it was a metaphor. He was thinking about how he used to be good as a kid and then he got drunk and he just meant he killed the old him and now he’s stuck with this new-not-improved him.

Amadeo’s glad to hear it, because he’d be the unhappiest guy in the world if his brother did anything so vile. Román answers the ringing phone and Eulogio’s on the other end, telling him to hurry up with the “job” they gave him. (In the background, Octavia’s arguing with the hotel owner about not wanting to hand over her credit card. This place has a card reader?)

*sigh* The hotel has rats. One rat, anyway. Octavia locks it in the bathroom and cries.

Alessandro comes into the kitchen with a ladder, telling Sagrario he fixed that loose cable, like she asked. She’s apparently been asking Mateo to do it forever. When Mateo comes in Alessandro says he just has the ladder because he’s a stupid city boy–he brought it so Mateo could fix a loose cable for Sagrario. Oh. Right. The loose cable. Yeah, Mateo’s totally going to get right on that.

Mike and Maria Laura come in. She’s practicing her “English,” or rather, her Spanish with a horrible American Mike-ish accent. Mike eats a chile. It’s hot. Everyone but Maria Laura gets a laugh out of his reaction.

Maria Laura lobbies for breakfast outside, like Mike told her all New Yorkers have in Central Park, but Marcela says he’s not a guest and they don’t need to cater to his whims. He’s there to do a job. Which will get done when, by the way? Severo enters and says they can read the will now if she wants, and find out whether Nazaria left her enough to save the ranch. But she’s got a requirement to fulfill. Marcela claims she did, but Severo grins and says she did it with a “false” marriage. He found out about the ad in the paper.

Nu-uh! Their marriage is totally real and they have the certificate to prove it. Mike agrees they’re going to need a copy. And also, Marcela needs a lawyer present. Alessandro says he’ll get one. And now Severo and Mike are off to have breakfast elsewhere. Preferably somewhere with weefee. Mike, exasperated, tells Severo it’s WI-FI and he should quit mangling the language of Shakespeare and Mickey Mouse. (Please tell me this guy is going home soon.)

Maria Laura swears she didn’t tell her dad anything! She has no idea how he found out! Oh, whatever. At least they aren’t going to have to look at Severo and his stupid smug face all through breakfast. Plus he’ll have to eat Maria Laura’s cooking and as Alba once told Amadeo, she can’t even make café con leche. Maria Laura starts bugging Marcela about what happened last night in bed and starts warning her that Alessandro could have STIs and he should get tested. (Which isn’t bad advice, but coming from Maria Laura…ugh!)

Nisa and Cuchi get back to the Toscana. She sounds like she’s still having the same tantrum as last night, how dare her dad, blah blah blah. And she’s sure he suspects them of stealing the necklace, so they have to find Marcela before he does. She asks Inés for her room key, but Inés informs her that Cuchi isn’t allowed in the hotel.

Luciano and Silvana are arguing about whether the Eggs Benedict in the hotel are up to snuff (Silvana) or not (Luciano). Luciano is dying to talk to Alessandro and frustrated about his “investigation.” They’re interrupted by a loud banging at the door.

It’s Nisa, coming to inflict her tantrum on its alleged source. How dare her daddy keep her Cuchi out of the hotel! Uh, because he’s her dad and it’s his hotel. Anyway, Cuchi’s bad news and thanks to the ID his security guy “stole” and scanned for him, now he knows that.

By the way…what was Nisa doing on Isla Garza Blanca at the same time the necklace was stolen and where did she stay? Because no one saw her at the beach house. Ummm…she was staying with the Mortons on their yacht and that’s how she met Cuchi. He gave them diving lessons.

Nisa has had enough of her father’s distrust and she’s leaving! No, like seriously leaving! Like now! (Don’t let the door hit you….)

Mauro and Octavia leave the hotel in search of Timoteo. He inflicts a tour of the town’s “historic” district on them. In the back of the Timomobile. With Timo narrating over loudspeaker.

Cristian (because what other lawyer would Alessandro call?) arrives just in time to see this bizarre spectacle and questions his own sanity.

Amadeo arrives for his piano lesson and Alba ends up crying on his shoulder about her not-dead dad. Hey, if she needs his hankie, his shoulder, his ears, they’re all hers. And then Cristian arrives with all his pretty words about Alba being his favorite pianist and having her notes in his head since he left and joking about “good lawyers” not existing. And now it’s Amadeo who needs the hankie.

Let’s see how long Maria Laura’s patience holds out. She delivers her burned breakfast to her dad and Mike outside and gets a scolding for giving the “wrong” information. All Alessandro and Marcela had to be was legally married and they are. Severo asks for some mermelada de arándanos (cranberry jelly?) and Mike chimes in with a request for strawberry. And then makes fun of Maria Laura for not being able to pronounce it. She wanders off and says to herself that they’d better quit treating her like the maid.

Camilo gets her attention to tell her he has Marcela’s present–he wants Maria Laura’s help getting Marcela to meet him somewhere away from the house. That’s going to be difficult, what with the will being read today. But she thinks there’s still a chance for Camilo if he gives Marcela his present before she spends another night with Alessandro. That’s right, ANOTHER night.

Friday 12/16/16 #23

Nuria, Cristian’s we-don’t-know-what-yet, is nearly done with her cancer treatment and looking forward to going back to Mexico and surprising him.

Cristian brought Alessandro one of them fancy city-boy/rich-people cell phones that allegedly gets better reception. And now they’re just waiting for Mike to be done with breakfast so they can read the will. Maria Laura’s decided that if Cristian is as rich as she thinks Alessandro is, she’s putting him on her Husband List as option 2. (I guess she’s gone off Mike.)

So, the muddy-looking river Timo shows Octavia and Mauro is the infamous hot spring? Huh. It doesn’t strike me as the kind of place Octavia would be so obsessed about. Camilo wanders over and Timoteo introduces them. There’s a vibe between Camilo and Octavia. For all his “nobody loves Marcela like I do” he has no problem gossiping to them about the return of Severo.

Timoteo hurriedly gets rid of Camilo and Camilo goes off to “have a bath” before work…he means right now, in the water, in full view of July and Octavia, who are greatly enjoying the view. July takes off for a swim of her own while Timoteo gives Octavia and Mauro the short version of the Morales family saga.

Timoteo knew that the story about Severo being dead was a lie, he just never expected him to come back. He doesn’t know if this is going to affect Octavia’s plans, but he does warn her that Severo’s ambitious. And also Severo is Lencho’s godfather.

Before Mike reads the will, he warns Marcela that her mom put a lot of personal stuff in it. Marcela tells him to get on with it. She doesn’t even kick Rosa and Mateo out of the room this time. Mike gets another crabby reminder from Marcela to read the damn thing in Spanish. It sounds like he’s translating on-the-fly. Did nobody think to bring a translator? Is this guy actually a lawyer?

Nazaria pretty much knew Marcela would still be angry at her when the will was being read. Excuses, excuses, blah, blah, blah, Severo was the love of her life, she knows her decision hurt everyone, blah, blah, blah, don’t let your happiness go. Severo has actually heard this part of the will, since she dictated it to Mike, IN SPANISH, right in front of him. And yet Mike gets all choked up reading, but Severo looks bored.

Mike suggests a break…for Marcela’s sake. Whatever, Mike. She tells him to keep going.

Severo gets the apartment in Manhattan and some treasury bonds, which Mike mistakenly translates as bonos del tesoro, which would be more like bonuses of treasure. Maria Laura perks right up at that.

Nazaria would have left something to Sagrario and her daughters, but she wants her entire life savings to go to Marcela. Mike bursts into tears again. Even Cristian and Alba scold him for that. And it turns out Mike’s an actor, which I call BS on, because if he is, he should be doing a better job of acting like a lawyer!

Anyway, Marcela gets all the money because Nazaria was sure Marcela would use it wisely and take care of her aunt and cousins. There are three accounts at different banks and he has the paperwork for those.

Marcela hands them to Cristian, who looks them over and flips out. Have they already paid the inheritance tax? Because it’s just $15K. Severo is working way too hard to keep his face neutral. Cristian is sure there’s a mistake–the way Nazaria wrote up the will this isn’t what he would have expected to find. Severo blames it on the medical bills for Nazaria’s illness. Uh huh, and yet there were treasury bonds left over?

Marcela walks out, angrily, refusing to let Alessandro say anything to her about Cristian checking into things. When she’s gone, he tells Sagrario (and everyone else) that the amount isn’t anywhere near enough to wipe out El Vendaval’s debts. (Dude, yeah, check Severo’s pockets for the rest.)

Mike and Severo walk out and Alessandro goes to chase after Marcela. Cristian fake-casually asks if they don’t have something they could sell. Some jewelry maybe? According to Alba all Marcela has is a gold bracelet her dad gave her for her fifteenth birthday. Maria Laura scoffs that it’s only gold-plated, at that.

Nisa calls down to the front desk, where Cuchi’s making a big scene, and asks to speak to him. She tells him she’s leaving this horrible hotel where they’re treated horribly and going to live with him. They don’t need her family’s money! All they need is their love! They’re not letting her family stomp on their dignity!

Luciano finds Nisa packing and demands that Silvana yell at her! Before she can do that, Nisa screeches at them that instead of investigating HER MAN they should be looking into that Marcela chick. Ummm…yeah, Alessandro told her about Marcela.

Silvana turns on Luciano–did he investigate Marcela after they promised Alessandro could have two months? She doesn’t know how it works with the Castelós, but the Berrocals (her family) treat promises like they’re sacred. Nisa wonders about Alessandro’s personal investigation, but nobody answers her.

Nisa can’t wait to tell Cuchi they have a new way to find “that thief.” Um, dear, that would be you, remember? Instead she finds Cuchi snogging a lifeguard on the beach. He told the lifeguard that Nisa was his cousin and she didn’t like men. (How does the lifeguard not know who Nisa is?) And no, they didn’t just meet today–they’ve been seeing each other for a month. Nisa tells him to get lost NOW and throws his wallet at him.

Nisa runs back to her room for a good cry while remembering all the good times with Cuchi. Silvana finds her and thinks she’s crying about leaving. Nisa tells Silvana she’s not leaving ever. Cuchi’s been cheating on her for a month. Silvana consoles her, while sending up a silent high-five to the heavens.

Román apologizes to Huracán before poisoning his water. Eulogio finds him later in town to make sure he did the job…himself. Eulogio gloats to himself that Román can’t imagine the errands that await him.

Amadeo gets back to the ciber-panadería and cries over Alba and the way she’s never going to pay any attention to him–she deserves better (aw, Amadeo!)

Even Maria Laura thinks this will was a lot of fuss over nothing. Either that or she’s agreeing with Cristian to get on his good side before she fishes for information about him. Sorry, Maria Laura, but he’s just a regular guy with a job and a mortgage who rarely travels.

Marcela goes to her father’s grave to apologize for asking so many questions about her mom and for not being able to save El Vendaval like she promised. Alessandro knew she’d be there. He came to tell her he supports her and her mom was right about one thing–happiness is a splendid and elusive bird. He doesn’t want his happiness to escape. He grabs Marcela for a searing kiss and that mysterious wind starts knocking the leaves off the trees.

The moment is married by the arrival of Timo, et al. Octavia sneers at the show, but Mauro seems to be enjoying it. Octavia doesn’t think Alessandro ever kissed Damiana like that–not even on the day of their wedding.

Marcela breaks away and starts blaming herself for snogging him when there are more important things going on. She borrows his fancy cell phone to call the house and get Sagrario to assemble the family. She tells Alessandro some people were born to be happy, but she’s not one of them.

Alessandro chases her all the way back to the house. He can’t believe she won’t talk about the kiss! It’s not like he goes around kissing people every day! OK, fine, he’s a good kisser…a really good kisser…but once they stopped kissing she was back in her same old life (I can think of a solution for that…) and the only hopes she had of saving her ranch just evaporated. She has a family to take care of and she’s going in there to talk to them.

Alessandro lurks outside the kitchen while Marcela tells the family she’s selling El Vendaval.

Saturday 12/17/16 #24

Nobody likes that idea, except Maria Laura, but Marcela doesn’t see what choice they have. Wait for the bank to come drag them out of there and take the ranch? If she can find a husband with an ad in the paper, she can sell off this ranch. Great, terrific, and then they can pay off the bank and move to a big house in the city. Seriously, Maria Laura? Marcela says she’s sticking around–she’s not going to dig her dad up and move him and she’s not leaving him behind.

In the back of the Timomobile, Octavia tries having a whispered conversation with Mauro about her suspicions that Luciano must be behind Alessandro marrying Marcela, but Timo keeps butting in.

Cristian joins Alessandro in the hallway and hears Maria Laura screeching about Mateo daring to offer an opinion when he’s not part of the family. Alba tells Maria Laura to go hang out with her dad if she hates the rest of them so much–she’s the only one happy with what’s happening. Maria Laura takes her up on it and Cristian and Alessandro duck around the corner to avoid her.

Mateo’s idea is to sell part of El Vendaval, but Marcela refuses–either they save it all or they lose it all.

Nisa has decided to become a nun. “But, honey, you don’t even go to church!” Silvana ‘s upbringing was so strict she always told herself she’d never raise her own daughter that way. Now she thinks it was a mistake. “If you’re strict with me do you think I can find a guy as fabulous as my dad?” Fabulous? Oh, no, Silvana warns her Luciano is normal, just as normal as any man.

Nisa assures her mom that she’s never loved anyone the way she loved Cuchi, though she knows Alessandro would say she says that about all her boyfriends. Speaking of Alessandro, she keeps trying to call him and he’s not answering his cell phone. Nisa knows he’s investigating “that woman” and Silvana tells Nisa to leave him alone while he does that.

Inés meets with Luciano about the cameras for the pool area. They’re stuck in customs. Octavia, Mauro, and Cristian are all out of the hotel, so Luciano complains he’ll have to deal with it himself. At least Nestor calls to say he has information for him. Luciano summons him to his office to share it in person.

Inés goes on to tell Luciano there’s a problem with the bathroom in the gym. She wants to fix something, but he doesn’t like things “fixed” around the hotel, he likes them replaced. She gets permission to do whatever she thinks is best, as long as he can’t tell it’s not new.

After Inés leaves, Luciano gets a call from a woman named Valeria, some ex who knows damn well he’s never loved anyone else more than her. She heard he was in Mexico and got nostalgic. Luciano says it’s too bad that they’re both married and she’s in Buenos Aires. Ah, but that can change. All of it can change. Anyway, she just wanted to hear his voice.

Valeria has a brother named Emiliano. He noticed she was on the phone and wants more details. She puts him off, talking about a moving company giving her half off their price, calling to say goodbye to her trainer, and giving the downstairs neighbor her keys.

Silvana knows Luciano loves Nisa. He’s just lousy at expressing his feelings. Nisa wants an apology from her dad for the way he talked to her, but Silvana says she’d have a better chance of winning the lottery. And Nisa’s like a female version of him. If he doesn’t scream at her the next time he sees her, she might as well consider that an apology. Silvana makes Nisa promise to behave herself.

The “tour” of San Bartolo and the surrounding areas ends up at Timo’s office, where he hypes the town with the help of a couple of folklorico dancers and his own lyrics to La Bamba.

Octavia and Mauro are impatient to get the information they actually came for, like the amount of that inheritance! Octavia wants Timo to find out if not-dead Severo owns a part of the ranch. If she can buy his part, she can maneuver Marcela into selling hers.

They try to make their escape now, but Timo presents Mauro with a sombrero and Octavia with a headdress of penachos (feathers). And then there’s a poetry recitation.

Alessandro wants Cristian to investigate the inheritance when he gets back to the city. He’ll do it, but he’s still convinced Marcela stole the necklace. Alessandro isn’t–he’s looked everywhere and if she had it, she’d sell it to save the ranch. Cristian says she’d need time and contacts, and a woman like Marcela doesn’t have contacts. (And yet she’s supposed to be part of some ring of experienced thieves, so which is it?)

Maria Laura gets into yet another argument about treating Mateo like part of the family. Sagrario finally tells the others to clear out so she can talk to Maria Laura alone. Maria Laura doesn’t give a crap what kind of person her father is, she only cares that he has money. She hated being the poorest one at school and always hoped her mother wouldn’t show up and embarrass her. Sagrario loses her cool and slaps Maria Laura, who just gets even uglier about wanting to go off with her father. (Good luck with that.)

Cristian really thinks it would be a better idea to have a PI look into things, maybe the one who found Marcela in the first place. But no, Alessandro is determined to DIY it. He still wants to talk to Comandante Ramirez. Well, he called Cristian and Cristian had him look into Don Timo, but he said he’s clean. And the dead drunk guy was from a neighboring town and had no family. Also, Alessandro needs to watch out because Luciano is also investigating Marcela.

Luciano is contemplating Valeria’s call when Nestor arrives with his news. He found Marcela and Alessandro married her. He was able to find her because of Cristian’s request to look into Timo. San Bartolo is on the bus line that Marcela took. He sent someone out there and they came back with a copy of the marriage certificate . Just in case Luciano wasn’t sure it was the right Alessandro, Cristian signed as witness.

Severo tries to talk to Alba, but she’s in no mood to forgive him after he abandoned them and never bothered coming back.

Cristian sees her crying and tries to cheer her up with flowers from the yard and a hug.

Severo and Mike are patting themselves on the back. Severo removed a few zeros from the money that was supposed to be Marcela’s. Hey, it was his responsibility to correct Nazaria’s error–she should have left the money to him in the first place. I’m still not clear on whether Mike is a lawyer, and actor, or both, but at least now we know he’s a creep.

Mike can’t wait to get back to New York, but Severo has decided he wants to stick around, reunite with old friends, and prove to his wife that he still controls her.

Camilo’s got his mind on the “present” he’s giving Marcela later. Part of it involves getting Huracán all bathed and groomed…instead he finds Huracán dying.

He runs for Mateo’s house, where Mateo has been moping with his parrot, to tell him about Huracán.

Nisa comes into her parents’ room, looking for Silvana to console her. She got depressed about Cuchi again. Alessandro finally gets a call through and Nisa answers. She begs him to tell her where he is!

Silvana, meanwhile, is in Luciano’s office. He angrily presents her with the copy of Alessandro’s marriage certificate.

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