Tormenta de Pasiones Monday 1/02/17 #90


It’s a new year for us, but the same old Tormenta. The cops roll up at Cemile’s house looking for Osman, but since he’s not there, they’ll take Cemile instead. Cemile and her factory key. Ayca already gave her statement and she said Osman did it, so he’s officially accused of killing Mithat.

Osman gets there just in time to see his mom getting into the back of a police car. He runs away from the house.

Arif is watching from upstairs while the neighbors gather in the street. The cops are there to search Cemile’s factory, which should take about thirty seconds given its size. The cops even searched Kemal’s house. I applaud them for inconveniencing Neriman. When Cemile finally arrives, the cops try to get the crowd to disperse. On Drama Street? Good luck with that.

Casa Soner

Soner’s in a good mood this morning and he’s hungry. Nasli scolds him–she told him to hire a cook! She can’t do everything by herself! Ah, but Soner loves her cooking. “I made empanadas.” “See! You know my tastes even better than I do!”

Bahar comes out of her room with an epic hangover. She can’t remember everything that happened and hopefully asks Soner if she hit Filiz. He’s sure she would have if he hadn’t dragged her out of there. He laughs at her for saying Filiz bugged him. “You bugged her more, cariño.”

Did he just…? OK, I mean, I’m generally in favor of them getting together, but that came out of nowhere.

Soner can’t stop laughing about it!

The cops come in to search the house for Osman. Suleyman already told them he isn’t there, but they insist. He whispers to Soner that they’re saying Osman killed someone. Soner tells Bahar to go up and check on Deniz. So much for empanadas. Soner lost his appetite. He and Suleyman are just waiting for the police to finish their search before they go find Cemile.

The search: Family edition

The factory employees are stuck waiting outside until the search is done. Cemile almost stumbles out of the factory after the police, still dazed. One officer tells her she’d better have Osman turn himself in. If Mithat’s friends find him first, they’ll kill him.

Cemile’s in no mood to deal with Neriman and her insinuations this morning. Once Nimet gets the ok, she tells the rest of the workers to head inside. Cemile looks up at Arif standing in the street and starts to sniffle. She says she’s going home and Arif offers to go with her. Neriman and her buds act like Cemile’s off to do something illicit with Arif. (They’re walking down a public street, creeps!)

Ahmet, Soner, Suleyman, Berrin, and Mete hang out in the living room while Hasefe looks out the window at Cemile and Arif approaching the house. She rushes to open the door, but Cemile’s saying her goodbyes to Arif. The entire family comes outside to watch. Suleyman sizes Arif up through the window. Cemile invites him up, but yeah, I wouldn’t go in there either!

As Arif walks away, I can see him scanning the sides of the road.

While the family gets caught up on the searches, Suleyman’s mind is indeed on Arif. He asks if the man who walked her home is trustworthy. Cemile explains he’s their renter and Ahmet vouches for him.

Arif may not have been looking for Osman so much as looking for a place where he could keep an eye on the house.

Bahar pounces on Soner as soon as he gets home. He tells her Cemile is sad and Osman is nowhere to be found. There’s a witness who says he did it and the whole thing is political. The victim’s friends are looking for him too. Team Osman has to find him before the police or Mithat’s friends. He’s got Suleyman working on it.

“Is that going to be enough?” Soner chuckles. “If you knew Suleyman better, you wouldn’t ask that question.”

From his vantage point near the house, Arif sees some of Mithat’s buds sneaking up and planning to get to Mete if they can’t find Osman. They split up to surround the house, guns drawn. Arif knocks one out with a branch, then a second. The third one sneaks up behind him, right near the house, and puts a gun to his head.

Mete prepares to leave the house.

Pip squeak #3 tells Arif to turn around slowly, but he ends up getting knocked out by…ta-da! Suleyman!

“You don’t have to turn around if you don’t want to, but if you do, I want you to know it’s an honor to meet you.” They shake hands and introduce themselves just before Mete walks out the front door and wonders why they’re there. Cemile notes the body on the ground just as two cars pull up. Guys pour out and Suleyman instructs them to take those boys back to the one who sent them and tell him Suleyman sends his greetings and he won’t be so tolerant next time.

The story, when Mete asks, is that Arif and Suleyman were walking and they saw three strong, handsome boys with slightly bad intentions, so they asked them not to walk in the same place. They understood and left. Arif warns Mete to be careful, as does Cemile. Suleyman cheerfully calls up to her not to worry, everything is fine!

Mete heads off in the love bug and Suleyman says he heard Arif was a poet. Arif: “I heard that too.” Suleyman modestly says he writes songs and “likes” music. They’d like to jam out sometime. (Dudes! Bring it!) Suleyman talks about how his dad liked classical music, but he was more into rock.


Bahar accompanies Deniz while she sings for Soner. I’m pretty sure I caught a “meow, meow” in there 🙂

Filiz arrives. She opens her mouth and sounds come out. Bahar glares. They’re meeting with the architects, but Filiz wanted to go over some stuff first. Soner asks Nasli for some tea and on her way to the kitchen the phone rings. It’s a phone call from Bahar, someone calling about Seda. Whatever Filiz has to say that’s so damn important, Soner asks her to wait so he can listen to the the phone call.

Seda is sick and Bahar wants to go visit, which is basically fine with him, but he’s going out and Suleyman’s out being a badass…Deniz volunteers to stay with Nasli…Soner still seems reluctant to let Bahar go out alone, but ok. She thanks him for permission and says she’ll be back soon.

Filiz praises Soner for being so concerned with the people around him. He was the one who wanted to have some tea first before they went out to do whatever, but suddenly he’s ready to leave and get it over with before Filiz has even drunk her tea. She’s going to let him drive her car. I glare in her general direction, as does Nasli.

Filiz is frustrated that after he said they were in such a hurry, now he wants to pick Bahar up and drive her to wherever she’s going. He orders Bahar into the car and she squeezes into the tiny back seat, to Filiz’ displeasure.

Things just keep getting more and more awkward. Soner pulls up at Seda’s place and that creep Ziya pulls up right behind Filiz’ car, so Soner drives off again. Bahar’s just going to have to come with them to the meeting and they’ll visit her friend after. Filiz can’t even call him nuts before Soner says he is. Off balance. Brainless. Yep, yep, he is. Bahar’s making a face like she realizes Soner is completely stealing her schtick.

Bahar is a distraction at the meeting, getting bored and knocking over books. Soner asks her to come over and give her opinion on social activities for kids. She suggests a dance studio and a stage and Soner laughs and says “You heard her. I want that.” (Must be nice to be rich!) Filiz makes a sour face.

Bahar and Soner visit Seda. She has a cold and she thinks it’s silly they made all this fuss over her. The landlady’s been keeping an eye on her. When Soner and Bahar get ready to leave, Seda asks Bahar to hand her an orange so she can whisper that Soner doesn’t seem cranky to her and he’s hot! Bahar slips her some cash since she knows Seda won’t be able to work. And Soner just smiles indulgently from the hallway.

They’re catching a taxi when Ziya shows up and they both tell him Bahar doesn’t want to talk to him. Of course Soner feels like he gets to say something–Ziya used him and used his most precious memories to get to Bahar. He backs off when Ziya says he loves her, but Bahar isn’t budging. Even when Ziya says the house he was building for them is finished.

Back at Soner’s, Bahar feels bad about getting him involved in her personal problems. He doesn’t mind. Plus, as far as he’s concerned, a man keeping a woman from walking away in his presence is personal.


Osman calls Cemile at home to tell her he didn’t kill Mithat. He came home, but he saw the cops and left. Cemile wants him to go tell the police the truth, but he doesn’t think she or Mete can get them to listen to him. He wants her to tell Arif to meet him at a construction site in Alibey at one. Cemile grabs her stuff and runs out to tell Arif and Suleyman about the call. Arif and Cemile go, but they leave Suleyman behind.

Cemile and Arif take a taxi to the place Osman mentioned, but there’s a walk downhill and things are a little slippery and Cemile ends up holding Arif’s hand and hey, who could blame her?

Cemile and Arif make it to some building that looks more “abandoned” than “under construction.” Arif gets a fire going from the random stuff lying around and the matches Cemile’s carrying.

By the time Osman shows up, Cemile and Arif have fallen asleep. The police followed him there, so they have to leave. They run out the back, but from the fire the police can tell they were just there. Cemile can’t handle all this running around uphill and wants to give up, but Osman refuses to leave her behind. He and Arif help her struggle the rest of the way to the road where Suleyman rides in on his white horse to save the day. Well, ok, it’s more of a nondescript sedan with Soner in the passenger seat yelling at them to get in.

When they’ve gotten away, they stop to try to plan things. Soner and Suleyman agree Osman can’t turn himself into the police and he can’t be out on the street. He can’t stay at Cemile’s or Soner’s or Berrin’s. Suleyman thinks he can get him out of the country. Arif offers to let Osman hide at his place. He has an escondite (hiding place).

Cemile’s a little confused. She lived in that house for years…. Arif takes them back to the house and shows them. When he was remodeling he made a way to get into the space between the hall closet and the stairs. “It’s an old habit.” Mete crawls in and out and says five men could fit in there. But how to get him in?

First off, Cemile lets her workers off early. Then she, Mete. Soner, and Suleyman all wait and watch while a large box is delivered to Arif’s house. He’s not even there, he’s down at his store. He and the delivery guy bring the large box inside. A large box containing a folded up Osman. Cemile thanks Soner and Suleyman for setting this up, but Soner thinks it’s his duty.

Cemile, Mete, and Hasefe go visit Arif’s house. They all head upstairs and Hasefe greets him with “Come here, you bad boy!” She squeezes him too hard. Mete brags that he made the meatballs and potatoes with his own hands.

While Cemile and Hasefe start putting food on the table, Mete asks Osman who killed Mithat. He doesn’t know. (Oh, come on , Osman! You can guess!) He has the gun, though, and Arif thinks they need to hold on to it until they need it for the trial. It’s their only proof.

Osman apologizes to Mete for all the crap he’s put him through. Including breaking up with Ayca. But he knows Ayca still loves Mete. She told him. I can’t believe they’re having this conversation right now. Seriously, dudes.

As Osman chows down on meatballs and fries he ponders the way they’re not just meatballs. They’re meatballs his mom made. No matter how many hundreds of meatballs he’s eaten in other places, his mom’s are more delicious. They’re made by her own hands, which gives them their flavor. Meatballs and fries made by mom are his favorite meal. (That is both the an incredibly mundane and an incredibly profound observation.)

The next day Osman reads Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot. Arif is on his way out. He asks if someone was with Osman during the fight. He claims no one was with him, but Arif mentions the trail of blood. And Osman isn’t injured. Osman sticks to his story. Arif does that mind-reading thing and asks if maybe Halit is the one who shot Mithat. “Probably.”

Arif goes down to Halit’s workroom, but now there are new renters. His house is up for rent too. A neighbor helpfully tells him not to bother–they won’t rent to a single man.

Cemile sees Arif on the street and tries to pretend there’s nothing going on, but the gossips notice her talking to him…and handing something to him. “Neriman was right!” She heads off to visit Zehra while the gossips call her shameless.


Bahar and Deniz are walking along, singing and wearing awesome hats when Ziya shows up. Dude, you do NOT want to get on Deniz’ daddy’s bad side! He starts freaking out Deniz with his attitude and insists they take her home, but damn she does NOT like the idea of getting in that man’s car. There are matching mittens.

No! You cannot drop her off down the road! She runs right inside and tells her dad what happened and he goes to chase after them.

Ziya takes Bahar to the house he built. All she has to do is say “yes” and they’ll start their life together. Soner arrives and Ziya dares call him rude. (You kidnapped his daughter, dude. Shut up!) He pulls out a ring and proposes to Bahar. Well, at least this time he’s legally available. Soner awkwardly walks away, but Bahar’s all “You’re going to leave me here?” She tries to go with Soner, but Ziya grabs her and accuses her of playing with him. (THE…F…YOU WERE MARRIED! MARRIED! AND YOU LIED! YOU DO NOT GET TO MAKE THAT ACCUSATION!)

Soner starts a fight with him, but Bahar still thinks if she can just get Ziya to listen to her he’ll back off. She tells him again that it’s over, she’s over it, and he needs to let her go. At least this time he does let her walk to Soner’s car. But then he accuses Soner of being in love with her. In response, Soner punches his side mirror.

Ziya mocks Soner for not being able to say how he feels. He screams at the car as it drives off and throws the ring after it. I hope we’ve seen the last of Ziya, but I’m not feeling all that confident about it.

Soner’s hand bleeds as he drives them home. Like it did before. With Aylin. And like before, Bahar takes off her scarf and wraps it around his hand. He thinks about Aylin snuggling up to his side and saying she wanted to be like that forever. Bahar’s definitely not making anything romantic out of this, but it’s getting to Soner anyway. He hands back her scarf and tries to pull himself together.

The deal

Zehra is bored. She can’t walk without getting tired. She misses her mom. She wonders if she’s going to get better and Hakan insists she will. This will pass and she’ll be healthy again. He agrees to call Berrin. The nurse tells him it’s normal for her to be tired after dialysis. They all have to be patient.

Hakan finds Caroline and asks if the report she showed him was accurate. She says it came from England, but she’s willing to go to the doctor with him if he doesn’t trust her.

The local doctor confirms the report the clinic in England sent–Caroline’s a match. Still, it’s an operation and that implies risk.

Caroline and Hakan meet at the doctor’s office the following day. They’re going to sign paperwork for the transplant and then visit the judge. Caroline hesitates before signing, just to make Hakan nervous. The doctor is sending the paperwork to England and then they’ll wait for the “invitation” for Caroline and Zehra.

Berrin visits Zehra. She goes downstairs to look for some toy that Zehra left.

In the office, Hakan and Caroline are arguing about what comes first–the transplant, or the wedding? Berrin finds the doll, but Hakan leaves the door to the office open and Berrin catches them kissing and drops the doll in shock.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Kat!

Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Kat!

I was so pleased by the Arif-Suleyman bromance. And by the budding romance between Arif and Cemile. Not even sure what the gossips have to complain about. They’re both single, so what’s the problem?

Osman is an idiot. Why is he continuing to cover for Halit who left him high and dry? Does he not realize the danger he’s now put his family in? He’s not taking this seriously enough! And I couldn’t care less about Ayca and her feelings for Mete. Stop trying to push this romance, Writers.

Visita/ Guest

I am loving the budding friendship between Arif and Suleyman. I laugh every time I look at a picture I “Grabbed” of the two of them standing over the cute Asian-looking kid’s body as Suleyman looks up and assures the family, “Not to worry; everything’s fine.” I think they will make an excellent team. 😀

And, oh! How I love what’s developing between Cemile and Arif. That’s a couple I can cheer for.

Visita/ Guest

I’m cheering for Cemile and Arif, too. 🙂