Silvana sin Lana Week of 10/17/16 #62-65

Monday 10/17/16 #62

Vicente’s new friend is Alejandra. She’s not bad in the humor department, either. She offers her help with math anytime. Oh, no, she’s not good at it but she flunked Calculus so many times, she has the exercises memorized.

Andres is out of patience with Majo and her excuses and making this all about her dad. They really don’t have any idea how long it’s going to take him to get out of jail and in the meantime, what about him? What about her? What about them? He’s put up with everything from her and she can’t do this one thing for him? What’s it going to hurt if they get married now? (And considering she mostly wants the financial stability, wouldn’t sooner be better?) All he wants is for them to get married and be together, is that so difficult? He leaves without waiting for an answer.

Vicente’s still struggling with his accounting homework. Lucha’s no help–she’s a nerd, but not a math nerd. When Poncho comes over, she jokes that he’s here to help Vicente, but actually he wanted to talk to Lucha. He hoped since she’s so smart she could give him an evaluation and talk to him about leadership skills.

Lucha’s a little confused, but Vicente thinks he’s got this figured out–Poncho wants to take Manuel’s place at the market. Poncho swears that’s not it, Manuel has…inspired him. Lucha asks to her the speech he gave at the market so they can work on his weak spots.

We don’t hear the first one, but the second one that he heard on TV sounds like something from Game of Thrones all crushing skulls and sending his enemies north beyond the ice wall. Yeah, um, he should probably be less intense. She gives him a bunch more pointers and asks him to try it again.

It’s still not good. Lucha thinks he needs professional help. Poncho keeps babbling about needing their help to work on his charisma…and then his phone rings. He completely forgot about Stella’s doctor’s appointment!

Chivis is upset after her meeting with slimy Rafael. Manuel thinks she needs to tell AJ what he’s been up to, but she can’t do that or he’ll end up without a lawyer. OK, then, he suggests she tell AJ herself that she’s in love with someone else and then there’s nothing for Rafa to blackmail her with. She doesn’t want to do that either. Because reasons. *sigh* In that case she can never see Rafael alone. He’s going to have to come to the market if he wants to talk to her.

Manuel can’t wait for this all to be over so he can wake up in bed with her, whispering that all this stuff happened a long time ago. He’ll see her on the balcony later.

Rafa goes to the prison, not to tell AJ about Chivis, but to tell him that all the people he defrauded found out from the paper that he got arrested and they’re all starting to bring individual suits against him. Rafa’s swamped and nobody wants to help him with this case because they’ve got better chances representing the people who are suing AJ! “So are you here to quit?”

Of course not! They’re friends! Plus AJ’s got dirt on him. AJ nearly has enough money to invest (or “invest”?) to get enough to make bail, but it’s too early to tell Rafa his “plan” yet. In the meantime, he wants Rafa to stick close to Chivis and make sure she has everything she needs.

Lupita’s trying to study but she’s too distracted by Angie looking at a bunch of pictures Benji posted online and by worrying about her dad. She thinks she can con Angie into visiting AJ by asking her to deliver a letter. Uh, no. Angie goes back to looking at the pictures and guess what…there’s a selfie with him and Marge.

The way she shuts the laptop, Lupita thinks Angie just saw something about their dad, but Angie convinces her it wasn’t and sends her to go find Majo and talk to her about delivering her letter.

Angie opens the laptop back up and takes the audio file out of the trash. She hears Benji’s message, which now that I hear it again was only incriminating because he mentioned a “plan” right up front. The rest is mostly insulting Marge. It’s enough to convince Angie, which is good, but it also means she’s heartbroken now. She calls Jorge and asks him to come over.

Trini shows Chivis the paper and tells her about her visit to AJ. That makes two people now that AJ has asked about Manuel–Trini and Majo. Trini thinks he must know something.

Jorge hears the message and he’s shocked. Somehow this has convinced Angie that The Hole in the Wall Incident wasn’t so bad after all. (Which I find ridiculous because it was still a betrayal of trust, so how does having a second person betray your trust suddenly mean the first person regains it?)

Jorge comforts her and talks about setting aside her tears until they’ve dealt with Marge and Benji. How, he doesn’t know yet, but they’ll have to be more cold and calculating that Marge and Benji were….

Step one–get Benji to the house. Angie texts him and asks him to come over because she had a fight with Majo.

Stella’s not pregnant. Or at least, nothing’s showing up on the ultrasound. (They didn’t do a blood test first?) And yet she goes out to the waiting room and tells Poncho and Dom that she IS pregnant. Dom thinks she’s being way too calm, considering what’s coming next. They’re already talking names and what color to paint the room.

But wait, Dom thought Stella didn’t want to be pregnant? She says seeing the baby on the screen made her change her mind. Uh huh.

When Stella goes back to the desk to get her paperwork (finally) Dom gives Poncho a look. I thought he was doubting Stella’s story, but it’s more like he wanted the opportunity to suggest getting rid of Francisco Javier (II) what with the baby on the way. Stella doesn’t go for it.

Her doctor emerges and she hurries the guys out of there before he can expose her lie.

Lupita locks herself in the bathroom to write a letter to AJ. She’s planning to sneak into the prison to see him.

Using her crafty interrogation techniques–ice cream and cookies–she gets Pedrito to help her with transportation options. He mentions Uber, but she’d need a credit card for that.

Jorge talks Marge into coming over to his house for a big reconciliation dinner that he prepared especially and oh look there’s Benji and hey there’s Angie so now the four of them can talk! Angie plays the recording and asks Benji if he has an explanation. (Dude, what explanation would you accept?)

Tuesday 10/18/16 #63

The only thing Benji can say in his defense is that it DID start out as a plan, but then he fell in love with Angie. Jorge ends up punching Benji and Benji’s screaming at him that he “beat” Jorge at getting Angie and Angie’s all “Uh, no, you lost me! And I was just starting to like you, but I LOVE Jorge!”

Yep, she said it. Benji leaves, Marge tells Jorge to be happy with Angie (sarcastically, of course) and splits, and it’s just the two of them. And Angie does NOT want to talk about what she just said, so she goes inside alone.

Majo can tell something happened. Angie tells her about Benji and Majo’s shocked. She has a theory, though–that Angie overthinks things so much that makes it worse when things go wrong. And because she’s so afraid of things going wrong, they go wrong. And there are really big huge terrible lies like the one Benji told and others that are kind of not as bad, like what Jorge did. And Angie’s going to have to change because she’s too hard on herself and others and that includes their dad. (*sigh* Can we go one episode without anybody hassling Angie about AJ?) Majo goes on and on about mistakes and second chances.

Angie ignores her. She just wants to have a normal boyfriend and Majo jokes that there’s no such thing. No, really, she’s sure Angie will find one.

Lucha checks out Jorge’s hand and wraps it up for him. She warns him it’s going to be worse tomorrow and sends him to rest. When Manuel gets home, they don’t mention it to him. He’s thinking about calling Ezequiel, but Lucha advises him to let the guy sweat it out a little longer before he calls.

Chivis looks at the picture of AJ on the front page of the paper. She pulls out her jewelry box and looks at some of the other pictures inside, including a newspaper clipping from their wedding. Nice ‘stache, AJ! She hears Manuel calling her out to the balcony.

He brought chocolate-covered strawberries, which she loves, but she’s still feeling overwhelmed by her problems. AJ asked Trini about him. Manuel doesn’t like AJ acting like he owns Chivis. He jokes about AJ looking awful on the front page of the paper and that gets Chivis laughing.

They talk about the meeting with Ezequiel tomorrow and Chivis thinks Manuel should agree to a smaller rent increase. Ezequiel isn’t going to settle for nothing at all and he’ll just kick them all out. Manuel likes her advice.

In the morning, Lupita leaves her letter for AJ in Chivis room. She sees the paper with the headline about AJ getting arrested and a smaller photo caption saying he committed another theft. She quickly rips out the bottom half of the article and puts the paper back so it doesn’t look like anything’s missing. She takes her letter with her.

Dom is ready to give Francisco Javier II his breakfast, which now involves a covered pet carrier and a broom. The minute Dom touches the cloth over the carrier FJII starts growling and Dom screams for Poncho to come help him. When Poncho arrives, he’s wearing a suit. Dom is torn between fear and laughter…and laughter wins.

Poncho complains that he’s just trying to look serious for when he shares his ideas with everyone at the market. But if Dom’s going to laugh at him then maybe he doesn’t need to help him. Dom begs–the longer FJ is hungry, the worse it’s going to get! In a stunning display of bravery/stupidity Poncho sneaks around behind the carrier and throws what looks like a drumstick into the carrier. Even Dom is impressed.

Stella walks in and laughs at Poncho in his suit. She insists on getting a selfie.

She notices FJ didn’t eat all of his breakfast and Dom suggests maybe he’s watching his figure? No, Stella’s sure he’s punishing her. He knows if he doesn’t eat, she suffers. It’s time for them to have a serious talk. She opens the carrier while Dom and Poncho try to take cover….

Stella tries…she tries. She gives him a pep talk about how much talent he has and how they all believe in him and how she’s going to send him to school and he can be anything he wants to be. She begs him to come out and take the first step towards the rest of his life.

And that damn dog spits his chicken bone out at her and starts growling. Oh yeah, mama’s angry now. At least the guys convince her not to throw the rest of the chicken in there and get to work. And he doesn’t bite her when she shuts the carrier. So that’s progress, right?

Marge, in her cassette tape pajamas again, frantically warms up a thermometer so she can pretend to be sick. Benito threatens her with the doctor if she isn’t feeling better by this afternoon, but he lets her stay home from school.

Jorge sees Angie at school and she teases him about his swollen hand. But on to more important things…why’d she say she loved him yesterday? The bell rings and Angie avoids answering him. But she did bring him a present–a nail. In case he wants to make another hole in the wall. Or hang a picture of her.

Andres is on his way to school when his mom stops him. He has to postpone the wedding with Majo! Wait, what? Is this because of what was in the paper? Laura says AJ’s not innocent and what’s worse, he scammed Andres’ dad. The business had been missing money and when his dad saw the front page of the paper he had the auditors review all the deals AJ was involved in and now Andres’ dad is suing AJ. So. He might want to think about things before he takes a permanent step with Majo.

Poncho is all set to try out his speechmaking skills on the crowd outside the market, waiting for word from Manuel and Ezequiel’s meeting. Both Dom and Vicente keep him from riling up the crowd and Vicente goes inside to see how the negotiations are going.

Stella goes over to Chivis to tell her she’s pregnant with Manuel’s baby. Chivis doesn’t believe it. And she has enough problems without Stella’s gossip.

The meeting is finally over and Manuel comes out and tells them he got a three year contract with a 5% rent increase, but it won’t kick in until the second year. Everybody is thrilled…except Poncho, who’s convinced there’s something weird going on. And Chivis, who looks disgusted with him even though she told Stella she didn’t believe her.

She hands over the bottles of champagne she brought because she was so convinced they’d be celebrating and she wanted him to have something so everyone could toast with him. She’s just going to go to the office and get some work done, if that’s ok.

Mauro comes over to see Lucha. He’s in an incredibly good mood and jokes that he wants her to be his president and order him around. No, seriously, he just came from school and she’s been nominated for president of the med school student association.

Poncho, still desperate to get some attention, toasts to Manuel on what might be his last successful action as their leader. Dom stops Stella from drinking champagne so she doesn’t hurt the baby. He tries to get her to stop spewing venom, too, but she’s too busy reveling in the pain she caused Chivis.

Poncho tells Manuel that he doesn’t want Manuel calling him “Ponchito” anymore. It’s Poncho or Alfonso. And he wants to look at the contract with Don Ezequiel. So he can learn. Manuel seems reluctant to show the contract to him, which makes me a little uncomfortable–why wouldn’t it be ok for anyone who’s paying rent to see the contract?

Poncho doesn’t like Manuel laughing at him and warns him that in the next elections, he’s going to run against Manuel. Manuel just laughs some more.

Wednesday 10/19/16

no episode – Presidential debate

Thursday 10/20/16 #64

Chivis won’t tell Manuel why she’s angry with him when he goes into his office. They get interrupted by Andres and Manuel leaves them alone to talk.

Andres came to tell her that Antonio José ripped off his dad and his dad’s suing AJ. So what’s the most important thing to do–not tell Majo. Seriously, people?

Mauro tries to talk Lucía into running for med student association president, but she really doesn’t think she has the necessary experience. Vicente calls her with the good news about the rental contract and she takes Mauro out there with her.

At the market, they run into Stella and Lucha stumbles over how to introduce Mauro. He calls himself her boyfriend. And, um, yeah, he remembers Stella from drunken wedding dress mariachi karaoke night. Stella whines to Lucha that she has to talk to Manuel about Chivis–she’s sure Chivis is going to dump Manuel now that her husband is back! (Whatever Stella.)

They manage to free themselves and head outside for food and drinks. Lucha’s surprised to see Andres and goes over to find out what he’s doing there. He’s so not in the mood to talk about it. And when Mauro comes over he’s even less in the mood. Andres goes off to school and Mauro wonders what Andres’ problem is. He’s been rude ever since Mauro and Lucha started dating.

The younger set get home from school and Lupita takes off for the bakery, promising to bring back a pie and meet Pedrito at his house. She gets the pie on credit and asks for a bus ticket…Angie told her to ask. Nobody buys that story, but Juanito tells her you don’t buy a bus ticket, you just get on and pay $2.35 and it’s best if you have exact change.

Jorge and Angie are supposed to be studying for a math test, but instead Jorge’s staring at her. Angie thinks she’d better quit the salsódromo so she doesn’t run into Benji. It’s not like she can ask him to quit. Jorge is still making googly eyes at her and they aaaaaaalmost kiss, but Lupita interrupts. To get her backpack. To take over to Pedrito’s.

Marge has been home “sick” all day and now she starts talking about wanting to move. Benito gets her to tell him what’s going on. She just doesn’t want to see Jorge and Angie anymore! How is she supposed to get over him when she sees him every day. Benito offers to let her stay home from school for one more day, but after that she’s going to have to face her problems.

It’s the end of the day and Chivis is leaving. Manuel tries to talk to her again and begs for just a clue. She gives him one–go ask Stella.

Poncho comes in asking to see the contract again and this time Manuel just hands it to him and tells him not to get it dirty. Poncho runs out to the Gazebo to thank the Perpetually Annoyed Virgen for helping him get his hands on the contract. Dom bumps him aside and prays for Poncho and for some other vendor who’s having problems. Stella bumps him aside and prays for her plan to work. (Ay, pobre Virgen, having to listen to this stuff all day!)

Benito tells Trini about his concern that Marge needs a woman around. Once again Trini gets her hopes up that this is leading somewhere…but instead he asks if she knows where he can hire a woman who comes in for a couple of hours at a time. (What, like a tutor? A nanny? A therapist?)

Poncho doesn’t understand a word of the contract, but he sees 5% in one place and 5.4% in another. Despite not having a clue, he has no problem jumping to the conclusion that Manuel is getting a kickback. Or that Ezequiel scammed him.

Majo comes home and shows off her suitcase full of clothes for sale. There’s a pair of pants Angie wants that are perfect for her, but she doesn’t have the money, so Jorge buys them on the condition that she wears them whenever they hang out.

He goes back over to his place and Majo starts folding up all the clothes. Angie asks if she’s found her wedding dress yet, but Majo says she’s delaying the wedding again, because their dad asked her to so he can be there. Angie’s furious at AJ for doing that, so Majo admits she lied–that’s just the excuse she gave Andres. For the hundredth time, Angie tells her not to marry Andres if she doesn’t want to!

Jorge realizes Lupita never made it over to his house so he and Majo go looking for her around the neighborhood. Trini gets involved, but none of them can find her. All they have to go on is that she went to the bakery, she got a pie, and she told Benito that Angie told her to go buy a bus ticket. So, obviously she lied to everyone and doesn’t want them to know what she’s doing, but it’s not like her to lie!

Lupita and the pie made it to some part of town where the people are willing to be helpful, but they all tell her the place she’s looking for is nowhere near where she is.

Poncho saw an ad about self-help and “power centers” and calls the number. Basically, it sounds like they charge way too much money for self-affirmations that people could probably come up with on their own. The woman on the phone offers him one free “power center” for whatever issue he wants and Poncho picks charisma. She tells him to repeat “I am Alfonso Archundia and this is my power center.” Dude…it’s a good thing you didn’t pay for that.

He keeps repeating his “power center” and trying to understand the contract until past closing time. Dom is off to pick up Francisco Javier from doggie daycare, but he warns Poncho to keep an eye on Stella. He has a feeling she’s up to something.

If you thought Chivis was upset at Manuel…! She goes to visit Antonio José in prison and gets increasingly angry as she listens to his excuses. Ripping off Andres’ dad wasn’t a NEW crime, like he said. And all he did was invest the money in foreign markets that tanked, which is totally not his fault!

Why did he have to rip off his future in-laws?! Chivis says when Majo finds out she’s going to hate him for this.

Oh, he figures Chivis can just go ask Andres’ parents not to say anything to Majo. What? No way would Chivis feel comfortable doing that after her EX-husband ripped them off!

AJ can’t believe she’s still thinking of divorcing him while he’s in prison. It’s so sudden. Doesn’t she know they’re all going to think the same thing he’s thinking–she must be cheating on him.

Friday 10/21/16 #65

Chivis laughs off that idea. AJ complains that it’s just a little “financial trouble” and it happens to lots of people “in their circle” and all the other guys’ wives don’t divorce their husbands. HA! Too damn bad. She’s not in that “circle” anymore and it’s what AJ did that made her change. He asks if this isn’t about her neighbor Manuel who she likes to hang out on the balcony with.

Chivis refuses to answer him. She wants a divorce and that’s that. It doesn’t matter what he wants–in this country she can divorce him anyway. AJ keeps going on and on about Manuel and it’s all stuff Chivis can deny means they have a romantic relationship, until he says Manuel brought her to the prison and they were hugging in public. Yeah, that one’s a little tougher.

Chivis says Manuel is her friend. He’s the only one who’s offered her any help since this happened. If AJ thinks he can use Rafa as a spy, he’d better think again–Rafa can’t be trusted. AJ should tell him that Chivis said to watch out because she can also tell AJ what Rafa has been doing behind his back.

Alejandra’s a live one. She sees Vicente pull up at school in the fish van and jokes that she thought he stole it to get to class on time. She loves seafood because it’s an aphrodisiac. When he won’t tell her his relationship status she makes a wild guess that he was dating a spy who went on a mission and met a rich older guy and when Vicente told her she had to choose between him and the job, she chose the job. (She’s like the female version of Vicente.)

Manuel calls Stella into his office to find out what she told Chivis. Stella keeps trying to come on to him, talks smack about Chivis, avoids the question, and finally pours herself a big cup of COFFEE and says she’s pregnant. He doesn’t believe her. The math doesn’t add up.

Since he’s not jumping at the chance to co-parent with her she tells him she’s perfectly capable of raising this child on her own. Manuel knows her too well, this is just another one of her tricks. If she’s really pregnant then it should be no problem to go down to the doctor’s office and get an ecografía (sonogram). Instead she runs to the bathroom to vomit. He’s still not convinced.

Lupita’s still lost. Some creep tries to convince her to get into his car, but she runs away when he gets too pushy.

Stella gets home in a good mood, bragging that Chivis and Manuel both fell for her lies. Poncho doesn’t think it’s fair for her to do that to Manuel when the “baby” is actually Steve’s. Oh yeah, well Dom doesn’t think what Poncho is doing is fair, either! Poncho tries to keep him from telling Stella, but Dom tells her Poncho is convinced Manuel negotiated one thing in the rental contract and told the vendors something different.

They get on Dom’s nerves arguing about which one is doing the worse thing, until Stella threatens to throw Poncho out of the house if he says anything against Manuel. Neither one of them is willing to back down.

At the duplex, they still have no idea where Lupita is. Majo calls the police, Angie searches upstairs for clues, Jorge gets Trini a whiskey on the rocks. Angie finds the paper with the photo ripped out and she, Jorge, and Majo go over to get Vicente and the van so they can search near the prison. Trini sips her whiskey and tries not to faint. (*roll eyes*)

Lupita, meanwhile, is nowhere near the prison and the creep from earlier seems to be driving around looking for her.

Chivis gets home and finds out from Trini that Lupita is missing and the other kids are out looking for her. Trini is so not the person you want giving you an update on bad news. Manuel comes over and Chivis sobs on him.

The kids’ search gets stalled when the van gets a flat. Vicente tries to change it while Angie gets increasingly upset and starts blaming herself, Jorge tries to both help him and calm Angie down, and Majo tries to be optimistic.

Lupita sees a cab, but the driver wants to call the police. She freaks out, then admits she ran away and begs him to take her home instead.

The kids finally make it to the prison and Jorge and Angie go inside, leaving Majo and Vicente with the van. Majo finally breaks down. She was only pretending to be strong for Angie, but she’s worried sick about Lupita. Vicente hugs her and says he understands–he’d be a wreck if anything happened to Pedrito. She realizes he’s holding her and things get awkward. He apologizes, but he didn’t know what else to do. Majo leans back into him again.

She talks about being Lupita’s age and having Angie to hang out with and not having all this drama. She thinks it’s not fair that Lupita has to go through this. (She makes it sound like it’s something that just happened for no reason and I keep waiting for her to realize that no, this is something AJ did.) Vicente draws a parallel to what his family went through when his mom died, but the important thing is they were all together. Angie and Jorge come back out of the prison–Lupita hasn’t been there.

They head back to the house to tell Chivis and Trini they can’t find her anywhere. Chivis blames herself. Trini wants to pray. Vicente suggests splitting up into teams, getting the neighbors to help….

Lupita sneaks in behind them and quietly greets everyone. The Villaseñoras crowd around her in relief as Lupita cries.

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