Silvana sin Lana Week of 10/24/16 #66-70

Monday 10/24/16 #66

Chivis takes Lupita upstairs to talk to her alone, Manuel goes outside to pay the cab driver, and Jorge suggests the rest of them celebrate!

Upstairs, Chivis wants to make sure Lupita wasn’t just doing this to get attention. Nope, she’s just determined to see her dad and she doesn’t want everybody lying to her anymore. She wears Chivis down until Chivis agrees to find out how to arrange a visit for Lupita.

Poncho actually does it! Dom cries and whines and begs, but Poncho packs up and leaves. We’ll see how long it lasts.

He goes over to the panadería and begs Don Benito for a place to stay. Given that Benito was sleeping on the couch when Trini came over, I would have thought he didn’t have a guest room, but Juanito reveals he does. Benito agrees to let Poncho stay…as long as he doesn’t mess with Margarita!

Now that the crisis is over, Manuel finds Chivis out on the balcony and tries to find out what she was angry about before. She starts with Antonio José knowing his name and Rafa seeing them outside the prison together. He knows there’s something more.

She admits she’s angry about Stella, but he swears if Stella’s really pregnant he didn’t do it. He threatens to jump off the balcony if she won’t say she believes him.

Mauro is still trying to talk Lucha into running for med student association president, but she still won’t give him an answer. He promises if she wins he’ll hire mariachis…but that only makes her think of Andres singing in her backyard. She ends up texting Andres and arranging to meet him so they can talk.

Benji stops by the house to try to convince Angie that he really did fall in love with her. She doesn’t believe him and she doesn’t want to see him again.

Dom’s already missing Poncho something fierce. Stella couldn’t care less.

Poncho is having one of Casa Benito’s Fabulous Breakfast Buffets. He babbles happily to Marge and Benito about how he’s studying “leadership.” He’s curious about Marge not going to school and he and Benito get into a thing about the evils of Facebook. Poncho thinks it would be a good idea for Marge to come to the market with him and learn stuff. And Marge likes the idea, which immediately makes me suspicious.

After Lupita’s adventure yesterday, Trini is determined to walk both girls to school and Angie can’t talk her out of it. It takes the boys showing up so they can ALL walk together before she changes her mind.

Since she’s already dressed, she decides to go over to the panadería for her daily dose of Benito getting her hopes up for nothing. This time, it’s the suggestion that if AJ gets out and moves into the duplex, Trini can move in with him and change her relationship status from “Widow” to…”Renter.”

At school, Pedrito scores major points with Lupita when he says he would have gone out yesterday to look for her on his own. From now on, he’s going to be her bodyguard. 24/7.

Marge’s big plan was to look for Chivis at the market and tell her Angie stole Jorge. And then mock her for not having heard yet because obviously the family has terrible communication. Stella joins in and says they’re all a bunch of man-stealers. Chivis is determined not to listen to them–after all, consider the source–but Stella is equally determined to get under her skin.

I don’t know if AJ’s being on the level with his fellow prisoners or planning to take their money and run. He tries to convince them to give the money they have to his cellmate, Gregorio, so he can place bets on fixed horse races or fights. That way they turn a profit and have enough cash for bail.

Also having cash-flow problems: Stella. She’s determined to get the absolute best canine psychologist available for Francisco Javier (II) and she needs Dom to increase their sales.

Lucha meets Andres at some restaurant so he can tell her that what he was upset about yesterday is that AJ ripped off his dad and his dad is suing AJ.

Tuesday 10/25/16 #67

Lucha’s surprised and she doesn’t approve of not telling Majo. Partly because she has a right to know and partly because that’s what you do in a relationship–you talk about things.

AJ calls Rafa to the prison to tell him he’s got a way to get bail money. Someone’s going to give him information about a bet he can’t lose and Rafa’s going to place the bet with money AJ has hidden in an account in Uruguay. Oh, yeah, sounds totes legit.

Rafa slips AJ some cash, in case of emergency. Now that he’s got it, AJ moves on to mentioning that Chivis said some of his friends might be doing things behind his back…does Rafa have any idea what that’s about? Rafa denies knowing anything about anyone planning to betray AJ or anyone trying to seduce Chivis. AJ reminds him he hates betrayals (and glares at him so Rafa knows exactly what he’s talking about).

Poncho doesn’t even bother asking Manuel about the stupid contract. He TELLS him that he’s going to be watching out for any signs of dirty dealing and he’s not going to bring them to Manuel’s attention, but to the attention of the entire market. (Oh, great, so you can make yourself look like a total tool.) Manuel finds the whole thing both annoying and hilarious.

Majo is in the middle of trying to convince Angie to go see AJ in jail by telling her he hadn’t actually done anything to any of them–just to other people and companies–when Chivis tells her Andres is downstairs. He and Chivis tell Majo that AJ stole money from Andres’ dad and Andres’ dad is suing him.

Even after he explains that his dad already knew about the embezzlement and held off on suing AJ until now, Majo STILL tries to defend her dad. She blames Andres for not convincing his parents not to press charges and she never wants to see his parents again.

Angie goes over to Jorge’s to give Majo and her mom some privacy. And also to see what he thinks, since she feels like everyone’s telling her lately that she’s too cold and rigid and unforgiving. Jorge doesn’t think so. A little stubborn, maybe, but she’s also one of the nicest, most generous people he knows. That earns him a proper snog, slammed up against the closet doors. (Damn, Angie! When you go for it, you go for it!)

And that’s not all–she asks him to be her boyfriend. Jorge does his best impression of Trini, “fainting” and asking for a whiskey. Hell yes, he wants to be her boyfriend. More snogging ensues…and then Manuel walks in. Jorge tells him they’re novios and Manuel congratulates him and welcomes Angie to the family.

Dom catches Stella drinking a beer and flips out. She won’t even admit it was beer at first. Then she tries to pretend she thought it was soda that had gone bad. Dom decides he’s going to get ALL the alcohol out of the house for the baby’s sake. That’s the last straw for her–she admits she’s not pregnant.

Yeah, yeah, we knew that, so what was she sick with? She never says. She won’t even let Dom tell Poncho that it was a lie and ropes him in to help with her plan. For starters, he calls to ask Manuel to pick up a bunch of snack food because Stella’s having cravings and Poncho moved out and he can’t leave Stella alone. Manuel tiredly agrees to do it, but he still doesn’t believe it’s his baby.

His first stop is the panadería, where he picks up a bunch of biscuits and a bunch of attitude from Poncho. He makes insinuations that Manuel’s dirty and reminds him he’ll have competition for the next election at the market.

Angie comes into Chivis’ room to ask what’s going on with Andres. Chivis says that AJ’s crimes are having an effect on Majo and Andres’ relationship, without getting into details. Angie doesn’t ask, either.

Chivis doesn’t like that Angie’s more worried about everyone but herself. Like, why didn’t she tell Chivis that she broke up with Benji? Ohhhh, that. It’s old news. And she doesn’t need to cry about it, really. He was a creep. Trini shows up just in time to hear that Margarita asked Benji to date her to keep her away from Jorge. She never did like that girl!

Chivis tells Angie that Marge told her about the breakup, but she made it sound like it was over Jorge. Angie admits that Jorge does kind of have something to do with it–they’re dating now. Chivis congratulates her. If Angie is happy, Chivis is happy!

Benji isn’t giving up so easily. Now he wants Marge to tell Angie that she played a trick on him to get him to leave that message. He makes vague threats about Marge not having seen his bad side.

Majo sulks. She starts erasing all the pictures of her and her dad from the laptop. Then the ones of the family. She messages Vicente….

He’s at school getting ready for his macroeconomics test. His new friend Alejandra brought along a cheat sheet. She just crossed the line from entertaining to obnoxious. Not just because of that, but the way she scoffs at him for wanting to take classes when he could just take over his dad’s business and repeats her “I like aphrodisiacs” line. Seriously, bájale dos rayitas, Ale.

Majo gets increasingly upset when Vicente doesn’t answer her messages.

Wednesday 10/26/16 #68

Chivis tries to come in and talk to Majo, but Majo just wants to be left alone.

Trini goes over to yell at Benito for what Margarita did, not that she actually TELLS him. I think it’s a safe bet that when he asks Marge about it, he’s not going to get anything remotely resembling the truth.

Lucha tells Manuel about running for president of the med students association. He thinks it’s a great idea and encourages her to do it.

Andres calls to tell Lucha that he talked to Majo and she took it badly. Yeah, it figures. Even Lucha doesn’t think Majo is going to stay angry for long.

Manuel calls Chivis out to the balcony to invite her to dinner, but she turns him down. They talk about Angie and Jorge and then she asks him how his ex’s pregnancy is going. That’s the last thing he wants to think about!

Stella assumes it’s Manuel knocking on her door. Instead he sent Juanito with the bag full of snacks and the box of biscuits.

Her angry phone call interrupts the conversation on the balcony and Chivis gives him some privacy. Manuel isn’t falling for Stella’s games. She wanted all that food, she got it. Now she should eat it and leave him alone or she’s going to drive everyone away from her like she drove Poncho away. And if she wants more bread, she might as well call Poncho since he’s living at the panadería. And then he hangs up on her.

Stella’s furious. She demands that Dom help convince Manuel that she’s really pregnant, but Dom doesn’t want to get involved any further. He thinks they’re tempting fate. Stella dares fate to come git ‘er and Francisco Javier howls from upstairs, startling both of them.

After Dom’s calmed FJ down, he complains to Stella about how tired he is. She reminds him it’s good practice for when the baby arrives. “Repeat after me: I’M NOT PREGNANT!” Besides, if she wants to convince Manuel that she is she’s going about it all wrong. She should be doing things pregnant women do, like buying yarn and needles and knitting things. Aw crap, now he’s said it out loud and she’s expecting him to go look up tutorials for her. (*sigh* as a knitter, thumbs down on the stereotype, but I am going to be highly entertained if Stella really knits anything.)

Angie gets a text from Jorge about something he left by the front door for her. In the process of getting out of the room, she wakes up Majo and Lupita both. Lupita offers to scratch Majo’s back if she can’t sleep and Majo takes her up on the offer…but she does NOT want to talk about why she’s angry.

Jorge’s present is a hammer and a giant nail. “In case you want to spy on me.”

Manuel is getting new wireless cable and Internet installed. The tech lets slip that he’d asked about the house next door, too. Vicente teases him about doing it for “the neighbors.”

Benito finally gets a chance to confront Marge about messing with Angie. Since Trini didn’t tell him what she did and Marge doesn’t tell him what she did, she gets away with whining that she knows she’s doing wrong, but she luuuuuuuuurves Jorge. Benito scolds her about this not being how she was raised and that’s the end of it.

Trini brags to Angie that Don Benito is going to put Marge “in her place” and she’ll never bother Angie again. Angie doesn’t really care what Marge does and BTW, she’s dating Jorge.

While Trini tries to talk her out of it, Lupita desperately tries to get Chivis to tell her what time she’s visiting her dad. Chivis says they’ll go after she gets home from school.

After the girls leave for school, Chivis tells Trini about AJ ripping off Andres’ dad. She’s outraged and assumes the wedding is off now. Chivis is having second thoughts about taking Lupita to see AJ and Trini would rather she didn’t, but Chivis feels like she has to. (Uh, and she already said she would, so she’d better not go back on it now or who knows what that kid will do!)

Stella stabs at a tiny square of fabric with tiny needles while Dom holds yarn and looks annoyed. That’s as close as we get to any knitting. I haz a disappoint! She tries to show off for Manuel and he tells her to cut the crap.

Vicente overhears and he’s appalled at his dad. Didn’t he always teach them to be responsible? Manuel says after all Stella’s lies, he doesn’t trust her. He’s not going to believe her until he goes to the gynecologist with her and he’s not going to take responsibility for the baby until she proves it’s his.

Majo visits AJ in prison. He tries to be his usual upbeat self, but Majo hits him with the news. She knows he ripped off Andres’ parents. She’s angry at him for ripping them off, she’s angry at them for pressing charges, and she has no idea what she’s supposed to do. How could he do this to her? (Of all the things he did, THIS is the one that crosses the line and makes it personal?)

She was trying to put off the wedding so he could walk her down the aisle (and also because she doesn’t want to get married, but let’s not let that get in the way of a righteous rant) and how exactly was that going to work? He was going to walk her past all the people he ripped of? Would he have been able to stand there in front of Andres’ parents at the altar? And take pictures after like nothing ever happened? Oh, and the honeymoon! The one he was paying for…with what money? The money he stole from Andres’ dad?

AJ still tries to maintain his innocence. This is all Andres’ dad’s fault for suing him. No, Majo’s not buying that. She’s done defending him. He just lost a daughter, which only leaves him with one, because Angie’s not going to come see him.

At school, Angie tells Jorge it’s getting to her that she’s going to be the only one in the family who hasn’t gone to visit her dad. She had a dream last night that they were all on a train, but he got off because they’d left a piece of luggage behind and then he couldn’t get back on the train. Jorge is sure the first time she visits will be the worst, but it’ll get easier. He offers to go with her. They kiss…and Marge sees them.

Chivis pays a visit to the Gazebo of the Perpetually Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market to share her troubles. Manuel interrupts joking that he’s been replaced, but nah, he knows that he can’t compete with the Virgen in the granting peace department. Although…he has an idea…that he’s a little shy about sharing in front of the Virgen (like she hasn’t heard it all).

He pulls her aside and asks her to run away with him for a little while…a little champagne…a little music…a little relaxation. Chivis thinks he’s asking her to go to a motel with him.

Thursday 10/27/16 #69

Oh yeah, he totally is. And she’s totally not going because that’s not her style and she’s got other things to worry about, like taking Lupita to see her dad. Stella watched Manuel get turned down and she goes over to taunt him about it.

Lucha finds Mauro before class to tell him she’s decided to run for student association president. Andres walks up while they’re happily snogging and gets to be the first one other than Mauro to hear the news. He congratulates Lucha and then they’re out of neutral topics, so he gets to walk behind them the rest of the way to class.

Majo gets home after visiting AJ and realizes she’s missing her house keys. Vicente’s on his way out and it’s all just too much for her. She begs him to hold her and not let go and she doesn’t care who sees them.

When she pulls herself together she tells him her dad ripped off Andres’ dad. He gently asks for more details and Majo explains. I try to cut her some slack for saying she can understand how her dad could steal from total strangers, but not from Andres’ parents. She’s taking it personally and she doesn’t know what to do.

Andres breaks off another hug because he’s got to get to school. He gives her one last “Everything’s going to be ok” before he goes and jokingly tells her to just call off her wedding already and be with him.

As he drives away, her phone rings. Andres wants to talk.

Lupita finally gets to see her dad. Chivis makes sure to end their hug before the guard can come over. AJ hears about her running away last night to try to see him, but I think he takes it more as a compliment than something to discourage her from ever doing again. Or maybe I just can’t stand him, so I’m imagining that.

OK, ok, in the next scene he tells Lupita not to run off like that again. And then he starts asking about Angie. Can’t he ever talk to anyone without fishing for information about someone else? He hears about Lupita’s boyfriend “with no kissing.”

Later, on the balcony, Chivis tells Manuel about the visit. It’s hard for her to see Lupita suffering, but he tells her kids bounce back…better than adults do. Chivis is all out of bounce. Manuel suggests a trip to Key West. Chivis is scandalized again. What would she tell the girls?! “Tell them you’re going to Key West.”

No, seriously, it would only take a day. They’ll drive out, have lunch, watch the sun set and come back. And Manuel would deal with some business stuff, too. Chivis turns him down. We get a look at Pedrito, inside Manuel’s room, watching his dad flirt and looking horrified.

Trini. Panadería. Benito. Their friendship is over until Marge apologizes to Angie. And then…in walks a redhead named Sarita del Carmen who calls Benito “Beni” and says she’s his ex. She tells Trini about their entire relationship from trips to Little Havana to skinny dipping in lakes. Trini finally extricates herself and Sarita asks who the snob was. Benito says she’s a new neighbor…just ignore her. But Sarita wonders if the family might need an employee.

Andres comes over and Majo apologizes for the way she treated him the other day. She’s seen her dad and she was appalled at the way he wouldn’t take responsibility for anything. She’s not even willing to think about forgiving him–what would be the point? She’ll never trust him again.

She’s made up her mind and she wants to marry Andres next week. Andres doesn’t respond right away and she thinks he’s changed his mind. Which he hasn’t at all. He jokes about wanting to marry her and have her cook and clean and iron his shirts…no, seriously, all he wants is to marry her. Majo’s glad they’re doing it soon so her dad will be in jail and he won’t show up on the wedding day and surprise them. (She should not have said that out loud!)

He was so sure she’d come back around he didn’t say anything to his parents about her reaction before and he didn’t tell his mom to cancel the church, so they’re all set. And he didn’t tell his friends he was getting married so he wouldn’t have to go back and forth about the wedding being off again…on again…off again.

Poncho comes into Manuel’s office with three other random guys from the market who we’ve never seen before. “They” have noticed a discrepancy in the amounts on the contract and Poncho accuses Manuel of stealing money. (So, basically, these were the only people who paid any attention to him?)

I don’t entirely understand Manuel’s explanation about the differences in the two percentages, but he basically says the 0.4% was to cover taxes, which go up every year anyway. He dismisses the three stooges and keeps Poncho behind to find out where all this is coming from.

Poncho apologizes and whines and admits he did it to get Stella’s attention. He wanted to compete with Manuel to show Stella that he’s the better man. Manuel says you don’t have to bring other people down to make yourself look better–and especially not friends! Pancho says he’s failed at it anyway. Everything he tried came back to bite him in the ass.

Manuel is sure when Stella stops being “crazy” she’ll finally see how great Poncho is. But with all this “pregnancy” nonsense it could take a while. Right? And then she’s trying to act like it’s Manuel’s!

Say what?! Manuel’s not going to let him take it back. He promises not to tell Stella Poncho told him, so Poncho explains about Steve. Manuel gets a little bit of a chuckle out of Stella getting taken in by a fake rich guy. But Poncho and Dom have known all this time? “You know how Stella is. You have to go along with her!” Manuel is annoyed, but it really is a big favor Poncho just did him.

Angie visits AJ. He has to wait ten minutes for her to get up the guts to actually come inside, but there she is. She doesn’t know if she’s forgiven him, but when she came to look for Lupita the other night, she started feeling sorry for him. AJ spins the whole thing like a vacation–great food, nice friends, no ringing phones or emails to answer.

Angie needs him to explain why he left them without saying anything. She won’t be able to forgive him if she can’t understand why he did it. AJ never really gets around to doing that, but he talks about gaining money, losing money, not being able to recover his losses. Sure, they had a fabulous, wealthy lifestyle, but AJ wanted “the best” and to him that meant they needed more money.

He wants to hear about the house and school and Angie tells him about Trini washing clothes and Majo cleaning the bathroom. And she got picked on at school a lot. But she thinks it’s been a good experience for her. He asks about Chivis and assures Angie that once he gets out everything is going to go back to the way it was before. He says it’s going to be soon. (Say…in a week?)

Chivis finds Trini in the living room moping about wanting to leave this neighborhood. *sigh* I’ll cut to the chase–Chivis has saved up enough money from working to be able to hire someone to clean the house. Well. Isn’t that a coincidence.

Stella got a fake belly and she can’t wait to show it off at the market. Dom says she’s getting struck by lightning now for sure.

Friday 10/28/16 #70

Trini can’t wait to have someone to order around again. (Her words, not mine!) Chivis says it’ll only be for two days a week and they’ll still have to find someone and get references and all that fun stuff. Trini starts praying for a maid.

Chivis goes down to the panadería thinking that since Benito knows everyone, he’d know if there’s someone looking for work cleaning houses. And Sarita turns right around and tells Chivis she’ll do it! They agree she’ll stop by Chivis’ later to discuss it.

Stella shows off her new belly at the market. You’d think someone would notice it grew awfully quickly. Like maybe, Chivis? But she just tries to avoid Stella until Stella corners her outside and begs her to get Manuel to acknowledge his (alleged) child.

Angie and Jorge get home after her trip to the prison and she’s feeling confused. It was weird to see him there being his same old self. Jorge wants her to focus on the positive–that he still loves her–but Angie’s bothered by him saying he’d be out soon and everything would get back to “normal.” She knows that includes her mom and her mom isn’t going to want to get back together with him. Jorge asks why not.

Angie thinks he’s kidding. He knows her mom’s in love with his dad. “They’re just friends.” Really? They kissed. Not that she saw, but Majo did. Jorge cracks up laughing, and then he’s impressed with his dad. He swears he didn’t know a thing! Their parents? Kissing?

And the problem is that Chivis told AJ she wants a divorce and Angie knows that AJ can be really manipulative. Jorge is sure Manuel can handle it–he’s the PTA president, the president of the neighborhood association, and the representative of the vendors at the market. Oh, Angie knows, he’s impressive, but her dad’s got power and money (maybe not so much that second one).

Lupita comes in and hears them talking about someone being in love. They pretend they were talking about each other. But she knows they were talking about her mom. She’s tired of them lying to her!

Lucha finds Andres…wearing headphones and singing along to his music. (It’s funny listening to him pretend he’s not a singer.) She’s glad to hear the told Majo the truth. But not as glad to hear they’re moving up the wedding. She congratulates him and tries to keep up the pretense that she’s happy for him, but she can’t. She tells him it hurts and she wishes she had met him earlier because even though they’re different, they see the world in the same way and she knows he would have fallen in love with her.

Poncho’s getting harassed by the other vendors for making false accusations against Manuel. Poncho says he apologized and Manuel forgave him. And he tells Dom that he also accidentally told Manuel that the baby isn’t his.

Stella and her fake belly invade Manuel’s office. He is all smiles, going right along with everything she has to say about the baby, agreeing with all the decisions. She complains about how hard it’s going to be to raise this baby alone, since the dad won’t help. Manuel thinks she should talk to him. The real father. That guy who pretended to be a millionaire to seduce her. Yeah, he knows.

And yet, she still tries to insist that it’s technically his baby because it’s his fault she was feeling so awful that she shagged Steve. “You’re saying I’m the mastermind of this baby?” He’s not going to accept that and he thinks she needs some therapy. He’ll consider being the baby’s godfather, but he is NOT the father.

Lucha and Mauro start talking about her election strategy, but he’s distracted by thinking about how beautiful she is and how all of a sudden he’s imagining her as a mother. He even starts talking marriage, which sends her running.

Trini’s so happy about having someone come in twice a week that she’s enjoying folding laundry. She tells Majo and Angie it’s going to be THREE days a week, but whatever. Even though Chivis isn’t home yet, Majo goes ahead and tells Angie and Trini that she’s getting married next week.

Chivis stops by Manuel’s office, all grouchy because of Stella, but he tells her it’s not his baby. He can’t tell her who told him, but he swears on his kids it’s true.

So now she’s in for the trip to Key West. Manuel says they’ll tell the kids it’s a business trip. He’s done it before. Not the sneaking off with someone part, but the buying fish out there! He makes a bunch of jokes about her wearing a bikini and going topless and she says “Ay, Manuel!”a lot. I’m starting to think he spouts so much outrageous stuff just to hear her say his name.

Stella accuses Poncho of telling Manuel the baby wasn’t his and he admits it. But Manuel didn’t think so either! She threatens to set Francisco Javier on him. Dom tries to comfort Poncho and tell him Stella will calm down after she gives birth. (Ah, yes. Birth. Won’t that be a neat trick.)

Pedrito’s sick. Lupita hangs out in his room with him, telling him all about prison from her very skewed POV. She’s annoyed that he didn’t like the lemonade she made him. He begs her not to be mad. They can even go out later and talk to each other from the balconies like her mom and his dad. He has no idea what they talk about. Really? Is he sure he doesn’t know anything else? Pedrito doesn’t think Lupita likes his dad and her mom being friends, but no, she thinks that’s perfectly normal. And when her dad gets out of prison, all three of them are going to be friends. See above, re: skewed POV.

Alejandra helps Vicente with his homework. And flirts. And snogs him. Lupita walks in on them on her way out the door. (Oh yeah, Majo’s so going to hear about that.)

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