Silvana sin Lana Week of 10/31/16 #71-75

Monday 10/31/16 #71

Vicente tries to get Alejandra’s attention back on studying, but she asks him for a ride home and invites him to spend the night. Ummmmm…he’s…super busy…and he has to go to work with his dad at, like 3am, so…he’ll totally call her an Uber, though. Also, here’s his sister Lucha and they’ve got to go grocery shopping. Lucha’s confused, but sure. Right. Groceries.

She pulls Vicente aside while Ale packs up her stuff and tells him Majo and Andres are getting married. And this time it’s definitely happening. Ale runs afoul of Lucha by asking who those people are because Vicente looks as upset as if he’d just been told his mother had died. Vicente gets her out of the house before Lucha starts complaining about how he’s always bringing home obnoxious women.

Angie confronts Majo about the wedding. Same-old, same-old. She’s not happy. She shouldn’t marry Andres when she’s in love with Vicente. Majo completely rejects the idea that love and marriage have to go together. She does love Vicente, but she wants a better life and he can’t give it to her.

Angie credits Majo with helping her get over her fear and date Jorge and she feels like she owes it to Majo to return the favor. Sure, the family needs things, but none of them would sacrifice Majo’s happiness for material goods. Majo gets the giggles–Trini would, for some things! Angie insists she wouldn’t. And she’d live under a bridge if it meant Majo’s happiness. OK, then, Majo wants a favor–don’t tell mom.

Who else but Stella would have a fake pregnancy belly in leopard print? I really hope that was just a pillow. Poor Dom. He goes through the whole cycle–Manuel doesn’t love you, you’re not getting back together with him, you’re not pregnant! Stella doesn’t listen. Shocker.

Dom tries to get Stella to come to Zumba with him instead of moping around, but even his impression of Jenny doesn’t inspire her. She’d rather stay home, eat biscuits, and try to figure out how to convince Manuel that Poncho was lying.

Stella falls asleep and has a nightmare about Manuel being rich, Dom being his personal assistant who can read fortunes in biscuits, and Chivis being her daughter “Stellita” who just found out Manuel’s not her father so she’s running away with him.

Sara comes over for her job interview. I don’t know why Chivis is describing the job as “full time” when earlier she was saying “two days a week.” Basically, she needs Sara to cook, clean, do laundry, organize. They start the tour, but then Trini walks, gets a look at Sara, and faints.

Chivis apologizes, but Sara isn’t turned off by the fainting. She suggests splashing a little water in Trini’s face…but actually tosses a whole glass on her. Trini’s up in a second and suddenly less keen on having a housekeeper. Chivis sends Sara to the kitchen while Trini makes a variety of complaints culminating with “She was Benito’s amante!” Oh, so she’s jealous?! Trini now has to deny that and agree to Sara working there.

Poncho is moving out of Benito’s and going on the run. Marge tries to talk him out of it, but he’s basically doing what she wanted to do–getting away from everything that would remind him of Stella.

Passing through a construction area, he swerves to avoid a bicyclist, hits him anyway, hits a guard rail, and gets thrown off the bike.

Damn. Rafa placed the bet on the rigged fight and he won, just like he was supposed to. AJ has bail money. Rafa advises him to have a plan to pay back the people he embezzled from so the judge goes easy on him at trial. AJ’s plan is as vague as ever: get out, make more money.

Majo goes over to Vicente’s, but she’s not budging one bit. Andres is the one who can give her the kind of life she wants and Vicente can’t. if he wants to make changes, he’d better do it for himself and not for her. He taunts her to say she loves Andres, but she can’t. She tells him she thinks there are things more important than love.

Laura feels sorry for Andres and Majo, getting stuck in the middle of this situation with AJ embezzling from them and them pressing charges. She’s surprised when Andres tells her the wedding is next week. She’s worried that he can’t trust Majo to go through with it and she doesn’t love him. At least, not as much as he loves her.

While Manuel is checking on Pedrito he finds out that his fever is down and Pedrito knows about those balcony chats. Manuel gets nervous and starts insisting he and Chivis are “just friends.” Not that Pedrito thinks any different. He shares Lupita’s theory that Manuel, Chivis, and AJ are all going to be friends when AJ gets out of jail.

Manuel is trying to figure out what to do with this information when the hospital calls to tell him about Poncho. He rushes downstairs to tell Vicente, who’s in the middle of assuring Majo that he’s not going to let her get married.

Tuesday 11/01/16 #72

Manuel and Vicente get to the hospital and find out Poncho’s in Intensive Care. Vicente calls Stella and catches her right when Dom is on the verge of admitting that Francisco Javier is II and not I.

I have to give Stella points for caring more about Poncho than keeping up her lie. She rushes out to the hospital, sans belly. Vicente and Manuel have been in to see Poncho now and he’s a bit banged up, but he’s conscious. And yeah, Manuel notices the lack of belly.

Stella’s full of excuses, but Manuel just looks amused. (She can spout her “You wouldn’t know. You’re not a woman!” all she wants to, but he did see his wife through four pregnancies. He might have learned a few things.) He thinks they should focus on Poncho.

Poncho who went from the ICU to being discharged from the hospital in under an hour. He’s got two broken arms and he’s wearing a neck brace and a giant splint. He’s going to need some help taking care of himself.

Trini goes over to the panadería to toss flour in Benito’s face for sending Sara over to her house. Wow, she actually said what she was angry about for once!

Chivis notices Majo’s cranky. She asks Angie what that’s about and hears about the wedding being moved up. Angie would rather she talk to Majo directly, but like Chivis says, you always have to pry the information out of her. Angie tells her Majo is getting married because she thinks it will help them all financially. Is she in love with Andres? Better ask her that.

Chivis goes upstairs and starts prying. Majo tries to make the rushed wedding about avoiding her dad. She says “of course” she loves Andres. She just wants Chivis to hug her and congratulate her and wish her happiness. (Subtext: and stop worrying about whether I’m actually happy.) Chivis gives in.

Angie and Jorge are studying and flirting when Vicente and Manuel get home with the news about Poncho. Vicente asks if Majo is home, but decides to go upstairs and get some rest. Angie tells Jorge about the wedding being moved up.

She goes upstairs to talk to Vicente and beg him to stop the wedding. She thinks he’s the only one who has a chance, but Vicente says Majo won’t listen to him. (He didn’t say he wouldn’t try, though….)

Poncho’s back home. Stella’s pretending to be pregnant again. He admits he’s the one who told Manuel the (not-)baby wasn’t his. Stella tells him Manuel didn’t rat him out. The three roomies take goofy selfies.

Vicente’s first effort is to send Majo some late-night lovey texts. (This seems unlikely to get her to change her mind. She’s never hesitated to admit she loves him, she just keeps saying love isn’t her priority.) Lupita crawls up to Majo’s bed to tell her about the dream she just had–that AJ was out and they had a big party. Lupita assumes Majo must have been dreaming about Andres.

Silvana’s having second (third?) thoughts about the Key West trip. She’s a lousy liar and all the ones Manuel comes up with are too complicated. They settle on telling the truth–they’re going to do business with another market out in Key West. If they get inspired to go have fun on the beach, so be it.

Vicente goes out to Andres’ house and tries to talk to him directly. He tells Andres Majo doesn’t love him and getting married would be a huge mistake. Andres doesn’t want to hear this from Vicente, of all people. Vicente begs him to just think about it.

Stella and Dom are arguing about whether and how tight her fake belly needs to be secured. They hear Poncho coming and rush into a corner of her room to re-belly. Poncho comes in and finds them in what looks like a compromising position.

Belly back in place, they convince him Dom was just helping her get dressed. He thinks her belly inflated overnight, but hey, he’s loving that “glow.” Anyway, it’s time for work and they didn’t think about what they were going to do with Poncho. He begs to come along…after a trip to the bathroom.

Sara arrives for her first day of work and meets Lupita and Angie before they head off to school. Chivis is leaving too and Trini…is “demands” too harsh a word?…demands to be put in charge of “the servants.” Um, ok, fine. They get off to a bad start. Sara doesn’t believe in aprons and Trini doesn’t like to be looked in the face when she’s addressed by “the help.”

Lucía kicks off her campaign with a rally on campus. All her signage says “Vote for Lucy.” Her campaign platform is that doctors have privilege and they’re responsible for using it to make sure everyone has health care. She thinks it’s their job as students to start working for that. Oh yeah, Andres is totally googly eyed.

AJ walks out of the jail. Damn.

Wednesday 11/02/16 #73

So AJ’s out of jail and he has Rafa pick him up and they go to…Rafa’s office. Not Chivis’ house? Or a hotel? Dude still thinks he’s going to be able to make money gambling and get back to his old life.

Trini continues giving Sara instructions. She will not shut up about how much she wants everything to shine. *sigh* I vote scatter some glitter and be done with it. Trini is insufferable. She bought Sara a uniform. Because they’ve got so much money to burn.

(I see this is going to be a fight to see whether Trini can drive Sara out before Sara murders her, buries the body, and leaves the crime scene sparkling.)

Andres finds Lucha after her rally and has another one of those “You’re so important to me” conversations with her that, if I were feeling less generous, I’d say amounts to leading her on and making it sound like he wants to get together with her. Oh, I guess I said it.

Poncho’s making himself useful at the market by being Stella’s yarn swift. Since she seems to be stabbing her project more than knitting it, it doesn’t help all that much. Poncho’s still trying convince Stella to give him a chance.

Jorge tries to pick up some bread at the panadería, but instead he picks up a load of attitude from Marge. She implies some classism and racism in Jorge’s dating Angie. Because Angie’s got lighter skin and she’s a “fresa.” Jorge does end up getting his bread…thrown at him as he’s leaving.

(OK, sure, we live in a racist society and nobody’s free from bias…but I don’t think there’s any doubt that Jorge prefers Angie for no other reason than because she’s Angie. Now, the more interesting question this raises is whether whoever wrote Marge’s rant intended for it to be a deliberate dig at telenovela casting choices that continue to put lighter-skinned actors in more prominent roles.)

The Villaseñoras have pancakes for dinner. It was Trini’s idea, but Sara did the cooking and she gets major props for doing it from scratch. Angie, Chivis, and Majo all think the uniform is ridiculous, since it gets so hot.

While Trini’s arguing about it with Chivis, Majo puts her head down on the table. She’s just so abrumada (overwhelmed) since she decided to move the wedding up. For Lupita’s benefit, she says she’s excited, too, but overwhelmed. She’s keeping it small and Andres’ parents are paying for everything and there’s really no need for anyone to do anything to help.

Sara finishes her first day of work and the body count is still zero. So that’s good. Chivis can’t figure out why Trini is being such a jerk to her, but Lupita knows. “Trini has competition!” There’s a knock at the door and the cable company’s there to install new phone, cable, and Internet service, courtesy of Manuel.

Stella is still trying to get Manuel to somehow be the father of this baby that’s not his biological child and that DOESN’T EXIST! She whines and whines, but Manuel’s not budging, so she asks for a hug. Bad move. He can feel the pillow and he yanks it right out of her clothes. At least she looks embarrassed.

Manuel takes it really well…he’s not angry so much as incredibly amused that Stella got knocked up by a pillow! And a tacky one, at that! She swats him with the pillow and he scolds her for hurting her baby. He really thinks she’s “crazy” but she blames that on him for not realizing she truly loves him. (So. Not giving up then? *sigh* I shudder to think what’s next.) He doesn’t believe she does. And he doesn’t love her. And he refuses to try.

Lucha checks on Pedrito and declares him over his illness. He takes advantage of her being there and asks her to talk about their mom. Lucha shares her memories about the way she would recite poetry while brushing Lucha’s hair and how the whole family used to go to the movies on special occasions.

He asks what Lucha thinks of Chivis. She gets the impression that Pedrito has a crush on her, which is completely gross to him. It’s more that he’s worried his dad is going to fall in love with her and marry her and he’ll have to call her “Mom” and he doesn’t want another mom! All Lucha can do is tell him to chill. No one’s going to replace mom and their dad would never ask them to do something like that.

Vicente goes over to Majo’s to tell her he talked to Andres about not marrying her. She’s upset that he would take it upon himself to do that. What gave him the right? Vicente claims she did when they made love.

Andres walks in, hears that last bit, and asks for a clarification. Majo’s face: “Is he standing behind me? Like RIGHT NOW?” Majo tries to get Andres to talk about it alone, but no, he wants to hear Vicente say it again. Vicente’s all “Sorry, bro, I wouldn’t have told you, but now that you’ve heard….” Andres decides he should leave.

Majo chases after him, wanting to explain. I’m not sure how that’s going to go anywhere good after he’s just found out she told him another huge lie after they were supposed to be done with all the lies, but ok. Andres tells her to get in his car and they drive off.

Sara goes over to the panadería, complaining about Trini. She instantly finds an ally in Marge. Benito shuts Marge down and she explains to Sara that Benito’s in love with Trini. Sara gets up in Benito’s face about it and he swears they’re just friends! Oh, good, because Sara is as intent on rekindling their relationship. He succumbs to Sara’s neck massage skills…and Trini walks in on them.

Thursday 11/03/16 #74

Somebody needs to break it to Trini that just because someone works for you does not mean you’re their boss 24/7 and you don’t get to dictate how your employees spend their time when they’re not at work. Sara tries to argue, but she’d rather keep her job (which makes me curious about why she’s so desperate she’s putting up with Trini). As for Benito, Trini says she’s through with him.

Vicente comes to Lucha’s room, saying he’s completely blown it with Majo. He proceeds to give her a recap of everything that happened between him, Majo, and Andres since Angie asked him to stop the wedding, culminating in the part where Andres overheard that Vicente and Majo made love. Lucha’s surprised for about one second and then she makes a “Why am I even surprised at you?” face.

Majo tries to make excuses for her behavior, including “I was upset because of my dad” and “it was an arrebato” (a fit, an outburst). Andres doesn’t think that’s it. He thinks she’s in love with Vicente. Majo tries to deny it. She even tries to get away with “Don’t make a big deal out of it,” but she made love to another guy, to THAT guy, and then she lied to his face, so how is that not a big deal? He tells her to get out of the car and gets bleeped a couple of times in the process.

Vicente tells Lucha he and Majo are in love, so she’d better quit judging him. She supposes this means the wedding is off. Vicente teases her about not being the only one who’s happy about that.

Manuel comes over to flirt with Chivis, using the pretense of planning their trip to Key West tomorrow.

Stella comes home, pouting that Manuel busted her. Since Poncho can’t turn around with his giant brace, she has to come around in front of him and hold up the pillow so he can see what she means. Poncho’s upset that he nearly got himself killed for a lie!

But then he looks on the bright side–he didn’t break his shoulder, so Stella can still cry on it. The way he figures, he and Stella are making the same mistake–going after someone who’s not interested. He suggests they try dating each other for real and at least that way one of them will be happy and the other might eventually be happy too. “You and me? You think that would work?”

She at least doesn’t say “no” right away, but she gets there eventually. She doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

Majo comes home and tells Angie what just happened with Andres. Her main concern is that he’s going to cancel the wedding. She’s also upset about Vicente going over to Andres’ house to talk to him, because who comes up with an idea like that?! Angie admits that was her idea.

Majo is furious at Angie for interfering and says this is all her fault. I love how it’s always someone else’s fault besides her own.

Over dinner, Manuel and Chivis both tell their respective families about the Key West trip. And they both do a lousy job of making it sound like “just” a business trip…that they’re taking together.

Lupita comes to snuggle with Chivis before bed. She starts asking if she likes Manuel, does she think he’s different, he’s very different from her dad, isn’t he? She doesn’t think her dad would like Chivis and Manuel taking a trip together. Chivis tells Lupita she and AJ are getting a divorce.

Back in her own bed, Lupita’s crying wakes up Majo and Angie. When they finally get her to tell them what’s bothering her, she realizes they already knew about the divorce. They console her as best they can, but they don’t give her any false hope–it’s over between their parents. Sure, their dad is probably sad, but he’s probably also cracking jokes with his jail buddies. Lupita figures if her parents are getting a divorce, that means Chivis is going to be the neighbor’s girlfriend. Guilty looks from Angie and Majo.

Also moping about a breakup: Andres. He looks at pictures of him and Majo on his laptop and drinks fancy rich people booze. Or possibly Coke. He ignores a call from Majo. In her bathroom, Majo starts getting lovey texts from Vicente. Lucha gets one from Andres asking to meet tomorrow.

Trini comes in while Chivis is packing. She didn’t buy the “business trip” story before and she’s certainly not buying it now that she sees Chivis packing a bathing suit for “just in case.” Manuel starts whistling from his balcony, calling to Chivis that he has a surprise for her.

He’s the one who gets a surprise when Trini emerges instead of Chivis!

Friday 11/04/16 #75

So, what surprise does he have? “Ummmm…the weather channel says it’s not going to rain.”

Sara shows up for her second day of work. She argues with Trini about the uniform. Trini demands to be addressed as “Señora Trinidad” and wants her breakfast served to her in bed every morning before Sara serves breakfast to the rest of the family downstairs. And she’s not to fraternize with anyone in the neighborhood. Uh huh. Because, of course, Trini doesn’t either, right?

Francisco Javier’s doggie therapy session is scheduled for today after work. Stella’s planning to bring him to the market with them for the day. Dom starts panicking. And then Stella remembers he was going to tell her something the other day…. Dom makes up a story about having read online that once a dog starts behaving like FJ, there’s no help for it. Stella refuses to accept that.

Over breakfast, Lupita starts talking about her parents getting a divorce. Angie tells Trini that Chivis already told Lupita, but Trini says Chivis is just confused. She’s throwing a tantrum (*glare*). People always break up and make up again. Well, based on what Lupita’s seen, it sounds like that’s true. The only one without a girlfriend is Vicente…except she did see him kissing someone the other day….

Majo pumps Lupita for information, but all she finds out is that Vicente’s “girlfriend” looks like a model and has amazing eyes. As Trini continues being awful to Sara and the boys come over to walk the girls to school, Majo just sits there wallowing in her jealousy.

Manuel and Chivis are driving along towards Key West singing the show’s theme song. Chivis gets pensive, thinking about everything that’s happened between her last trip and now. Manuel asks about the three best and three worst things that have happened since that last trip. Chivis says the best things are finding out that she feels a lot more fulfilled by working than being at home all day; becoming closer as a family; and meeting Manuel. And the three worst are seeing her daughters suffer; everything that happened after AJ left; and the cops being after her all the time.

Manuel says the last one might not be over–there’s a checkpoint up ahead. The officer has them pull over and asks to see Manuel’s license. He’s supposed to be wearing corrective lenses to drive. That means a ticket, plus he can’t keep driving the truck. Ooooops…. Chivis breaks in, haranguing Manuel about how she told him. She TOLD him his glasses were going to break and he NEVER listens to her! ALL he cares about is FÚTBOL and his FRIENDS! She hands over her license and asks the officer if she can drive. But HE’D better tell MANOLO because he NEVER listens to HER!

The officer agrees it’s fine as long as Chivis drives. “FINALLY! A SENSIBLE man!” As Manuel gets out of the car they do that “Chicks! Amirite?” thing.

In the truck, they giggle together. Manuel can’t believe he never knew Chivis was capable of that kind of acting.

Marge sees Jorge and Angie having lunch together at school, so she goes over to harass them. After she walks away, Angie tells Jorge she’s not angry, but she feels sorry for Marge. She’s skipping a lot of classes and her grades are dropping.

And on an entirely different note, did he know their parents are in Key West together? Yeah, he heard. Angie brings up Lupita’s theory–that they’re going to start dating. She thinks it would be weird, but she’s determined to support her mother.

Manuel’s big surprise is that he rented a boat! (Also there’s a dolphin in the water! Showoff 😛 )

Out on the water, Chivis changes into her suit. Her hair is suddenly wavy. She’s all shy and she’s decided she’s going to be the one to ask Manuel…does he want to be her secret boyfriend? With no kissing. Of course he does! (I’m not sure what the difference is supposed to be.)

Benito comes over and tries to offer Trini a bribe of pastries to get her to stop being angry at him. Not only is she still angry, she takes his being there out on Sara, sending her upstairs, threatening to fire her when she comes back downstairs. Tiresome.

Stella’s about to get more than she bargained for with doggie therapy. The therapist wants to know about FJ’s puppyhood. Stella says she doesn’t know–she bought him at a fancy pet shop with a six-month no-interest payment plan. Uh huh. And why did she do that? In other words, how did he come into her life.

Alejandra finds Vicente at school. She wants to know if he’s single. Like, totally single. Vicente says he’s absolutely waaaaay single. Ale’s glad. It means she has a chance.

And then right after she kisses him on the cheek and walks away, he gets a text from Majo accusing him of ruining her wedding. She HATES him and she NEVER wants to see him again. (Meaning…for another day and a half?)

Chivis and Manuel keep drifting along in the boat, drinking champagne. She thinks after six hours of being novios it’s ok to hold hands now. Manuel asks her to promise that when she gets all her personal stuff settled she’s not going to run back to her castle and forget about him. And he promises to be faithful to her until death. Chivis decides to break her “no kissing” rule.

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