Silvana sin Lana Week of 11/07/16 #76-79

Monday 11/07/16 #76

Stella levels with the doc–she bought Paco Javo to impress a guy, but she swears she’s grown to love him as if her were her child! OK, now that he’s heard from Stella, he wants to hear from Javito. Dom is reeeeeally uneasy about him opening the carrier and sure enough, Francisco Javier II attacks the doctor. And steals his watch. I did not see that one coming.

The doc says this is either an emotional problem or an illness. He’s ordering some tests to find out. In the meantime, Stella promises one of the guys will reach in there and grab his watch as soon as FJ falls asleep.

Mauro’s over at Lucía’s when she gets a call from Andres, setting up a meeting. Mauro isn’t happy about it. He decides to leave rather than start an argument.

Manuel and Chivis are done with their cruise on the Mini Love Boat and it’s time to head back home. Except the truck won’t start. So they find a nice little boutique hotel to stay at instead. A nice little boutique hotel where there is only one available room.

Andres comes over to pick up Lucha, but she has to convince him to talk about what’s wrong. Andres says Majo and Vicente slept together. He doesn’t notice she doesn’t look surprised. He confesses that he and Majo…I think he said they both had never had sex with anyone else. That’s the way Majo wanted it and at some point he stopped asking himself what he wanted. What he wants now is “to feel loved” so he leans on Lucha and then starts kissing her. This seems like a bad idea. The only way this would be a worse idea is if he were drunk.

Lucha doesn’t think this is a good idea, either. Andres is not acting like himself…talking about going out to have a good time. (Are we sure he’s not drunk?) Five minutes ago he was upset over Majo. She’s not falling for this. She’s not going to be his plato de segunda mesa (someone’s second choice, not the person they really want to be with).

Andres swears she’s not, he just…feels awful. And he likes her. And she can’t deny the feeling is mutual–except she can because she knows she has the hots for him but he ALWAYS insisted he was in love with Majo and the two of them were just friends. She would love for him to be in love with her, and she even thought at one point that she could get over all his baggage and try to understand his religious beliefs and conservative upbringing, but not if Majo is part of the deal! She gets out of the car to walk home.

Manuel and Chivis get to their hotel room. It’s a nice room. Beachy. Chivis seriously wonders if he planned all this. Manuel’s not even offended by the question, but no, he wouldn’t trick her like that. He kisses her…and then asks if she wants them to sleep together. She’s not ready. But she thanks him for his patience (which I agree, is nice, but shouldn’t that just be standard?). He’s perfectly happy to just sleep in the same bed and makes jokes about pajamas.

They’re kissing again when Trini calls. At least, he’s pretty sure it’s Trini. It’s Lupita. Chivis explains that the truck broke down and then asks to talk to Trini. I’m glad we’re not hearing Trini’s end of the conversation–Chivis’ was bad enough! No, mom, there are no garages open…no, there’s not a bus station here…no, I cannot get a taxi to drive us home! Manuel makes static noises so she can say the signal’s bad and hang up. He leaves a message for Vicente to pick them up in the morning and have Poncho cover for him at the market. (Um…how?)

Vicente comes over to see Majo. She’s still angry at him because he “ruined” her relationship with Andres. (Nope, pretty sure you did that.) And yes, they had made a pact to stay virgins until they got married so that answers that question. Really, though, Vicente was coming over to tell her their parents are spending the night together in Key West.

Majo thinks it’s quite a coincidence the truck broke down. And no, she doesn’t want to go with him to pick them up in the morning. She shuts the door in his face and tells Angie their mom is spending the night with Manuel.

And what a hot night at a hotel it is! They just got done playing ¡Basta! and Chivis won (I had to look it up…it’s “Categories” which is not a game I have ever played). They’re having takeout from a nearby restaurant. Chivis asks about his wife. He says her name was Marisol. She had dark hair like Vicente and curls like Jorge and she was a fighter like Lucía. She cried for everything, even TV commercials. She liked seafood and riding her bike. She was very loving. She liked to be physically close.

Chivis is glad he’s telling her. She wants to know about him and Marisol was a big part of his life. It must have been very painful when she died. Manuel agrees it was. But she made him promise to take care of the kids and to fall in love again. And he would have been fine with just the first part. He didn’t even think the second part was possible until he met Chivis.

Now it’s Manuel’s turn. Was she in love with the thief before she met him. “I thought I was.” Second question–what happens when AJ gets out of jail? What would she do if he recovered financially and wanted to take them back to their old life? She doesn’t think it’s going to be so easy for him to get the money back. But things are definitely going to change. She knows she can’t go back to her old life and the girls have adapted, even though they had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming, and Trini…well, Trini definitely doesn’t like the way they’ve been living. So it’s not up to just her.

Manuel’s done with the questions. It’s “their” night and look what he’s asking about. Chivis proposes that she sleep under the covers and he sleep on top…of the covers.

Trini doesn’t believe they really had car trouble. Angie absolutely believes Chivis didn’t plan this. And Majo’s in the middle–she didn’t believe it, but their mom never lies. Trini says “car trouble” is the oldest trick in the book–why, she even had it happen once with their grandpa….

We don’t get to hear the rest of the story. They move on to talking about Majo going with Vicente so she can have some time to think. Trini doesn’t understand why. She didn’t break up with Andres, did she?! And pass up on the opportunity to secure her future?!

Nobody really thought the “Have Poncho open the stall” plan through. And I don’t just mean because he’s still in that huge brace. Vicente called Poncho and told him he needed him to open because Manuel and Chivis were stranded in Key West…and Poncho told Dom and Stella. Stella flips. It doesn’t help when Dom says Chivis is so prim and proper and Poncho says those are always the ones you have to watch out for.

Stella wants a PLAN! But the best she can come up with is to wait until AJ is out and then become allies. (Ew, please don’t!)

Lucha gets home. Vicente tells her about the whole “dad’s in Key West with the neighbor” thing, but she’s not upset. She’s decided if their dad is happy then she’s happy. Things sure have changed since the neighbors showed up. Vicente says his live has turned around 170 degrees. It would be 180, but since he’s not married to Majo, he lacks the last 10 degrees. And Jorge’s been so upset over Angie…good thing Lucha never fell for Andres or that would be three of them! He looks at her face and wonders if he’s entirely correct about that…because if she does have a thing for Andres, she could totally help him out!

Whoa! Lucha’s a little tired of people not caring what SHE has to say about all this–Vicente asking for favors, Andres trying to use her to get over Majo. She was sitting down to have some soup, but now she’s decided she’s not hungry.

Chivis is under the covers, not sleeping. Manuel is on top of the covers, also not sleeping.

In the morning, Majo ends up joining Vicente for his road trip. If he’d ever stop flirting and trying to get her to smile, they might actually get to Key West at a decent hour.

It’s just Lupita and Angie at the breakfast table, with Sara serving them breakfast. Trini’s upstairs shouting about needing her breakfast in bed that she’s been awake for TWENTY MINUTES waiting for while the girls giggle and Sara rolls her eyes.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s AJ. There goes the neighborhood.

Tuesday 11/08/16

No episode – Presidential election coverage. See above re: neighborhood.

Wednesday 11/09/16 #77

Ugh. AJ. He checks out the house and declares it an “adequate” place to live while they regroup. He doesn’t want them to call Chivis and tell her he’s home–he wants to surprise her. He brought real champagne, which thrills Trini to no end. He insists on the girls going to school and lets Angie talk him out of walking them. He meets Jorge, who is not the least bit intimidated by him.

Vicente and Majo are still on the road. They’re never going to get there at this rate because Vicente pulls over to try to put an “end” to their whole situation and swear he’ll leave Majo alone if she just looks him in the eye and says she doesn’t love him. Or even that she doesn’t desperately want to kiss him. She kisses him. (Y’all! Parents! Stranded! Priorities!)

At the market, Stella gripes about Manuel. Poncho gripes about Stella. Dom gripes about having to listen to the both of them. The usual.

Vicente and Majo make it to the docks, where Vicente immediately starts checking out the truck and Majo starts interrogating her mother. Whatever was wrong with the truck, Vicente doesn’t seem to find it when he pops the hood. Manuel already arranged to have it towed back.

AJ starts working on Trini now that the girls have left for school. She needs to be on his side if she wants things to go back to the way they were. Trini tries covering for Chivis–Lupita mentioned her car broke down, but Trini insists she slept at home last night. AJ goes upstairs to check out her room.

I’m just waiting for him to find some cash and pocket it. He does jump on the bed. (Don’t get comfy there, dude. Just don’t.) Sara comes in to clean, but she tries to avoid talking about whether Chivis slept in the bed or not.

Trini comes in to try to get AJ back out of the room and Sara takes advantage of her being there to ask if she can go down to the bakery to get the bread while it’s fresh. When Trini refuses to let her and messes up the bed to make more work for her, Sara tells AJ that Trini likes Benito. AJ has a great time watching the two of them bicker. When Trini walks out to go to the bakery herself, AJ warns Sara that Trini NEVER loses. Sara takes off after her.

At a gas station on the way home, Majo gets the opportunity to move from grilling Chivis to warning her about her behavior. Because Lupita has already put things together and she knows about the divorce and she thinks Chivis and Manuel are going to get together. Majo is angry at Chivis for even telling Lupita about the divorce. She’s too young. She didn’t need to know. And the truth isn’t better, because her head is all mixed up because her life is ruined. (Um, are you sure talking about Lupita there, Majo?)

Chivis tells Majo to quit worrying so much about what she’s doing and worry about her own life.

Marge gets a front-row seat to Angie scolding Jorge for telling her dad they’re dating instead of letting Angie do it. Angie gets a text from Andres asking for a meeting with her–but he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Chivis, Majo, and Manuel walk into the house and…surprise…there’s AJ. Majo actually hugs him, but she doesn’t want to talk about whether she’s still angry at him or not.

AJ tries to intimidate Manuel, saying he’s heard how helpful Manuel was, but he’s home now and Manuel’s assistance is no longer required. Right, well, Manuel only did what any decent person would do and if they need him, he’ll always be there for them. Manuel leaves and AJ asks Majo to make him a smoothie, which is code for “go upstairs and let me talk to your mother alone.”

*sigh* Trini. Sara. Benito. Showdown at the panadería. Croissants vs. French bread. Marge heard that AJ’s back and she hopes Trini leaves soon. Trini thinks it’ll be about a month. And Sara’s totally coming with them (not that she asked Sara).

Benito’s sad that Trini will be leaving, but she suggests she could stay…if a certain big event happened…. She picks up a vase of flowers and holds it like a bouquet. Benito has no idea what she’s talking about.

Mauro and Lucha stop by her house for a book she left in her room. He can tell something’s going on with her and he wants to know what it is. She doesn’t want to have problems with him…and he assures her she won’t if she’s honest. So she tells him she saw Andres yesterday and Andres kissed her. (Um, that’s not quite how I remember it.)

She admits she kissed him back, “sort of,” and she felt stuff, sure, but mostly she felt angry that he was just kissing her to get revenge on Majo and feel better about himself. Mauro’s not angry. (Sure. For now.)

Lupita and Pedro, with their limited experience and unlimited confidence, are sure that if AJ is out it means he’s innocent. (Great, so she’s going to have a meltdown when she hears he still has a trial coming up.) She’s also sure that AJ will like Pedrito. Pedro offers to tell his dad to give Chivis a few weeks off so she can spend more time with AJ, but Lupita says with another mouth to feed Chivis is going to need to work more. But she’ll spend all of her free time with AJ.

AJ’s not in the mood to talk about the stuff he and Chivis really NEED to talk about. He’d rather she entertain him by telling him about her day. (Creep!) When she won’t, he tells her about his day–he showed up with balloons and champagne; said hi to Lupita, Trini and Angie; took his stuff up to her room…. Oh yeah, he’s staying there, because it’s Chivis’ house, so where else would he stay?

AJ invokes their wedding vows, but Chivis reminds him HE’s the one who forgot them. She demands he get his stuff out of her room, but he begs her to let him stay, just for a few days, until he finds somewhere else.

Chivis keeps insisting this is her house and AJ agrees, it is. But soon they’ll be back in “their” house. Um, no. Chivis isn’t going back there. This is her life now and she likes it. “You have to think about your daughters and your mother.” Well, Trini’s an adult, so she can do whatever she wants. And Chivis doesn’t think going back to their old life as if nothing had ever happened would be good for the girls. AJ thinks he has the right to an opinion about that. Chivis disagrees–they’ve already had to adapt to this life and he wasn’t even around for that, so he doesn’t get to come in here whining about his “rights” as a father. AJ is convinced they’re getting back together.

So, can he stay? Chivis can’t believe him! OK, she’s not kicking him out, but he’s NOT staying in her room. Everyone knows they’re separated, including Lupita. He’d better get his stuff dealt with and get out soon, because she doesn’t have a lot of patience.

Stella goes to the doggie doctor’s office. She never did get his watch back, but she brought him a replacement. She mentions telling Francisco Javier all her troubles and he puts that together with her talking about why she bought FJ. Stella starts talking about Manuel, but she quickly gets too choked up to talk.

Thursday 11/10/16 #78

Stella calms down and she actually TELLS the doctor everything. Fake baby, fake wedding, the whole thing. He’d actually like to treat Stella as part of FJ’s treatment. It might be too much for FJ to be listening to her problems when he’s got his own.

Majo feels the need to call someone and tell them about her dad. So she calls Vicente, of course.

Andres finds Lucía on campus and apologizes for being a jerk the other day. She gripes at him about how she said things to him she’s never said to a man before and he kept coming back with all this “friends” talk. She never asked him for anything, but she’s asking him now to be more careful with what he says to her because she’s not going to be his backup plan. When he says he thinks he’s going to forgive Majo she angrily picks up her stuff and tells him that’s great and he should call her when he’s having problems and “stupid Lucía” will be there.

Stella comes to Manuel’s office to tell him she heard about his trip. And she’s going to therapy. And he has to come with her so they can work on their relationship. “WE DON’T HAVE A RELATIONSHIP!”

Poncho complains to the Perpetually Annoyed Virgen that he keeps asking her to make Stella notice him and nada de nada. He apologizes for his tone, but if he could just have a sign…. His phone rings. When a helpful extra fishes it out of his pocket for him, it’s Juanito. He suddenly remembers that Juanito has that neighbor who’s supposed to be so great a public speaking….

Juanito’s neighbor Jonas runs a little church. He’s sure he can help Poncho find some peace. He also has a daughter, Génesis. I’d like to kick whoever on the production staff decided Poncho should check out her breasts first. Jonas welcomes Poncho to “culto” (worship…I’d never heard it used that way) and everyone but Juanito heads inside.

I guess when Andres said he wanted to talk to Angie, what he really meant was he wanted her to explain why Majo slept with Vicente. Because asking Majo would just upset her. Angie gives the same reasons Majo did–her life was all shaken up, she was confused.

But she also adds that they were raised to believe they weren’t supposed to have sex before marriage and they never actually questioned that or made the decision for themselves. And here suddenly they were pulled out of their little conservative bubble and spending time with people who didn’t necessarily believe the same things. She doesn’t know why Majo had sex with someone besides Andres. She actually thought after all the time Andres and Majo were together it would have been natural for them to sleep together.

Andres is shocked to hear this coming from Angie. She knows, but this is how she thinks now, especially after seeing what happened with the two of them. There was obviously this very important way he and Majo didn’t know each other because they never had an honest conversation about it. It doesn’t justify her behavior, but maybe he can understand it. It could have happened to him, too.

Andres is impressed with how much she’s grown up. “Yeah, well. I had to. And with growth comes change and sometimes it’s painful.” She’s sorry about what happened to him and she’s gotta go now and collect Lupita.

At the house, the family toasts to AJ’s return. At least AJ, Majo, Trini, and Lupita do. Chivis and Angie just stand there staring while AJ promises a return to “normal.” Yeah, about that…Lupita wants to know if he’ll be sleeping in Chivis’ room now that he’s back. AJ says they have some things to discuss, so Trini’s going to lend him her room and sleep in Chivis’ room.

Trini fusses. (Hey, did she not remember she said she would help AJ?) Chivis says it’s going to be so nice to sleep with her mom again, like when she was Lupita’s age.

Pedrito’s feeling sick again. Or so he says. From the way he’s jumping on Jorge’s bed and playing air guitar…er, whale guitar?…I don’t buy it. Neither does Manuel, though he misses the performance. He thinks something’s bothering Pedrito. Meh, Pedrito just starts talking about Lupita being happy her dad’s out of jail. He asks if Manuel’s going to give him a job. And he complains about the trip to the beach. Manuel agrees–they haven’t taken a family vacation in too long. They should plan one soon.

Alejandra comes over to see Vicente. And snog him. And when he doesn’t respond as enthusiastically as she thinks she deserves, she asks if he’s gay. (I swear I liked her at first…now I’m making faces like Vicente when she shows up.)

Dom really doesn’t think bringing Manuel along to therapy is a good idea when the doctor said he was going to try to cure Stella of her obsession. He also doesn’t think it’s fair to blame everything that happened on Chivis. Does she really think that if Chivis hadn’t come along, Stella would still be with Manuel? Because Dom thinks she would have been bored by now.

Stella has a fantasy of being all dressed up and Manuel coming in wearing a tank top and sweatpants, saying he sold his house to buy her some fancy ring. Stella tells him diamonds are cheap. He whines that he loves her and she disses him for whining.

Stella snaps out of the fantasy. She tells Dom they’d have a normal life. Like everyone does. Right, but Stella’s not “normal,” she’s extraordinary, amazing, “out of this world.” Well, Stella agrees, but she thinks Manuel destroyed her self-esteem. She thinks he’s going to end up coming to therapy with her. But she also thinks Dom should go. He’s FJ’s guardian, right?

Poncho comes home all filled with peace and says he joined a prayer and worship group. Dom and Stella trade worried looks. They don’t get it. Especially when he says he’s not drinking anymore.

Andres comes over to talk to Majo. He doesn’t know how he’s going to get past this, but he needs her help. He still loves her and he wants to get married. (Sure, dude. Good luck with that.)

He totally cribs Angie’s whole thing about how it would have been natural to have sex earlier and deciding to wait until they got married didn’t do them any good. Majo’s a little weirded out by that–he’s making her sound like some kind of repressed prude! Didn’t they both agree? Sure, but why? Because it’s what their parents thought was best? From now on they need to do what’s best for them and they need to discuss everything and not lie to each other. (You mean like the last two times?)

Majo just wants him to forgive her already. Andres says she might have to do some penance first. Maybe a massage. Or making him breakfast for the first six months they’re married. Or organize all his ties by color. Majo laughs.

But in the interest of being honest, she does need to tell him her dad’s out on bail. So…he’s going to be at the wedding. But his parents…. Andres tells her he’ll deal with his parents.

AJ goes looking for Chivis in her room. Since she’s not there, he goes into her closet. I’m still convinced he’s looking for cash or something he can pawn. He hears Manuel calling from the balcony and goes out there. Manuel plays it cool. Sure, he and Chivis talk outside on the balconies “sometimes.” AJ starts harping on the excessive closeness and whether it erodes “respect.” Like, maybe there’s been dudes hanging around his wife and daughters…?

Let the veiled barbs begin. Nope, everyone in this ‘hood is decent and respectful. Manuel doesn’t know what it’s like where AJ was from…. Wow, Manuel’s such a gentleman, no wonder Chivis likes him, but then she always did have a lot of affection for their cook, the chauffeur, the maid…. Oh, yes, Manuel noticed she’s such a simple woman, no superiority complex or anything…. And AJ is just the same. They should hang out more. Does Manuel play tennis? Polo? Golf? He must know some sport…. Sports, well, Manuel plays some fútbol, but it’s been so long since he’s had the time, since he works…. What AJ really likes are martial arts. Maybe he can show Manuel some moves. But now he’s off to make up for lost time with his family. Especially his wife.

Vicente is ready to take Ale home. She keeps trying to snog him. I’m afraid of what she’s going to do while he’s driving. They see Majo and Andres coming down the driveway and Alejandra, I kid you not, tells Andres, “Hi, handsome!” Seriously?

Majo says “Handsome” is her fiancée and they’re getting married in two days, so…. Ale congratulates her and begs Vicente to take her to the wedding if he’s invited. Um, no, he won’t be, because it’s just for family, right “baby boo”? Andres makes a big show of kissing her in front of Vicente and Ale before he leaves.

Majo goes back inside and gives Chivis the good news–the wedding is back on. Andres forgave her again and she swears this will be the last time he needs to! Chivis hopes so. She hopes Majo will take her marriage seriously. Majo promises she’s going to be super focused on being a good wife and mother. She’s going to follow Chivis’ example.

She thinks Chivis is really dealing with things well right now. About that–Chivis wonders how Majo’s dealing. She was so angry at her dad and now it’s like nothing. Well, Majo decided she’s made so many mistakes, she’s no one to judge him and besides, she only has a few days left in this house. She’d like to enjoy it and have everybody getting along.

AJ comes downstairs. He asks about the wedding and says he’s going to clear everything up with Andres’ parents. Majo says that’s ok, Andres will do it. But Chivis thinks it’s AJ’s job. (Why do I feel like she mostly wants him to go spout all that “I only borrowed it!” stuff to them and piss them off so much they call off the wedding?) Majo and Chivis both go upstairs, leaving AJ to whine about being alone. He gets comfortable on the couch and turns on the TV. I wonder how long it will take for someone to tell him Manuel’s the one who paid for cable service.

Dom and Stella had this whole plan to lure Francisco Javier out of his carrier with food and grab the doctor’s watch, but when Dom looks for FJ, he finds an empty carrier…FJ escaped!

Friday 11/11/16 #79

Dom panics. Stella panics. Poncho has his new super-calm spiritual aura, which just gets on Dom’s and Stella’s nerves. Stella sends the other two out looking while she makes some posters. Food? Sleep? Nobody’s getting any until they find Javito!

Alejandra’s coming on strong with Vicente and he’d maybe be ok with some fooling around…but not at a hotel. He doesn’t like them. (Riiiiight.) He’ll just park the van somewhere they won’t get caught.

Chivis tells the girls and Trini that she’s letting AJ stay in the house temporarily, which I thought they already know. Everyone but Angie is excited and talking about all the family fun time they used to have. And Chivis is just sitting there looking miserable. (It seems so disloyal to me that after Chivis has been busting her ass to handle everything since AJ left, now he comes back and it’s like “Chivis who?”)

AJ tells Lupita a bedtime story. I glare. Majo and Angie come in and start getting ready for bed. AJ apologizes for all the pain he caused them. I glare. Lupita tells her dad he’s always going to be the best dad in the world to her. (That’s a pretty low bar, Lupita.) Majo wants him to stay and hang out, but Angie reminds her they have school tomorrow. She gives him a hug before he leaves. Majo and Lupita high-five and squee. I glare. Angie looks conflicted.

AJ makes breakfast in the morning. He has everyone’s favorites. He even invites Sara to sit down and have some while he goes upstairs with Trini’s breakfast on a tray just like she likes it.

Upstairs, Trini is complaining about the sound of the alarm on Chivis’ phone. Chivis complains about Trini’s snoring. Trini is utterly charmed by AJ coming in with the breakfast tray and acting like a waiter. When he asks if there’s anything else Chivis would like, she glares.

All of AJ’s sucking up doesn’t extend to being nice to the boyfriends. He practically shuts the door in Jorge and Pedrito’s faces. And today he’s walking the girls to school.

Dom and Poncho have been out looking all night, but they can’t find Paco Javo. Stella is upset, obviously. She leaves them alone in the living room just long enough for Poncho to ask if they shouldn’t tell her that she’s not even upset over the Paco Javo she thinks she’s upset over. BUSTED! She was lurking on the stairs and listening and now she wants to know what they keep whispering about. But before Dom can answer, the doggie doctor shows up and Stella starts telling him about the missing Paco Javo.

On the way to school, Angie says it’s weird the guys didn’t stop by for them. I have to give AJ credit, at least he tells the truth–they did and he told them to go on because he’d be walking the girls to school. When they get to the panadería, Lupita fills him in on all the gossip–this is Don Benito’s panadería, he has a granddaughter named Margarita who’s suuuuuuper annoying, Trini likes Benito and Benito likes Trini, but Sara also likes Benito. She doesn’t think Benito and Trini are ever going to get together because they move too slow, like Angie and Jorge.

The doctor finishes listening to Stella’s story and has only one question. Did Paco Javo leave his watch behind? Um, nope.

There’s a knock at the door and a woman with fabulous purple hair and a sparkly gold purse returns Paco Javo. And the doctor’s watch. Purple Hair explains she was on her way to work and she saw Paco Javo fighting with three other big dogs. He chased them off, but she was worried they’d come back, so she took him to work with her. He had a great time and all the other girls fussed over him and then when she was on her way home she saw the posters and brought him back here.

Dom gives her the reward money Stella had set aside and tells her to count it. Then he asks if by any chance her work has a runway and a pole. How did he know?! She says it’s the best club in town–twenty naked women. The guys seem to be rushing her out the door now as Dom says they’ll call if they’re ever missing a dog again.

Stella immediately goes over to Paco Javo’s carrier to scold him for spending the night with twenty naked women. She can’t believe he was off having a good time while she was worrying about him! The doctor finds it fascinating that a pedigreed dog would spend the night out fighting and hanging out in a strip club and survive the “wild” environment. He thinks it’s time they went back to that pet shop and took a look at Paco Javo’s family tree. Dom and Poncho trade worried looks.

Possibly Ale and Vicente had sex last night in the van. I kind of hope not, but she’s talking about it being really obvious that he’s a man after last night, so I’m not sure what else to make of that. She’d like a repeat performance, but he’s got stuff to do so he’ll see her later.

AJ hangs out at the panadería. When Juanito brings his coffee, he sits down to talk to him about that night he saw him outside, when Trini fainted. AJ seems kind of hostile towards him. Benito tells Juanito to get back to work and approaches AJ with the same kind of flattery and deference he gives to Trini. AJ eats it up, of course and decides to share his latest racing tip with Benito. As diplomatically as possible, Benito says he’s really not into betting, having worked so hard to earn his money and all.

They finally introduce themselves and Benito makes this really ridiculous comment about how when he first heard about AJ he thought he was a criminal, but now he can see AJ’s a gentleman and he made a mistake. Seriously, Benito? And yet when AJ jokes that regular people are in jail and criminals are out loose, Benito agrees with him like he’s agreeing that AJ is a criminal and that’s why he’s out.

Manuel finds Chivis working in his office. She hadn’t heard that he and AJ talked on the balcony last night. Manuel tells her not to worry, he knows how to handle AJ. He, um, wonders where AJ slept and he’s relieved to hear it wasn’t with Chivis. Chivis is finding it so strange to have him in the house again, but at the same time familiar. Everyone else is so happy, it’s like a party going on at the house. Manuel hopes she doesn’t get used to it. She says as a mother she can get used to anything, but as a woman? No.

In other words, she explains, what she and Manuel have is like their own party and it’s one she’s never leaving. She’s sure she’ll be able to handle everything because now she has Manuel and everything she’s learned since AJ left.

Angie and Jorge make up from their fight yesterday. She asks if her dad was rude when he came over this morning and Jorge says he wasn’t nice. Angie’s sorry. He’s just machista (since when is that an excuse?) and super celoso (jealous). Jorge doesn’t think AJ likes him, but Angie says there are a lot of things her dad is just going to have to get used to.

Majo comes to the market looking for Chivis, but she’s out making a delivery. Vicente heard Andres forgave her again. Majo says he’s a great guy–noble, understanding, smart. Vicente says that all adds up to “boring.” Oh yeah, well she’s sure the words he’d use to describe his little friend from last night would be more entertaining, right? Not more than the words he’d use to describe Majo.

He teases her for coming all this way to look for her mom. Why didn’t she just call? Is it an excuse to see him? Majo says she did call. Her mom’s cell phone was off Chivis arrives and asks the same question–why didn’t Majo call? Majo makes the cell phone excuse, giving her mom warning looks Chivis doesn’t pick up on, so Chivis actually checks her cell phone and says it wasn’t off. Oh well.

They’re on their way to go wedding dress shopping and Andres calls after Majo that she’s going to be the prettiest bride in the whole world. Chivis doesn’t even wait until they’re out of the market to scold Majo. What did they talk about last night? Why didn’t she just call and let Chivis come pick her up. She needs to quit taking risks like this. Andres isn’t going to forgive her another time.

Andres finds Lucha on campus. The elections are tomorrow. She’s nervous.

She’s guessing what he came over for was to tell her he forgave Majo. Why can’t he find someone else to share all his personal drama with? Doesn’t he realize that Majo is hung up on Vicente?

AJ’s done hanging out at the panadería, but Jorge arrives, so he interrogates him first. Who is he? How’d he meet Angie? What are his plans in life? I’m pretty sure if some snotty rich kid said he wasn’t sure and he might take a year off after graduating AJ wouldn’t have sneered at him. Just saying.

Poncho has his hair slicked back and he’s wearing all white under the giant brace. The market guys make fun of him and wonder what his new schtick is now that he’s not trying to take over as leader. Poncho starts talking about his new faith. Dom tells Vicente Poncho’s just having an existential crisis and it’ll pass. He hopes.

Stella brings the doggie doctor to Manuel’s office. Great! He’d love for the doc to explain to Stella that THEY DON’T HAVE A RELATIONSHIP! Nope, instead he decides that Manuel just has a fear of commitment.

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