La Fan Wednesday 1/18/17 #2

It’s another jam-packed episode. So many words! So fast! I don’t want the pace to slow down, but yikes! And it’s not just the words…this recap could have been twice the length if I’d described every single one of Gabriel’s facial expressions. The way he listens! And reacts! Just…take a look at him sometime when he’s hanging over someone’s shoulder and he doesn’t have any lines–he is never out of character. Anyway…

The date

Lucas is the one who’s supposed to be rehabbing his image, but it’s Vale who’s stealing the show. She talks a mile-a-minute and her face is animated…in contrast with Lucas, who just looks confused. She speeds through some chatter about how she never wins anything and she’s the president of his fan club and he pretends to know what she’s talking about and suggests they take a selfie. Val looks gorgeous; Lucas looks like he’s trying too hard to look cool.

Vale’s having SUCH a good time, she quotes his line from episode 10 of Amar Duele,

There are days that should always be recorded in your memory so you can repeat them when necessary.

Lucas agrees he remembers, but I’m not sure he remembers what socks he’s wearing.

The selfie spreads and narco guy sends Artemio, his hench, to go deal with Lucas. Roxie tries to beg for clemency, but narco guy ain’t having it. He kills an innocent potted plant in his anger.

Val and Lucas sit down finally and start looking at the menu. She’s shocked at the prices, but Lucas says they’ve got an incredible Fontainebleau Enchanté de l’Amour de la Nuit de la Saint-Saëns, which I am compelled to inform you is a French commune that’s pleased to meet you of love of the night of a French composer.

Vale’s impressed…but seriously, the prices! They’re charging an arm and leg for pieces of chicken on a bed of rice with Malbec sauce. It’s arroz con pollo! She can make it herself for $2.50! Lucas defends the restaurant as the best in the city. They’re presented with gazpacho, which I swear Lucas describes as Fantine de la chansón en bourse, which would be a character from Les Míserables from the song in the stock market. I have to stop trying to decipher his French.

Lucas proposes a toast and Vale’s fake nail pops off right into his soup. She could just grab the whole bowl, but instead she tries to pick out the nail while Lucas is asking the press for a little privacy.

Salma sees the selfie and tries to get Rodrigo to tell her who’s prettier. Uh, he knows how this game goes. He says she is without even looking. He’ll look if they can have pizza for dinner, though. Salma realizes it’s…THE PIZZA! It’s her! The Pizza is eating with her boyfriend!

Whatever, Rod would like her to vacate the couch because his buds are coming over to play “Play” (Playstation?). She snipes that he should do sports instead of playing games. Um, he does. Fútbol. Not that she bothers to watch.

Gabe’s plan appears to be working, to Salma’s dismay. The comments are rolling in on that selfie and people love seeing Lucas with a “normal” woman.

Jessica and Eloisa are wondering how Vale’s date is going when she sends a text message: “My fake nail fell in the soup. Help!” Jessica freaks out. The fake nails are expensive and she borrowed them from a client. Vale keeps trying to distract Lucas from the soup, but he scoops up the nail with a spoonful of gazpacho and there’s nothing for it–she reaches over and pulls it off his spoon. Oops. Lucas looks like he wants to hurl.

Agustin (who is not, as I previously thought, Damian) comes over to Salma’s. Because they didn’t finish doing some of their scenes yesterday. But Salma can’t possibly concentrate on that! Because Lucas is having lunch with The Pizza! She’s got such a pain in her chest! Everything hurts! Even her hair extensions!

At the bar, Artemio is calling his boss for further instructions, while Vale is telling Lucas her entire life story. In his head, her voice goes to chipmunk speed as she mentions the orphanage, her friend Luli (aka, Lucía), and Tomás…which then leads to the story of how she became his fan, watching Venganza Eterna with Lucía and how she still watches every day and she still comments on the scenes as if Luli were there…and did she tell him she’s the president of his fan club…she even followed him when he was acting in Colombia…and it’s such a shame Luli isn’t here instead of her, but like he said in episode fifteen of Enamorándote Otra Vez

The worst thing about death is it always takes the ones we love.

She shows off a picture of Tomás on her phone.

Lucas is getting desperate. She’s not eating, so there’s nothing to interrupt the endless stream of words. He sends a text to Gabriel, who laughs his ass off and sends him a voice message reminding him this is all to rehab HIS image, so DEAL WITH IT! He’s on his way.

Vale’s ready to resume chatter, as long as it’s ok with Lucas…like he said in episode five of Déjate Volar,

I’m fine if you’re fine.


Lucas is ready to call an end to the date, despite the fact that Gabriel said there would be another bunch of reporters coming. She’s about to quote him again, but he gives her a pitiful look and asks if they can just go? Please? At the bar, Artemio puts on his hat and starts to follow them out.


In another part of town, Gabe hires a PI to find Lucía’s son.

Back at the apartment, Tomás hopes Vale’s date is going well. He thinks she deserves all the luck in the world. She’s (literally) the mom he never had.


Diego’s still hanging, but a little more securely. Adriana tries writing a note to him to go (where?!) but she holds it upside down. He’s offended that she doesn’t care that he nearly fell, but starts trying to figure out how to lower himself.

Adriana emerges from her bathroom in a different outfit and starts trying to put her office back together. And Diego…is still sitting…outside her window. His only excuse is that it’s not that easy to get back down.

Adriana’s late for her big meeting and Benicio is playing the super-supportive “friend.” BTW, he’s got that paperwork for her to sign. Which she does. Without reading it. And cancels the renewal of 20 people’s contracts.

Carlos is bored. Natalia hopes he’s not going to be hanging around the house all day. She suggests he model for Felicitas, but then again she does like them a bit younger. Felicitas walks in, guessing they’re talking about her, and Natalia clears out.

Felicitas doesn’t think having Adriana come back home was a good idea, but Carlos is sure the presidency of the company will change her life forever. (Meaning…?)

I see what Diego means about “not good with people.” Adriana walks through the lobby while he’s mopping and he congratulates her for being beautiful. He denies he’s being rude, because “rude” would be saying what he’s thinking. And then he asks her out. She doesn’t even dignify that with an answer.

Down in the employee lounge, they’ve gotten word about the 20 employees who lost their jobs. Diego wanders in and explains that he’s new–what is this about? And how is the president related to Lucas Duarte? The guy who’s getting the employees all riled up to protest explains that she’s Lucas Duarte’s niece. Her father was pretty bad too. Her mother was just weird. But Adriana is the evilest one of all.

More to lunch than anyone bargained for

Vale walks Lucas out to his car and asks him for an autograph for the Lucaslocas. While he’s signing her autograph book, Artemio comes up behind her. Lucas would love to give him an autograph, but he’s busy right now and then he’s gotta go.

Vale doesn’t see the gun Artemio flashes at Lucas, but she does hear his tone, asking Lucas just where he thinks he’s going. Ooh, she takes serious offense and starts scolding him for talking to Lucas like that. At least Lucas has the decency to pull her out of the way. Then he tells Artemio to go ahead–but don’t hurt the face. Vale gets in between them again because seriously, she can’t let him hurt the face! She gives Artemio a knee to the groin and a purse to the head, then grabs Lucas. They make a run for it.

They run back through the restaurant, stopping to let a fan get a selfie. They knock a tray full of glasses out of a server’s hands as they head for the kitchen. Artemio catches up and attacks again. “DUCK!” Vale swings a saucepan at his face and they start running again. NO! Not the freezer! At least he can’t get in?

Lucas can’t believe this is happening. He’s completely forgotten that he was in this exact same situation in Amor a Prueba de Balas, episode 15. How does she remember all this? Well, she told him, she’s his fan!

Artemio’s still trying to get in and tries shooting at the lock, in desperation. Vale falls on Lucas. Again. He’s starting to freak out…about the damage the cold is going to do to his skin. (No que it shrinks the pores? I thought that was good?) Vale’s sure the guy can’t hold out forever–in fact, she can’t ear anything outside. Neither can Lucas. They try to door, but it’s stuck. His cell phone can’t get a signal. Now he’s really starting to panic! “I don’t want to freeze to death!”

Come, I’ll give you warmth.

– Episode 4, Llamas de Amor, 2009.

Nobody’s heard from Vale since she lost the nail and nothing’s online. Jessica fills Miriam in about the nail incident and Miriam accuses her of either using cheap nails or gluing them on wrong. OK, Jessica admits sometimes she uses cheap ones, but THESE were expensive!

Miguel comes over to their table and tells them to chill! Vale’s probably having a fabulous time. He sighs that it’s going to be an unforgettable day for her and goes back to the counter. Jessica gives Miriam a pitying look and says she owes her dinner, because he’s totally…. “It’s not confirmed!”

Narco guy takes a call from Artemio. He’d like to give up, but Narco guy wants to dine on Lucas’ head, so Artemio had better get back in there and kill him already! Another one of his henchdudes drags Roxie over. She was trying to escape. Narco guy warns her if Artemio fails, he’s going to use her as Lucas bait.

Lucas takes off his jacket and puts it over Vale’s shoulders. She’s about to quote something, but he begs her not to! Not while he’s dying! There’s a jiggling at the door and Gabe texts Lucas. “We’re about to rescue you, the press is outside.” Lucas tenderly caresses Vale’s face and says he’s going to protect her.

If I die at your side, I die happy.

– episode 119 Muertos de Amor, 2013.

“No, seriously, stop.” – Lucas, in the freezer, 2017. Gabe yanks the door from outside while Lucas pushes from inside and it pops open finally. For a second I really thought he might leave Vale in there. Just saying. But no, they both emerge and Lucas tells the press not to hurt her! She’s…dramatic pause…his fan.

The hero

Justin laughs at the news that Lucas “saved” Vale. Salma doesn’t get it and neither does Agustín. Lucas is a coward! She remembers one time they were swimming in the ocean and she got a cramp. He swam for shore because he was afraid it would be contagious.

Miriam reads the news to Jessica. Check out the spin on this: Lucas was having lunch with Vale when her ex showed up trying to kill her, but Lucas saved her life. Miguel interrupts to say he’s never known Vale to have a jealous ex. “And we’ve never seen you with a girlfriend, either.” He goes back to dealing with a customer.

Vale and Lucas tell the police about the incident. Gabe got her coffee. Lucas pulls him aside to ask if he set this up, but Gabe didn’t. They figure it must have been someone after Vale, because who would want to kill Lucas? Everyone loves him! He suggests Vale has a jealous ex…? Vale says she hasn’t been with anyone since her last boyfriend died in an accident nine years ago.

She has a theory, though. After seeing so many telenovelas she’s, like, an expert. This was clearly the work of a jealous husband. It’s obvious that guy was a hired gun who followed them from the restaurant. It was easy to find them from the photo Lucas posted online. And didn’t he just have that scandal with the woman with the hat? Is she married?

“A little?” Well, that’s enough. Vale demands the police investigate her. Lucas thinks her name is…Roxie?

And guess who calls him asking to see her. “Hey, does your husband have any reason to want to kill me?” She says not, but narco guy laughs in her face that he has pleeeeenty of time to wait for Lucas.

Lucas reports back that Roxie has nothing to do with this. Still, the officer’s going to take a statement. But what’s Vale’s relationship to Lucas? Say it with me…“Soy la fan.”


Vale’s home, she’s out of her dress and into a fuzzy robe, and now if everybody will sit down and CALM DOWN, she can tell them everything. First things first…all ten fake nails made it back. There’s an utter fail in the “calm down” department, so Vale can’t get another word in.

Salma is furious after seeing all of today’s media. And even more furious when Lucas sticks up for Vale. He runs out of Salma’s apartment as she screeches at him to go run off to some other woman’s arms.

In his car, Lucas remembers asking Lucía to stop working at the hotel and come live with him. He thinks he could be a different man with her. She promises she would never betray him…

But he says she did.

Diego tells Miguel about his very exciting first day at work. He seems to have no clue that the woman he saw in her underwear was the president of the company. He thinks she’s just some other executive that, thankfully, the president didn’t fire. He’s glad he didn’t meet the president! *facepalm*

Jessica and Miriam come running in. Jessica wants all the news…no, not about his job! Did he see Lucas? Did he find anything out? Hmph! All he knows is his family is a disaster.

Diego and Miguel wheel the TV in so Eloisa, Miriam, and Jessica can watch tonight’s installment of Amor, Amor, Amor. Just as the show gets underway, Miriam gets a notification on her phone and giddily announces that “la fan” is now a hashtag. SQUEE!

Lucas heads over to Gabriel’s. He wants to talk about Lucía. Gabriel explains that the contract negotiations in Cancún were at the same hotel where they met Lucía. It was the bartender who told him she died. He doesn’t know how, just that it was a long time ago. What does Lucas care, anyway? She cheated on him. (Uh…yeah…with you.) Lucas says he loved her even if she didn’t love him. He wants to know who she cheated with, but Gabriel asks what difference it makes.

He gets a call from the PI. Lucía’s son is named Tomás Hernandez, he’s 10, and he was born in LA.

Tomás brings some juice in for Vale. He’s glad nothing happened to her. She’s happy she got to live out one of Lucía’s dreams–she would have loved to be locked in a freezer with Lucas Duarte!

Gabriel gets off the phone with the PI. He says it was nothing important…but #lafan is trending. His marketing strategy is working perfectly! #lucasduartehero has caught on in three countries! He declares Lucas’ image rehabbed.

Gabriel says Lucas should thank him for picking the right contest winner…and for opening his eyes about Lucía.

Everybody wants to work

Adriana has no idea why there’s a protest going on in the lobby of the building. Even after the dude who was doing all the talking yesterday explains, she’s still confused. Diego may have just figured out she’s the “soulless president” on the (very nice) sign he’s holding. (Seriously, that is some quality signage. Even the handwritten ones are nice. Nothing looks sloppy or has the words all smushed up against one side because they wrote the first few too large and ran out of room. They must have had one hell of a budget to work with!)

Vale explains her two current jobs. One: she stands in line for people. Two: she’s a promoter for Supermax. Tomás asks when she’s going to have a “real” job. Ah, if only she knew. She just seems to have no luck. Jessica says she used it all on winning the contest.

And, speak of the devil, there’s Lucas in the Café Aquel, rendering even Tomás shocked.

Where he’s supposed to be is on set, filming scenes with Agustin. Justin has had it. He quits. He’s done. Agustin sobs, and that’s even before Justin says he should have been the galan. And suddenly, the pity party’s over, Justin’s ready to get back to work.

Security wants Adriana out of the lobby, but she refuses. It’s news to her that she fired 20 people. Diego assures her he’s not one of them–he just got here. She asks for 24 hours to look into it. (Uh, points for trying, but 24 hours?) She snippily pulls the sign out of Diego’s hands and gripes that she’s not soulless!

Lucas came by to talk to Vale. He’s making her an offer she can’t refuse. Dude…he’s…touching her hand…!

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks, Kat. Well done! I discovered that I can watch novela episodes the next day free on the Telemundo website! Sweet! Univision has missed the boat on that one with their pay for play content. Great fun with the artificial nail on the loose and Roxie’s husband unleashing his bodyguard on Lucas. I liked how Vale had the author of the the attack all figured out at the police station eventhough Lucas preferred to hide the truth. Lucía’s kid is named Tomás just like Lucas’ brother. Hmmm. . . . That leaves me asking who was she involved with exactly… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Thank you for this delightful recap! The quotes scattered throughout are wonderful. ” ‘No, seriously, stop.’ – Lucas, in the freezer, 2017.” was particularly inspired.

I was glad that they are still calling Vale “the pizza.” That just makes me smile for some reason.

I’m catching up with episodes this weekend. Thanks also for the heads up about Gabriel’s performance. I’ll pay closer attention while I watch.

PS-the child playing Rodrigo is doing a good job as the exasperated pre-teen.

Visita/ Guest

Yay! You will be watching this one with us!

Autora/ Author

Lol. Yup! I’m really enjoying it. I started watching telenovelas after LFMB so I’m thrilled to be able to see Angelica Vale in action. I’m utterly charmed by her.