La Fan Thursday 1/19/17 #3

The proposal

Vale’s all set to take whatever Lucas is offering. She’s his fan! How could she not accept!

No negaré nada que salga de tus labios.

-episode 104, Amar Duele, 2004.

He says she’s incredible, but his facial expression says “I’m disturbed.”

When he takes her hand, the fan club start to speculate…Marriage? A night together? Half a night? Whatever it is, they’re not even jealous. Vale’s stroke of luck is enough for all of them. Miguel goes over and tells them to snap out of it! He’s just an actor!

Lucas finally makes his actual proposal and it appears he’s making it up on the spot. He’s offering her a job. Say what? Yeah, he has no idea what kind of job, but he wants her to have one.

Eloisa interrupts them with coffee and Vale snaps out of her shock. A job. Right. Well, any job is worthy. OK, then, she’s just quit Supermax. She can start as soon as he wants!

Lucas hands over his card and tells her to be on set tomorrow. Business concluded, he bids Vale, aka “mamacita,” and Eloisa, also aka “mamacita,” farewell. And now it’s time to mob him for selfies. Jessica grabs his ass, but Lucas is more worried about the suit. It’s imported.

Getting ready for the job

Gabriel’s PI stops by his house and Gabe makes it clear he wants their conversations to stay private–he especially doesn’t want Lucas finding out. He’d like the PI to find Tomás Hernández, Lucía’s son, wherever he might be now. Gabriel gets a frantic text from Lucas saying he needs to find a job for la fan.

Vale starts looking through her wardrobe for something to wear to work. Eloisa doesn’t think she needs to worry about it and she’s convinced that this could even be the start of a love affair between Vale and Lucas. Vale again does a thing that’s very “real” but that I wish weren’t–she questions whether she could actually have a great love, and says she’s not good enough for Lucas. Eloisa definitely disagrees–Vale CAN have a great love.

As for Eloisa, Vale assumes her great love was Diego and Miguel’s father. What Eloisa’s never told anyone before is that they both have different fathers. Somehow, this has something to do with Eloisa giving up her great love.

As Eloisa walks Vale to the metro station, she talks about love being unpredictable and how important it is not to let it go. She reminds Vale that the thing about the boys is a secret and wishes her luck on her first day of work. Vale runs to catch the metro and misses it!

Zubizarreta business

Carlos, on his way out to play golf, takes a call from Adriana about the 20 fired workers. This is something he set in motion before he left and he doesn’t see what the big deal is. Besides, he quit so he could stop having to deal with stuff like this. He tells her to take it up with Benicio

Benicio can’t see what the big deal is either, but Adriana says her reputation is on the line. She wants the expedientes (files) for all 20 and she’s going to review them herself.

Felicitas and her latest model walk in, holding hands, as Carlos heads out to golf. He wishes them a good afternoon and rolls his eyes at them.

Diego talks to his fellow protesters, but they’re adamant that Adriana is as bad as her father. They can just tell by the bitter look on her face. “Yeah, but is she single?” (Heh.) If she’s not, they’re sure she must be dating some rich guy who doesn’t care about leaving 20 families out on the street. Diego borrows a marker to correct his sign, he’s making it 21. They get back to chanting.

Diego runs into Adriana on the executive floor while he’s fixing a light bulb. He teases her about not being fired yet. Oh, yeah, the protest…he had no clue what was going on, he just saw people yelling and he figured he’d join in to support them. He informs her he’s only been there since the day he was cleaning windows.

She can’t believe he just started working there, didn’t know what was happening, and called her “soulless.”

“No! That wasn’t me, that was the sign!” Because now that he knows her more…intimately…he knows she’s got a big heart. Uh huh.

First day of work

Lucas stops by Salma’s dressing room to try to make up with her AND tell her that Vale’s going to start working there. Doing what, he has no idea–Gabriel’s taking care of it. HE feeds her ego, saying she’s got nothing to be jealous of. Salma lets him remove the bottom of her face mask for a kiss. EW! She informs him it’s green tea and avoKAYdo. Lucas is not a fan.

Lucas is annoyed that Vale’s getting sent to his dressing room instead of the HR office. As if he wasn’t already having enough problems with Salma! Gabe assures him he’ll take care of it, but oops that must be her knocking on the door! Lucas makes sure to show a little more chest before he goes to answer the door for “la fan…la pizza!”

Vale’s a little overwhelmed by the sight of Lucas in a robe, which annoys him rather than flattering him. Gabriel drags her inside. He and Lucas argue over which one of them is going to tell her about her new job until Vale screams at them to stop. And tells herself to calm down. And calmly explains that she’s just excited to find out.

Well, since Lucas insists, Gabriel is happy to inform her that she’s going to be Lucas’ personal assistant. She’s going to be with him constantly, she’s going to know everything about him, she’s going to be like…his shadow. And the angels sing and the heart emoji beats….

Café Aquel

Jessica and Miriam have decided Lucas’ coffee cup needs to be preserved in its current state for all eternity. They make a “DON’T TOUCH” sign and put it under a cake dome.

Miriam’s still pondering the mystery of Miguel’s sexuality and Jessica proposes they bring her friend Bob from the salon over to check him out.

Jessica and Miriam come into the café with Bob. Bob who is rather flamboyantly gay. He begins with a visual examination of the subject. But wait! The coffee cup! I would have bet Miguel got rid of it, but it was Eloisa. She didn’t know it was THE cup. Cue the wailing.

Bob and Miguel are hanging out in the kitchen while Jessica and Miriam wait for his verdict. They took the rest of the day off to recover from the shock of seeing Lucas. Bob comes over and reveals that…

He has no idea. Miguel is indescribable, abstract, this has never happened to him before! But if he’s not gay, Bob’s willing to see if he can get him to switch. Miriam turns down his generous offer. (This is hilarious to me that the only options they can think of are “gay” or “straight.” Maybe he’s bisexual. Or asexual. You go, Miguel! Defy the binary!)

La asistente

Vale cannot believe her luck! This is a dream! Gabe says that’s just Lucas, always trying to make people’s dreams come true. Vale is ready to start right away and Gabe approves. Bring him a whiskey, neat? At this hour? La asistente does not approve!

With Vale out of the dressing room, Lucas reminds Gabe he never wanted an assistant, and certainly not one who can recite for him what he said in episode 102 of Encendidos de Amor, 2008.

“That was a terrible one.”

“It was a hit!”

“One of those inexplicable things about TV.”

Duuuuuude. So meta.

Gabriel explains his plan. The public loves Vale and they’ll love that Lucas hired her. He’s on his way out of telenovelas and into English-language series, Hollywood, red carpets, scenes with Leo…and all because he was generous with this humble woman.

Vale arrives and he finds out that not only was she given orders NEVER to knock (thanks, Gabe!) she didn’t put booze in his freshly squeezed orange juice. From now on she’s going to take care of him and he never has to worry about a thing. Vale’s face: “Cool, right?!” Lucas’ face: “HELP!”

Lucas rehearses on set. Vale does not approve of him changing his lines. Doesn’t the writer complain? According to Lucas the writer should just be grateful he’s playing this role. (Hahahaha, no!) Vale’s shocked. And also, there’s a difference between amar and querer, like José José says. Salma arrives on set and realizes that la pizza is in the house. Vale happily announces that she’s going to be Lucas’ shadow from now on.

Justin arrives and announces it’s time to shoot. Vale rushes over to introduce herself and tell him whatever he needs from Lucas, she’s there to make sure it happens. Uh huh. Well, he’s got two things to tell her. The first: if she’s on good terms with him he can be VERY good, but if they’re on bad terms he can be lethal. The second: she’d better ALWAYS make sure Lucas learns his lines.

Vale’s on it! She goes over to scold Lucas about needing to learn his ACTUAL lines before Gabriel calls her over. Salma informs Lucas they need to talk.

The decision

Adriana heads for the company cafeteria for lunch while she reviews employee records. Benicio comes over to tell her she’s got to preserve the hierarchy. She’s got to be firm, she’s got to stop caring about the employees and only about the business, make some heads roll, like…that guy with the sign that said she was soulless. She’s got to get rid of that guy.

Adriana informs him she’s made a decision and she won’t have it questioned. She wants all the fired employees and the heads of departments…and Diego…in her office for a meeting.

The fired workers get to Adriana’s office and she informs them she’s reviewed their files and decided to have them transferred to some of her other companies. Benicio’s appalled. The employees are excited. She informs them she’s got a soul and a sense of social responsibility and she’s going to protect them from now on. That earns her a round of applause. No, Diego, you aren’t being transferred.

Adriana goes to shake hands with all the employees and warns the guy in charge of the protest it had better be the last time he accuses her without proof. As they all walk out, Benicio warns Adriana she’s making a mistake. “That’s my problem.”

Diego hangs back to talk to her alone. She surprised him. Everyone thought she was just like her dad, but she sure showed them! He’s so proud of her! He runs behind her desk to hug her and tell her she’s the best presidenta! Presidente, she corrects him. No, but, she’s a woman, so it’s presidenta. Like actor/actora…poeta/poeto. He walks out and she can’t help smiling, even though she’s a little confused about whether he’s for real.

I’m sure this is going to become relevant at some point

Carlos is home from golf and Natalia is already so over him hanging around. She thinks maybe he needs to start doing that thing he used to do again. You know, the thing where he used to dress up like he was poor and use another name. What? He talks when he drinks.


Vale prepares a fruit and nut tray for Lucas’ lunch. “Do I look like a chipmunk? I ordered a hamburger with french fries, an apple pie, and a beer!” Um, no, Vale’s not going to let him have all that grease sitting in his stomach. Lucas agrees to eat the fruit. But first, a selfie! He sends it out with a caption that the fan has become his assistant.

Lucas’ phone rings, but Vale tells him to eat his lunch. And chew 32 times. She’ll handle the phone. It’s the narco guy, calling himself the man who’s going to end Lucas’ days. Um, sorry, not available. And even if he were she wouldn’t hand over the phone! Just who does he think he is talking like that? What gives him the right?! Narco guy says the fact that Lucas slept with his wife gives him the right. Roxie hears his conversation and makes a run for it.

Vale doesn’t believe that Lucas would EVER sleep with a married woman! All those lies about him are told by jealous people! Whatever, narco guy’s killing him anyway because his wife is in love with Lucas. Oh, Vale gets that, why wouldn’t his wife be in love with Lucas when she’s married to a creep like him! But he’s hung up.

“What if he calls back?!” Vale will take care of it. Nothing is going to happen to Lucas on her watch!

Vale is loving all the feedback on the selfie–she’s so lucky, look at how healthy he eats, congratulations. Gabe catches up to her to tell her everyone’s talking about her. She’s famous! Lucas sure did have a great idea, and that doesn’t happen often. He hands over the latest versions of the script to give to Lucas and reminds Vale that she’s his shadow, so don’t knock!

Lucas is busy making out with Salma in a way that doesn’t mess up her makeup. (I think I just rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck.) Salma sees her lurking by the door and gets him to promise he’ll never sleep with The Pizza. Oh, sure, no problem!

Vale steps back into the hallway to mope.

While Vale’s still waiting for the snogfest to break up, Roxie arrives. As soon as she says she needs to see Lucas because her husband wants to kill him, Vale knows exactly who she is. She pulls her down the hall, away from his dressing room door and texts Lucas that the mafioso’s girlfriend is here!

Lucas gets the text and suggests to Salma that they go to dinner. She should go on home and he’ll pick her up there.

Roxie is sure Vale must have heard about her by now. Her love with Lucas is true–his relationship with Salma is purely for show. But her husband is a real mafioso. For real!

Salma comes out of Lucas’ dressing room and Vale pulls Roxie into a hug to hide her face. Salma offers to give Vale some advice so she can get along better with Lucas. “Sure…later!” because right now she’s comforting her friend whose husband jut left her. She keeps holding Roxie and turning so Salma can’t see her face.

When Lucas comes out of the dressing room, he doesn’t understand her frantic “This is the mafioso’s wife. Go!” hand signals.

Lucas drives Roxie home, or so he thinks. She’s not going home, she’s not going back to her husband, she’s ready to do anything for their love. “For our what?”

La Presidenta

Adriana finds the lobby of the executive floor filled with people applauding the presidenta. She tries to correct them, but Diego has a new sign for her “Una presidenta con alma.” Adriana’s a little overwhelmed when they all try to hug her and runs back to her office.

Felicitas is snogging her model for the day, but it gives her flashbacks…to the day Adriana caught her in bed with her (Adriana’s) boyfriend. Well, that explains a lot! Felicitas calls a halt to the current sexcapade.

Adriana calls her dad on the way to her car and reminds him she’s the one in charge now, she made a decision, y ya. And then she backs out of her parking space and hits Diego. She rushes out to pick him up and insists on taking him to the hospital. She grabs his backpack and shoves him into her car while he whines that it’s just a scratch.

Did it really have to be this complicated?

Miriam gets on the Internet and searches “How to tell if someone’s gay.”

Step one, per the article, if someone spouts a bunch of homophobic nonsense, they’re probably gay. She tries asking Miguel what he thinks of Bob, and of gay people in general. Um, Miguel thinks people should do what they want with their lives. Why? Is she homophobic? “No. Are you?”

“Isn’t it obvious I’m not?” He leaves her a slice of fresh cake.

Miriam spoons up a little bit of frosting, giving it serious consideration. (Miriam, it’s frosting. It doesn’t have a sexual orientation.) She moves on to step two of the article: if someone is involved in the fight for gay rights, they’re probably gay.

She goes over to Miguel and says she heard there was going to be a march later today for gay rights. Ooh, pass. He can’t do large crowds. And he’s busy. No, he’s not homophobic! He already told her that! But that doesn’t mean he has to go either. “What is up with you today?!”

Oh, wait, he gets it! Why didn’t she tell him sooner? They’re friends! She can trust him! She likes women! He gives her a smile and a hug while she makes an AYKM face.

Some butts are covered, others not so much

At the hospital, Adriana wants the doctor to run every test he possibly can because she’s not taking Diego out of here until she knows he is 100% OK. The doctor looks like he could use a doctor himself. It makes Diego a little nervous. And he refuses to wear one of those blue robes that leave your butt hanging out!

Diego, in a blue gown with his butt hanging out, helps the doctor back to the room, where the doctor tells Adriana that Diego doesn’t have any broken bones or internal injuries. He hands over the paperwork so she can go get Diego checked out and then points to an oxygen tank nearby. Diego brings him the tank and a mask and starts babbling about how you’d think she was his friend or his girlfriend, but she’s his boss.

The doctor knows. Because he signed something for her saying he didn’t have any injuries, so he can’t sue her later. Adriana comes back to the room as the doctor exits. She says he’ll be all checked out in a few and then she can take him home. He tells her not to worry–he’s not going to sue her. Oops.

At the Café Aquel

Miriam is annoyed that Miguel thinks she likes women. Now he’ll never pay any attention to her. (Wow, um, maybe you should’ve just asked him out. Or told him you liked him. Just saying.) Jessica jokingly asks if she’s Miriam’s type. Miguel seems to think so. He comes over to tell them he gets it now and, hey, they don’t need to go to a march to prove their love–all they’ve got to do is live it. He’s off to hang with his friend Claudinho.

Miriam and Jessica are all grossed out now that Miguel thinks they’re dating. And neither of them knows who Claudinho is, so of course the logical thing to do now is go follow him.

Eloisa finds herself alone in the café. Vale comes home from her first day of work, exhausted. Eloisa wants to hear all about her day, but Tomás wants to go to the kiosk. Eloisa offers to take him so Vale can rest a bit. Vale starts to clean up, but ugh, she’s just done in.

The mystery of Lucía continues

Salma comes over to visit Gabriel. Hm, you know, I can put up with the ‘tude as long as I get to see an endless parade of pretty dresses. I’m shallow that way. Salma talks about how she doesn’t want Lucas spending a lot of time with The Pizza. She keeps waiting Lucas to want to take the next step in their relationship, but he’s being weird lately. “Maybe he’s never fallen in love with you. He’s only had one love.” Oh, she knows. Lucía.

Wait, why? Did something happen with her? Is she back? “Worse. She’s dead.” Lucas knows, but he doesn’t know that she had a child before she died. Gabetakes a call from the PI who says he found the last place Lucía worked and he’s confident they’ll find her son.

Salma is surprised to hear that Gabe is trying to find Lucía’s son. “Of course. He could be Lucas’ son or he could be mine.”

Vale recovers enough to start checking on customers. She goes over to the private investigator and he says he’s looking for information about Lucía Hernández…and her son…Tomás. Dude…you did not say that in a way that inspired confidence! Vale looks scared.

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Visita/ Guest

Funny: Gabriel forcing Vale on Lucas as his personal assistant, Vale’s “motormouth”; Diego the “patient” assisting the doctor; Miriam’s interrogation of Miguel backfiring.

Deceased Lucía is turning out to be quite the mystery woman.
Poor Diego who might have thought Adriana had taken him to the doctor because she really cared about him rather than to just protect herself from a future lawsuit.

How long until Vale is confronted about Tomás?