La Fan Friday 1/20/17 #4

Café Aquel

Vale pretends she only vaguely knew Lucía. And what’s he looking for her son for? Nope, nope, Vale’s got no idea who he ended up with. An aunt maybe? The PI leaves his card and says there’s a reward.

When Eloisa walks in with Tomás, he’s just leaving and he seems to take note of Tomás. Tomás thinks Vale looks worried, but she says she’s just tired. (Mm, nope, she’s not fooling anybody.)

Gabe’s apartment

Salma can’t figure out why he’s stirring up the past. The boy’s already grande (big; not a baby) so why is he looking for him?

Gabe explains when he went to Cancun for the commercial negotiations, he was at the same hotel where he and Lucas met Lucía and it all came back to him. He got to talking to the bartender about her and heard she was dead.

“Then let her rest in peace!” Gabe complains that she never listens. That could be his son! But it could also be Lucas’ son. Gabe promises Lucas doesn’t know anything. Salma agrees–he can never know! She kept the secret about Gabe and Lucía cheating, so he can keep the son a secret for the rest of his life.


Lucas offers to help Roxie if she’s worried about her husband hurting her, but oh no, he would never do that! He loves her! He’s totally gonna kill Lucas, though.

Lucas tells Roxie he’s sorry, but he lied. He IS dating Salma and he’s in love with her. He’s had a great time with Roxie, but it’s just an affair.

Seriously? An affair?! Roxie bashes Lucas’ head on the steering wheel multiple times. How could he! She was going to give up everything for him! He tells her not to. She beats his head on the steering wheel some more, honking the horn. While she cries, he adjusts his neck.

Change of plans

Tomás shows off the gum that Eloisa got him at the kiosk. Vale asks him to go wait in the hall and they’ll go upstairs in a bit. She just has to tell Eloisa something…some chisme.

Vale tells her the guy who was leaving at about the time they were coming in was looking for Lucía and Tomas. She hands over his card and tells Eloisa she lied and said she didn’t know anything. But who could be looking for Tomás? Lucía didn’t have any family–Vale knows because they grew up in the orphanage together. It must be his father. Vale’s worried. She doesn’t want to lose Tomás.

Lucas calls. He tells Vale he had plans for dinner with Salma and he wants her to cancel. He has a headache. Vale orders him to take an analgesic and get in bed…uh in his bed…uh, get some rest. He obviously had too much company today. Not to butt in, but he really can’t have one woman in the dressing room and another in the hallway! Lucas agrees and then realizes what he just did and tells Vale not to scold him.

Vale explains to Eloisa that Salma’s awful. She seems so nice on TV, but really she’s a sangrona.

Upstairs, Vale calls Salma. Salma’s outgoing message says “It’s Salma. Leave a message for Salma.” (I’m rolling my eyes so hard!) Vale tells Salma Lucas isn’t going to make it to dinner. He has a headache, he’s tired, and he’s got two or three punzadas (stabbing pains) in his neck.

Tomás is staring. She was just a liiiiittle exaggerated. He can’t believe she works for Lucas! So, are they cooking together again tonight? He asks if they can go to Italy and make pizza. “Do you want chocolate ice cream too? We could go to Suiza.”

After dinner, Tomás checks out the scripts Vale’s taking to bed with her. He wants to learn about scripts. Sure, fútbol is his priority, but he wants to know what happens next in the novela. Vale tells him to go ahead and read. Tomás reads a line and gives Vale his best Actor Eyebrow and she busts out laughing. It’s a good thing he likes fútbol!


Miriam and Jessica taking turns spying on Miguel. It looks like he’s just talking to another guy, having a beer. Miriam insists if he’s gay she’ll die. Jessica says if he’s gay she’ll get over it and move on. A woman walks in and greets him. By that point, Jessica has decided that this is stupid. And she’s missing the novela!

When Miriam looks again, Miguel has walked off. So, now not only is she convinced he’s not gay, he’s with someone else! Meh, Jessica says it’s not like they kissed. Don’t we all have that one gay friend? (Jessica, please, we’re not talking about a fashion accessory here.)

Instead of dinner

Salma’s still at Gabe’s when she hears the message from Vale. She says this is the last straw! “Your friend sent The PIZZA to tell me he’s standing me up! What a coward!” Gabe can’t understand why Salma puts up with Lucas. She says she loves him and wants to get married and she’s not letting anyone get in the way of her dream. Gabe knows this, but what he doesn’t know is whether Lucas will ever forget Lucía.

In his apartment, Lucas reads an old letter.

Roxi goes home and cries to narco guy. She admits she was just with Lucas. OK, OK, she cheated, but…Lucas cheated on her! “He said he loved me! I was in love! And he was only playing around with me…and I was playing around with you! I deserve the worst.” Narco guy disagrees. HE does! How dare Lucas reject her! Now he really doesn’t deserve to live! (Oops, doesn’t look like that’s what Roxie wanted!)

Dinner and a movie, it ain’t

It’s taking a long time for Diego to get discharged. Adriana starts to panic. What if there was something on films?! Diego assures her he’s fine and offers to let her check out his bicep. The nurse comes in with his paperwork and Adriana says she’s taking him home. “Yeah, it’s the least you can do, right? Because a taxi from here would be Caribeño.” Huh? You know, Caribeño, caro, costoso, expensive. He warns her to be nice or he’ll sue her and gives her his backpack to carry.

Diego brings Adriana to the café and jokes that he had it closed just for them, like in a movie. He offers her coffee, but she declines. Oh yeah? If she doesn’t have coffee he’ll go to the press and say she tried to kill him.

No, seriously, he wouldn’t do that. He’s offering coffee, on the house. Adriana admits that she does have a weakness for…bombones (bon-bons, truffles; hot guys like Jonathan Islas). She specifies she means the chocolate ones. Ahhhhh! Diego’s got just the thing! A whole little container right here, made from his mom’s secret recipe. Adriana tells him she can’t! She won’t be able to stop! He lets her have a whiff…heh, she’s so having a truffle!

Oh, she was not wrong! She ate that entire container of truffles and she luuuuuuuurved them! And she’s been in the best bombonerias in Paris. “Are there more? I’ll buy them all! OK, three more and I’ll stop!” Diego tells her, with all due respect (*cough*andlust*cough*), that she’s insatiable. Adriana demands to know the secret recipe! “Love.”

The first day of the rest of your life!

Lucas comes downstairs in the morning to find an extra-perky Vale all set to take him jogging. He’s starting a whole new life today!

She takes him out jogging on the beach while Lucas kind of flails about with his legs going every which way. She read celebrities all run. She plays fútbol and she sucks at it, but hey, it’s healthy. “I use whiskey.”

Wait, what is he talking about? He doesn’t run? “But in Camino al Amor you were a marathoner!” She remembers that part where he fell just before the finish line and then he got up…and crossed it. It was so moving!

“That was a double. I was back in my trailer with…Eli? Elizabeth? Carla? She had a tattoo….”Vale makes a disappointed face.

Lucas is struggling to move in the sand. He and Vale are both gasping for air and she’s ready to call it quits for the day. Whoo! His cell phone is vibrating! She answers it and Salma starts to freak out.

“Is this the pizza?!” Vale says she’s the ex-pizza. The asistente. She didn’t ask who it was, but she figures it’s Salma because she sounds angry! Lucas takes the phone and she starts screaming at him because they’re GASPING! And that was THE PIZZA! And WHY IS HE BREATHING SO HARD?! “It’s not what you think!”

Rodrigo has been trying to snatch his breakfast out of Salma’s hands and he finally does as she says that Lucas left her for The Pizza. “I told you, mom. We men like pizza and hamburgers and hot dogs, not sushi.” (That was wrong. And I laughed.)

Back at Lucas’ place, Vale fixed him a fruit platter again. She’s running home to shower and she wants him to eat the whole thing and she’ll meet him at the studio. Did he study his lines? Um…he was going to…but then she came over.

“You should have done it last night!”Oh, he’s got a great monologue in scene 5! But he has to say it exactly! It’s so emotional! And then in 10, the confrontation with his dad, she’s already got goosebumps:

An eye for an eye doesn’t always work, Dad. Your thirst for revenge can turn against you. I know what I’m saying!

Lucas is confused. How does she know all the lines? Because she read them and she has a good memory. “It kind of spoils it for later, but that’s ok.”

“Wow.” (Careful, Lucas, I think you might have meant that!)

Bombones y bombones

Adriana feels awful at breakfast. Her mom thinks it’s stress. Her dad says she’s only been doing the job two days. (Huh. I think the guys in the lobby were right. Her dad’s kind of a jerk.)

Adriana says it’s not stress. She ate too many bombones. Ah, no worries then, says Carlos–a bombon can’t kill a bombon (oh, right, women can be bombones too). Her mom thinks it sounds like sommmmmmeone gave her those bombones. Adriana says he’s not a boyfriend, and if he was Felicitas would be the last person she’d introduce him to!

Diego whines to Miguel that he thought Adriana cared about him, but she was just worried about him suing her. But that’s just because she doesn’t know him. He invited her over yesterday to have truffles. “You’ve been talking about her for an hour.” Jessica asks who they’re talking about and Diego does the presidente/a thing again. Lucas’ niece. Ooh, that’s not a happy Jessica face.

Adriana starts to get into the car and has a flashback to the time she caught her boyfriend with her mom. He made all sorts of stupid excuses and said he didn’t want to hurt her. Boyfriend’s name was “Oscar.” She told him thanks to him, she was never going to believe in a man again. Or in love. “You forgive yourself. I don’t.” Adriana snaps out of the memory and gets into the car.

Gabe’s apartment

The PI comes over and says he found the last place Lucía worked, but the woman he talked to didn’t know anything about her son. So they’re lost at this point. Lucía didn’t have any family–she grew up in an orphanage. The PI could maybe call the orphanage, but there’s something…the woman he talked to said Tomás went to an aunt, but he thinks she’s hiding information. She seemed really nervous. Plus she lives over the café. Gabe tells him to offer her money. “Everyone has a price.” He’s determined to find Tomás.


Miriam asks Miguel where he went with his friend last night. A bar? And were they there all night? Miguel says they were there for a while and then they came back. And what about his amiga….

Why is she asking about an amiga? “Uh, amigo, amiga, same diff.”

And by the way, Jessica is just her friend and she’s not gay. “I like men. A lot. Some more than others.” Miguel looks concerned by this.

Miriam goes over to sit with Jessica and says there’s no news on Miguel.

Well, there’s plenty of news on Diego. He can’t stop talking about his new boss. Jessica’s grumpy because she’s the one who got him that job! And she already Googled Adriana (erm, but she said it as a tense of “Googlear”…”la google” googlé? ) and she’s perfect! ¡Divina!

Wait, so Jessica likes Diego? Jessica’s surprised Miriam didn’t know. Miriam assures her his boss would never even notice him. “Are you sure?”

An electrician and a gentleman

Diego is on his way to fix an electrical problem on the 3rd floor. Adriana comes in, suffering. He says she’s the boss, she should have called in sick! Heck, he got hit by a car and he’s fine. Adriana faints into his arms.

When the elevator opens on the executive floor, Diego carries her out and tells Luli, the receptionist, to call the doctor. Adriana says she doesn’t need a doctor. “Oh, you’re pregnant!”

“No! I don’t even have a boyfriend!”

“Well, that’s worse.”

“I’m not pregnant!”

By now, everyone’s watching him standing there and now Benicio comes out of the elevator and tells Diego to hand her over. Diego refuses! “She’s mine!” (Biggest laugh of the night for me!)

Poor Adriana. On top of her stomachache, she’s got Benicio and Diego in her office. Wait, why am I saying “Poor Adriana”? Uh, the doctor is on his way. Adriana just ate too many bombones. Diego says they’re a special recipe. Benito’s confused. “Why were you there?” Oh, because he offered her coffee. Adriana tells him he can go now. Diego says they were homemade truffles, so if Benito needs a recipe he should just ask. Benito, annoyed, tells Adriana she can’t get close to the employees like this!


Vale sees Salma. She starts to explain about this morning, but Salma interrupts her. “I didn’t like you before and I like you less now.” She slips a bracelet into Vale’s bag as she brushes past and declares war on the pizza! She starts screaming that someone stole her grandma’s bracelet!

Justin interrupts her scene to say they’ve got one to actually film right now. Lucas comes in asking what’s up–he’s all relaxed after his workout and people are screaming. Vale explains someone stole Salma’s grandma’s bracelet. “She doesn’t have a grandma.” Salma insists they need to lock all the doors and check everyone. Justin agrees and calls security.

Security is searching everyone’s bags. When they get to Vale, she’s got a water bottle, a stuffed animal (for luck) and Salma’s bracelet.

Wait a second! This is exactly what happened to Salma’s character in Ladrones de Amor! The villain planted a ring on her character!

Justin remembers that. He did that scene. Security starts to drag Vale off, but Lucas stops them and says he did it. It was a joke. He put it in Vale’s bag by mistake. It’s all his fault.

Justin swears he’s making his next novela animated. (HA!) Lucas is all “Gotcha!” to Salma, and Vale…Vale has stars in her eyes.

Back in the dressing room, Vale doesn’t get it. Why would he do that? Lucas says Salma did it on purpose and he wanted to save Vale. He knows how Salma is. Vale thanks him and then seems unsure what to do. She moves in all weird and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “I owe you one.”

“You saved my life. We’re even.” Ohhhhhh, with the schmoopy looks….

Anyway, here’s today’s script. He should look it over and then they can review. Before she can say another word, Justin bursts in.

“WITH A NEUTRAL ACCENT!” He’s tired of hearing Lucas talk Bogotano. Justin had this hot boyfriend from Bogotá once…but NO! He doesn’t want that here! Lucas does his schtick about being successful in Colombia and people will forgive him. Well, the director won’t! He wants neutral!

Vale checks to make sure he’s got it. Neutral.

“Neutral, babe, like me.” Now it’s Salma interrupting. And has Vale thanked her benefactor already? Because she won’t get lucky like that next time.

Vale leaves them alone and Lucas asks why Salma is trying to mess with her. Well, she answered his phone! And there was heavy breathing! Lucas says they were running. “Since when?” Well, he has to start sometime. Salma reminds him she doesn’t have ni un pelo de tonta (not even the hair of a stupid person; I’m not the least bit stupid) not even in her extensions! “How can I show you you’re wrong?”

Oh, by formalizando (making the relationship official). She’s been waiting and waiting. Marrying her, that’s how he can prove she’s wrong. (Dun, dun, dun!)

The café is the key to everything

Miguel asks Eloisa what’s up with Miriam? Is she going through a special moment as a woman? (I kid you not, that’s how he said it, and the special was not at all sarcastic.) Eloisa asks why he’s so worried about her. “She’s my friend, that’s all.”

The PI shows up. He asks for a coffee and he’d like to talk to Eloisa. Miguel wonders who he is.

Eloisa takes him over to a table where he explains that he was there before and he asked a woman about Lucía. Who was the woman he was talking to? “Are you a cop? I’m not answering.” Oh, he’s sure she will. (Dude, always with the menacing!) He whips out…a checkbook.

“Name your price.” For what? He’s sure she knows where the boy is. And it’s important to his client to know.

“Who is your client?”

“Aha! I was right! You know and so does the woman from yesterday. I have no doubt.” His phone rings. It’s Gabe. He wants to know how it went with the money. Do they know? The PI says they do. In that case, Gabe wants the address. He’ll go over himself.

In the absence of any actual information, Eloisa is making something up. Maybe Tomas’ dad left him a fortune and his grandma wants him back. Miguel thinks she’s been watching too many novelas. “But it could be true!” Suuure.

Gabriel shows up and says he has a question–does the person who lives upstairs have anything to do with the business? Eloisa says she’s her tenant. Gabriel introduces himself as Lucas’ manager.

The skies part, the angels sing, Eloisa giggles. “Pinch me!…Mom, I’m not–PINCH ME!”

Gabe’s a little alarmed–he’s just the manager. Right, and Vale’s Eloisa’s tenant! Lucas’ personal assistant. And now here Gabe is, his manager! She kicks a guy out of his seat so they can have the table in the middle.

Eloisa gives him a mini bundt cake to try. She says Vale likes her job. Well, he’s glad. She’s been a great assistant. Yep, Vale’s Eloisa’s tenant and they’re also friends. Comadres, really. Eloisa owns the café. Valentina’s been living there for fifteen years. She worked there for a while too. “Is she single?” Yep! Eloisa leaves him alone for a second and goes to check on a customer.

Gabe checks in with the PI. Everything the people at the café know about Lucía, he needs to know. Vale must know something, she’s been there 15 years. The PI says he’ll check. Gabe is sure they’re close to finding Tomás.

Tomás comes in with Eloisa after school. She tells him he shouldn’t talk to any strangers or answer any questions and if anyone tries to take him, he should pull their hair. No worries. Tomás says he’s strong–check the bicep! He grabs a candy from a jar, but Miguel swaps it for a sandwich. He needs energy for fútbol!

As Tomás sits down to eat, Miguel quietly tells his mom he’s been thinking about Tomás. He loves Vale, but if Tomas’ dad is back…. Tomás asks if he can have a soda and Miguel says he can have water.

None of y’ all is the last bombon in the box!

Benicio whines to his dad that Adriana has made a bunch of mistakes! She’s weak! She treats the employees like family!

All of them or just a certain one? Benicio admits there’s this guy that…well, they went to eat bombones! Daddy tells him to get a move on. He can’t let a fortune hunter steal her. Oh, no, Benicio is the only fortune hunter around here! (Thank you for saying it so I didn’t have to.)

Diego checks on Adriana. He feels responsible, since he gave her the truffles, but he swears they weren’t poisoned! Oh, Adriana knows. She says it’s her fault, because she was weak.

Diego says it’s difficult to resist temptation.

And then Oscar…aka, that dude who slept with her mom…comes in and Diego figures he ought to go….

Nope, Adriana says he can stay, Oscar’s the one who needs to go. (Yeah, dude…you slept with her mom! There are things you don’t come back from.)

On location

Lucas is still obsessing over formalizando, hearing voices. Vale comes to get him–they’re shooting outside. Now! “You’re the protagonista! You have to be there first!” (I want Vale to be my stage manager!)

Outside, Vale walks Lucas through his lines. “So then you say…

Here, in this same spot, I saw you for the first time. And here we’re going to end with everything that we haven’t even started.

Got it?” (Um, that actually made sense.)

Lucas’ phone rings. Roxie says she told her husband and he forgave her, but not Lucas! “He’s going to kill you.” Meh, husbands always say that and they never do. Oh yeah? Well he just called. Lucas is on Hollywood Boulevard.

“Um, yeah. You know that because my PR agent uploads all my photos.”

He tells Vale it was Roxie. She must be nearby. “This always happens. Women get obsessed with me. What can I do? Vale gazes at him adoringly..or is it “Aww, aren’t we full of ourselves!”

They keep walking and Lucas keeps messing up his lines. “It’s I’m NOT the father! You weren’t together and you know it. You have to really deny it! Say it like you mean it:

Your lies are going to come to light sooner or later and when that happens everyone’s going to know who you really are, and that’s going to be your biggest punishment!

“Wow. I can’t memorize all that.” Sure, because he doesn’t try. He’s too distracted. How does he usually do this? “I improvise.” OK, but he’s “improvising” in reverse. Lucas pouts and whines. “I have problems! I got proposed to!”

Vale’s shocked. He’s getting married? Roxie texts him with picture of the two of them. Gosh, Vale always thought the guy should ask, but actors are so modern…well ok, if he’s getting married, she’ll throw the rice. Lucas screams “NO!” Wait, so, don’t throw the rice?

Lucas kisses Vale. It’s a really long kiss. She picks up one foot and her shoe falls off.

Yeah, he’s just trying to hide his face from a couple of guys in norteño wear. *sigh* Let me have my moment.

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Visita/ Guest

My favorite scene was Roxie banging Lucas’ head into the steering wheel. LOL (Yes, I did watch the 3Stooges as a kid.) It does not seem that Lucas has much of a back bone so far. I sure hope Vale helps him get one.

Visita/ Guest

I’m loving the Diego/Adriana scenes as much as the Vale/Lucas scenes. This TN is so much better than the previews made it seem. I’m glad I decided to give it a shot!