Tormenta de Pasiones Monday 1/23/17 #105


The army jeep that picked up Arif drives him out to a country road. The soldiers take him out of the back and start walking him toward a field. They have him get down on the ground. Arif asks what they’re waiting for, but apparently their orders weren’t to kill him.

Oh, great, it’s Tugrul’s suit guys with their damn blindfold. I guess we know where Arif’s going.

Arif listens as the guys in the car argue with each other about one of them wanting to smoke. Once he’s identified where everyone is, he takes out the guy next to him and throws his handcuffed wrists around the driver’s neck. The car drives up a hill and hits a tree.

Everyone’s at least temporarily knocked out, but Arif recovers quickly, takes off the blindfold, and steals the gun off the guy sitting next to him, after knocking him out again. Then he makes a run for it.

Suit guys recover and start searching for him.

A tired Cemile drags herself upstairs and kisses the wedding photo of her and Arif. I think she’s feeling like something is wrong.

Suit guys are rather inept and Arif gets the drop on one of them. He tries to use him as a hostage, but his buddy just goes ahead and shoots him. And I think it was deliberate. Arif drops the body and runs and somehow now we have four guys in suits. What, they stopped at a pay phone and called for backup? One of them shoots Arif in the side.

Cemile drops the framed photo and the glass breaks.

Arif stares up at the trees and his vision goes blurry. Five. There were FIVE guys chasing him around. Now they’re all just hovering around him.

The phone rings at Cemile’s and she collapses onto the ground.

Cemile, Berrin, Osman, Soner, and Suleyman all descend on the morgue. Suleyman is the only one capable of not screaming at the soldier at the door. Someone comes out to inform them that Arif tried to escape and was “found dead” after he shot an officer. (Oh, what a load of crap!) They refuse to let her see the body and Cemile gets right up in the soldiers face. She is beyond caring what they do to her.

The soldier lets her beat on him and when she’s done, he says one person can come in. Osman and Soner both try to be that person, but seriously guys did you not just see her? Back off! I mean, I agree, I hate that she’s going in there alone, but like she told the guy, she has a right.

The soldier warns her about his face. (Why? His face was fine.) He uncovers the body and Cemile just stares.

Outside, she doesn’t speak to anyone. Berrin and Osman grab her and walk her to the car.

Inside, Tugrul looks at the body and smiles.

Take 1

Bahar walks out of the apartment, sees Soner waiting in his car, and walks the other way. He chases after her, begging her to get in so he can talk to her. She’s angry at him because he said everything he needed to say, didn’t he? She runs toward a taxi that just let a passenger out and gets in. “What am I doing wrong?” Oh, Soner….

Jane Fonda…uh, I mean Bahar…gets ready for her aerobics class. With the tights and the leotard and the tiny little belt and the leg warmers. THE LEG WARMERS! I don’t even care what she and Soner are arguing about. What? He’s staying for aerobics? I want to see a headband before this is over. He’s seriously going down to the shop to buy an outfit.

Here we go…NO!!!!! He’s in a jogging suit. WE WERE ROBBED! He wants to know how he’s doing and says if she paid more attention to him he could be doing better. So it’s high-kick time. Do it. High kick. Come on, dude, quit stalling! Ohhh, that is one stiff body. Poor guy pulls a butt muscle. Well, he can BE a pain in the ass, so I guess it’s only fair?

The class continues and Soner keeps on trying to keep up, but he’s sooooo out of shape. Bahar leaves him behind in the classroom trying to catch his breath and gives him a sarcastic “Have a nice day.” Soner consoles himself by saying it’s all for her.

What are they up to?

Hakan’s learning his way around the store. Someone comes in asking for the latest Esin Engin album and he knows exactly where it is. As he pulls it off the shelf, he looks down and notices Caroline’s necklace.

Hakan calls Ekrem’s, pretending to be Caroline’s tailor. He says he found her necklace at the shop…so should they maybe meet at a café so he can give it back? She tells Ekrem she’s going to the tailor’s for a fitting. Ekrem looks a little suspicious. Like if they had *69 he’d be dialing it right now.

Caroline meets Hakan at the Yildiz Café, which happens to be on the same street where Berrin is walking with Zehra and getting an ice cream cone. Smooth move, Hakan. From Berrin’s POV, Hakan is giving Caroline a necklace. When he stands up to put it around her neck it just looks worse.

Hakan gets back to the shop to find Berrin waiting for him. She gives him one good slap and walks away.

Hakan calls Caroline to tell her her dress is ready. Ekrem is supposed to be upstairs asleep, but he hears her saying she’ll pick up her dress tomorrow. Caroline is startled when she turns around and sees him. She offers to bring him the medicine he came downstairs for. Oh yeah, Ekrem definitely has *69 face.

Back at his place, Hakan just looks determined.


Cemile, Berrin, and Osman take Halit to the police station. After hugging Osman he walks inside.

And then they wait, all huddled in the living room. Cemile paces and stares at the phone. It finally rings and she thanks the person on the other end–Halit confessed to killing Aydin and now he’s under arrest. They should be letting Mete out at his first trial. Ayca’s excited, but somehow the overall vibe is that it’s inappropriate? She slaps her hand over her mouth and runs for her room.

Cemile’s crying because this is all thanks to Arif. Osman reminds her he wouldn’t have liked being thanked. Aw, yeah, that’s true. The lawyer said Suleyman did something too, but Cemile doesn’t know what. Mete’s trial is in a few days. (Ugh! A few days too many!)

Take 2

Today’s class is not aerobics. And Bahar had zero notice. The, uh, establishment has made some changes. So she needs to teach this tango class and her boss is paying her double…no, triple! But she needs to stay and give the class.

OMG, Soner, in a tux, with a ruffled shirt. Bahar’s response is “Allah, help him!”

I guess she had a minute to change, because she’s out of aerobics-wear and into a skirt. The rest of the class is paired up and dancing, but Soner is up against the wall pouting. Bahar’s boss comes in and demands that she dance with Soner.

She tells him this is only because they’re making her and only until he gets another partner. She starts with some general pointers about his posture and says he should focus only on his partner and take sure steps. He should always have confidence in himself. He tries it, but his face says “let’s arm-wrestle.” She reminds him he’s dancing, not fighting. He’s supposed to look confident to give his partner a good experience. That’s the spirit of tango–two people moving like one body.

OK, it’s on. Um…I think he knows how to tango. The class is impressed.

Annnnd, switch partners! Soner dances uncomfortably with a woman who might be about my size and a few inches taller. (Thanks, show!) This bold, confident woman looks him right in the face at the end of class and asks him over to her place for coffee. He turns her down because…he has a headache. Your. Loss.

Bahar confronts him and asks how much he paid to turn the class into a tango class. He whines that aerobics is boring and tiring and tango is better and it goes better with his soul. She warns him not to waste his soul. She motions toward the door, where Soner’s dance partner is quite generously waiting to give him a chance to change his mind. Bahar can’t believe he’s going to try to escape a woman who can’t resist his charms. She walks out and gives his dance partner a “He’s all yours!” gesture while Soner looks terrified. (Oh, don’t worry Soner, I’m sure this one won’t stick around for your “I can’t love anyone!” whining. She’s not desperate. Damn, fat shaming makes me cranky!)

Not close enough

Ekrem follows Caroline as she gets into a car and goes to the Café Yildiz to meet Hakan. She’s a little unsteady and focused on not face-planting on the cobbled street. Ekrem sees her walking toward the café and starts having a heart attack. I don’t know if the two things are related.

Caroline hears the fuss behind her and goes running, as does Hakan. Caroline screams at people to call an ambulance while Hakan stops and watches from down the street.

Later that night, Hakan waits at his house for a call. Caroline says what happened was related to Ekrem’s illness, but they’re going home soon.

At home, she asks if he was following her. Didn’t she already tell him she was meeting her friend Ivonne at the café? Oh, he forgot. She didn’t want to invite her to the house because she’s so beautiful Ekrem would leave her. If he’s this curious, ok, she’ll invite her to the house…after he’s better.


Mete’s lawyer comes out of court and announces to Cemile and the family that he’s being released. The soldiers walk him out, but he just glares at them. Or maybe mostly at Osman and Ayca. His van drives off and they’re still there when Halit is brought out and loaded into another one. He gives Osman a reassuring wink.

That night, Halit pins a picture of Aydin directly to his skin and hangs himself. He left a note behind.

He left it for Osman, saying he’s with Aydin now and he hopes Osman and his family can forgive him for the pain he caused. He asks Osman to check on Vasfiye for him. She’s got a herniated disc and she’s not supposed to carry heavy things, but she does it anyway.

Osman finds Vasfiye at Aydin’s grave, clearing away dead leaves. He hugs her and she cries on his shoulder.

Nebrille prays at Mithat’s grave, with Betul. Ayca comes over with flowers. She starts praying. OK…so…no screeching today? Nebrille tells Ayca she was right and “they’re” sorry. (Really? I want to hear it from Betul. Not that I’d believe her.) Ooh, Ayca asks if Betul has anything to say!

Your silence means something, too. We buried the ones we loved, we buried our enemies, we suffered, we caused suffering, and everybody got their revenge. So what’s left? Are we happy? Do we have peace? I already forgave you.

And she turns around and walks off, joining Osman. Betul looks genuinely sad, which surprises me. And still, I don’t care. I’m bitter and vengeful that way.

Ayca’s changing the sheets on Mete’s bed for his homecoming. She was going to sleep in the living room, but Osman insists–Mete will sleep in his bed, she’ll sleep in Osman’s, and Osman will sleep on the sofa. She cut flowers for him. Cemile’s watching from the window and calls out that Mete is home.

Suleyman carries his suitcase in while Cemile hugs him. He climbs the stairs and lets Hasefe and Berrin greet him. Osman hugs him and he frowns. And then he gets to Ayca and it gets awkward. Hasefe tells them to just hug already.

Inside, Deniz and Zehra both hug him and chatter at him, but he keeps glaring at Ayca. He goes off to his room and ignores the dinner they fixed for him. Cemile tells Ayca it’s going to be ok and tells everyone to sit down and eat.

Mete joins them eventually, but he doesn’t eat. Ayca tells him she fixed up the bed for him. He can go rest if he wants to. His head snaps up and he just glares. When he finally speaks, he says he’s going to stay at “our house” and asks Cemile if they can go. Cemile agrees. She tells everyone to keep eating–she’ll take care of Mete.

Ayca cries. She looks down the table at Zehra and Deniz, who both look unhappy, and runs into the bedroom to look out the window as Mete gets into the car with Suleyman and Cemile and Suleyman drives off. She sobs.

At the house in town, Mete goes right to bed.

Ayca sits on the bed she prepared for Mete, looking at the flowers. Osman comes in to check on her and tell her Mete’s just being hard-headed and he’ll get over it. She lies down on Mete’s bed, but she won’t get under the covers because she fixed it for him. Osman covers her with a blanket.

Cemile comes in to check on Mete later and turns on the light. When she touches him, he starts screaming until he’s awake enough to realize it’s her. She made some food for him, but he doesn’t want to eat. He tells her not to worry about it.

When she leaves the room, he pulls the diamond out of his mouth.

Tugrul calls Cemile. When she says he should be in hell, he says he is, in a way. She tells him Arif may be dead, but he proved Mete’s innocence and now she has her son back, so he’s got nothing on her. If she ever sees him again, she’ll kill him with her bare hands. He laughs at her and she hangs up on him.

He calls back. Forget the insults, the point is he has Arif. (Ugh! That’s worse than him being dead.) He dangles the phone so Arif can talk to her. He tells her to remember what he said and not divorce him.

Tugrul congratulates Cemile if she can do it, but…she’s technically a widow now so, so she’d better get ready. He tells her to go to the civil registry office, present herself as a widow, and get the paperwork. “Be a good girl.” That’s it. I am now officially only watching to see how he dies.

He tells her Arif’s life depends on it as Arif screams at her in the background not to do it.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. Someone has to kill Tugrul. Pronto!