La Fan Monday 1/23/17 #5

Valucas? Lucatina?

Lucas seems a little off-balance after that kiss. He apologizes and then grabs Vale’s hand and says they need to get out of there. Vale gets recognized by some…well, fans of la fan…and Lucas drags her into a boutique. They rush past the sales staff and into the employee area as Lucas tells them they didn’t see a thing.

At the studio, Salma as assembled a handful of reporters to give them the big news–she and Lucas are getting married at last!

The reporters are still discussing the news when Gabriel arrives. They ask him for his thoughts, but he has no idea what they’re talking about. Everyone’s cell phones start beeping as the photo of Lucas and Vale spreads. They waste no time asking him what he thinks about Lucas’ infidelity and whether he’s afraid of marriage. Gabriel looks right into the camera and gives us a “Do you see what I have to deal with?!” look. Oh, we know. We know.

Lucas decides it’s quiet enough to check outside, but there’s another little group of fans there. They grab some selfies and one tells Lucas she approves of their relationship. He sees the norteño guys through the window and pulls Vale into another hallway. At least she’s having a good time!

Salma is surprised when Rodrigo shows up in her dressing room. She forgot he got out of school early today. Also, he wanted to come console her about her breakup with Lucas. He shows her the picture of Lucas kissing Vale just before Gabe rushes in and realizes he’s too late to do damage control. Justin’s right behind him, not caring one bit about all this personal drama because he’s got a crew standing by on location and WHERE is LUCAS?!

Still trying to avoid the norteño guys. Ducking behind a palm tree with Vale. Dipping her to check they’ve gone. Running down the sidewalk again. Ooh, poor dear, I didn’t notice she’s in one shoe and one bare foot! If every day is going to be like this I say screw the businessy outfits and go athletic.

Just when they think they’ve escaped, they run right into Roxie’s husband, whose name is apparently Enrique Julio Gardiazabal of Arzagazerbo León. Alias “Quique.” Val and Lucas head-tilt at that. Quique’s all set to end Lucas when a pack of fans show up to save his bacon and make him take pictures. Vale gets swept up in the crowd and turns back to mouth a “¡Nos vemos!” in Quique’s general direction.

Gabe gets a call from the network. The LOVE Lucas with Vale. They even put a poll up on their website to let fans vote on whether they’d rather see Lucas with Salma or Vale and Vale’s winning. Salma quickly has Rodrigo show her how to vote for herself. Heh!

Gabe gets ANOTHER call, this time from the PI. He checked out the orphanage and Lucía had no family, but her BFF was one Valentina Perez.

Crash course

Wow, Adriana’s got potential suitors coming out of the woodwork. Too bad 2 out of 3 are worthless. Oscar won’t get out of her office and he announces his intent to get her back. (Sex. With her mother. Not happening, dude.)

Oscar whines about all the ways he’s tried to get in touch with Adriana over the years. Diego asks if he tried chocolate truffles. Oscar whines that everyone makes mistakes. Diego agrees. Oscar lets slip that the mistake was sleeping with Adriana’s mother. Diego facepalms.

Oscar also tried calling Felicitas, per Natalia. She’s not taking his calls either. Natalia would really like to know why Oscar and Adriana broke up. She admits she’s nosy. Felicitas says Oscar’s just not a good guy and he doesn’t deserve her daughter.

Well, Carlos doesn’t deserve Felicitas either, but he’s got her. “You don’t know me!” She knows Felicitas shagged Gabriel right here on this very sofa. In a flashback, we see that Gabriel had no problem with the sex, it was just the doing it in her house that he had a problem with. Natalia declares that some women have all the luck.

Diego parks it on Adriana’s couch, listens to the continuing pointless argument, and gets a few clarifications. Here are the facts: Adriana caught Oscar in bed with her mother; she didn’t tell her father; her father knows her mother has affairs; it was only the one time. Well, Judge Diego sides with Adriana (and me!)–Oscar needs to go.

So now that Diego knows all about her personal life, Adriana would like some alone time. He hands her a hankie before he goes. Awwwwwww!

Adriana finds him later in the boiler room(?) and gets his sweaty shirt in her face. She just came by to ask him to forget everything he heard…or at least not tell anyone. He swears on his dad he won’t. And BTW the hankie was his dad’s. Adriana says she’ll make sure to return it, clean. She doesn’t keep what doesn’t belong to her. As she walks off, Diego mumbles that she’s not like her mom.

Problem solving

Lucas drags Vale back to his apartment and starts planning his Alaska vacation. He thinks that might be far enough. Vale’s still trying to get her voice back and squeaking. Lucas tells her this is no time for singing!

Then he decides he owes her…she hears “an apology chiquita” but he means “an apology, Chiquita.” For the kiss. No, no, Vale doesn’t need an explanation.

She tells him to go upstairs and have a bath. It will relax him. She knows this because he’s a Cancer and it’s a water sign (Represent!). Cancers have a tendency towards mal humor (bad moods), they can be calculating, disorganized, autocompasivos (self-pitying), they have mood swings, they’re overly sensitive. But that’s on the negative side, because on the positive side they’re wonderful–imaginative, intuitive, they like their aficiones (hobbies) and partying and they like romance A LOT and they’re caseros (homebodies). (I plead the fifth.) Anyway…he’s going upstairs for a bath.

At the café, Miriam announces she’s going to start coming there for research. So she can have…cake. Eloisa notes the way she’s eyeing Miguel. Vale calls and asks her to research Quique.

Vale wanders up to Lucas’ bedroom and takes a gander at the pillows with his face on them. And the giant portrait of him as a gladiator. I think that’s too much even for her. She checks in with Miriam. Miriam has Quique’s business address, but she’s worried that he’s dangerous. He’s involved in boxing (perdon, and I was calling him a narco #notallnortenos) and he has a reputation for violence.

Miriam mentions the kiss. I think in her excitement she hung up on Vale. She’s too busy showing the picture on her laptop to Eloisa and Miguel. Then she finds the poll. Eloisa says Vale’s arrasando (destroying; kicking butt) and they all grab their phones to vote. Even Miguel. I like that about him–even though he thinks the Lucas obsession is silly he’s still going to vote.

Salma’s losing 1300 to 30 and she can’t seem to get any support. She whines at Rodrigo to quit playing and help her! “I’m not playing. Who do you think those 30 votes are?” Awww!

Vale goes downstairs to the two norteño guys who were following them around earlier and demands to see Quique. They shove her into the back seat of an SUV and there he is. Vale confronts him about wanting to kill Lucas. Oh, she totally understands he’d want to kill Lucas after he slept with Quique’s wife. Quique complains that now not only did she cheat on him, now she’s depressed!

Vale agrees, that’s awful, but what is it that he wants out of this? Yes, yes, Lucas dead, but come on…Quique’s a young guy, elegant, buen mozo (good looking), look at those eyes he’s got! He’s got two of them! He’s got his whole life ahead of him and he’s going to throw it away because a woman cheated on him? He can have any woman he wants! Quique agrees to that. Vale says this is really all her fault because she showed up in Lucas’ life.

Lucas comes downstairs and starts looking for Vale. He looks out the window and sees her sitting in the SUV.

Since they’re hanging out anyway, Quique has one of his guys bring them some beers. Vale asks for peanuts. She starts telling him about Lucas–see, she had this dream…. Quique had a dream once. He wanted to sing rancheras. Vale says he’s definitely got the look! She gets him to sing a little Cielito Lindo. Hey, he’s not bad!

Vale goes on and talks about how her friend got her hooked on Lucas’ novelas. Quique doesn’t think he’s that good of an actor, but Vale defends him. Anyway, her friend died after giving birth to a child whose father never claimed him, “parenthesis, THAT guy deserved to die,” but she has no idea who he was.

Lucas looks out the window again and Vale’s still in the SUV

Anyway, getting back to Lucas…he kissed her! And how Quique wants to kill him? OK, for Vale’s sake, Quique won’t kill him.

Vale’s ready to go. She gets out of the SUV and Quique comes over to the window and says he’s decided to take her advice. He’s going to start singing and leave Roxie. And if Lucas hurts her, she can give him a call–he hands over his business card. He wouldn’t shake her hand when she first got into the SUV, but now he puts his hand out and Vale randomly kisses it. Yeah, even she doesn’t know why she did that. She’s about to give him one last piece of advice, but he rolls the window up. Lucas watches her limping back inside on her one shoe.


Oscar wants Felicitas’ help getting Adriana back. Seriously, dude? SERIOUSLY?! Felicitas doesn’t believe his whining about “love.” She thinks he’s out of money. She takes the liberty of unbuttoning his shirt, just for the view.

Carlos stops by Adriana’s office. He thought about it and he decided he was wrong. She made a good decision transferring those employees. (Color me surprised.)

He notices she seems upset and she says Oscar was there. Carlos has no idea why they broke up, but he thinks they made such a good couple.

Diego runs into Benicio in the hallway. Benicio mockingly says he must be doing something really well. Well, sure, if they ask him to fix something he fixes it; if they give him a task, he carries it out. Right. Must be why he’s getting a reward. He hands Benicio a check that Diego thinks must be a mistake. It’s like four paychecks. He tells Benicio to talk to his supervisor, but no, this came directly from the president.

NOT the bestie!

At the salon, Jessica is styling a client’s hair when another client starts talking smack about “la fan.” She’s voting for Salma because Salma’s Lucas’ official girlfriend and “la fan” “gave it away” and “stole” Lucas from Salma. Jessica gets up in her face to defend her friend and oh, I smell a firing coming on! Bob smells it too.

Client does not back down and says of course Jessica would be friends with her, after all the gossip she’s heard in the barrio. Uh oh…the smock is off. I repeat, the smock is off! Jessica starts ripping out the client’s hair extensions, telling her to quit wasting money because there’s no help for her hair…or her face. Bob stands behind her, horrified. I know dude, she’s so fired.

Poor Bob. Jessica’s still…well, let’s call it like it is…assaulting the client and even Bob gets whacked with her hair extensions. And then the owner walks in. “Am I fired?” *nod*

Problem solved. Sort of.

Vale gets back to the apartment and tells Lucas it’s all taken care of. Quique’s going to leave him alone. She just had a nice chat with him and he’s not going to threaten or bother Lucas again.

Lucas is thrilled! She saved his life again! He kisses her again. For realz this time. OK, on the cheek, but still! It was not an “avoiding Quique’s guys” kiss! And he HUGS her. And then Vale realizes he’s in his bathrobe and she’s all “COVER YOURSELF!”

Oh! Oops! The robe came open! He’s in no hurry to close it again. And he wishes she’d stop apologizing. Vale suddenly remembers episode 3 of Enamórate Otra Vez when his robe came open in front of the maid who had the hots for him. And then he got his robe closed right before she jumped him.

Um…no, he didn’t remember that. But Vale remembers everything. Because she’s la fan.

Anyway, she’d like to talk about what happened, but someone rings the doorbell. Lucas is convinced it’s Quique! He already arrepintió (regretted) that he had arrepentido (changed his mind) about killing Lucas! He hides while Vale opens the door and lets Gabriel in.

Gabe’s in a great mood. That picture has gone viral and everybody loves the two of them together! This could be just the push Lucas’ career needs! Lucas doesn’t care about that–Vale just saved his life. AGAIN! He owes her, big time. For some reason Gabe asks him how he thinks Salma is doing.

Salma can’t get out of her dressing room. Rodrigo is hungry and his phone battery died so he can’t vote for her anymore. She sends him out to tell the press that she isn’t coming out of her dressing room because she feels sick. And, presumably, to get food. No, wait! She changed her mind–tell them she’s “splendid.”

Oh, Lucas can imagine just how furious Salma is, but why did she announce their engagement before he’d said yes, huh?

Gabriel tells them about the voting. Vale is horrified…until she hears she won. Gabe gives Lucas the rest of the day off and offers to take Vale back to the studio for her stuff and then drop her off at home.

Vale tells Lucas to get some rest and says she’ll be praying for him. Like she does every night. I try to parse Lucas’ face. I don’t think he’s used to anyone genuinely liking him enough to care, much less talk to the Virgen about him. Gabe has Vale go get the elevator while he stays behind to explain to Lucas that he’s not breaking up with Vale.


Vale’s got a pair of borrowed shoes from the costume department now. She’s been telling Gabe The Saga of Quique, but he’s more interested in that kiss. Vale’s response? “I’ve gotta go get my purse.” OK, then, he’ll wait in the car in the garage. But he’s going out the back way so he doesn’t run into Salma!

Vale starts heading for the dressing room, but she sees Rodrigo crying in the hallway. He’s feeling like he’s nobody and Vale tries to tell him that if he’s got a mom, he is EVERYTHING to her. And she would know, because she’s a mom. “You don’t know my mom.” Nope, Vale refuses to believe it. Even if they fight, Rodrigo is his mom’s world and she doesn’t ever want to hear him saying he’s nobody.

Salma catches them hugging and starts screeching about how not only has Vale stolen her boyfriend, now she’s stealing her son too! With her innocent…pizza face! Suuuuure, Vale didn’t know that was her son. They just came out in a magazine together! Rodrigo says he was tiny in the picture and she’s always in pictures alone. Salma accuses Vale of telling Rodrigo awful things about her.

Vale starts to tell Salma the truth, but catches herself. Rodrigo was telling her…about this really sad movie he watched and they both got all emotional over it.

Whatever, Salma just wants Vale to stay away from her son and her boyfriend! Rodrigo’s a little flattered–did she really get jealous over him? And Salma, that loser, says she’s not, that’s the woman who’s trying to steal Lucas. And no, they can’t leave yet because she has to wait for cover of darkness. Rodrigo gives Vale a sad little wave goodbye.

Justin fell asleep in the control room. Vale wakes him from a dream about Tigre and Álvaro (fútbol players? Actors? Random dudes?). He congratulates her for kissing Lucas. He’s wanted to kiss Lucas himself. He imagines Lucas is a good kisser. “Not as good as I am.” Vale crawls into his lap and puckers up.

Justin wakes up to Vale hovering over him and starts panicking. He tells her to leave him alone! He likes himself the way she is! He’s not going back in the closet! She’d better not kiss him! She’d better not touch him! He runs away, leaving a confused Vale. “I like you the way you are too.”

What a day

Jessica tells Miriam about getting fired. She wants to know what happened with that kiss and why Vale was at Lucas’ apartment. Miguel brings her strawberries and cream with chocolate. Miguel’s the best! Jessica asks him how he always makes everything taste so good. He says it’s because she’s pretty and he can’t understand what all those guys out there could be thinking. How is she still single? Miriam looks at him like “What the hell, dude? I’ve been flirting with you all day!”

Diego marches into Adriana’s office to scream at her about the check. How dare she! Damn millionaires! He swore he’d keep his mouth shut! He rips up the check in front of her face and starts taking off his clothes. To return them. Because it’s a uniform. He thinks better of walking out in his skivvies and leaves the pants on. She watches him walk down the hallway topless.

And who does he run into in the elevator before he’s found another shirt? Felicitas.

Salma shows up at Lucas’ to confront him. She’s put up with him cheating, but…The Pizza? This is too much! She doesn’t want explanations, she wants him to pick up his phone and tell ALL his fans that she is his one and only, his future wife, the mother of his children! And she wants him to do it right now!

Gabriel takes Vale home and comes up to the apartment with her. He tells her not to worry about Rodrigo, he knows how his mother is. “Sure, but just because someone knows how their mother is doesn’t mean they’re not hoping for more.”

Gabe wonders if she’s speaking from experience, but Vale says she never had a mother. And yep, it was sad. He’s offering to stick around and talk when Eloisa and Tomás come in. Gabe says she’s got quite a good-looking son. What’s his name?


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3 years ago

Fun episode and a fun recap, Kat!

My favorite scene was Vale appealing to Quique’s vanity and telling her own tale to get him to leave Lucas alone. My favorite line was Quique moaning that since Lucas dumped his wife he was left with not only a disloyal woman but also a depressed one.

Yikes! Gabriel lost no time in getting into Vale’s home life and invading her turf. This does not augure well for Vale and Tomás.

I am enjoying the Adriana and Diego scenes; the Jessica/Miguel/Miriam ones not so much.