La Fan Tuesday 1/24/17 #6

Gabe goes fishing

Gabe immediately starts shining up to Tomás, telling him he’s got the name of a champion. Tomás is less impressed when he hears Gabe is Lucas’ manager. Eloisa takes him into the kitchen to find him something to eat while Vale explains that he’s her friend Lucía’s son that she took charge of after she died, but hey he doesn’t want to hear about all that.

Actually, he does, and he’s got all the time in the world. He asks about Tomás’ father and Vale says that’s a secret Lucía took to the grave with her. He abandoned Lucía and as far as Vale’s concerned, he can stay gone.

Vale tries to break off her conversation with Gabriel so she can cook dinner, but he keeps asking questions, like whether she’s ever going to look for Tomás dad and whether Tomás knows. Vale says he knows what he needs to–his dad was the love of his mom’s life and he abandoned them. He’s never been interested. She tries to walk Gabriel to the door, but he invites himself to stay for dinner.

Salma and Lucas

Lucas refuses to tell everyone they’re getting married. She can’t order him around! He’s Lucas Duarte! For confirmation he points to his ENORMOUS translucent portrait.

“¡Pero no te pongas asi!” (Don’t be like that!)

“¡Me pongo!” (Oh I will be like that!)

Salma apologizes. It’s this thing with The Pizza that’s got her all upset. Rodrigo rings the doorbell. What? Did she leave him in the car or the hallway? Lucas says his mom was just on her way out and Salma’s out in the hallway with the door shut behind her before she realizes it.

Not again!

Diego failed to notice that the elevator is on its way back up to the executive floor. He keeps trying to put his shirt on, but Felicitas is holding it.

Up on the executive floor, Adriana waits for the elevator.

When Felicitas hears that he just quit, she gives him her card and introduces her self as an artista plastica (artist, check the end of the recap for a footnote). She tells him she paints perfect bods and if he ever needs some money she’d love to have him pose for her. When they get to the executive floor, she pretends to lose her balance so she can press up against him. Skeevy, Fel. Skeevy.

Adriana gets into the OTHER elevator just before Felicitas steps out. Crisis averted! (I mean, not just for the budding relationship and therefore my sanity, but I’m sure Adriana would feel extra-awful if she caught her mom in the elevator with her new, shirtless, crush just when the ex her mom slept with just showed up.)

Felicitas was coming to the office to find Adriana, but since she’s gone, she talks to Benito instead. She asks him about a worker who quit today and something about the description of “tall, with hair like a cherub” tells Benito she’s talking about Diego. She leaves without molesting Benito.

Miguel, Jessica, and Miriam

Jessica certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Miguel has a thing for her. Oh, but she’s sure Diego would never have a thing for Miriam. Miriam’s offended. Jessica tries to make it up to her by proving Miguel’s not really interested in her. She’s going to ask him out so he can say no and Miriam can chill.

Except she asks him out and he agrees to go.


Vale worries about what to make for dinner, now that Gabe invited himself to stay. Eloisa thinks maybe Gabe is interested in Vale, from the way he’s looking at her. Even Tomás agrees–everyone likes Vale.

Vale whispers to Eloisa that Lucas kissed her today and now Gabriel is here and she has no idea what’s going on! Vale jokes that maybe she’s de moda. Eloisa tells her to be careful because some men are unscrupulous.

Vale keeps one eye on the TV while telling Tomás and Gabriel she’s going to make spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. Gabriel shows off his soccer ball juggling skills for Tomás.

Maybe there are two people who like him

Adriana comes over to visit her tío…er, to visit Lucas. She wants him to see if he can get Oscar to back off since they were friends before. “We weren’t that close.” Adriana begs him to call Oscar. She just can’t go through that again. He asks if she’s ever going to tell him what really happened.

Adriana saw the photo of Lucas and Vale and she wants to know what’s going on. Is he with la fan? With Salma? Lucas says it was a misunderstanding that he needs to clear up.

She certainly seems popular at the moment

Over dinner, Gabriel hears about Tomás’ soccer team, Los Matadores, and their game tomorrow. He promises to come check out a game, even if it’s not tomorrow’s.

And then Lucas comes over. To talk about what happened. Vale, flustered, takes him into the kitchen. Lucas feels bad about not telling her the truth…when he kissed her today, that was to keep Quique’s guys from seeing him and killing him.

Val stares at him for a few seconds and then busts out laughing. His face! He’s being all dramatic! Like she didn’t know! Of course she knew! How was he going to fall in love with her…it would be like a fairy tale! Lucas keeps disbelieving and Vale keeps laughing.

Gabriel takes Vale’s absence as an opportunity to tell Tomás that he heard about his mom…and his dad. “I don’t have a dad.”

Lucas feels guilty, but Val assures him he has nothing to feel guilty about. Oh, the tears…those are from laughter. He decides it’s about time he went home and took Gabe with him. Vale agrees, says goodbye, and waits for the door to close…

So she can start sobbing. (*sob*) She won’t tell Tomás why, but he’s sure it’s Lucas’ fault. Vale says it isn’t, she just stupidly got her hopes up about something. Tomás says she’s not stupid. She’s good and pretty and nice and he knows she’s crying over Lucas.

The bros have variable luck with women

Diego walks home, ignoring a call from Adriana. He takes Felicitas’ card out of his pocket (on the card she’s “Felicity”) and starts to throw it away, but he doesn’t.

Diego gets to the café just in time to hear that Jessica’s going out with Miguel. Just out. Not, like, a date. The two of them leave, with Miriam in hot pursuit and Diego’s all alone in the empty café. He pulls Felicitas’ card out of his pocket and looks at it for a minute before putting it on the counter and turning around…to find Adriana.

She came by to say she’s *mumble*. She’s *whisper*. She’s sorry. She admits she was trying to buy his silence. “I’m not for sale.” Yes, she knows that now, but nobody’s ever turned down an offer before. “There’s a first time for everything.” Adriana agrees, and that’s why she wanted to come by in person. Since he wouldn’t take her calls.

She begs him not to quit. She needs…er, the company needs him.

And also, she wants to take him to dinner, to make up for her mistake. Hm, no, Diego will take HER to dinner, because he’s the man. (I’m’a let that one slide. For now.)

He takes her to a pool hall that serves burgers. While they’re waiting for their burgers, they play a game of pool. First things first, the cue is a “taco.” From the look she gives him when he explains that, I’m waiting for her to completely smoke him.

Miguel and Jessica have drinks at a bar. He notices Miriam lurking at a table. Jess mentions she didn’t think he’d say yes, but she asked him out because of Miriam. Yes, Miriam. Miriam’s, like, hot, right? Sometimes she just sees her and she’s like “Wow, my friend is hot!” Miguel says he finds her curious.

He excuses himself, goes over to her, brings her up to Jess at the bar and asks them to tell him what is going on. Now. Much mumbling and babbling ensues and finally Jessica asks if he’s gay.

“Tell my mom if she wants to know she can ask me herself.” He pays for their drinks and leaves. Nope. Still no answer.

Maybe I was wrong. Diego runs the table and Adriana’s getting bored. He finally misses a shot and she asks him to hand over the lucky taco. Oh, there it is! There’s that grin! He patronizingly tells her she’s supposed to hit the ones with stripes. So she does. All of them. And then the 8-ball.

“Nobody’s ever beaten me before.”

“There’s a first time for everything.” He blames it on being hungry. Yeah, that’s it. It made his vision blurry. Uh huh. “1-0.” she taunts.

How to be a “good mom”

Salma whines and complains about her reputation being trashed because of The Pizza. Rodrigo’s had enough. He takes away her phone and tells her he needs her to be a “good mom.” Salma thinks she’s doing everything she can. Rod needs her to try harder. He feels lonely all the time and even when she’s with him she’s paying attention to other things.

He wants her to start doing mom stuff. He’s going to send her an email with specific instructions. But her first task as a “good mom” is to cook dinner. (Danger! Danger! Don’t risk your stomach! It’s not worth it!)

Salma’s first effort is vaguely recognizable as…macaroni and cheese? With lots of pepper? And maybe not the “cheese” part so much? Rodrigo says it’s great. Salma’s phone beeps. Her list of tasks from Rodrigo has arrived. So far, I can see cooking all meals, getting him to school on time, and helping him with his homework. “Being a ‘good mom’ seems kind of tiring.”

She takes a call from Lucas and he asks to see her, but she turns him down, because she’s trying to be a good mom and she’s spending the evening with her son. They’re having dinner and then she’s going to help him get his school stuff together. And then they’re going to watch an episode of his favorite show together.

Vale, still weeping, signs something for Tomás for school.

Salma looks over a piece of paper with a lot of typing on it and asks where to sign. “Where it says ‘signature of responsible party.'” But how come she’s never signed one of these before? Rod says he’s very good at forging her signature. (My answer: because it says responsible party?)

Vale asks Tomás if he understood his math homework and gives him a printed map he’s supposed to be taking with him tomorrow. Then she starts sobbing again.

Salma’s a little horrified at how much stuff Rodrigo is doing in school. She asks to see his homework. He hands her a list of stuff he’s supposed to bring tomorrow. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Rodrigo says he told her last week, but not to worry, a friend’s mom is bringing some for him. (My answer: because it’s traditional not to tell mom you need something for school until the night before. Twenty minutes before the store closes. After she’s already in her PJs. Trust me, I was a professional annoying child. I know these things.)

Vale brings Tomás some cookies. They’re his favorite. He wants some to take for lunch tomorrow. Vale starts sobbing again.

Rodrigo tells Salma if she didn’t buy him cookies to take with his lunch tomorrow, they can stop by the store for them in the morning. Early. Because she’s taking him to school. Early. Because that’s what a “good mom” does.

And now we all cry

Jessica and Miriam come over to Vale’s and find her in her “Let’s Sleep In” t-shirt and pajama pants, still sobbing. She tells them Lucas was there. They gasp. She tells them he said he only kissed her to avoid the mafioso’s henchmen. It was all a lie. No romance. No love. Nothing.


I could kick Lucas right in the shins.

The next morning

Salma burns a giant pile of toast for breakfast. Rod was hoping for jam, but she’s got, uh, butter. And some maple syrup from Canada. “It’s the thought that counts,” he informs her, loftily. He knows this is difficult for her, but he appreciates all her efforts.

Now, did she review the email? Does she know what she’s supposed to do today? “Um. No.” Today he has a fútbol game and she’s supposed to be there. “OK.” He takes a big crunchy bite of toast and tries to choke it down.

Vale overslept. When she realizes what time it is she jumps out of bed and shouts down the hallway to Tomás to get ready for school. Her phone rings.

Lucas is awake. He squeezed himself a glass of orange juice just like Vale does and made himself burned toast and he’s dressed to go running…but where is she? Vale says she overslept. She can’t make it.

“We’re not going running? But I wanted to go today.” Awwwwww, he’s all pouty! Vale says she’s running late and she’ll meet him at the station. Then she hangs up.

“She hung up on me.” His poor confused face just cracks me up! His doorbell rings. Gabe takes a look at his outfit, frowns, and tells him to change–they have a production meeting at the station. Now. “Since when do you run? You can barely walk?”

Change of plans

Before the big meeting starts, Gabriel calls the PI to tell him he doesn’t care what it costs, he just needs to know if Tomás is his son or Lucas’. Lucas arrives, wondering why nobody else is there. Salma shows up and I realize what I thought were very cute pajamas are actually a dress.

The son of the head of the studio arrives and tells them his dad checked himself into a hospital because the ratings are tanking. He already knows how to fix them.

Lucas holds an impromptu press conference in the studio boardroom. Vale shows up in time to hear him say that his relationship with Salma has come to its ocaso. Confused faces all around. He explains it’s a poetic way of saying “end.” (Eh, Wordreference says sunset or twilight or decline. So not The End, more like coming to an end.) He’s deeply in love with someone else.

The bald reporter (aka, Mel from QeQ) ask who she is, when he met her, why did Salma announce their engagement. Lucas isn’t going to answer any questions, he’s just going to let his actions speak for him. So he’d like to introduce her…but she doesn’t seem to be there at the moment so…they’ll find out soon enough. And now this press conference has reached its ocaso, which means…”FIN” they all chorus.

Vale’s off in the dressing room, trying to see if his stylists know who Lucas is in love with. They have no idea and Vale is extremely confused.

How very…handy of you….

Benicio and Adriana are leading some guys through a room with a bunch of um, electrical(?) stuff in it. Benicio’s surprised to see Diego, but Adriana says he’s good at everything. Another guy in the company uniform comes over to tell Adriana that se trabó el mango on one of the boats and they can’t fix it. Which sounds like they mean a stuck handle, but why can’t anyone fix it? Is it just so Super!Diego can show off?

If anyone can answer the mystery of exactly what “trabó el mango” means, please tell me, because I was in Spanish-language motorcycle forums and all I could figure out was that I know jack about motorcycles. And you should change your oil every 3,000 kms. But I might have misunderstood that.

Diego gets back while Benicio and Adriana are still discussing something or other with the guys in the room with the stuff. He tells the “Presi” that he’s done. “Wow, you’re incredible,” she deadpans. “Yep.”

“You know how to do everything.”

“Well, yes, everything. And if I don’t, I improvise.”

She congratulates him, but reminds him that in their personal competition, she’s still beating him 1-0.


Gabriel tells Lucas the press conference was perfect. Everybody’s talking about it. He dropped a major bomb! Yeah, and Lucas hopes it doesn’t blow up in his face. He wants to tell Vale the truth. Gabe says there’s no way–she’s not an actor! She needs to be convinced this is real. Yeah, but Lucas feels…what’s that thing when he’s in the middle of a scene and the director yells “cut”?

Lastima? Yep, that’s the one, Lucas feels lastima for Vale. Gabe’s shocked. Lucas has never felt sorry for anyone but himself before.

Vale arrives with Lucas’ breakfast, but Justin also arrives to coo at Gabe. He keeps it short because they’ve got to go film. Now.

They shoot a scene where Salma’s character tells Lucas’ character it’s over. Justin calls cut and print and Vale gives Lucas a thumbs-up. He tries to talk to Salma but she doesn’t think there’s anything left to say. She tells him to “fresh,” she’s going to see her son.

Justin goes to have a little talk with Lucas about keeping a NEUTRAL accent. AGAIN. It’s what the clients want.

Lucas calls Vale over to tell her the “other woman” he’s in love with is her. Vale faints in the middle of the studio floor and Justin starts panicking about getting sued.

Vale wakes up in Lucas’ dressing room and kinda-sorta remembers what happened. He explains again–he’s in love with her NO DON’T FAINT AGAIN! He knows it’s confusing because he told her that he only kissed her to keep from getting killed. But it also made him think. He realized it’s her, she’s the one he wants to wake up with in the morning and dream about every night. (Damn. That was too convincing.)

He’s moving in for another kiss, but Vale’s phone beeps. She’s supposed to be at Tomás’ fútbol game. No, he can’t call her a taxi–after what he just said, he’s coming with her!

The game

Vale cheers for Tomás. Lucas recognizes Salma’s son. They don’t see Salma and Vale can tell he’s looking for her so she cheers for him. Tomas scores a goal. Somebody knocks off Lucas’ hat and recognizes him.

Salma is in the wrong place.

Diego sends Adriana a picture of him all sweaty on the field with a message saying their next challenge will be fútbol. (That was…kinda hot. It’s like sexting without the sex. Competexting?) And then Oscar shows up. Go away Oscar!

Diego calls the guys in for one last huddle. Tomás wants to know who the picture was for. Head in the game, kid! In the background, Lucas signs autographs. Salma finally arrives and Rodrigo is so happy! Salma focuses on him, telling him to kick the ball hard! Aw, points for trying.

And then she pulls out the phone and starts doing a Facebook live broadcast about being at her son’s fútbol game. *sigh* Baby steps. Baby steps. She gets a little competitive with Vale about the cheering.

And the Matadores win.

The press shows up, they march right past Salma, and the get up in Lucas’ face, asking who he’s in love with. He introduces them to Vale…his assistant, his novia, his fan. Vale gives them a pained smile. Salma’s horrified. Tomás and Diego both look a little angry.

OK, so about the word “artist,” something I’ve noticed is that in English when we talk about someone being an artist, we usually mean they create some type of physical art–paintings or sculptures or something like that. Now, technically dancers and musicians are also artists, but if we call them artists we tend to specify “performing artist.”

In Spanish, when someone talks about an “artista” they tend to mean a performing artist and maaaaaybe usually a musician of some kind. But when they create physical art, they get the adjective added, which is why Felicitas is an “artista plastica.”

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3 years ago

Thanks for the laughs this a.m. with your running commentary. Sorry, I cannot help with a fix for a “mango trabado” so to speak. . . It was so weird when Gabriel invited himself to dinner. Vale took it much better than I would have. It looks like we are in for a series if sports challenges between Adriana and Diego. I like that subplot. Yes, I cringed when he said HE was taking HER out because he was THE MAN. Guess we can let that one pass . . . just this once. . . I was surprised Salma… Read more »

3 years ago

Mel from Quien es Quien! Thank you, that was driving me crazy not remembering what other TN I saw him in. And the woman that Jessica got into a fight with at work was the creepy guy’s wife (Paloma’s mom), right?