La Fan Wednesday 1/25/17 #7

From one game to another

Diego keeps staring at Lucas with a combination of disbelief and amusement as he says some really generic stuff about being in love with Vale. Tomás keeps glaring. I mean, really, “We never expected this…I’m so lucky…she’s so lucky.” I guess he can’t work without a script. He tries to say something really deep and inspirational from his “teacher” but it comes out “You’re going to go far, make sure you choose carefully who you’ll share the flight with.”

The reporters start demanding a kiss and Lucas is more than happy to oblige. Diego leans down to whisper something to Tomás and I’m imagining it’s “Tranquilo, we’ll drag him into the back of the café later and let him know we’re on to him.”

At the café, Miriam is seeing the news. Vale’s trending again. Miriam and Eloisa are thrilled about the noviazgo (the relationship of novios; the official dating-ness or engagement), but Miguel is doubtful. Miriam pointedly tells him when love comes, you grab onto it. Especially since SOME people never seem to get lucky. Miguel gets uncomfortable and runs back to the kitchen.

Salma ignores Lucas (yes, please, because he sounds like he’s just regurgitating greeting cards and that’s being generous) and sneaks through the crowd to find Rodrigo and tell him they’re leaving now!

Tomás tells Diego he feels angry. Diego points out Vale is happy. “I want her to be happy, but not with him!” Diego warns him if he’s not happy, Vale won’t be able to be, so just give him a chance. But his face says “…and let ME deal with this guy.”

In the car, Salma complains that she was late for the game because Rodrigo didn’t give her the address. He’s concerned about Lucas’ new girlfriend. When did that happen? Is this because of the voting? Salma says she doesn’t know and she doesn’t care. He knows she’s lying. Before she can start the car, the reporters are sticking their microphones in her face through the open car window.

The interminably long interview with Lucas and Vale is still going. What about Salma? Are they going to stay friends? How will they work together after this? Lucas praises Salma as being charming and charismatic and intelligent (which is more than he said about Vale) and says she’ll understand. Of course she’ll stay on the telenovela! She’s a professional. He stops his babbling to answer a call, allegedly from Paris. The only word he knows in French is “oui.”

Vale gets her own call, from Jessica. The job hunt has been a total bust. Vale asks Lucas if he knows of anyplace that needs a stylist. He says the studio takes care of him now, but he used to go to Sun Spa. Vale passes on the info and Jessica seems to think it’s a done deal, since Lucas made the suggestion.

And now, to get on with the rest of the day. Vale steps away to call the studio and find out where they need Lucas to be next. This gives Tomás an opportunity to confront Lucas. He does it non-verbally, giving Lucas the international “I’m watching you” sign (making a V with his fingers and pointing to his eyes and then pointing at Lucas). And there’s my first cackle of the episode.

Go away, Oscar!

Oscar is STILL waiting for Adriana to talk to him. Benicio appoints himself the messenger of this information and then suggests that she might get rid of him if she tells him she’s already seeing someone else and she’s happy with them. (Hm, well, one gold digger understands another.) Adriana digs the idea and tries not to laugh in his face when Benicio tells her she knows she can count on him for anything, right?

Adriana brings Oscar into her office to put the plan into motion, but he doesn’t believe her. “Too bad.” He wants a kiss to prove it and grabs her. Duuuuuuuuude, no. That’s assault. Adriana shoves him, slaps him and tells him to get out of her office…just as Felicitas arrives. “Oh, good, the whole family’s here now! Mom, this is my ex, your lover…oh, but you two know each other already don’t you?”

Felicitas surprises me. She says she only came by for coffee with her daughter, not to talk about this creep. She scoffs at his insistence that he’s still in love with Adriana and tells her that he’s only here because the “stay away from my daughter” money she paid him ran out. She hopes that helps Adriana get rid of this mamotreto (dead weight). “I don’t care if you don’t forgive me, but don’t get back together with this rat.” She may be a horrible mother, but she still wants Adriana to be happy.

She walks out and Oscar accuses Felicitas of still being in love with him and THAT being the reason she doesn’t want them to get back together. He advises Adriana not to let her mom meet her new boyfriend.


The private investigator gives Gabe the good news. DNA testing really IS just like in the telenovelas! (*snort*) All he needs is to swipe a toothbrush or some hair and the PI can have the results in 48 hours.


Eloisa got some bad news. Whatever it is, it’s in writing and when Miriam reads it, she gives a “¡No puede ser!”

She has to come up with a lot of money in 48 hours. She took out a second mortgage without telling the boys and she couldn’t keep up with the payments. Miriam says they’ll figure something out, but Eloisa doesn’t want anyone to know. Too bad, because not only does Miriam disagree, but she can’t hide her sadness when Miguel shows up with his latest dessert creation. She claims they’re happy tears for Vale, which seems to be working. For now.

Job. Hunt.

Jessica visits the Sun Spa to hand over her résumé and talk herself up to the manager. She claims she’s very good at connecting with the customers and he should totally hire her. Carlos, looking all suave and groomed and sipping a cup of tea, agrees.

No, Carlos isn’t the owner. He works with boats. He likes it when she says he must be the captain. (She’s right, he does have that look…I think it’s the blue jacket.) He’s curious about why she’s out of a job and Jessica tells him the truth about what happened. He laughs at “and I ended up with her extensions in my hand.” He agrees with her that friendship really is the most important thing.

It’s too bad he’s already had all his spa treatments, but he does have a contractura (muscle spasm) in his back and he really needs a massage. Jessica fakes like she knows what she’s talking about and says that’s her specialty. She hands over her card and tells him to call anytime.

Jessica goes over to ask the manager about him. He says Carlos shows up once in a while and he’s a good tipper. A very good tipper.


Lucas brings Vale and Tomás hone and apologizes, but he’s got to get back to work. He tells Vale to get ready, though, because tonight is their night and it’s going to be unforgettable *dramatic pause* “Chiquita.” *swoon* I swear he mouths “Oh, yeah.” (And then I remember he’s a liar and I’m like “Pull it together!”) It’s going to be a surprise. No, not like Peekaboo.

When Lucas has left the building, the fan club descends on Vale and she has to scream at all of them to calm down!


It hasn’t even been a day and she already can’t handle Lucas being “with” Vale. She begs Gabriel to put a stop to it, but he can’t, it’s too soon. She snaps at Rodrigo when he says he’s hungry and Gabe tells him he’s welcome to anything in the fridge and he just got a new game console.

Salma goes back to complaining. She’s not jealous of Vale…as if!…it’s just, having Lucas go out with The Pizza is bad for her image. How does it look for her to be the one who got dumped?! Gabe suggests she go out with someone else, but Salma says she can’t look like a slut. Protagonistas can’t do that. (Wow. It must be difficult to have so much internalized sexism. And be so very, very superficial. Seems like a lot of work.)

Well, too bad, this isn’t a problem Gabe can fix. She storms out of his apartment, forgetting Rodrigo. At least she comes back right away?

Later, Gabriel and Lucas play pool. Lucas doesn’t know how long he can keep up the act. He knows Salma’s not happy about it, but he doesn’t care about Salma, he cares about himself! “I know.”

Things are already getting out of hand. He got threatened today by a child! Gabriel finds it funny. Lucas might be egocentrico (self-centered), inescrupuloso (unscrupulous), superficial, (and those are all his words) but he’s never messed with a kid. Gabe tells him to just stay away from the kid. He doesn’t like kids anyway. Every time he signs autographs and one kisses him he acts like it’s got lepra (leprosy).

Lucas gets a call from “Karina,” who Gabe describes as a vedette (showgirl). She heard Lucas had a new girlfriend and she was going out of town, so she thought she’d give him a booty call. Classy. And Lucas feels like he’s just gotta. Even classier.

Hey, baby. What are you wearing?

Diego calls up his favorite Presi to invite her down to the field. He’s (*eyebrow wiggle*) all alone. “Now?” He apologizes, she’s probably busy and he’s bothering her, he’s just impulsive. When he wants something he goes after it. And he wanted her there (*eyebrow wiggle*)…so he can kick her ass at fútbol, obvi. Adriana listens to all his babbling and tells him to send her the address.

Adriana didn’t have time to change. And she obviously can’t play in her work shoes. He borrows some clothes and shoes from the girls’ team coach he thinks tiene el mismo cuerpecito (has the same body; is about your size).

And then the trash talk begins. He warns her he’s the “director tecnico” (coach). Oh, no worries, she knows a thing or two. Diego doesn’t see how she could possibly. “Life’s full of surprises.” Andriana goes off to the dressing rooms to change.

OK, fashion critique. I LOVE the color of that t-shirt. I think it’s too small and so are the shorts. Not uncomfortably so–she still looks like she can move in them, and I could easily imagine an actual soccer coach wearing them. Diego backs me up; the uniform’s too small. Adriana mocks him for thinking she and the other coach have “el mismo cuerpecito.” But whatever, they’re here to kick butt, right?

Diego wants to go for penalty kicks. First person to get to 3 wins.

On the first try, Diego scores. So does Adriana. And they each score on their second kick. And the third…and the fourth…and the fifth…and on the sixth, Adriana hits the crossbar.

Diego celebrates and Adriana is…not a very gracious loser. The good news is, now he’s guaranteed a “next time.” He’s kind of shocked at her attitude. (I guess I am, too. It seemed a little *cringe* unladylike. Yep, even I have to check my internalized sexism sometimes. If she were a guy that would have been a downright mild reaction to losing.)


Lucas comes over to pout to Salma about how very difficult this is for him and how he’s sacrificing himself for them…their careers…their novela. She makes him assure her he’s having a terrible time with The Pizza.


Vale and Tomás get back to the apartment and she says she’s going to make him something to eat. She tells him he was a champ out there today and he means everything to her–that’s not going to change just because she has a boyfriend. “Even though I’m not your son?”

“You are my son. You’re the most important person in my life and you always will be. That’s never going to change.”

Vale looks at the pictures of Tomás on her cell phone. She remembers walking with him when he was younger and telling him there are different kinds of moms. There are the kind who carry you in their belly and the kind who marry a man who already has children and she’s the third kind–the moms of the heart. Even though she didn’t carry him in her belly, they have an invisible tie that’s going to unite them forever. It might tangle and it might stretch, but it will never break, because they picked each other. And when you choose each other with your hearts it’s forever.

She can’t help sighing over him when he comes in and telling him how much he’s grown. “Since yesterday?” He came to get her so they can cook something together. Vale thinks that sounds like a great idea. She chases him out of the room via araña (spider…she’s tickling him, the araña is her hand) while he complains and giggles that she used to do that when he was little. “And I’m always going to do it!”

Vale makes them pizza and says this is how it’s always going to be. They like pizza, they’re having pizza, boyfriend or no boyfriend. But, um, she is going out tonight, so one of the girls will come over and watch him. And they’ll do homework first. Tomás agrees and says she’s the best mom in the world.


While Jessica and Miriam help Vale get ready for her date, Jessica tells them about the new client she picked up today. Only, he got the wrong idea about her services and she can’t imagine why.

Vale and Miriam both look pointedly at the hem of her skirt. Jess tells them to cut it out–she’s a “good girl” and she would never! He just misunderstood (that’s not how I remember it). She was offering a FACIAL massage and he wanted one that was des…des… “descontracturante,” (basic massage to relax the muscles) Vale suggests.

Yep, that’s the one! And Jess said she’d give it to him. Record scratch. “The massage!” (Yeah, seriously, what is up with all the innuendo?)Vale reminds her she doesn’t actually know how. But how’d he look? Jess says he was good looking, elegant, a ship captain. Vale’s a little skeptical.

Casa Carlos

Felicitas is thinking of moving to her studio so she and her models don’t disturb Adriana. Carlos thinks that sounds like a good idea. Adriana’s particular. She doesn’t like to be around strangers.

Felicitas snarks about where she is. Is she coming home for dinner? Carlos assumes she’s still at work. It’s a lot of responsibility and she’s very disciplined.

Natalia chimes in that Adriana has a unique style. She’s always herself and dressed so elegantly and so feminine.

And in walks Adriana in her borrowed soccer uniform. Heh. She says she was at a costume party and runs upstairs to shower. Natalia plops herself down on the couch between Carlos and Felicitas and says that sounds strange. Felicitas supplies that Oscar said she’s dating someone new. Maybe it’s a footballer. “Please, God!” (I hate to say it, but it sounds like Oscar’s right–do not bring Diego home to mommy!)

Natalia catches Adriana after her shower and follows her around the bedroom with a cup of tea, talking about how she’s so pretty and she looks good even without makeup and she can’t figure out why Adriana doesn’t have a boyfriend. Carlos comes to talk to her and Natalia tells him to come in, sit down, and hold the tea so she can jump up to lounge on the bed and listen.

No? OK, sorry, she’ll just go, then.

Carlos doesn’t want to tell Adriana how to live her life or anything, but why was she in a fútbol uniform? And he doesn’t believe the “costume party” story. Adriana says it was nothing. A charity thing. “Well, your mom said you’re seeing someone.” Ugh! She’d like her mom and her models to stay in the studio.

Carlos mentions she’s moving to another studio. He doesn’t know what happened between them, but he wishes the past could stay in the past. (I’m giving Carlos some major side-eye. You don’t know what happened…but you feel compelled to try to give backhanded advice? Um, no.)


Jessica and Miriam argue about which dress Vale should wear–hot pink or floral. I vote hot pink. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and they all jump to the conclusion that it’s Lucas, even though it’s an hour early. Jessica is convinced this is a sign that he was in a hurry to see her and can’t live without her!

The doorbell rings again and she jumps up to open it, but it’s only Gabriel. He says he came by to congratulate her. Tomás greets him happily and tells him about the game. Vale drags Miriam and Jess into the kitchen to make him a cup of coffee. Somebody’s really going to need to talk to him about boundaries.

Gabe asks to use the bathroom…

So he can steal a lock of hair and a toothbrush. At his apartment, he calls the PI to say he’s got what they need and asks if they can go do the test tomorrow.

Tomás can’t find his toothbrush. He says Vale looks nice. I’m mentally chanting “Hot pink! Hot pink!” But no, it’s dark blue. Meh, it’s still better than the floral. Jess is practicing her massage skills on Miriam, but she’s so awful Miriam says she’s going to render her ship captain unable to even be a sailor.

Vale’s worrying about where Lucas is and that creep calls to tell her he’s sick. Oh yeeeeeah, he’s just dying of a sudden flu, but he’ll be fine after a night’s rest. He just lost more points with Tomás for standing Vale up, but she insists he’s sick. She’s really worried about him. What if it’s pneumonia? Jess remembers it’s time for the novela and they start watching the antics of Jose Gerardo and Ana Cristina. Vale’s still worrying.


Miguel notices Eloisa scribbling on a notepad and looking upset. She tries to tell him it’s nothing, but he knows better. She finally admits, without details, that they’re deep in debt and the amount is impossible to pay.

When Diego gets home, he’s in a great mood, but Miguel bursts his bubble. The café is closing.

Eloisa says they have no time at all before it closes. She starts to burst in to tears and the boys panic. They’ll use their savings! They’ll get the money somehow! They just don’t want her to cry.

Miguel gets a text from Miriam, saying she needs to talk to him right away. Eloisa tells him she told Miriam earlier today. He’s going to put her off, but they tell him to go ahead. Diego will stay with Eloisa. Miguel hugs them both and gets a bendición from Eloisa before he goes. Diego looks down and sees Felicitas’ card on the back counter. (NOOOOOOOO! DON’T DO IT!)

He tells Eloisa he’s going to get the money. (NOOOOOOO!)

A little help from my friends?

Miguel goes up to Vale’s and Miriam tries to give him money for the café. She’s sure everyone would want to chip in, she just didn’t tell Vale so she’d enjoy her date tonight. He doesn’t want to accept it, but she says it’s important to her to be able to help him. “Why?” Because she’s in love with him.

Diego calls Felicitas. Yeah, she remembers him. Adriana walks into her studio and mockingly asks if she’s got a new conquest.

Jessica arrives at Carlos’ yacht.


Lucas is macking on Karina when Vale shows up to take care of him. He gets Karina to hide and lets Vale in. She starts scolding him for being barefoot and not being in bed in his pajamas. Lucas pretends to get a chill so she’ll hold him and Karina can sneak out of the apartment in her underwear.

Upstairs, Vale mentions the show’s on and Lucas is missing it. Oh, he never watches. Why would he when he already knows what’s going to happen? Vale figures he can watch himself, correct his mistakes. Lucas laughs–he doesn’t make any mistakes! (*roll eyes*)

Vale tries to give him something for his fever, but oddly enough it’s disappeared. Lucas says he has to tell her something. He lied. He isn’t sick. And he’s not the person she thinks he is.

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Visita/ Guest

I loved your “NOOOOOOO” and so agree!

My favorite part of this episode was Lucas being all hot and sweaty when Vale arrived but cooling down so quickly one in bed (with Karina gone).

Did I say how much I am really enjoying this novela? Probably one too many times already. It is so easy to watch and just enjoy.

Visita/ Guest

Yes, so easy and fun to watch and things actually happen (unlike Silvana…)!

Visita/ Guest

Sorry for the messy posting. The tablet has been revolting today and not operating correctly.