La Fan Thursday 1/26/17 #8


Lucas “confesses” that he lied to get Vale to come over so he could make sweet, sweet love to her. Or something to that effect. Gladiator!Lucas on the wall there approves.

Vale’s really enjoying the snogging, but she calls a halt and jumps out of bed. She’s been dreaming of this for a long time and she’s not just going to rush it like this on their first day as novios! She thought it would be romantic, not a quickie! “It all ends up the same way. Why make a big deal out of it?” (Dude, I’m taking away your sex license.)

Vale’s sorry, but she’s not having sex with him on their first day together when he hasn’t even said he loves her. He might be used to women throwing themselves at him, but she’s different. (Well, sure, she heard the “It all ends up the same way” bit. There might be a little less throwing if that got out. Just saying.) She runs out and he chases her, with his pants around his ankles.

Lucas begs Vale to stay.

If you go, you take my heart with you. You leave me empty, hurting for being so stupid I couldn’t love you the way you needed me to.

“Episode 25, Encendidos de Amor. You’re wasting your time!” She knows them all by memory. “I’m begging from my heart.” Yep, yep, just like he did to the protagonista‘s sister and can he PLEASE stop reminding her of that deceitful character who happens to be her LEAST FAVORITE OUT OF HIS ENTIRE CAREER! He tries to claim he doesn’t lie, but hello, he lied to get her to come over, didn’t he! Lies don’t work for her. He’d better quit messing around with her heart like he’s used to on his telenovelas because she’s not an actress and she’s not going to be forgiving him because

I write the script for my life, by MY rules!


He admits he screwed up. “Then try not to!” She storms out and then wonders what she just did. She pulls out her compact mirror, breathes, and verifies that yep, she’s still herself…and then she goes back and rings the doorbell…and then she leaves again.

When his phone rings, he rushes to answer it, hoping it’s Vale 😀 but it’s Karina 🙁 and he turns down her offer to come over again 🙂


Diego balks a little at the idea of modeling for Felicitas. She tells him it’s simple, he doesn’t have to do a thing–just pose and let her paint. She’ll call him tomorrow.

Adriana can’t believe her mother has no limits. “I can’t believe you have so many.” Is she really going to keep bringing guys back there? No, she’s moving to another studio where she can work in peace. “Your shamelessness has no limits.” Again with the limits. Felicitas finds it so tiresome.

“How can you do this to my dad?” Hey, what happens between them is none of her business. It’s better if Adriana doesn’t know what made Felicitas this way. She has no idea the tipejo (creep) her father is.


Carlos welcomes Jessica to his “boss'” yacht. Uh huh. Jess starts getting nervous and Carlos tries to reassure her that he’s a nice guy and he’s sure her hands are going to help him a lot. “Don’t worry, none of my victims suffered when I killed them.” (Yeah. I laughed. I’m going to hell.) He goes to get undressed.

Carlos is about to get the worst massage of his life from a very nervous Jessica. She doesn’t even warm the massage oil in her hands. Suddenly she looks up and notices a knife and a towel stained with something. “Wine. Why? Do you want some?”

She imagines Carlos coming at her with the knife and starts screaming, but, no, she’s fine.


So, Miriam has just confessed her love and, gosh, Miguel has no idea what to say. Well, Miriam’s not done. She wants to tell him she’s been in love with him since she first met him, when she was in high school. She never thought her life would change so much. All her friends are at the café, him, his mom. She remembers the day he gave her the cupcake…and the day she ate an entire chocolate cake by herself… “You were sick for a week!”

Miguel says he loves her a lot. She’s a great friend…and he hopes she always will be.

Tomás assessment: “What an idiot.” Yeah, he heard the whole thing and he already knew Miriam was in love with Miguel. “That’s because you watch too many telenovelas.”

“Of course I do. That’s what’s going to help me understand girls.” (That’s a terrifying thought.)

Hey, if you’d been there….

Vale comes home and tells Miriam that nothing happened. Of course she dreamed of it, but not like that! He nearly convinced her to stay, but she didn’t. She did the right thing, right?

Miriam thinks Vale’s “crazy.” “Dios le da pan a quien no sabe comer.” (lit., God gives bread to one who doesn’t know how to eat.) She calls Eloisa to back her up. When Jess calls, Miriam tells her. Even in the middle of being sure she’s about to die, she agrees with Eloisa and Miriam. Vale screams at the two of them that she just didn’t want to!

And Jessica begs them to listen because she’s serious about the “dying” thing, she’s going to get killed. Vale gets the address and says she’s on the way. They run out of the apartment after telling Tomás they’re sending Eloisa up there to keep an eye on him.


Eloisa pulls out a box of mementos, including her original contract for the café and pictures of the boys when they were babies (Diego insists he looks the same). He makes her a tea while she looks at the pictures and cries some more. When she drops them on the floor…is it possible that really small one was Carlos?

I guess Eloisa told Diego about Vale turning down a night of hot lovin’ with Lucas. She notices she dropped the pictures, including the one of maybe-Carlos and distracts him with a request for sugar while she picks them up. She asks how he’s planning to get money, but he tells her not to worry about it. Miguel comes in with his savings and the money Miriam gave him and Eloisa starts weeping again. The boys are quick to get her to stop.


Salma comes over to Lucas’. Hm. Good thing Vale’s the one who came over earlier? Salma missed him. She wants to keep being his lover while he’s dating la fan. He makes with the snogging. Hm. Good thing when Vale came over earlier she didn’t stay?

Lucas and Salma go upstairs and he can’t help thinking about the first time they had sex. In her dressing room. The day they met. Did she ever think it was too soon? That she was “giving it away”?

Are you kidding? Damn right she was, with ribbons and a bow and wrapping paper! She shoves him onto the bed and makes a pizza-esque leap.

Lucía, what were you up to?

Gabe remembers frolicking in the water with Lucía. He asked her to marry him and she thought that was a bit much. Well, he wanted a house and a dog and summer vacations on the beach and winter in Montana. She wants to slow things down a little, but she promises she’ll think about it.

In the present, Gabe throws his glass in anger.


Carlos was hoping for a little after-massage wine, but Jessica insists she has to leave–her mom’s sick. Carlos notices she’s acting weird and he warns her she’s not leaving until she finishes his massage. (So he got up for wine in the middle of the massage?)

Vale and Miriam get to the marina. Vale doesn’t want to call the police. Remember Dejame Volar? Lucas’ character got arrested and nearly got thrown into the water. They can’t do that! There are three of them and Vale’s got heels, and they have purses.

Jess has downed a bottle of Pellegrino and she’s ready to split. She’s not even going to charge him for the massage she didn’t finish.

Outside, Vale and Miriam hear her screaming “NO!” when he grabs her hand and telling him she really does have to go now.

Carlos is annoyed. He tells her to go.

Vale can see the knife on the table through the window and prepares to board…if Miriam could just give her a shove?

Yep, Jessica’s free to leave, but Carlos blocks the door and starts telling her how special she is and next thing he knows he’s got Vale on one side of him brandishing a shoe and Miriam on the other, glaring menacingly. Vale whacks him with the shoe and twists his nose and flees the boat with Miriam and Jessica.

When they get back on solid ground, Jessica suddenly hesitates. She’s not, like, completely sure he wanted to kill her…. Carlos appears on the deck, calls them all locas and throws Vale’s shoe at her. Jess freaks…he knows they’re the Lucaslocas! Miriam cannot believe the two of them! One nearly gets murdered and the other turns down sex. She starts leaving and they follow her, bickering until she turns around and they deny they were saying anything.

Casa Carlos

Carlos gets home with a lump on his head big enough for Adriana to notice. He claims he was in the middle of a couple of other people were fighting. Adriana tells him to be careful! He’s the most important person in her life…no matter what her mom says about him.

He really wants to know what happened between them, but Adriana’s not going to tell him. She thinks he’s the best dad in the world and she doesn’t know what she would’ve done without him, with Felicitas more interested in her paintings. Carlos tries to tell her it wasn’t like that, but Adriana disagrees.


Tomás is out and it’s time to catch up. Vale’s sure from the look on that guy’s face he’s never going to try to take advantage of another woman ever again. Jessica’s not so sure now if he really wanted to take advantage…well, he did try to kiss her. That counts, right? Miriam tells her to quit going to strange men’s houses…er, boats. Well, Jess thought he looked so nice. Vale echoes my thoughts–they all look nice, like little lambs, until the wolf comes out!

Jessica can’t believe he told her that’s where he takes all his victims. And he may have been a killer, but damn he was handsome! Miriam thinks he was a little too old. Vale disagrees. Jessica adds that he was so handsome and so elegant, how was she supposed to know? Well, Vale’s sure he’ll never bother her again.

Jessica’s writhing around uncomfortably and finally decides she needs to offload that huge bottle of water she drank. Now Vale’s annoyed again–he could have poisoned her! Nah, he opened the bottle in front of her. One of those fancy ones, too!

Jessica’s impending doom dealt with, Miriam’s now back to dissing Vale for turning down nookie. She isn’t swayed by Vale’s insistence that she’s right where she needed to be–here, at home, with Tomás, making coffee for her friends on a really difficult night.

Casa Carlos

He’s still got a bump on his head the next morning and Natalia gripes at him about going to the doctor as she assaults his head with a bag of ice. He begs her to shut up–he’s got a headache!

OK, then, on to other things. Like, why did the señora move out? Now poor Natalia’s going to be bereft of eye candy. How’s she supposed to get a boyfriend? Carlos doesn’t think that’s his problem.


At work the next morning, Diego tries asking for an advance, but Benicio can smell the request coming and turns him down before he’s even brought it up.

Adriana catches him in the hallway and says he looks worried. Thinking about their next match? Nah, he’s sure he’ll win. She tells him to have a nice day and saunters off.

He gets a text from Felicitas saying she’ll meet him in an hour. Adriana either just misses him when he gets on the elevator or she was watching him.

Diego gets to Felicitas’ studio and one look at her neckline…well, really it’s more like a navel-line…is enough to make him nervous. (Trust your instincts! Run!) He agrees to the job without even knowing what it entails (and hey, holding still for a long time isn’t as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be) and then hems and haws about needing to start as soon as possible because he needs the money.

No worries, Felicitas offers him an advance. She’s not at all worried he’ll run off with the money and yes of course she knows he’ll pay her back, with work. She just needs to know how much to write the check for. He’s not comfortable doing that–he’d at least like to have a coffee first and explain the situation to her. She has vodka and gin. She seems annoyed that she’s actually going to have to LISTEN to him. (Yeah, news flash, Fel: pretty boys are people, too.)

At the office, Benicio and Adriana review a plan for something or other. Adriana abruptly asks him how Diego’s doing. Uh, fine? Until he asked for that advance. Look, Benicio’s the soul of charity, but this isn’t a charitable business. Diego seems like a vividor (freeloader) to him. Adriana’s offended that he thinks she needs looking after. Benicio whines that she has no idea what he feels for her, lies lies, blah blah blah, and now he’s off to go somewhere people listen when he talks! (Don’t let the door hit you….)

Diego finishes his story and I’m not even sure Felicitas cares. She just writes a check he says is way too big and tells him to take his clothes off. Did I make that sound skeevy? Well, it was pretty skeevy. He gets a call from Adriana, who he has in his phone as “PRESIDENTA” and I hope he’s thinking “What am I doing here?” and runs.


Vale arrives and runs right into Salma in the hallway outside Lucas’ dressing room. She gives Vale a hard time for “stealing” Lucas. Lucas hears her smack talk and emerges to tell her to cut it out.

Vale goes over to greet her “novio” and she’s surprised he’s happy to see her after last night. Oh, he’s…very happy to see her. He whispers in her ear that…he’d like her to bring him breakfast since he came right over this morning. Vale whispers back, asking if he wants anything…special. Lucas says he’ll have…whatever she wants. He bites his lip as he watches her walk away.

Salma goes back into third person, informing him that Salma doesn’t like this! Salma doesn’t like the way he’s looking at her! Well, Lucas doesn’t like Salma’s scenes! He calls for makeup to get to work on him.

Salma finds Gabe waiting in her dressing room to scold her about being a little nicer to Vale next time.

She notices his mood and wonders what’s going on. Gabe tells her about the DNA test. In 48 hours he’ll know who Tomás’ father is. “So wish me luck…or wish yourself luck.”

Vale brings in Lucas’ breakfast and informs him they changed the shooting order today–they’re starting with 18. Lucas complains that’s a long scene and he didn’t get any sleep last night. Neither did Vale. He hassles her about what she COULD have had last night and she begs him not to make her nerviosa (nervous, agitated). She had to go save a friend from a potential rapist last night. Lucas is impressed that Vale whacked the guy. Well, OOOOOOBVIO! She wasn’t going to let him hurt her friend! It was some guy Jessica met at the place he recommended when she was looking for a job.

Lucas excuses himself but he’s really got to review his script. He swears Vale’s not bothering him and says Gabriel can get Jessica a job at the studio. Vale heaps praise on him and he soaks it up like a sponge. He’s such a lifesaver! She assures him that even though she’s his girlfriend, she’ll always be his fan. (Now, if we could just get him to the point where he actually DESERVES it!)

On set, Lucas complains that his makeup is making him look pale and old. He doesn’t appreciate Vale pointing out that it doesn’t help when he’s got bags under his eyes. She resorts to telling him he’s very handsome and that hat looks good on him and maybe if they can get to filming they can get done quicker ok?!

Agustin is on set today. He complains to Vale about having such a small part. She offers to talk to the writer for him, since she has the whole novela memorized and she’s sure his character…. Justin interrupts them to ask if it’s ok if he starts filming right now. Oops. As if he wasn’t annoyed enough, Vale’s phone rings.


Miriam and Jessica tell Eloisa she has their full support. Every penny they earn, they’re giving to her. Because Lucaslocas stick together. Eloisa doesn’t know what she’d do without them…and later they’re going to tell her about what happened yesterday, right?

Jessica’s trying to call Vale, but Vale doesn’t pick up. Somehow they finally get connected and Vale tells her about the job at the studio. Jessica says she’s gotta hang up so she can go die now. Amid much shrieking, she tells them Vale got her a job at the studio and she’s going to do Lucas Duarte’s makeup. Much squeeing follows.


Salma gripes at Gabe in the hallway, but he’s in too good a mood to care. He has good news! “The pizza died?” Uh, no. Ratings are through the roof! He tells Salma she should be happy about it. Lucas and Vale’s relationship is all over social media. Whatever. She borrows his phone to call Rodrigo just as Vale and Lucas arrive from the set.

Gabe happily shows them the ratings. #lucasylafan is trending. Lucas gives Vale a kiss on the cheek. Salma misses the whole thing because she’s busy finding the “El Investigador” in Gabe’s phone and memorizing the number.

Salma finally turns around and says it’s going to be so nice when the love explodes in the air and splashes them all with mud. Ummm….

Lucas suggests lunch and Gabe invites himself along, but Salma flounces. While Vale’s getting her purse, Jessica arrives. Lucas gives Gabe hushed instructions to get her a stylist job as soon as he figures out who she is and why she’s feeling him up.

Jessica…well, I think the term is “negs” him?…she mentions he looks like he could use a hydrating treatment because his face is dehydrated and it causes wrinkles. Suddenly he goes from barely tolerating her to being all over what she’s saying.

Vale comes back and she and Jessica squee at each other while Lucas bugs Gabe about why he didn’t mention the wrinkles?! He gets a text from Carlos asking him to sign some papers and Vale asks him what’s up. “I’m dehydrated!” No, she meant the text. “Oh. My brother wants me to sign something.” He goes back to touching his face. Wow, he’s going to be obsessing over his nonexistent wrinkles all day.

Salma calls the PI and sets up an appointment.

Lucas and Vale are accosted by a couple of photographers as they walk to lunch. He complains and poses at the same time. It’s the price of fame. Carlos pulls up and Lucas says he’s just going to sign those papers. Vale sees Carlos and starts to fume. Lucas starts to introduce her to Carlos and Carlos says she’s una loca!

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Another great job, Kat! That ” Lucas the Gladiator ” picture always makes me laugh. I also got a kick out of the Jessica rescue team consisting of Miriam, Vale and Vale’s high heel but the absolute best was the nose twist. I have not seen a good nose twist in ages.