La Fan Monday 1/30/17 #10

The photo shoot

Vale faints at the mention of a wedding in five days. Lucas just keeps on posing.

The reporter is thrilled to get this exclusive, but Vale can barely speak and the reporter’s not really interested in talking to Lucas. He keeps trying to be relevant and utterly failing. No, they aren’t expecting a baby. Yes, it’s for love. Vale can’t even remember how long they’ve been dating…did she meet him yesterday? In the pizza suit? Was that yesterday?

The reporter is ready for a wardrobe change.

In his bedroom, Lucas and Gabe argue. He said five days! “No, I said FIVE MONTHS UNTIL THE END OF THE NOVELA!” Gabe blasts him for not being able to work without a script. Lucas is grumpy because Vale’s getting all the attention and he’s being treated like an extra. The only important thing she’s ever done in her life is be his fan.

“Consider yourself the highest-paid extra in the world,” Gabe suggests. Yeah, that doesn’t help.

Wow, outfit #2 is black lace. Vale went from Sunday Brunch to Red Carpet. Lucas is fussing about getting his good side. More light! Makeup! Vale tells them to photographer her however…Lucas is the important one here.

The reporter wants some more “intimate” photos. You know. In the bedroom. In their underwear. Vale is outraged! And have people think she’s sleeping with him?!

The attempt

Agustin calls emergency services. He’s too panicked to check Salma’s pulse. Agustin sobs about how he’s always loved Salma. She cracks an eye open just so we know she’s a big lying liar. As if we couldn’t guess. The paramedics arrive and Agustin insists on taking her to the hospital.

Salma’s all checked in at the hospital, wearing a fancy gown. She’s so weak…until Agustin says they’re coming to pump her stomach.

She quits faking and ropes him into her plan. It was just “un acting.” He’s going to give the statement and he needs to get Lucas there. If he won’t answer, call Gabriel. Agustin pouts, but he does what she tells him to do.


Carlos tells Felicitas off for trying to look at his phone. What’s going on is none of her business and he’ll take care of it. She ominously says she’s taken care of a lot of things for him that he doesn’t even know about.

Carlos calls Benicio to ask who that guy is. Benicio has all the deets, down to the scar under his ear. Carlos tells him to keep this quiet–they’ll take care of it themselves.

Adriana wonders what the prize is. Diego suggests strip-bowling. He tells her about the time he was a stripper at a bachelorette party. She’s grossed out. “Well, what do you usually do at a bachelorette party?” She says they have tea and do “home spas.” He mocks her for that.

She goes up to bowl and he blows in her ear. She steps on his foot to retaliate. Diego still ends up winning, by 7 pins. Frankly 97-90…not that great considering all the bragging they’ve been doing. I checked to make sure it was calculated correctly. I’m weird like that. Also, I’m sure “P” is for Presidenta, but what’s “DTB”? He accepts a dinner at her favorite restaurant as a prize.

Carlos Lopez

He’s coming over to the café in three hours and they have to get rid of Miguel. Miriam tries to invite him out for pizza with her and Tomás. He insists he’s too busy.

Miriam tells Tomás to ask…and put on that face he uses when he wants something from Vale. Oh yeah, The Face always works! Now Eloisa has a nice empty café for her meeting with her ex-lover. Or whatever random Carlos Lopez shows up. Hm. Now I think someone should stay.

Yep. Wrong Carlos Lopez. Not even a Carlos Lopez who knew an Eloisa…but he knows loneliness. (And you will again, Carlos Lopez. You will again.)

He sticks around. Why? His mom sent him on this date. And he does everything his mom says.

When Eloisa finally does get him to leave, he says he hopes they see each other soon. Damn. Should have met him at a neutral location!

The ploy

Vale and Lucas argue in the bedroom. He doesn’t see what the big deal is, but Vale has a reputation! The photographer tries to sneak up there, but Vale screeches and Gabe steps in. Also, he got a call from Agustin. Salma tried to kill herself. Vale thinks he’s talking about the novela at first. When Gabe says she really did it and she’s in a clinic Vale shoves Lucas out the door, saying they have to go.

At the clinic, Gabe puts dark glasses on Lucas and coaches him to look like he’s suffering. Vale’s just worried about Salma. They get past the reporters and Agustin tells Lucas Salma’s room is around the corner on the left…the other left.

Agustin gives Vale a letter from Salma that she wrote before she took “the dramatic decision she took.” Way to not lie, Auggie. In the letter, Salma tells Vale not to feel bad for ruining her life, not to feel like a thief for stealing the love of her life, not to feel guilty for Salma being dead, and tell Lucas to take care of Rodrigo.

Vale reads through about half of the letter before she gets so choked up that Agustin has to finish. He starts reading and sobbing.

Lucas goes into Salma’s room where she whines about her life being meaningless without him. Lucas can’t believe she did this when she knows that his romance with Vale is all fake. Salma sighs and admits she did it for the publicity.

Lucas is worried about how Rodrigo is going to take this when he hears. Salma feels bad for about half a second and then she gets over it. If she can’t have the cover of Pink Lips, she’ll take the cover of Celebridades. Lucas refuses to help until Salma reminds him that Salma knows about his plot with la fan, so Lucas had better help.

She has to go back to moaning on her pillow when Vale comes in. Lucas tells her Salma’s going to be fine and Vale’s so relieved.

Gabe’s just waiting to find out how Salma is doing before he talks to the press. Vale and Lucas come out to the lobby and Lucas says she’s out of danger.

He and Vale have a seat and he tries to get her to calm down–it wasn’t so bad, it’s going to be fine, forget about it. But she can’t because of Salma’s horrible manipulative letter. She shows it to Lucas and he tries to brush it off with, “But she didn’t die!”

Vale breaks up with him anyway. He tells Vale it’s a stupid letter and he talked to Salma and she promised she won’t do it again. It’s too late, Vale can’t handle the guilt. She can’t be happy knowing someone else is suffering. She runs for the door while Lucas gets pulled away by Salma’s doctor.

The reporters are on her in a second, with their microphones and flashes and questions. She screams at the lot of them to get them to shut up then clearly enunciates that her relationship with Lucas is OVER FOREVER!

Lucas explains to Gabe that Salma set this whole thing up. He’s starting to crack–it’s all fake! His relationship with la fan, Salma’s suicide, the entire world! He’s tired of it. Gabe says he has to keep a cool head so they can take advantage of this.

Lucas starts sobbing that Vale LEFT HIM. Or rather, SHE left HIM. Agustin wheels Salma into the waiting area and she innocently asks Lucas for a ride home. He pouts.

The Anti-Diego squad

Benicio goes over to Carlos’ and shares his plan–make Diego look bad so Adriana will have to fire him. Carlos says that will take too long. They need to get rid of him tonight. (Daaaaamn, dude!)

Carlos has made up his mind. He can’t let that nobody take advantage of his daughter. He and Benicio toast to Diego Castro and the end of his career as a “gigolo.” Felicitas interrupts them and Carlos says they’re drinking to Adriana’s future at the company.


Adriana takes Diego out for Japanese food. It’s so not his thing. They don’t even have pictures of the food in the menu (*snort*). She orders salmon sashimi and shrimp tempura. She tries to suggest pad thai to Diego, but he hears it as “patadas” (kicks) and decides he’ll take a pass.

Adriana pours sake, explaining you’re supposed to overfill the cups “por abundancia.” Their algae appetizers arrive. Diego struggles with the chopsticks. He complains about not liking to eat raw food. (She does seem genuinely to want to share something she enjoys with him, not show him up, but it’s kind of walking that line.)

Diego says something about avocado and in the time it takes me to realize what he’s referring to, Adriana and I are both screaming “NO!” Too late. He just ate a bunch of wasabi. His face goes so red!

Adriana feels terrible, but she can’t help laughing at him as he guzzles a giant bottle of water and grabs cubes from the bed of ice in front of them. He could really go for some ice cream right now, not the mochi Adriana says they have for dessert. He’s willing to settle for going home and having a green apple.


At the café, Diego bids the Presi a good night. Unfortunately she drives off before he goes inside and he gets attacked by three guys who were doubtless sent by Carlos.

Vale’s taxi arrives just then and the attackers split. Suddenly there are five more people in the street–so nice of them to show up.

Vale helps Diego upstairs where Miriam, Jessica, and Miguel are discussing Salma’s suicide attempt. Vale didn’t want Eloisa to see Diego like this, so she brought him over to her place. He claims there were seven guys. Vale says there were three. “They hit like seven.”

Jessica starts getting him cleaned up and asks about Salma. Vale says Salma’s still with them, but she broke up with Lucas.

Adriana gets home and claims she was working late. Carlos understands–the same thing happened to him so many times. (Wow. Levels.)

She starts to go up to bed and he keeps doing that thing where he says her name as she’s walking away to see if she’ll crack and admit to something, but Adriana’s not falling for it. He says he’s proud of her, she’s doing a great job, he trusts her to make good decisions, she’s such a smart woman, she’s his pride and joy, he’ll always do the best for her, good night. (Move out, Adriana!)

Lucas gets Salma home, but he’s annoyed that they had to drive around for hours trying to avoid the reporters. She pours herself a glass of something in a blue glass that glitters hypnotically for the rest of the conversation and distracts me. Um…ok, Vale left Lucas. Salma gets the outrage of that, but she also finds it funny. She’s sure Lucas can get her back, though.

She brags about her “method” acting job and Lucas brings up Rodrigo again. That snaps her out of her fakeyness. Lucas wants her to tell Rodrigo the truth, but Salma decides to tell him the press made it up. Man…when LUCAS is questioning your parenting decisions….

Miguel takes Jessica and Miriam home. As they’re all saying goodbye they ask if Vale’s sure about the breakup. Oh yeah, its ooooover.

Alone with Diego, he tells her to spill it. Vale says she couldn’t stay with him after Salma tried to kill herself. He starts to put his arm around her to console her, but ow! “We always pick the wrong people, don’t we?” Vale says Lucas is a star and she’s “nothing.”

But what about him. He’s not involved in some kind of shady business, is he? He says he got involved with a woman he shouldn’t have–Adriana Zubizarreta. Those guys were supposed to convince him to leave her alone.


Vale checks on Diego from work and then runs into Justin. He gets really tacky, asking what happened to Diego and was there blood. Then he gets even tackier talking about how Salma didn’t actually kill herself, so it wasn’t SO bad. And too bad she didn’t because it would have been great for ratings! But not as good as if Lucas had killed himself. The novela would explode if he did that. Justin wanders off, looking like he’s seriously pondering this possibility.

Justin wins the Not at All Funny award for the day.


Adriana gets in to work and tries to talk to Diego, but he won’t look at her. When she basically forces him to, she can see why he wouldn’t. Yeah, “it’s nothing” isn’t going to fly.

She drags him into her office, where he complains that he’s fine and lies. Ok, well, he says he got assaulted, he just doesn’t tell her the whole story. When did he have a wound on his side? Because it’s seriously bleeding now.

Jessica shows up on the executive floor looking for Diego…and runs into Carlos instead.

Diego tries to tell Adriana it’s just a scratch. A little spit and he’ll be fine. LOL! Nobody’s buying that. Adriana says he’s losing too much blood and she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. *significant glance*

On again?

Vale gets to Lucas’ dressing room. She feels awful. She didn’t sleep all night, thinking about Salma and thinking about how Rodrigo almost ended up without a mom.

Lucas says that was a waste. Salma didn’t try to kill herself. It was a lie to get attention from the press. Vale can’t believe it. A suicide attempt is too serious to lie about! “You don’t know Salma!”

Gabe arrives and he backs Lucas up. It was all for the publicity. Wow, Vale can’t believe someone could do something just to get press. “Thank God you’re different! You would never do something like that!” Lucas shoots Gabe a guilty look.

Anyway, Gabe says it’s all cleared up, they can go on with their relationship. Vale’s pretty impressed with Salma’s acting job. Lucas agrees, she’s good…she doesn’t have his training, but she’s good. Vale suddenly remembers Salma’s character did the same thing in Muertos de Amor and it was a lie there too.

There’s still a problem, though, because the public and the press don’t know it’s a lie. Vale will look terrible if she keeps dating him after Salma tried to kill herself! She can’t be the mala de la pelicula (the bad guy; lit: the villain of the movie). Or of the novela, as the case may be.

Suddenly, she gets a brilliant idea. They can have a secret relationship!

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They never miss an opportunity for pure slapstick and we have it here with Carlos López: goofy but expected.

I felt sorry for Diego out of his comfort zone at the Sushi restaurant and then getting beat up. At least they told him why he was getting beat up.

I hope that instigator Benicio has an unpleasant end of some sort.