La Fan Tuesday 1/31/17 #11

Aftermath of Salma’s scheming

So Vale wants to have a relationship with no cameras, no press, no public? “Yes! Like the relationship you had in Amor a Puertas Cerradas!” Nope, he can’t do that.

He tries showing her that on every online poll, people want him to get back together with her. And isn’t this what she always wanted?

Vale’s about to cave, but Gabe makes the mistake of coming in and giving her percentages. And 3% of 10,000 people who think Vale is the reason Salma tried to commit suicide and it wasn’t a fake attempt means there are 300 people sending her bad vibes. She can’t take it!

Lucas and Gabe laugh it off. That’s not even a ratings point! “You guys are nuts.”

Salma tells Rodrigo she just had a stomachache and called a doctor and the press made up the suicide story. She couldn’t kill herself! Not when she has him…and Lucas.

He points out she doesn’t have Lucas and she’s not the greatest mom. But he loves her anyway. He knew the story wasn’t true from the beginning, because if there’s anybody who loves Salma–he cradles one of the pillows with her face on them–it’s Salma.

Lucas complains about Vale wanting to keep things private. Gabe says ratings are going to go through the roof and the network is going to want him to keep dating her. “But she doesn’t want people not to like her. She has a sense of ethics and morality that I’ve never seen in my life.” He gets this sort of wistful look on his face. And Gabe agrees. And he’s got the look too. (Because ethics are sexy. Who knew?!)

Lucas can’t think of what to do. Oh, pshaw, that’s Gabe’s job. He’ll fix everything. He’ll make sure everyone knows Lucas and Vale have a relationship.

Gabe finds Vale in Lucas’ dressing room, still obsessing over polls. He tells her to stop worrying about it and just get back together with Lucas. “But over 100 people hate me! What if some of them live in the barrio?!”

Gabe says the important thing is that Lucas love likes her. Vale questions that. He’s not terribly affectionate. Oh, no, Gabe can tell. He’s known Lucas forever. Vale says there are so many beautiful women out there and Lucas wants her? Gabe has her look in the mirror and says she is beautiful. She can’t throw this away from someone who only cares about ratings and looks!

“Right? And that’s nothing at all like my Lucas.” (heh!) Gabe says that’s why she’s got to defend their love.

Lucas comes to the dressing room looking for Vale, but she’s gone. Salma shows up. He complains that Vale broke up with him. She doesn’t want people hating her. He begs Salma not to screw this up just when the novela is doing better. He wants her to tell everyone the suicide attempt wasn’t Vale’s fault. He shuts his dressing room door and tells her to do it for them, for their future.

Salma can’t resist him. She smears her purple lipstick all over his mouth.

And then Vale walks in. Salma takes the blame. His lips are just so tempting. Oh, Vale totally gets that. Salma says her suicide attempt was fake. Lucas is too determined to be with Vale and now that she’s kissed him she can feel there was no love left. She’ll clear everything up.

Vale can’t believe the dream is true, that he really loves her. She hugs him and Lucas looks guilty.

Salma gathers some reporters in her dressing room and says Lucas and Vale had nothing to do with her suicide attempt. She’s also not going to tell them what the reason is. She’d like to keep that private. She’s so grateful for everyone’s concern, but like she said Lucas and Vale had nothing to do with it.

She dismisses them and Gabe says she was unbelievable…as in he didn’t believe a word. But the reporters did and that’s all that matters.


Diego’s bleeding has slowed, but he’s convinced he’s dead and in the hands of an angel. Adriana can’t believe he’s joking right now! Benicio comes in and she tells him to get a doctor for Diego.

Out in the lobby, Carlos just keeps revealing his jerkiness little by little. Apparently when some guy has you come to his boat to give him a massage and you take the job because you need the money, that’s a reflection on you and not on the skeevy guy who thought you were offering more than a massage. Who knew?

He tries to kick Jessica out (why does security just give everyone a badge and send them up without checking first?) but she says she’s not there for him. She’s looking for her friend Diego Castro.

Benicio pretends to be shocked at Diego’s state. He got beat up? What did they take? Does he have debts? Diego tells Adriana he doesn’t.

Jessica comes in and starts being all mushy and possessive, though she does stop long enough to explain she’s Diego’s friend. She pulls a business card out of her dress and gives it to Adriana. Anyway, she’s taking her Diegui home.

Jessica tries walking Diego out, but she takes another look at his wound and says she has to take him to the hospital. He’s talking about telling someone he’s leaving, but she says those people in the office will tell somebody. He explains that’s the president. “Lucas Duarte’s niece?” Jess doesn’t think she’s anywhere near as good looking as her uncle. (My current annoyance with Jess aside, I’m obsessed with her hair. I love the multicolor bun.)

Adriana emerges from her office and says Diego can’t leave. Jess freaks out and says they’re being kidnapped. Um, no. He came in feeling ok and he got worse while he was there, so that makes him the company’s responsibility. Jess calms down, but she’s still being possessive.

Carlos wanders into Adriana’s office and Benicio wishes him a happy birthday. All Carlos is worried about is Adriana and Diego. They’ll have to leave him alone for a while. In the meantime, it’s Benicio’s job to keep them apart. And Carlos thinks Benicio would make a great husband for Adriana. (OK, so he’s a jerk and he’s got bad judgment. Great combination!)

Adriana finds Jessica still waiting in the lobby. The doctor is with Diego. The two of them complain about Diego getting beat up and Jess does that possessive thing again, talking about Diego fighting them off with his muscles…which she’s felt. Well, ok, then, being such a good muscle-feeling friend, maybe Jess can tell her…she knows he was looking for a loan….

Jessica suddenly thanks Adriana for the money. It was such a great favor! His mom was able to pay off the mortgage and save the café! She starts to hug Adriana, but um, Adriana’s not a hugger.

Carlos isn’t sure if Felicitas remembers it’s his birthday. Benicio says she must–she adores him! (Quick, sell that man a bridge!) Adriana comes in and wishes him a happy birthday. Carlos says he’s spent so many of them in this office…. He’s off to have coffee with the accountant.

Adriana asks Benicio if he authorized that loan to Diego. He says he didn’t, because Diego had just started working there. He thinks Diego’s dirty and she should fire him.

Carlos sees Jess in the lobby. He asks what’s up with her and Diego…are they dating? “What’s it to you?” He says he doesn’t care. Diego shows up with his side bandaged and he and Carlos trade looks of instant dislike. (Oh no…please don’t go there, show!)


Eloisa is angry that Miguel didn’t tell her about Diego last night. He says it wasn’t that big a deal. They didn’t take anything. “Of course they didn’t! He put all his money into paying the mortgage!”

Now, that worries Miguel. How did he get the money so fast? And then this happens? He’s going to look into it.

Noooooo! Not Carlos Lopez again! And he brought his mom with him. She’s diabetic and she can’t have any sugar, so none of Miguel’s treats for her (bye, bye lovely little cake…). She’s hard of hearing, so Carlos has to raise his voice and she still misunderstands everything. Eloisa offers her tea and she begs for sugar in it, even though Carlos tells her to use edulcorante (artificial sweetener).

While Carlos is getting Eloisa’s hopes up that there’s some other woman he’s in love with, Mami goes to town on that cake she’s not supposed to be eating. She looks like a 1-year-old on their birthday.

The ambulance is on the way. Carlos is freaking out. Mami gives him some potential last words. “If I die…marry her!” And as we know, he always does what his mom tells him to do.

The paramedics wheel Mami out eventually and Carlos assures Eloisa he’ll be back. Damn. Miguel asks who that guy is. “A mistake!” That’s enough for Miguel. Miriam comes in and asks who the ambulance was for. “Carlos Lopez.”

Jess brings Diego home and Eloisa takes him upstairs. She tells Miriam and Miguel she met Lucas’ niece. She calls Adriana serious and demure and snobby and bitter. Nothing like Lucas. And she has a thing for Diego. Miriam says women like her are way out of Diego’s league. Miguel defends his brother–he’s good looking and he’s a good person. Jess and Miriam agree they’re from different classes is all.

She mentions that she thanked Adriana for the loan, but Adriana didn’t seem to know anything.

From one problem to another

Vale and Lucas run lines, but Vale is distracted. Until everything is taken care of, she’s going to be nervous.

So of course, in the middle of her already being nervous, someone from wardrobe comes in to ask Vale about the dress from last night. It’s an exclusive, $2000 dress, so either they get it back in perfect condition or she’ll have to pay for it.

On the set, Vale is still freaking out about the dress. It was pretty, but impossible to walk in! For $2K she could buy an entire wardrobe. Lucas says he’ll take care of it.

Felicitas calls him to invite him to a surprise birthday party for Carlos. “He doesn’t like surprise parties.” Exactly! She expects him and Gabe there.

Lucas calls Gabe over to tell him about the party. Gabe can’t wait for Lucas to introduce Vale to the family! Vale’s not sure if it’s a good idea after the way she met Carlos and his wife’s going to be there and her Don Carlos is more of a Don Juan. Gabe says she has to go. She’s Lucas’ girlfriend and it’s a family dinner.

Lucas suggests Vale hit wardrobe, but she’s not doing that again! This is a family dinner. They can meet the real Valentina without all the fussy makeup and dresses she can’t pay for. They’re going to have to accept her the way she is. Lucas looks both baffled and horrified at that prospect.

Vale has someone bring the dress over from her apartment and the woman from wardrobe takes a look and declares it beyond repair. Vale begs Gabe to help her. The dress is ruined and she can’t pay $2000.

Gabe tells her to relax, Lucas paid for it. Hey, he’s a man in love! Lucas arrives and looks confused when Vale gives him a hug. She declares him the greatest boyfriend in the universe and he totally agrees with that.

At Lucas’ apartment, Gabe explains he took $2K from Lucas’ account to pay for the dress. A dress she can’t even wear. Gabe tells him to consider it an investment.

Lucas is freaking out about having to take Vale to this party and introduce her to his family. Gabe has it all set up, there’s going to be a reporter waiting to capture the moment. He tells Lucas to remember their target is the public–housewives, little kids, families. Lucas doesn’t know how far he’s willing to go with this.

“All the way.” Gabe’s serious. Lucas looks scared.

Date prep

Vale’s trying to get Jess to back off on the makeup. Miriam is excited that things are getting so serious. Jess can’t believe Salma faked a suicide attempt. She wants to start a campaign to discredit her #salmaestaloca. Whoa! No! Everything is fine now. (And also, you really don’t need to further stigmatize mental illness by associating it with Salma and her scheming.)

Well, for what it’s worth, all the kids at Tomás’ school would rather Vale be with Lucas than Salma. Vale feels the need to explain to him that she’s not a bad person and she didn’t steal anyone’s boyfriend. He knows–because she’s the best mom in the world. Vale says Salma wanted the attention but she didn’t hurt herself. That’s a secret between them.

“So are you going to marry Lucas?” Vale says it’s way too soon for that. Well, Tomás doesn’t really like him. He’s fine on TV, but in person…? Jess and Miriam thrown their nail buffers at him. Eloisa comes running in to say Lucas has arrived.

The party

At Carlos’ house, Natalia announces the arrival of Lucas and La Fan. Lucas stumbles over the introduction, so Vale helps him out and says she’s his girlfriend.

She meets Felicitas and then Carlos wanders over and tells her to pretend they haven’t met before. For a “non-actor” she does an excellent job of casually wishing him a happy birthday and saying he has a nice house. Adriana comes over, with Natalia in her wake and Natalia is, of course, a HUGE fan of La Fan! She totally wants a selfie later.

Adriana says it seems like Vale’s relationship with Lucas is getting serious and Gabe comes over, as if he’s the relationship partner in question, and agrees that it is and there might be a wedding.

Ooh, Carlos picked up on it too. He pulls Gabe aside to gossip about how Vale’s not the typical woman Lucas goes for. Gabe says she’s great though, so smart and nice and so much more than Carlos imagines. Carlos says it sounds like Gabe is the one who’s dating her. Gabe kind of “heh”s but then he looks back at Vale….

She’s over talking to Lucas about how she can tell his family is rich. Natalia finally nabs her again. She can’t believe the couple of the moment are here. She never believed the Salma suicide thing, and she’s totally on Vale’s side. Vale can call her “Nati.”

Vale compliments Felicitas on her cooking, everything was delicious! Natalia gleefully says Felicitas has never so much as boiled an egg! “I have other passions.” So, what does Vale do? Vale says she’s Lucas’ assistant. Felicitas thinks that sounds a little…explosive…well, depending on whether she likes being with him all day. Adriana grabs everyone to come sing Happy Birthday (in English) to Carlos.

Vale goes over to Adriana and gets all weird about how “they” are so much more elegant than she is. Adriana tells her not to say that. She’s happy Lucas found someone who loves him and takes care of him. Oh yeah, Vale’s the best at that!

And also, she wanted to talk to her about a mutual friend–Diego Castro. Adriana brings up the mugging and asks how he’s doing. Vale says he’s fine, but the thing is, he wasn’t mugged. Adriana asks if it was about money…or a woman?

Yep, and Vale’s looking at her. Diego told her he got beat up over Adriana and she doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing by telling her, but she thought Adriana needed to know. She doesn’t know what’s going on between them–Adriana says there’s nothing–but someone doesn’t like her being near Diego. Adriana seems to look over at Benicio.

He’s over talking to Gabriel. Gabriel noticed he keeps looking at Adriana and Beni says that’s none of his business. He walks off and is replaced by Lucas. He’s cranky about the dinner. “But everybody loves Vale!” I guess that’s what’s annoying him?

Adriana slips out, Benicio chats with Vale, and Natalia polishes off someone’s glass of champagne.

Lucas enjoys listening to Vale tell “funny” stories about the things she did to try to get close to him before. And how she’s never missed one of his shows. She watches with her friends and her son…her best friend had a son and she died when he was very young, so Vale’s raising him, so he’s her son.

Duuuuude…Lucas and Gabe are both giving her schmoopy looks.

Benicio comes downstairs and breaks the spell…has anyone seen Adriana? Natalia says she had a headache and went upstairs.

Lucas tells Vale it’s time to go. He’s got to shoot early. Drunk!Felicitas invites Vale over anytime to see her paintings.


The DNA test will be ready tomorrow. Salma reminds the PI she wants to know what the results are before Gabe does.

Yeah, about that, he’s not so sure…. Salma offers him more money. Yep, that’s what he needed.

Agustin brings Salma some Thai food. Rodrigo’s off at a friend’s house making…pizza. Doesn’t she think he’s spending too much time at friends’ houses? Not that he’s calling her a bad mother…she knows he thinks of her as a queen.

Auggie starts moving in for a kiss and Salma is suddenly very interested in the food. Anyway, he just figured she’d need some company tonight, since Lucas is introducing Vale to his family.

Salma drops the Thai food in shock. Lucas took The Pizza to his brother’s house?! He owes her an explanation! Auggie says she has to accept that Lucas is with someone else now. He can help. He dips her, starts to say he loves her a lot, stutters on the “m” in mucho and just gives up and kisses her.

The café and apartments

Tomás likes having Miguel over. He cooks when he’s there. Miriam says she’s terrible in the kitchen. “That’s why I said I like when Miguel comes over.”

Tomás supposes Vale must be having a good time at the dinner. Miriam thinks she should have taken Tomás, but Miguel says it’s too soon in the relationship. There will be time later.

He sends Tomás to wash his hands and tells Miriam he’s been thinking about what Jessica said, about the loan. He’s not sure Diego really got it from the company. He doesn’t know where else he could have gotten the money, but that’s what he wants to find out.

Diego gets tired of being in bed and decides he wants to come downstairs. Eloisa keeps scolding him for getting up. She wishes he would have pressed charges, but Diego says it’s over.

Carlos Lopez comes back…Mami died. (At least she had that cake first?) He hugs her and sobs. Diego quietly asks who this guy is. “Un conocido.”

Diego decides to leave them alone. He gives Carlos his condolences about, um, Mami.

Carlos cries that he’s all alone now…except for Eloisa. (Oh, hell no!)


Diego’s closing up the café when someone comes knocking on the door. It’s Adriana. It’s raining hard and she’s soaked. She had to talk to him. “You dressed like that to come see me?” She says she was at a birthday party.

Couldn’t it have waited until tomorrow? Nope, Adriana says she heard something and she needs to know if it’s true. Did he get hit because of her?

Lucas drives Vale home in the rain. She says it was a nice party. She liked his family. She even got a new perspective on his brother. Lucas thanks her for not saying anything about Jess. But all the same, Carlos and Felicitas’ marriage is only for show. Vale thinks that sounds horrible–two people together without loving each other.

Vale always wanted to have a family full of love and understanding, with a man who values and respects her and kids they could raise together. Be in love all the time and go through life together, hand in hand. That’s all she wants. A simple love, a true one, a special one.

Lucas says the one who’s really special is her. And then he kisses, for realz! In the car…in the rain….

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Visita/ Guest

It was all slapsticky and maybe not in the best taste, but I did laugh at Carlos’ mom with the sugar encrusted around her mouth.

I was happy that Vale took it right to Adriana about what Diego told her about the beating being a warning for Diego to stay away from her. Maybe the “mystery” will be solved for the characters sooner rather than later.

The kiss in the car was the best and said it all.