La Fan Thursday 2/02/17 #13

Vale’s hot night

Vale and Lucas emerge from behind the kitchen counter and neither the fall nor the strawberry top stuck to his head dampens his enthusiasm one bit. Vale, on the other hand, is worried about dinner…and then she gets a call from Eloisa.

Vale has to run home. Tomás is running a fever. Lucas asks if she’s sure he’s not faking, but that’s not Tomás’ style. He offers to drive her home.

Tomás complains that Eloisa shouldn’t have called Vale and interrupted her date. He wonders if she’s really happy with Lucas, which Elo takes as proof of how sick he is!

By the time Lucas and Vale arrive, Elo has already called the doctor. Lucas insists on waiting around to see what the doctor says, for reasons I’m sure we can all guess.

Tomás feels awful, but he doesn’t at all blame Vale for spending time with Lucas. If she’s happy, he’s happy. Lucas tentatively pokes his head in to say Eloisa’s walking the doctor up now. Vale invites him in and Tomás thanks him for making his mom happy. Lucas nervously says she makes him happy too. Lucas can’t wait to get out of there, but when he turns around he sees Lucía’s picture.

Vale explains that’s her friend Lucía–Luli–Tomás’ mom. His eyes start getting red.

Eloisa is gushing over how she can’t believe Lucas is really here and she’s seen all his work and–he cuts her off. “I saw a photo.” He explains he means the one of Tomás’ mom. Eloisa says Lucía’s gone now, QDEP. “But what about his father?” Oh, we don’t talk about that desgraciado.

Vale comes out of the bedroom with the doctor and says Tomás is going to be fine. She walks the doctor to the door and hugs Lucas. He makes a confused face.

So…funny coincidence….

Gabe explains to Salma that Vale and Lucía grew up in the same orphanage and now Vale is raising his son. I don’t know how I can be expected to pay attention to the conversation when Salma is drinking out of one of those blue glasses again.

OK, so, Gabe’s dilemma: on the one hand he likes the idea of being a dad; on the other, it’s a huge responsibility. He has no idea how to raise a child. Salma reminds him that Vale’s raising him…and she’s with Lucas. Aw, hell no! He doesn’t want his kid near Lucas.

He has no idea what to do, and Lucas doesn’t know he was Lucía’s “other man.” Salma suggests he tell Vale that he’s Tomás’ dad. Yikes! After what she said she’d do to Tomás’ biological father, he thinks that’s a terrible idea. He’d rather win the kid over and then tell Vale. Salma, who is clearly clueless, suggests Lucas might be the one to win him over first.

You’re not the boss of me!

Carlos freaks out at the idea of Adriana having a thing for an employee. The big liar gives her a guilt trip about how of course she should have told him BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SECRETS FROM EACH OTHER. Carlos insists that Adriana needs a “wonderful” man by her side. Which is apparently code for “either the guy who shagged your mom or the one who only wants your money.” Seriously, Carlos, get a clue!

Carlos tells Adriana to fire Diego and do it tomorrow. She can’t let him make an accusation like that against Benicio. She has to show her authority. So she does–by telling him she won’t fire Diego and that’s her last word on the subject.

That’s not how any of this works!

At least Diego gets to wear a sheet draped around his hips. Felicitas has him standing in this weird pose that looks like he both has a headache and an itch between his shoulder blades. Also he’s practically hiding behind her canvas. Anyway…she wants to do a whole series with his “perfect” body.

Diego’s definitely done for the night, whether Felicitas is or not. At least he gets to put his arms down and his ordeal is temporarily over.

Spoke to soon. First she wants him to stay for a drink, then she starts telling him she likes him and he can have all the money he wants. He stands there, looking uncomfortable while she starts necking him and pulling up his shirt.

Have I already done the “This is not a requirement of being a model” PSA? At this point it’s definitely sexual harassment. Her response to him trying to set boundaries (that he should not even be having to set with his EMPLOYER in the first place) and say he’s down for posing and that’s it, is to say “we’ll see.”

Hey, remember Lucía?

Lucas is at Gabe’s apartment first thing in the morning to tell him about last night and finding out that Lucía is Tomás’ mother. Gabe’s face: “So much for not telling him.”

Gabe gulps down a drink before handing one to Lucas. He asks if Vale noticed anything. No, because Lucas is a fabulous actor. Gabe turns directly to the camera and gives us a pleading look.

Gabe asks about the father, but all Lucas knows is Vale’s furious at him. He’s sure it’s that guy Lucía left him for (mad props for not using the word “stolen” anywhere in that sentence) and he’s never been more interested in finding out who it was. In fact, now he’s sure it’s the only way he can get some resolution. Gabe promises he’ll look into it.

Sick day

Vale wakes up with Tomás in her bed and checks his forehead. She sighs in relief and assures Lucía that she’s always going to take care of him and he’ll always be the most important thing in her life.

Vale’s staying home with Tomás today. He’s better, but still got a sore throat.

Jessica asks about last night…nada de nada? Nope, Vale says she came home as soon as Eloisa called her, but Lucas came with her and didn’t leave until the doctor had seen Tomás. Every day she loves him more and more and more….

Vale tells Miriam she’s not sure if she still wants to have sex with Lucas. It’s like she lost her nerve. What if she’s forgotten how? Or she’s a disappointment after all the other amazing women he’s been with (oh, honey, no!). There was a model, a gymnast, and then there’s Salma. All with tiny little bodies and hers is not and…she heads for the kitchen and a croissant. She just doesn’t feel good enough for him. Miriam says they’ll think of something and takes the croissant away from her. Vale remembers there’s chocolate ice cream in the freezer. Miriam is horrified. I say go for it–your boyfriend had booze for breakfast. What? At least ice cream has nutrients.

Miriam’s off to work. She tells Vale to stop thinking so much! She’s beautiful! Vale’s about to go check on Tomás, but there’s a knock at the door. Gabe shows up to check on her and Tomás because he heard Tomás was sick. Vale says it’s just a little sore throat.

Tomás comes in, upset. He had a nightmare than his dad showed up and wanted to take him away from her. Vale comforts him while Gabe looks guilty. (I want Tomás’ PAJAMAS ALL DAY shirt!) Vale says it’s never going to happen. She’s never going to leave him. Nothing can separate them.

Tomás is a little cranky about Gabe being there, but Gabe quickly wins him over by showing him some games on his phone. There’s one he hasn’t played yet, but he challenges Tomás anyway. Tomás is sure he’ll win, but Gabe says he learns fast. Vale smiles, watching the two of them together. (Yeah…for now.)

Leave Adriana alone!

I have to question Benicio’s judgment. He hires a guy to beat up Diego to work in the same place where Diego works and he didn’t think Diego might meet the guy? So now it’s up to Ring Guy to fix this for Benicio.

Diego drags Ring Guy, aka Diaz, into Adriana’s office and demands he tell her who paid him. After his earlier warning from Benicio, he insists he’s never seen Diego before, didn’t tell him anything, and has no idea what he’s talking about. Ring? He doesn’t wear any rings. And indeed, at the moment, he’s not.

Adriana is having a hard time believing Diego after she knows he lied about that loan she didn’t give him. He insists that’s something completely different, but it’s not to her. She’s not really doing anything, though, just telling him to quit talking smack about Benicio. Well, his parting shot is that she can’t trust Benicio. And then he leaves his tool belt behind and completely screws up his flounce.

Benicio stands there, between a glass-walled conference room and a bunch of cubicles talking to Diaz and asking if Adriana believed him or not. He never wants to see Diaz wearing that ring again, and he’d better stay away from Diego. He pulls an envelope out of his jacket and hands it over.

And yet, he’s still going to get away with this for at least another 10 episodes despite the fact that he displays a total lack of stealth.

Felicitas is swanning off to her studio for the day, but Carlos stops her to hassle her about paying more attention to Adriana. He makes a bunch of comments about trying to protect her and keep her from making a big mistake. Felicitas asks for details. “Your daughter set her sights on the wrong man.”

“She takes after me.” Felicitas isn’t worried. Oscar was obviously a dud, too. So who’s she into now? Felicitas cracks up when Carlos says it’s a conserje at the company. (Really? Concierge? That’s his job title?… Oh! It also means “custodian” or “janitor.” Who knew?!) Carlos doesn’t find it funny and insists they have to get Adriana away from him. He begs for Felicitas’ help.

She tells him to relax, let Adriana have her fun and loosen up a little. He whines that he’s just going to have to take care of it himself like he always does.

Adriana signs paperwork and hands it off. Benicio comes in to see if she has anything to say to him about the Diego situation. Adriana says he dragged Diaz in there, but Diaz denied everything…still, why would whoever beat Diego up tell him to stay away from her?

Well, obviously because he was lying! But why would he lie? Benicio says Diego wants to get money out of her. Hmm…Adriana doesn’t buy it.

Adriana finds Diego fixing the copier. She still thinks he’s lying, but now she thinks she knows why. He needs money. Diego tells her, in no uncertain terms, that he doesn’t want her money. He backs her into the wall and says he wants her. (Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Benicio!)


Poor Lucas. Seems he can’t survive without Vale to bring him coffee and his fruit cut up in little squares and fat-free yogurt with granola. And the overworked makeup artist sure isn’t going to bring him any of that stuff. Heh.

Salma saunters into his dressing room and he tries to get HER to bring him breakfast, but she never even did that when she was his girlfriend. Agustín comes to tell him it’s time to shoot. Actually, he gets stuck on Salma’s name, but Lucas knows what he meant. He grouches about having to shoot on an empty stomach. He can’t think when he’s hungry!

Lucas is flubbing his lines. He forgets his line entirely…then he accidentally says Ana Cristina left him for another woman–otra–instead of another man–otro. Justin’s annoyed with him and annoyed with Jess for talking to the camera guy. Lucas gripes that he couldn’t review his lines because Vale isn’t here. (Which is really cute, but also…it’s been what, three days?)

They do another take and this time Lucas nearly makes it through the line, but something happens…it’s like he got a cramp or something. He feels awful and lies down on the set. Jess tries picking up his feet.

Lucas limps back to his dressing room, with Jessica’s help. He gives her puppy dog eyes and says Vale always makes him a really strong coffee. Um…Jess doesn’t do the coffee thing, but she’ll try to find him something.

Salma comes to check on him, saying it’s weird this is happening–does he miss his fan? She tries to hit on him and he looks like he’s about to puke on her. Jessica comes in and orders Salma out. That’s right, she said “¡Sal!” No, really, she did. “¡Sal!” No, actually, she said “¡Sal¡” She found salt. To raise Luca’s blood pressure. She dumps it under his tongue and shoves him out of the way so she can go confront Salma.

Yeah, poor Lucas, right? He must be all thrown off because he couldn’t have his romantic dinner with Vale. But hey, they’ll have plenty more chances. Lucas beeeeeeegs for a coffee!

Salma asks Jess to leave them alone, but she doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. Donde hubo fuego, cenizas quedan. Lucas swears there’s no fire, no ashes, no nothing and Jess leaves after non-verbally warning Lucas she’s watching him.

Salma wants Lucas to promise her nothing happened last night. He swears it didn’t. He’s got everything under control. Salma starts snogging him…and Rodrigo walks into his dressing room.

He saw them kissing and he’s not going to buy their excuses. I found the “It’s just something that happens to adults…one day you’ll understand,” particularly offensive. Some of us have some self control, Salma. She swears Rod to silence and he agrees not to say anything. Lucas at least has the grace to look embarrassed.

Café and surrounding areas

Wrong!Carlos calls Eloisa. He’s about to jump off a bridge. Screw it, Eloisa. Send emergency services.

She goes down there and orders him to get his leg back on solid ground. I guess he responds well to a commanding tone of voice. He’s not pushing for more than the friendship she offered, but he doesn’t think it was a genuine offer.

Once again she barks at him to get his leg OFF the bridge and he responds. He’s worried about what happens when she finds the real Carlos Lopez. She says that’s never going to happen. She gets him to back away from the bridge and come hug her. So. Crisis averted.

Right!Carlos Not!Lopez goes to the café looking for Diego…and he and Eloisa are reunited. Wrong!Carlos looks mopey.

Eloisa tries to get Wrong!Carlos to sit down and eat something and have some coffee and let her talk to Right!Carlos.

She takes Right!Carlos out of the café for their talk. It’s Wrong!Carlos who explains it all to Miriam.

Upstairs, Tomás just scored another point in whatever game he and Gabriel were playing and in his excitement, he knocks over Gabriel’s glass. Some nearly-clear liquid is all over his pants, the couch, the floor, and Vale starts to panic, because those jeans look old and worn, so obviously they’re super expensive. She sends Gabe to go take his pants off in the bathroom so she can clean them.

Vale scolds Tomás about needing to be more careful and sends him to his room to rest. I notice the phone goes with him. On the way, he apologizes to Gabe and Gabe tells him it’s no big deal. He hands his pants out the door to Vale and I’m waiting to get a look at whatever spectacular bath towel he’s got draped around him.

Vale’s about to go clean the pants when someone knocks. It’s Lucas. He grabs Vale and says she has no idea how he’s missed her! Nothing works right at the studio without her! Nothing in his life works right without her!

Why is she holding pants? Gabe pokes his head out the bathroom door and asks if Vale’s going to be long.




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3 years ago

“Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Benicio.” Exactly. I cannot stand him.

I felt so sorry for Vale being so insecure about her sexual appeal.

Characters like Carlos inserted for comic relief sometimes get tedious but I have not found him too annoying yet.

3 years ago

“I don’t know how I can be expected to pay attention to the conversation when Salma is drinking out of one of those blue glasses again.”


I’ve been staring at it too. I love all the little things you notice.

Thanks for another great recap. Your humor is just so hilarious to me… And useful. “What? At least it has nutrients.” I’m totally using that line next time my husband says something about my eating ice cream for dinner.