La Fan Wednesday 2/01/17 #12

The night of the party

We’re back to the kiss. In the car. In the rain. *sigh*

This is purely my interpretation, but I think Lucas turns down the offer of hot chocolate upstairs because seriously kissing Vale freaked him out a little. I mean, we all know he’s not going to get up early and study his script. I could maybe see him sleeping for 12 hours, so I’ll give him that one.

Diego doesn’t bother lying to Adriana. Yes, he was told to stay away from her, but how’s he supposed to do that when she’s his boss, his Presi?! It’s not that big a deal, though–he’s used to way worse fights. This was like…a caress. “A violent one.” Adriana is convinced Oscar was behind it–who else could it be?

Salma tells Agustín she’s sorry, but she’s in love with Lucas. And she insists it’s “love” and not “obsession.” She doesn’t think the Lucas-Vale relationship will last long.

Agustín disagrees. He’s seen the way Lucas looks at Vale–lovingly. He’s never looked at Salma that way.

He was always really obsessive. Diego’s still confused–it’s not like anything has happened between them. Adriana says it won’t, obvio. “Hey, I’m not that bad!” But yeah, she’s right. It could never happen. She’s the president and he’s an employee. (Heh! Well played!)

Adriana says she’ll talk to Oscar.

Drunk!Felicitas pours all the leftover drinks into a glass and tries to hit on Carlos. He tells her to call one of her models instead, so guess which one she calls.

Diego says he can’t come over–he’s injured. Too bad Felicitas likes playing nurse. She seems angry he doesn’t take her up on the offer and says if he can’t come over today, it had better be soon.

Adriana listens to him being all secretive on the phone and asks if it had anything to do with the loan she knows the company didn’t give him. That’s right, she knows everything. The truths and the lies.

The rain’s not letting up, so Vale decides she’d better stop waiting for it. She and Lucas agree to meet at the station tomorrow. She goes in for another kiss and he turns his face so she catches him on the cheek. It looks like he starts to say something to her, but she’s already out of the car. He watches her run up to the porch and gives a lopsided grin. Oh yeah, he’s totally smitten. Don’t fight it, Lucas!

Miriam tries to interest Miguel in a romantic movie, but he says he’s too tired and they always put him to sleep. Eloisa comes over just then and he foists Miriam off on her and escapes to his place.

Instead, Eloisa begs Miriam for help. Carlos is the wrong Carlos, he’s obsessed with her, and she can’t get rid of him! Miriam tells her not to look a gift Carlos in the mouth.

Vale gets home, soaked. They want to hear everything. She starts by spitting out a stream of water and announcing it’s raining. *snort*

Diego tells the truth about the mortgage, but says a “friend” loaned him the money. She thinks it’s nice he has friends who are so solidarias. He agrees–but they talk too much. The women anyway. Adriana asks about the one who came over today.

Diego scoffs. He’s known Jess his whole life! And if he were dating anyone he wouldn’t have gone bowling with Adriana. She doesn’t think bowling is that big a deal, but he admits he can be very possessive. He doesn’t like to share. So if he’s going to demand that from somebody, he’s going to give it too. 100% passion, complete entrega (dedication), all or nothing. (I guess that sounds fair? And also like he’s spouting a line from a movie.)

Adriana, a little flustered, says she’d better go. She’s not worried about the rain, saying she’s an excellent driver. She takes her shoes off before heading back on in the rain. He checks out her legs. I roll my eyes.

Vale, wrapped in a Lucas blanket, tells Miriam and Eloisa about the party. The nice house, the décor, how everybody was so nice (eventually), and the food was great, and Lucas kissed her, and Natalia wanted a selfie.

Nope, not sneaking anything past them…they want to know about the kiss! She says it was sooooo intense. She thought he’d invite her back to his place, but he didn’t. Eloisa says that’s her fault–she told him to respect her. “How long is THAT going to last?” Because she’s dying to be with him. Miriam says she’s going to have to make that clear.

Hm, but Vale doesn’t want to come off “easy.” She wants him to value her. Eloisa and Miriam want her to just go for it and quit being “old fashioned.” (Good grief, maybe if women weren’t constantly being judged for how much sex they had and when and who with and why and how it wouldn’t have to be this big production!)

At the office

Adriana shares her “It was Oscar” theory with Benito. She asked Oscar to come to the office so she could talk to him about it. Benicio gives him the stink-eye before he leaves Oscar in Adriana’s office.

She tells him she’s pressing charges on him for having someone beat up. She wants him to leave her and Castro alone.

“Who?” Speak of the devil. Diego walks in and wants to settle this with Oscar one-on-one. Adriana gets between them, so they’re reduced to yelling at each other. Adriana tells Oscar she’s not dating Diego, but she’s not dating him either, so he needs to back off! “And if he doesn’t…!” Diego fires off another round of threats as Adriana tries to get him to shut up.

Benicio passes the chisme on to Carlos. Diego told Adriana some guys beat him up to get him to stay away from her. Carlos, that jerk, says Diego’s a coward and poco hombre (not man enough). Seriously, Carlos? Because it’s so “brave” to send a bunch of guys to beat up your daughter’s friend? Get outta here with that!

Carlos says they’ll have to step things up. Benito, of course, is in.

Adriana scolds Diego about not threatening anyone on company property again or they could be liable. Yeah, yeah, he gets all those “laws.” Let’s see…if he bleeds at work it’s their responsibility, right? Adriana agrees. And if he threatens to beat someone up at work it’s their responsibility, right? Correct again.

“And if I kiss you, is that illegal too?” She stares and tries not to crack a smile. “Hey, don’t worry, I’m going to do everything legally.” He watches her walk away.

A guy walks down the hallway to pick up an envelope at the reception desk and Diego notices a ring on his hand…just like the ring on the hand of one of the guys who punched him the other night. He starts following him.

Adriana busts him lurking in a hallway watching ring guy talk to Benicio and he pulls her away and says he can explain.

He lies and says he thought he saw somebody he knew…and he was going to install some cables, but Benicio told him to wait. Adriana tells him he’d better not be lying. Oh, no, he got the memo that everything inside the company has to be legal.

“And outside?”

He tells her she’ll have to find out.

Felicitas calls. Buzzkill. She wants what she paid for and she wants it now. She doesn’t care about bruises on his face–she’s not taking his picture. He starts following ring guy again and distractedly tells her he’ll be there.

Then he corners ring guy in a hallway and violently asks who hired him. And he’d better not deny it, because Diego recognizes his ring. He rolls on Benicio way too easily.

Diego finds Benicio in Adriana’s office and confronts him, demanding to know what Benicio’s problem is with him. Beni starts screaming for security and Adriana breaks them up. Benicio tries to act like he’s only backing off because the office isn’t the place for this.

Diego accuses Benicio of sending those guys to beat him up. He recognized the one with the ring and that guy said Benicio hired him. Benicio’s only defense is “It’s a lie! I would never!” Unfortunately, Adriana agrees–he would never.

“Oh, but I would lie?!” She points out that he did once before. Diego says he’s going to prove it to her and walks out of her office.


Woo hoo! DNA results. The PI brings them to Salma , but they haven’t read them yet when Gabe calls him. He tells Gabe the results aren’t in yet.

Gabe is not Tomás’ father. Awwwwwww. Bummer.

Salma tells the PI to get her some fake results that say he is the father. She’ll pay whatever amount he wants.


Vale gets to the studio and Lucas’ dressing room. She brings up last night, and the kiss…and how maybe he misunderstood what she said the other night…and he’s the love of her life…and she knows what she wants…to be with him? He looks like he’s trying not to giggle.

Then he says now’s not a good time, he’s already called makeup to come over…. Between Lucas and his bathrobe and his life-sized cardboard cutouts, Vale’s a little overwhelmed, but um, no she just meant it in the general sense. Like he told the protagonista in Muertos de Amor, episode 15:

I just want to show you how big my love, my desire, and the passion I feel for you is.

She asks if he also wants to be with her because after the kiss last night…. Lucas says he just, you know, changes like that. How could he not want her? They advance slowly and with sound effects.

And Jess interrupts with her makeup brushes.

As soon as she’s done with Lucas’ makeup she wants a full report on the party last night. Vale’s way more enthusiastic about it than Lucas and goes on at length about the people, the food, the wine, Nati. Jess finally asks Lucas what he thinks, but he grumps that she should let Vale finish telling her and let him study his lines.

The PI calls Gabe and tells him he’s Tomás’ biological father.

Lucas and Vale are alone again and Lucas admires Jessica’s work. But anyway, back to talking about them. About how she wants to be his and “blah, blah, blah.” But he says it sexy. I think it’s the eyes. Vale says she still wants to…well, she’s not thinking it so much as feeling it…because when she’s around him she gets carried away by her feelings.

Lucas invites her over to his place tonight for a quiet dinner. Oh, no, Vale’s doing the cooking. Which she announces in an ear-splitting shriek.

Vale tells Jess that tonight is the night. No…she’s not going to tell her ALL the details. Jess tells her to enjoy it and have a great time and relax–she’ll take care of Tomás. Vale’s starting to feel guilty about leaving Tomás alone so often lately, but Jess says she’s been living for him for a long time and she deserves this.

Jess just wants Vale to enjoy that delicious bombon and Jess will do her hair and makeup and it will be the best night of her life. And Jess has All The Sex Tips if Vale wants them. Vale passes on that.

Lucas tells Gabe he’s having dinner with Vale tonight. She told him, in her telenovelesca way, she wants to make love to him.

“And you said yes?!” Well, what was he supposed to say? She’s the one who asked and he can’t turn her down! “It would look bad!”

Gabe begs him to be careful. Lucas can’t believe this, coming from him, after he set this whole situation up. But Gabe didn’t know her then and now he thinks she’s a wonderful woman and he doesn’t want to see her getting hurt.

Gabe runs into Salma in the hallway (thumbs up for the short-shorts with the floaty robe over) and tells her the DNA test came back and he’s the dad! She congratulates him and does a better acting job than usual. She asks about his plans, now that he knows, but Gabe still isn’t sure. He starts talking about feeling bad for setting up Vale with Lucas, but Lucas hears his name and interrupts the conversation.

Vale brings some juice into Lucas’ dressing room for him, but he’s not there. Gabe is. She can tell something’s bothering him.

He says he knows they barely know each other, but he really likes her and even though she’s never asked for his advice, he feels like he needs to tell her to slow it down with Lucas. Because actors can be really ególatras (egotistical) and off on their own planets and sometimes they don’t notice what’s right under their noses.

Vale can’t figure out what he’s talking about. Is this his way of saying Lucas doesn’t love her? No, that’s not what he’s saying. He just thinks she’s a special woman and he doesn’t her to suffer. “Don’t we always suffer in love?” Gabe doesn’t think it should be that way.

Vale asks if he’s in love, but Gabe says he’s not. He was once and he lost everything. He hasn’t fallen for anyone since then. Vale tells him not to give up hope–he’s an interesting guy, good looking, surrounded by beautiful women. She’s sure he’ll fall in love again and this time he’ll be happy.

Jessica comes to tell Vale they’re looking for her in the editing room. “Lucas probably said something he wasn’t supposed to again,” she complains.

Lucas goes to Salma’s dressing room for his daily scolding. She’s upset that he took The Pizza to his brother’s “Happy Birthday.” He claims she invited herself. (Um, no…we were there Lucas. Gabe did it.) Also Salma never liked going to his brother’s house, so what gives? Third, he doesn’t like Salma calling his girlfriend “pizza.”

Salma goes into a Little Caesars audition “PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!” Salma whines that she only disliked going to his brother’s house because he was always mean to her. And Natalia didn’t like her. (That’s because Natalia knows fake when she sees it and only puts up with it when it pays her salary.) She demands he make it up to her by spending time with her tonight.

Lucas’ excuse is that he has to go out with Vale because she’s introducing him to her parents…or something…he can’t get out of it, ok! But he swears tomorrow he’ll be all hers. (Heh heh heh…doesn’t he know once you go Val you never go Sal?) He begs her to think of the ratings…can’t she hear them going up? No…but she can see them.

He’s never going away

Wrong!Carlos shows up at the café with Mami’s clothes for Eloisa. She really liked her, even if she only knew her for five minutes. Wait, I was making a joke, but she did only know her for five minutes now that I think about it. Anyway, he’ll be by later to pick her up for the viewing.

Miguel is wondering what he’s doing there, but he’s reduced to giving Carlos is condolences, giving Eloisa an awkward grimace and leaving her to deal with Carlos on her own.

Eloisa tells Carlos (and I could have sworn this was an “again”) that she was looking for a previous Carlos and she’s not interested in starting a new relationship with anyone. Wrong!Carlos informs her that she’s broken his heart. (Oh dear…just let him go away heartbroken or he’ll never leave!)

Eloisa comforts him and says he’s so great, he’ll be able to find a woman who’ll love him. He asks if they can still be friends and she agrees. He asks for an abacho (abrazo = hug) and nearly tackles her.


Rodrigo’s minding his own business, walking by the soccer field, when a couple of twerps in the same uniform start taunting him about someone “stealing” his mom’s boyfriend and “my mom voted for la fan.” Rod asks them to back off talking about his mom, but they escalate and he gets ready to throw down.

Tomás sees what’s going on and runs out of the fenced-in soccer field to go make it a fair fight.

I guess they won. Rod was glad to have help. Tomás tells him he broke a rule–never fight two guys if you’re alone. But why was he fighting? Rodrigo says they were talking smack about his mom. Tomás gets it. If anybody messed with his mom? He’d be capable of anything.

Rodrigo asks if he’s Vale’s son. “Where do you know her from?” Because he’s Salma’s son. Tomás remembers Salma screaming at the game. He says that means Salma was there for Rodrigo that day.

Reappear at your own peril

Vale checks in with Tomás and promises she’ll be home early to help him with homework, but she’s going out later. Gabe catches her in the hallway and she gets all mushy about how fast kids grow up–he has no idea! Gabe says they’re very close. Oh yes, since Lucía died they’re always together. They’re an indestructible team.

Actually, Vale’s feeling a little guilty about spending less time with him because she’s dating Lucas. She just doesn’t want to mix things up. Gabe thinks that’s smart. Vale is hoping one day Lucas will be the father Tomás has always wanted.

Speaking of fathers, just hypothetically, Gabe wonders what Vale would do it Tomás’ bio-dad showed up. What would she do?

Oh, hell no! He doesn’t deserve to be a father! “¿De plano?” Gabe asks (Just like that?). Oh yeah, de plano, de costado (sideways), de ladito (sideways). He wasn’t there when her friend needed him. If he shows up now she will rip his hair out! She’s not letting him near HER Tomás! And no, she’s not being harsh! He has no rights over her son! His father will be the man SHE picks for her life, not just some schmo. +about another 1,000 words.

Everybody else’s night

Adriana decides to share her doubts with Carlos. Of course, he sticks up for Benicio. Adriana explains that Benicio has already admitted he has feelings for her, so jealousy’s a possible motive. Carlos wonders if the feelings are mutual. Adriana says there are feelings all right…for Diego. (SQUEE!)

Diego gets to Felicitas’ studio. Now that she’s seen his face, he tries again to tell her he doesn’t think he can pose for her. She’s inspired, though…she wants to paint him, bruises and all. She thinks it’ll be “kinky.” Masculine beauty damaged by life’s blows. She tells him to take his clothes off.

Rodrigo tells Salma about the fight at the soccer field and how Tomás helped him out. Tomás invited him to hang out some time. Salma tries to forbid him, but Rod says she can’t. Salma tries both his names, too “Rodrigo Ernesto” but he just ignores her and goes upstairs.

Gabe shows up at her apartment to tell her that Tomás is Vale’s son.

Vale’s night

Vale’s all ready to go over to Lucas’ for her hot night of passion with all four Lucas’…the real one, the gladiator, and the two on the pillows.

She knows she’s been going out a lot lately, but Tomás just wants her to be happy. She hasn’t gone out at night in a long time. A “little” won’t hurt.

Eloisa walks in, in tears. She was at Mama’s funeral and she and Carlos were the only ones there. Vale translates her sobs for Tomás: “I don’t know what I’m going to do with him!” Vale whispers to El that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with hers either while Tomás mutters “Women.”

Vale gets to Lucas’ with all the ingredients she needs for dinner. He says Vale must be a great cook, then acts like he has no idea what to do with himself. He ends up “helping” by taking lots of selfies and chopping things and drinking wine and violently biting into a strawberry and throwing the top over his shoulder and trying to snog Vale in the kitchen.

The reporter for TV Romance (aka, the ex-Melquiades) shows off those selfies and talks about how the romance between Lucas and La Fan is heating up.

And then Lucas and Vale both hit that discarded strawberry piece and end up on the kitchen floor.

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Visita/ Guest

” . . . once you go Val you never go Sal .” What a fun recap!

Mami’s clothes for Eloísa! All I could think was Yikes!!!

Autora/ Author

“Miriam tells her not to look a gift Carlos in the mouth.”

Hahaha! Uy that Carlos. I hope they don’t overdo this schtick.

I am so delighted with this show. Diego and Adriana are such a cute couple.

Vale of course is the brightest star and the story they are setting up is really good.

Thanks so much for recapping this!

Visita/ Guest

I’m not convinced that Gabe isn’t the father. He gave Tomas’ toothbrush and a chunk of hair – that looked suspiciously like the chunk of hair that Vale got from Lucas – to the PI for the DNA test. So it’s possible they only tested the hair and it was negative because obviously Gabe is not Lucas’ father. That is my suspicion/hope since I want Gabe to be the father and I prefer Gabe for Vale anyway.

Autora/ Author

Oooooh. I hope that’s the case.

I think what I’m loving about this show is that it doesn’t seem too predictable. They’ve got me wanting Vale with two guys!