La Fan Friday 2/03/17 #14

One beau, two beaux

A VERY flustered Vale explains how Gabe’s pants ended up in her hands. Gabe emerges from the bathroom in a Lucas towel. With Lucas’ face on it. Priceless! While Vale cleans the pants, Gabe tells Lucas he was just there fishing for info about Tomás’ father.

With no pants on? Lucas doesn’t buy that. And from now on he’s going to do his own investigating. Heh…that should be fun. They bicker until Vale returns with the pants. Gabe praises her housekeeping skills. Lucas says they were talking about Tomás. Which is at least partially true?

Vale tells Lucas how thoughtful it was for Gabe to come over and how much Gabe and Tomás have in common while Lucas grits his teeth and tries to make it look like a smile. Gabe emerges from the bathroom with his pants back on. Tomás couldn’t sleep, so he wants to play more games, but Lucas snaps at Gabe that “they” have to go, because he’s got some location shots to do.

Lucas keeps grimacing at Gabe and Tomás’ special handshake and his overall preference for Gabe. Tomas is pretty much ignoring Lucas, which gets on Vale’s nerves.

Later, he tells her, in the spirit of them always being honest with each other, that he doesn’t like Lucas and he thinks Gabe would be a better boyfriend.

Sometimes being cheap costs you

Adriana seems to think Diego has some ulterior motive for telling her he has the hots for her, but no he’s pretty much just telling her he has the hots for her. He assures her he would never ask her for money, because he doesn’t ask women he has the hots for for money.

Adriana thinks they need to keep their distance. Diego accuses her of being afraid, which aaaaaalmost works, but doesn’t. He even offers her another chance to kick his ass at something, since he knows she doesn’t like to lose, but she says the games are over. BOO!

Diaz meets up with another one of the guys who attacked Diego in the hallway at Zubizarreta. Because Benicio knows jack about stealth. Diaz pays Attacker #2 off, but 2 complains it’s not enough. Diaz warns him to just be content with his pittance AND watch out because Adriana knows what happened and she’s investigating. He doesn’t think those two things are antithetical?

#2, whose name is Raimundí (thank you so much for not dragging that out!) goes directly to Adriana’s office to talk to her about the attack on Diego.

He knows who ordered it, who did it, and he has proof, but he’s not handing it over for free. Adriana tells him to name his price.

Diego confronts Benicio in the hallway, but all Benicio has to say is some classist BS about Diego being way down here and Benicio being up here and Adriana being way up there. And if Diego wants to keep his job he’d better back off and go fix the annoying noise the a/c in the conference room keeps making. Diego is there to “serve” him. “Sure, because you don’t know how to use pinzas” (pliers). “Because I studied.” (Show of hands, who else “studied” and still knows how to use a pair of pliers.)

Adriana hands over a check and Raimundí says he, Diaz, and another guy who doesn’t work there all attacked Diego. Benicio ordered it and he’s got Diaz recorded on his cell phone, handing over the cash earlier and saying it’s all Benicio gave him, etc.

Adriana calls Diego into her office to tell him he was right. He says he’s glad she found out–for her sake. Because he already got the memo about them needing to keep their distance. He tells her to watch out for Benicio, he’s a gusano (worm). Then he walks out of her office.

Adriana summons Benicio. She tells him she knows everything. He gets one chance to tell her why, so he says he did it for her, because he can’t stand anyone getting close to her. “I want you for myself! I love you!” Congratulations! You just won the Scum of the Day award! Oh, no, wait, and then he assaulted her face with his face, so…NOW he’s won it.

Café and surrounding areas

Away from the café, Eloisa explains to Carlos Z that she didn’t want her family to see him. He sure looks different. Carlos says it’s been twenty five-ish years. And looks can be deceiving.

Eloisa confronts him about leaving her, saying she sent him a letter and told him where she was going. He never got it (because Felicitas). She explains she moved and then reconciled with her husband and they raised her kids together–Diego and Miguel. Maybe it was fate that they (Eloisa and Carlos) were separated.

Carlos says he’s not going to let her go now that he’s found her again.

At the café, Miguel sets out a tray of frosted cupcakes coated in sprinkles…oh, yeah, and he wonders about the two Carlos Lopezes, same name, what a coincidence…cupcaaaaaaakes.

Lucas and Gabe come down to the café from upstairs and Lucas orders two coffees while he starts bickering with Gabe about being up there hanging out with Lucía’s son. He starts getting itchy as Gabe goes on and on about how awesome Vale is and says he likes her. A lot.

He kind of walks it back and says he likes being with her, but that doesn’t appease Lucas. Gabe reminds him their “relationship” is only going to last until the show ends. Lucas whines that there are plenty of other women out there, but Gabe says there aren’t many like Vale. (BOOM!) He accuses Lucas of being jealous and Lucas tries to laugh it off.

Gabe tries again to reframe things for Lucas. He’s not like, suuuuuuuuper in love with Vale, but he’s having some serious feelings. He admires her, he likes her son, and he thinks they deserve someone to look out for them. Lucas scoffs and Gabe tells him to chill–his image isn’t going to suffer. But he refuses to back off. He wants a relationship with Vale.

Vale insists she has no feelings for Gabe. Plus he’s her boyfriend’s friend. Tomás can’t seriously be asking her to switch boyfriends! He says Lucas is just…weird. He’s not like he is on TV. Vale agrees–he’s flesh and blood and she loves him with her whole heart.

Miguel tries to get Miriam to tell her about the Carlos Lopezes, but she tells him to ask his mom. Eloisa says he’s just an old friend and she’ll tell him more later, but right now she needs to go check on Tomás. Carlos Lopez is still sitting in the café, waiting for her.

Eloisa gets upstairs and tells Vale she found Carlos…or he found her…Carlos her big love! The one she met when she was separated from her husband! Vale can see how agitated she is–she must still have feelings for him. Eloisa says he’s the love of her life and Miguel’s father. (Thanks for not making us sweat that one!)

Miguel doesn’t know about it. She thought that Carlos did, because she sent him a letter, but it turns out he didn’t get it.

Casa Salma

Rodrigo gets home in a bad mood. He got a bad grade in math because he couldn’t stop thinking about her snogging Lucas. He wants to know what’s going on–is he seeing them both at once? Salma says his relationship with Vale is all a lie for ratings. Of course Vale doesn’t know!

Rod’s not cool with this. She says this is good for everybody, including Vale, who gets to have a good time for a while. Lucas shows up and Rod greets him with “Here comes the liar.” Lucas can’t believe Salma threw him under the bus to save her own rep with Rodrigo. Rod thinks they’re both doing wrong, especially after Tomás helped him out the other day. He’s ratting them out to Vale.

Lucas is freaking out, but Salma thinks she can get Rod not to tell. Lucas is liking “this situation” less and less. Salma asks what situation–her or his fake relationship with La Fan? Lucas ignores her, saying now Gabriel says he likes La Fan. Salma says this is great! Lucas gives her a weak smile.

Later, Rod gets Vale’s number from Salma’s phone and calls Tomás when she’s not in the room. He asks to talk to him tomorrow at the fútbol field and Tomás agrees.

Salma tries to bribe Rod to keep quiet by giving him a new game. And he knows exactly what she’s doing. She whines that he has to think about her career–what will they live on? The only thing she knows how to do is act! (To make the joke or not make the joke, that is the question.) Rod ditches her gift and says he doesn’t like this.

Sex life by committee

Gabe finds Jessica packing up her kit in Lucas’ dressing room. Lucas never showed up. He asks her about Tomás and Jessica spills everything she knows. Of course all she knows about Tomás’ dad is that he abandoned them. The other MUA, Iris, comes running in to ask if Jess can do Felicitas’ makeup tonight.

Lucas finally shows up to work and finds Gabe waiting in his dressing room. Gabe asks Lucas for a favor…don’t sleep with Vale. (Um…you realize this pretty much ensures he’s going to try, right?) It’s a fake relationship and Gabe really likes her, so if Lucas is his friend, he won’t.

“But she’s my girlfriend!” Gabe reminds him it’s all fake–or has he forgotten? Lucas gives a VERY unconvincing “No,” and says if he avoids sleeping with her she’ll get suspicious. Lucas keeps denying he likes Vale, but he’s so hilariously bad at it!

Miriam, meanwhile, is trying to convince Vale she needs to do the deed NOW.

Gabe starts laying it out for Lucas. See, Salma is gorgeous…but she’s vapid. Vale’s the opposite–not so agraciada (attractive) physically (speak for yourself) but she’s a good mom, a good woman, and she’s really fun to be around. Lucas can’t understand when he started liking Vale. Gabe says ever since he saw the way she is with Tomás, he realized he liked her.

When the fake relationship is over, Gabe plans to show her he really loves her–he’s not just trying to get a rating out of her. Lucas says this was all Gabe’s idea in the first place and now he’s trying to make Lucas feel crappy about it. “Hey, I didn’t put a gun to your head!” When Lucas goes off to Hollywood or wherever after the show’s over, and dumps Vale, Gabe will be there to console her.

Ay, Carlos

Miguel is confused about the Tale of Two Carlos Lopezes still. Because it’s pretty damn confusing. Even after Eloisa explains about Miriam finding him, but he’s not the right one, but the right one showed up anyway, and he was “just a friend.” In the middle of their conversation, Diego comes home grumpy and says he’d going upstairs without dinner.

And then Eloisa’s phone rings and she’s gotta run, because Carlos Lopez just had a heart attack.

“Which one?!”

The wrong one.

Casa del otro Carlos

Natalia babbles at Carlos about the dry cleaning, but he doesn’t hear a word. All he wants is a stiff drink. Felicitas shows up to annoy him, talking excitedly about an interview she has lined up for her new show. She takes his drink out of Natalia’s hand and downs it in one gulp, offering him the dregs.

Jessica gets to Carlos’ house to do Felicitas’ makeup and re-meets Natalia. Nati leaves her in the foyer while she goes to fetch Feliiiiicitas. Jessica’s checking out a rather phallic-looking statue when Carlos shows up all “YOU?!” and she gets startled and breaks what was probably a priceless tchotchke.

He doesn’t immediately understand that she’s here to work for Feliiiiicitas and tries to send her home. Feli shows up and starts giving Jess instructions about leaving her looking perfect and at least 10 years younger. Carlos gets a big laugh out of that one. Now the two of them are bickering and Jess has to intervene.

Jess finishes up with Feli’s face and tells her how great she looks. Adriana comes in and Jess explains her “friend” works at Adriana’s company, so they’ve met before. She does that possessive thing again, giggling with Feli that she knows how it is and they’re sure to be novios soon. Adriana and Jess give each other fake smiles.

The battle is on

Lucas comes over to Vale’s. He brought dinner. Sushi. Tomás response: ¡Guácala!

Gabe also comes over. He brought hamburgers and fries. Tomás response: You saved my life!

It may be takeout, but Vale insists on setting the table. Lucas and Gabe hiss at each other. Lucas wants Gabe gone. Gabe won’t go. If he has to save Vale by telling her the truth, he’ll do it. He dares Lucas to test him.

After dinner, Tomás tries to ignore Lucas, but Vale won’t let him. He still won’t return his fist bump, though. Gabe tries to make sure Lucas leaves with him, but Lucas is trying to stay behind. They fight over which one of them needs the sleep more. Vale votes she does! They file out the door, Lucas giving her a kiss and Gabe giving her a kiss on the cheek and Vale’s face is all “Woo! Kisses!”

The next day

Salma tells Gabe she heard from Lucas that he’s into Vale. Gabe doesn’t deny it, but he makes it all about Tomas–how now that he knows he has a son, he wants to be near him.

Carlos and Natalia have coffee while Natalia gives him all the chisme about Felicitas’ interview and photo session. Not that he’s interested, but, well…Natalia! She’s interrupted by a knock at the door. Some guy named Ignacio. Have we met him?

Natalia greets him warmly and invites him in like it’s her house. Ignacio just got in from Buenos Aires. Carlos asked him to come because he found Eloisa.

Adriana shows up at the office. Is it casual Friday? She marches right up to Diego as he’s cleaning the floor and asks if he’s still mad at her. Not only is he not, he asks if she’s up for getting revenge (for losing at bowling). Hm, she’s not sure his friend, or more-than-friend would like it. He’s confused. Jessica is just a friend. Well, that’s not what she thinks, so what’s the deal? Does he just wander around getting women’s hopes up? Because she’s had enough desilusiones (disappointments)–

So is she saying she’s ilusionada (gotten her hopes up) with him?

Rodrigo and Tomás run into each other at the fútbol field. Rodrigo says he wants to talk to him about Vale and Lucas.

At the studio, Vale tells Lucas it seemed like Gabe did not want to go home last night. Poor thing, he must be lonely. She should set him up with one of her friends…though two are too young for him (uh, Lucas and Gabe are the same age…Gabe just looks older because he has to deal with Lucas). Lucas interrupts and says Gabe already likes someone. Oh? Vale’s happy to hear that. So, who is it?


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Great recap and observations!

“Thanks for not making us sweat that one” is very true of the whole novela so far. Issues/mysteries are resolved/solved pretty quickly. What a breath of fresh air! It sure keeps me coming back.

I got a kick out of “Feliiiiiiicitas”.

Gabriel definitely looks older than Lucas. Poor baby!