La Fan Monday 2/06/17 #15


Vale finds the idea that Gabe might have a thing for her hilarious. Is Lucas sure he didn’t mean some other Vale? No? Well, still, no worries because she’s all Lucas’ and always will be.

Vale’s sure Gabe is just jealous and confused and he doesn’t really like her, but she’s not going to encourage him either way. She would never cheat on Lucas, and she knows he would never let anything come between them. *smoochies*

And then Gabe comes in…oops. He’s there to invited them to the party to celebrate 100 episodes of the novela. It’ll just be the actors, some of the crew, some reporters. Vale’s excited. She remembers every one of those 100 episodes…that terrible car accident…and Lucas coming out of the burning car. Gabe bursts her bubble–it was a stunt double. He reminds her everything in this world is fake and gives Lucas a pointed glare.

Alone in the dressing room later, Vale ponders how after years of nothing, she’s suddenly got two guys interested in her. Gabe walks in and asks how Tomás is doing and she tries to keep some grammatical distance, but he asks her to drop the usted. She does, but she’s worried maybe she said something…that made him think something…. She admits that Lucas told her “everything.”

Gabe goes down to the set to confront Lucas. He warns him not to so much as touch Vale with the tips of his fingers again or Gabe’s going to tell everybody Lucas is a big fake and there’s no relationship. And then he can kiss his career goodbye.

They argue about who has more to lose and Gabe doesn’t back down one bit…until Vale shows up. And then he pretends to be very interested in Lucas’ boots. Vale wants to go over Lucas’ lines. The boys are both grinning at her and it’s kind of weirding her out.

Lucas tries his scene with Salma, but on the first take he can’t remember his line. Vale gives it to him, annoying Justin. They try it again and this time Lucas remembers the line–I think the distance between us will change our lives and when I return we’ll both understand that we can’t be apart again–but I think he’s supposed to move in for a kiss and Justin just isn’t feeling it.

Lucas whines that he can’t be “on” every day. Right, hon, but that’s your JOB as an ACTOR…ahem, as Justin informs him. Vale makes sure to go tell Pouty!Lucas that she cleared everything up with Gabe, nothing’s going to separate them, and their love his here to stay.

“Isn’t that the title of one of my novelas?” Yes. From 2004. (Nuestro Amor Llegó Para Quedarse)

Vale drags Jess into Lucas’ dressing room to tell her about this terrible dilemma she has. Gabe’s into her. Well, Jess doesn’t find that unbelievable at all and she wishes Vale didn’t either. Vale says it’s just…first Lucas and now his friend too?

And what a good-looking friend! “Se aguanta un piano” dice Jess (he could stand a piano; he’s hawt). Vale says se aguanta una orquestrononononón (he could stand a bigass orchestra; he’s like waaaaaaay hot). But seriously, after all those years? And suddenly two guys? It’s too much! Jess disagrees–it’s never too much!

But what’s Vale’s trick, huh? Is she wearing something? What’s the recipe? Sharing is caring! Vale just laughs.

On the set, Salma saunters over to Lucas and says she heard the great news about Gabe and La Fan. She’s surprised Lucas doesn’t find it so great. In fact, if she didn’t know better, she’d say he was jealous. Lucas scoffs. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, and if there’s anyone who’s secure *brief insecure look* it’s him. Lucas Duarte!

Kid conference

Rodrigo doesn’t tell Tomás everything, but both boys agree they do NOT like Lucas. Rodrigo’s advice is to get Vale away from him. Tomás thinks Rodrigo knows more than he’s saying, but Rodrigo says it’s just a feeling. Lucas thinks he’s the ombligo del mundo (belly button of the world; center of the universe) and Salma suffered a lot when she was with him. Rodrigo doesn’t want Vale to suffer.

Oh yeah, it totally did

Adriana denies that she meant she had a thing for Diego. He’s annoyed. He’s been clear she’s the only woman he wants; she’s been clear she wants him to keep his distance. So ok, she’s the president and he’s the guy who works maintenance. Got it. He wheels his bucket down the hall and she just stares after him.

Benicio finds Diego later. First he tries impugning his work, but Diego knows damn well he fixed the a/c properly. Benicio tries advising him to quit and go find another job elsewhere if his skills are as good as he brags they are. Diego gets the impression Benicio’s afraid of the competition.

“Oh, please! She spends your monthly salary on a pair of shoes! You’ve got no chance.” Diego says that’s what he thought, but seeing Diego this nervous is making him reconsider.

Benicio brings some paperwork to Adriana’s office, but she’s still not really speaking to him, so he whines that he just didn’t want to lose her. “You never had me!” She’s sorry, but she doesn’t have feelings for him. “But you do for Diego?” Um…she’s gonna get…back to work.

Diego and Adriana get on the same elevator. They both agree it’s better they don’t talk. Because neither of them has anything to say. And then she just zips over to his side of the elevator and gets her snog on. You go, Madam Presi!

Diego is charmingly stunned when the elevator gets to his floor. Adriana takes a few deep calming breaths.

In her office, Adriana can’t cool down. And she’s certainly not going to now, since she called Diego in to talk to him about what happened. See, she’s the presidenta (that’s the one he always picks) er, presidente and he’s an employee and these things can’t happen…again…here or anywhere else. In fact, it never happened. She says. As she fumbles her pen.

Bunch of meddlers

Eloisa gets back to the café. Carlos Lopez…is not dead. And it wasn’t a heart attack, it was gastritis. He’s back at home, resting. Eloisa feels guilty because he’s so alone. Miguel says there are a lot of people who are alone.

Miriam turns to him, “Like you.” Miguel agrees. He muses that maybe he should go get himself a girlfriend. Dude. That’s cold.

Oh, right, so Ignacio is Benicio’s dad. Carlos tells him how he ended up out at the café. He tells him not to worry about Diego–Benicio knows what’s going on. He’s even more determined to keep Adriana away from Diego now that he knows he’s Eloisa’s son.

Miriam tells Eloisa that Miguel clearly said he wants a girlfriend. She confesses she’d be up for the job, but Miguel only sees her as a friend. Eloisa would love to help get the two of them together!

Eloisa thinks the best way to do that is go to Miguel and talk Miriam up. She knows all that stuff about computers and phones. And she’s lonely because her parents are living in Mexico. And he said he wanted to date someone and she’d love it if he dated Miriam.

Miguel says he’s absolutely going to find someone with all the same qualities. Especially the parents who live in Mexico. Heh.

Ignacio’s about ready to leave. He asks if Carlos is going to see Eloisa again and whether he’s going to tell her the truth or just do what he did before (pretend to be poor, if Natalia got it right). Yes on the first one and the second he doesn’t get to answer. Felicitas comes in and suddenly Ignacio forgets all about needing to leave. Carlos gives them both the stink eye. (Dude, I was thinking it too.)

Change of plans

Gabe comes to the set to give everyone the bad news. The restaurant they had reserved for their party tonight had to back out on them. He tried finding a replacement, but it’s Friday night and everything’s booked. Jess asks what kind of place they were looking for. Gabe explains it could be a bar, a restaurant…anywhere popular (common, not-snooty) so the show’s fans can feel like they can identify. Vale thinks she and Jess know just the place.

Not only is Eloisa so totally on board with this, she doesn’t even want to charge. (Charge, Eloisa.) Salma doesn’t hang out with any of them, so she doesn’t get the “Aquel Café” thing. It’s like Who’s on First? What café? Aquel. Which one? Salma gets all snotty about it being the Lucaslocas clubhouse and saunters off to her dressing room, telling Jess she needs a retouch.

Gabe and Lucas fall all over themselves praising Vale for her idea. Vale’s weirded out again.

Eloisa tells Miriam and Miguel they’ve gotta prep the place for tonight. Miguel has no idea what to make (I believe a sheet cake is traditional). Miriam suggests champagne. Miguel asks if any of the actresses are coming…there’s one in particular he likes a lot….


Diego stops by Adriana’s office, all huffy. He just came from fixing a lamp on the fifth floor and he was in the elevator where that thing happened that she says didn’t happen, but did happen…and THERE ARE CAMERAS that surely caught what happened that she says didn’t happen! He mocks her for not realizing they were there and gloats about how it happened even if she says it didn’t happen.

Adriana and Diego head down to the security room. The guy who’s there is about to end his shift, but he’s happy to pull up any video she likes. Adriana sends him home instead. She’s convinced he was looking at her funny…he must have seen the videos!

Adriana finds the video, finally. She’s desperately trying to erase it, but he’s distracted by how good they look on screen. Benicio knocks on the door.

Adriana says she’s just…um…looking at some confidential videos….it’s gonna take a while…she’ll see him tomorrow.

A few more button pushes and they decide they’ve erased the video. But now they need to hang out to avoid Benicio. And Diego knows just how they can spend the time. He pulls her into his lap y, ay baby! Smoocharama!

Casa Vale

Vale wants Tomás to come to the party with her, but he doesn’t want to go. Because of Lucas. He knows Lucas is going to make her suffer sooner or later. He says she’s going to have to choose between him and Lucas.

Vale’s like, kid, this is not a novela! What’s up with that? She’s happier with Lucas than she’s ever been. Tomás says he’s going to make her cry and he doesn’t want that. But what is it he wants?

“I want you to marry Gabriel.” Vale’s getting a little tired of hearing about Gabriel. And Tomás wants her to go straight for marriage? Seriously, “bájale a la novela!” She’s in love with Lucas. “But I know Gabriel is better for you!” Vale says he’s a little young to understand this, but she’s in love with Lucas and she doesn’t think she can fall in love with anyone else. He’s the bet man in the world and she’s always going to be happy with him. Tomás insists she won’t be.

Casa Carlos

Natalia’s upset that Carlos is going out and he didn’t tell her. She had dinner ready and everything! And she could have gone to Lucas’ 100th episode party instead. She brags about how she so totally could have been an actor! Carlos says yes, she has all the qualities…of a cook. ¡Uf! Natalia warns him to watch out–he’s going to lose her! (Nah, she’d never find anyone else to put up with her like that.)

Felicitas is grumpy about having to eat dinner alone. Nati offers to eat with her, but Ignacio comes over. I forgot he’d been invited to dinner. Felicitas complains about Carlos going out.

Ignacio can just imagine where he’s gone. He tells Feli she made a bad choice and wonders why she never divorced him. “I have my reasons.” He hopes they’re good enough, because Carlos just reconnected with his old flame…the mother of the child Felicitas hid from him. Oooooooh, her face!

She’s really freaked out at the idea of him finding out Eloisa had his child. Believe it or not, she claims to love him. From the look on Ignacio’s face, he doesn’t believe it.


Downstairs, the café is decked out with cardboard cutouts of the actors and a show poster and Miguel got the very expensive champagne. The reporters are their and he watches while Miriam, Jess, and Eloisa show off their Lucaslocas banner for the press.

Salma arrives. She has to announce her arrival the get the press’ attention. Rodrigo breaks away from her as quickly as he can to go hang out with Tomás. They both complain about not wanting to be there. Gabe shows up and tells them about the new game he bought.

Vale and Jess watch him hanging out with the guys. The way he is with Tomás is a point in his favor, and he’s hot, so Vale really needs him to fall for somebody else, quick! Jess says it’s nice Vale thought of her, but she’s holding out for Diego. Vale sighs. Yeah, and Gabe’s too “old” for her anyway.

Lucas arrives and the Lucaslocas give him a cheer. Salma gripes. Lucas gives her a scorching kiss for the cameras and Gabe, Salma, Tomás, and Rodrigo are all grossed out.

Salma tells Eloisa she’s got a special place here. She doesn’t mean it in a nice way.

Agustín shows up and can’t get anyone’s attention. Even Jess and Miriam aren’t terribly interested in him, poor guy. They gripe about Miguel dancing with an actress while he licks the frosting off a cupcake.

Jess goes over to Gabe and won’t take “no” for an answer when she asks him to dance. Also, I think she’s leading. Gabe looks utterly lost.

Vale asks Lucas to do her a favor and try to work on Tomás. He asked her to break up with him and she’s sure it’s because he’s jealous. But Lucas can totally win him over if he just tries.

Jess calls for a conga line.

Carlos shows up at the party. His eyes meet Eloisa’s across the room. She smiles…and there’s something in her teeth.

Eloisa walks him outside and says they’re having this party and he can’t stay. He drives off in his fancy SUV.

Jess gives Miriam the gossip about Gabriel and says he hasn’t taken his eyes off Vale all night. Lucas is giving an interview and Salma shoves Vale out of the way.

Gabe quietly tells Vale this whole world is fake. Lucas is fake. And at the end of the day, he doesn’t love her. Vale gives him a shocked look and he bitterly swigs some more champagne.

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Yes, ITA Eloísa should have charged. I am enjoying the little “dance” between Diego and Adriana. What a fun flirtation!