La Fan Tuesday 2/07/17 #16


Vale thinks Gabe has had too much to drink, but he says drunks tell the truth. Lucas doesn’t love her because he’s not capable of loving anyone but himself. Vale doesn’t think he should be talking smack about his friend. She loves Lucas and she knows Lucas loves her.

Vale goes over to Jess to tell her to forget Gabe. Which there’s no need for since Jess is already in love with Diego. Vale agrees…that she’s in love. Not with Diego. She goes to lurk while Lucas continues giving his interview and Salma continues trying to get attention. Miriam complains to Jess about Miguel dancing with that actress all night. Jess complains that Diego didn’t show up.

Eloisa tells Miriam about Carlos Not!Lopez coming by. Miriam is sure he’ll come back, and this time he’ll stay.

Vale tries talking to Lucas about the party, but the only thing he seems interested in is the press–not the other people there, or the fact that they’re having a good time. Vale says sometimes she can’t understand why someone like him would ever have noticed her. Her life was so different before she met him and sometimes she’s afraid this is just a dream. She’s going to wake up and find out none of it is real.

A photographer interrupts and asks if he can take a picture. He wants them to kiss, so Lucas obliges. Vale’s ready to walk away once the photographer leaves, but Lucas pulls her back and gives her a real kiss.

Gabriel’s drinking so much it’s starting to alarm Salma. He might say too much. She tells him to stay away from Vale, at least until the show is over. He accuses her of only caring about ratings. ¡Obvio! So does Lucas and so should he, because their futures depend on it. Gabriel says he’s not letting Lucas get what’s his again, and by that he means Tomás.

Tomás tells Rod he’d much rather Vale were interested in Gabriel. Rod wishes his mom would be interested in someone other than Lucas. They do not, however, start looking for a likely candidate.

Agustín offers Salma a ride home, which she has no intention of taking…until Lucas says he’s not ready to leave yet. After Salma, Rodrigo, and Agustín have gone, Lucas tries making nice with Tomás, but he can tell Tomás doesn’t like him. He begs Vale to give him an idea. “He loves fútbol!”


Diego’s busy snogging Adriana in the security room. She gets startled when she realizes shirts are about to come off and jumps up, saying they can’t do this! Diego asks why–because of the kissing or because of where they are. Both! It’s crazy!

Diego says a guy like him waits a long time to do something this crazy. “Don’t get all romantic!” He says he’s not, he just has sooooo many feelings. *smoochies*

Adriana insists it’s crazy and they shouldn’t be in there kissing. Diego insists what he feels is serious and his heart’s on fire for her. He doesn’t think she wants him to get away from her.

He’s about to kiss her again when the next shift starts. They button up and argue about who’s going to answer the door.

No idea how the security room situation was resolved, but Adriana cannot stop thinking about Diego’s kisses. Good thing he’s still there to refresh her memory. Like, right there, in her office, sneaking up behind her. He wants to know one thing–does she want him to quit and leave her alone?

No…if they could just…avoid each other. Diego doesn’t know if he can do that. Not if he’s not out of her life. He can’t stay away from her–every time he sees her he wants to get closer. Adriana has more willpower. She escapes his orbit and says she’s leaving. His eyes are red.

Casa Carlos

Felicitas freaks out about Carlos finding out how she separated him from Eloisa and lied about his child. She swears to Ignacio that she loves Carlos and she’s done so many things to get his attention–terrible things–waiting for him to love her. Ignacio thought she was having fun screwing around with the models. Felicitas says it’s like self-medication for her.

Ignacio’s crabby that she never picked him. She was always waiting for Carlos. He says it’s too late for that, now that he’s found Eloisa again.

Ignacio is about to take off when Carlos shows up. Felicitas leaves them alone. Carlos admits to Ignacio that he saw Eloisa. For some reason there was a cast party at the café and it’s worrying him that things are getting so mixed up. Maybe he shouldn’t see her again.

Casa Lucas

Y’all, I think I’m getting misty. Lucas is up early studying fútbol. Salma comes over, bragging that they have all day to be together…and since when does he watch fútbol? Lucas is trying to stay away from her and Salma notices. Is he falling for his own story–that he’s Vale’s boyfriend? Is he in love with her? Or with the woman who’s raising Lucía’s child?

That’s right, Salma knows about Lucía. She checked into his past herself and then Gabe confirmed a few things for her. So did it affect him to meet Lucia’s son? Lucas says Gabe is being entirely too nosy and why should it have affected him? Tomás is the child of the guy Lucía left him for.

Salma’s not sure, even after all this time, that he’s not affected by everything to do with Lucía.

Lucas doesn’t want Salma to take this the wrong way, but he’d really like to be alone and actually rest on his day off. Salma knows he’s upset because she brought up Lucía…but she’s dead and Salma isn’t and Salma loves him! Lucas says they can go to dinner. He’ll make something up for Vale.

When she’s gone, he thinks about Lucía.

He asked her once if she’d ever thought about having kids and she said maybe she hadn’t met anyone who she wanted to have kids with before. Lucas agreed–but the first time he saw her he thought “There’s the mother of my children.” Lucía laughed and called him a liar.

He sighs and says he still is. A liar.


Vale gets kidnapped by a couple of guys in norteñowear and shoved into an SUV.

They get to Quique’s house and Vale’s still thinking this is a kidnapping for ransom. When Quique welcomes her, she looks like she wants to deck him. But then she hugs him. It’s been forever! Quique’s missed her too.

“You know, you could have called me.” She complains about his henches and how he really needs to have some better hiring practices.

She wants to hear all about the music business! Quique says he’s not singing professionally. Vale hopes he’s not going around trying to kill his wife’s lovers. Because she’s sure Lucas hasn’t gone looking for Roxie again…no, wait, did he? Say it isn’t so!

Quique says he doesn’t think so, but at any rate, he’s “eliminated” Roxie from his life. He draws his thumb across his neck. Yikes! He’s never seen her again and neither will anyone else. Just like Vale suggested. (Ummm….)

So why is she here? He doesn’t tell her right away, but she calls home so they won’t worry. Before he tells her, he reminds her that he spared Lucas’ life, so now she owes him a favor. “Don’t scare me Quique! Are you going to ask me to get rid of someone?!”

Dude, no, that’s why he has Artemio. (Yeah, I laughed….) It’s not about death at all, it’s about life. Vale doesn’t get it.

Quique wants her to get pregnant.

“¡Perrrrrrrrrrrrdon!” He’s going way too far! She’s a decent woman! She’s a one-man woman and that one man is Lucas Duarte! +another 1000 words.

When he can finally get a word in, he explains he doesn’t want her to have HIS baby. He has something he needs her to keep safe and he thinks Vale’s the only one who can do it. He’s got some diamonds and a fake belly. And there is no possibility of her refusing or Artemio’s actually going to do his job.

Vale’s all decked out in her fake belly and a maternity outfit. Quique thinks she looks great. She just needs to hide the jewels for him for a few days. Vale complains, but he reminds her that she owes him.


Eloisa tells Miguel she can’t believe how great the party turned out! Uh huh. He could’ve sworn he saw that old friend of hers.

Eloisa calls to check on Carlos Lopez and he’s doing ok. Miriam asks what about the other Carlos. Is he married? Does he have kids? Eloisa didn’t ask, but she’s about to get her chance.

Carlos Z is back. Eloisa explains again about the party and asks him how things have been going for him. Oh, he’s not working at the bank anymore. He’s a chauffeur now. At least he tells the truth about being married and having a daughter.


Diego comes over to Felicitas’ unexpectedly. She thinks it’s perfect timing. She’s feeling…inspired.

Natalia tells Adriana her mom wants her to come to the studio to talk to something very serious…about Carlos.

Adriana has no intention of visiting Felicitas. Natalia bugs her about it and then whines about how she really needs to meet someone and maybe she could stop by the company sometime. There’s gotta be some hot dudes hanging around there, right? And she’s sooooooo lonely. Adriana tells her not to worry…but people work at the company, they don’t use it as a pickup joint.

Diego’s anxious to get the posing over with and turns down Felicitas’ offer to tomar un break. Because he never drinks while he’s working (tomar = take, eat, drink). Felicitas gets a chuckle out of that. She asks if he’s in a hurry to meet someone…a girlfriend? Diego says he doesn’t have one, but there is someone he’s into.

Before they can talk about it, Felicitas’ phone rings. Natalia thinks she’s convinced Adriana to go over. Felicitas tells Diego he’ll have to leave–she’s expecting a visitor. But first she insists on dressing him.

Diego barely makes it a block away before realizing he forgot his jacket. When he turns around to go back for it, Adriana parks her car in front of the shopping center and Diego hides from her.

Adriana’s not really in the mood to play nice and no, she’s not going to ever forgive Felicitas, so she’d like her to just get to the point about whatever she wanted to say about Carlos. OK then. “He’s not what you think.” Adriana doesn’t want to hear her bad-mouth her dad, aka the only man she looks up to.

Felicitas tells Adriana about the affair with Eloisa, minus the names. Adriana kinda doesn’t care, given the way Felicitas behaves. And besides, it’s in the past. Felicitas says it’s not–he found her again.

At the café, Carlos tells Eloisa about his bad marriage. “Worse than Chinese tequila.” He’s never divorced her, but now that he’s seen Eloisa again, things have changed.

Diego gets back to the café and Eloisa pulls him over to meet her friend, Carlos “Lopez .”

So much for a day off

Earlier…Gabe remembers getting the call that he’s Tomás’ dad. Tomás calls and invites him over to watch fútbol and play games. Gabe says he’s on his way and starts caffeinating.

Instead, he comes over to Lucas’ and gets an earful about telling Salma about Lucía. That was private. “You’re an actor. You don’t have a private life.” (Dude! So wrong!) Lucas insists that part of his life is–Lucía was so important to him and she cheated on him and now he has to look at the proof of that all the time and Tomás probably looks like his dad. Gabe says that’s why he told Lucas to stay away from Vale. Riiiiight.

Gabe insists everything he’s been doing lately has been for Lucas’ own good. Lucas isn’t convinced. Well, Gabe’s not convinced that Lucas isn’t interested in Vale. In fact, he thinks Lucía and Vale are a lot alike–luchadoras (fighters), soñadoras (dreamers), emprendedoras (enterprising). Sounds to Lucas like Gabe knew Lucía well. Gabe agrees he did. And if Lucas was able to fall in love with Lucía, he doesn’t see why he couldn’t fall in love with Vale too.

Casa Salma

Agustín comes over to tell her his friend Julian, the lawyer, said Rodrigo’s dad is dying. He got beat up in prison. (Did we know he was in prison? And why is Julian telling Agustín? And who is Julian?) Salma swears him to secrecy and asks him to keep her posted. Actually, Julian passed on a message–Rodrigo’s dad wants to see her.

This is going to take some explaining

Pregnant!Vale shows up at Lucas’ apartment. “It’s not what you think!” She tells him Quique is making her wear a belly full of gems.

Vale gets the belly off and shows Lucas the rocks. And Quique said they were genuine. She’s worried about her rolling bag for her groceries and Lucas is worried she’s gotten herself into serious legal trouble here! Vale insists this is his fault–it was Quique’s price for not killing him before and she couldn’t say “no.” Not to Quique! And no way can they put them in a safe deposit box or call the cops. Quique will kill them both!

Sure enough, the cops raid Quique’s house and he’s mentally patting himself on the back for his brilliant idea.

Vale is sure in a few days she’ll hand the diamonds off to Quique and this will all be over. Lucas isn’t so sure. Vale’s afraid of Quique following through on his threat and killing her. Lucas seems no less freaked out.

Vale doesn’t want to take the gems home and put Tomás at risk. And Lucas doesn’t want to keep them there and risk himself.

They’re contemplating getting a safe deposit box when then the cops come a’knocking.

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Autora/ Author

So seriously, can this show be any more entertaining? Jess is a hoot, Adriana and Diego are sizzling hot, the boys are genuine and cute but not obnoxious and the story lines are fun. Please don’t let us down, show!

“He’s never seen her again and neither will anyone else. Just like Vale suggested. (Ummm….)”

This is why I need you. I always need confirmation when I watch telenovelas because I don’t trust my own ears. I was pretty sure this is what I heard (and ditto the “Ummmm”. Thanks for being my back up ears. 😀

Autora/ Author

PS-I’m still rooting for Gabe, but I think it’s just the way Porras is playing him. But Lucas is gaining ground with me.

Visita/ Guest

Kat, good comment about”those little flashes of genuine Lucas.” I hope we see more of those.

Sara, I sure hope this show does not let us down. It has been effortless to watch 5 nights a week; quite an accomplishment.

I was happy to see Quique back in the mix.