La Fan Wednesday 2/08/17 #17


Vale tries to tell the cops they’ve got the wrong apartment, but that doesn’t work. She runs into the bathroom to put the belly back on while Lucas opens the door. It’s really the cops, and they have a warrant to search the house for precious gems. Which is kind of scary. Why there? How did they know?

The cops start searching the apartment and the one in charge is kind of a fan–or at least his wife is. And he’s an actor–he had a part in a movie once. And he seems to have some baby experience, too, because he notes Vale looks 5 or 6 months pregnant. So Lucas isn’t the father, right? Because his wife said they haven’t been dating long. Lucas and Vale beg him not to say anything–they don’t want a scandal.

The apartment is clean and the officer explains they had to check because they followed Vale from Quique’s. He doesn’t bother asking why she was there. But could he have them make a little video saying hello to his wife?

It takes seven takes. And then he wants to make sure they’ll call if they ever need another actor. And then he wants a selfie with the three of them.

Finally they’re gone and Vale’s phone rings. She tells Quique about the visit from the police. They followed her from his place. She wants to give the rocks back right away, but Quique says it’s going to be a while.


Diego doesn’t seem to have remembered Carlos from work. Diego and Miguel agree Carlos is no “old friend,” he’s an ex. A lover, even.

Carlos asks Eloisa out later. His “boss” loaned him the car and gave him the night off. “What about your wife?” Oh, she’s not invited. He promises they’re leading separate lives, it’s cool. Eloisa agrees to go to dinner with him and walks him to the door. Diego is waiting behind her to give her a hard time about being happy. She says it’s no more than normal.

Now that that’s over with, Diego suddenly remembers why he was freaking out when he got there in the first place and tells Miguel about his little painter/Presi situation. Diego’s worried Adriana went in there to buy a painting. Miguel thinks it’s a hoot–Diego posing naked for money?! Is the canvas the size of a passport photo? Diego is not amused.


Felicitas tells Adriana it’s true–Carlos fell for this other woman and the only reason he didn’t leave her was she separated them. She won’t say how. But he found her again and Felicitas doesn’t think she can separate them this time. (I’m still not sure why Adriana should care.)

Casa Salma

Salma absolutely refuses to go see her ex. She doesn’t care how close to death he is, and Agustín even calls for an update. He offers to go in her place. He’d do anything for her. In that case, Salma tells him NOT to go.

Father-son day

Gabe made it over to Vale’s with burgers and fries for him and Tomás and ice cream for later. And he bought some new games. Tomás says Vale’s not really into games. “Well, that’s more of a dad thing than a mom thing.” Clearly Gabe doesn’t know the moms I know. Anyway, Tomás doesn’t know his dad. He’s just had Vale since his mom died.

Belly drama

Salma shows up at Lucas’ apartment and he’s only vaguely in the mood. She gets distracted by the TV…

Vale gets home and the guys say they had a great time and can they turn on the TV now and watch a sports show?

Instead, it’s a special report from TV Romance: Lucas Duarte and La Fan are having a baby.

So much for not causing a scandal.

Vale gets Gabe and Tomás to calm down and listen to her. Does she look pregnant? Tomás says she’s not showing yet. Well, duh! Because she’s not pregnant. She would tell him if she were. She shows them both the fake belly stuffed in her purse and they instantly blame Lucas. Gabe says he’d do anything for ratings. Vale shoots him a warning look and he decides he and Tomás should watch that sports show.

Salma doesn’t buy Lucas’ explanation, but she should know a belly doesn’t grow that fast! It’s a panza de utilería (prop belly). They got in some trouble with a mafioso and he gave something to Vale….

Whatever. All Salma cares about is that everybody’s going to think Lucas has been cheating on her for months. He’s ruining her image for that fan de cuarta (crappy; fourth-rate)…no! de quinta (really crappy; fifth-rate)!

Jess gets Eloisa ready for her date. She’s shocked that Carlos is married. “But he’s getting a divorce!” Jess’ response to that is “La manga del muerto,” which in this context means something like “yeah, right” but various other sources say you can use it for “etc.” or “blah, blah, blah.”

Anyway, she was dating a guy once who said he was getting a divorce and then it turned out he had a kid. Eloisa says it’s just dinner. Diego wonders why she’s all dressed up and Eloisa tells him the same thing–she’s going out to dinner.

Miriam comes running in, all upset. She doesn’t care about Eloisa’s date–did they hear about the gossip that Vale is pregnant? And it didn’t just happen, because she has a belly out to HERE. People online are starting to say that she and Lucas have known each other for a long time and Vale was never his fan!

Jess and Miriam head upstairs and Vale gives them a somewhat? plausible explanation. She was over at Lucas’, the fake belly was there, she put it on as a joke, and then the cops came over because they were searching the building. She doesn’t care what people are saying.

Gabe says she’s going to have to keep being pregnant. Jess thinks that’s a terrible idea. People are already saying she’s a fake, the contest was fake, the romance is fake. Vale whines “What do I do?” and there’s the sound of a bird flying overhead–everyone else seems to hear it too.

Salma does not think Salma deserves what’s happening. Lucas repeats what Miriam said about people saying it’s all fake. He starts getting social media notifications–he’s a liar, they hate him, he played with their hopes, they’ll never watch him again. Salma gloats.

Vale gets Tomás to go to bed. She’s willing to tell Gabe the truth, but she’s not sure if the truth is any better than what the fans are saying. She’s got a mafioso’s jewels in the fake belly.

Gabe is adamant those cannot stay here! They’ll put Tomás in danger! Vale agrees, but she doesn’t know what to do. Gabe says he’ll take them…but not the belly. They’re going to need a plan to deal with that. Vale is so grateful. She feels so alone sometimes. Gabe says he’s doing it for Tomás. And a little bit for her. That hug? Does not look like “a little bit.”

Salma thinks Salma deserves a night of passion after all she’s put up with. Lucas is way too stressed for that! Of course he’s worried about Vale–she’s at her apartment, alone, with jewels worth a fortune. Can’t Salma think of someone other than herself for once?! He has to find someplace to hide the gems. “Well, don’t count on me!”

Oh, he never thought he could. He suggests she pick up her stuff and leave. Salma gives him a little “Smell my shampoo” action on her way out the door.


Diego’s still huffy over Eloisa going out. It’s not that she had an ex, it’s the idea that she could have been cheating on their dad. Miriam comes downstairs and tells “Othello” to back off and let his mom have her life.

Diego says fine, he will. He asks Miriam to do him a favor. Does she have her computer?

Adriana wonders where her dad is and Natalia helpfully gives her too much information. He went out, all dressed up, smelling good, and he looked happy. Adriana sarcastically thanks her for the info and says she’s skipping dinner.

Diego wants Miriam to look up an artist named Felicity and see if she has any connection to Adriana Zubizarreta. And then he gets a call from his favorite Presi.

She apologizes several times for not keeping her distance like she said they should, but she needed to talk to somebody. Her mom’s talking smack about her dad, trying to hurt her again. Diego tells her to ignore her mom–she knows what she’s like. She should try to react differently to her. Adriana says he’s wiser than he looks.

“I’m not just a pretty face.” But seriously, he’s there for her no matter what she needs. Adriana’s wondering if anything in her world is real and he says he is. He offers to play ¡Basta! over the phone, but she laughs and says she’s going to bed.

Miriam has finished her search and found out that Felicitas is Adriana’s mom. “No way! My luck can’t be that bad!” Diego swears her to secrecy and says he’s Felicitas’ model. And Adriana’s his boss, but she’s also his crush.

Felicitas gets home drunk. She went out and had a drink alone and blames Adriana. She had to throw out her “favorite” model because of Adriana’s visit to the studio. Yes, yes, she thought all models were her favorite, but this one is different.

Adriana would rather not hear the details. OK, but Felicitas wants the details about Adriana and the new employee at work. Oh yeah, she knows alllll about that and what’s more, so does Carlos. And he wasn’t happy.

At dinner, Eloisa tells Carlos she doesn’t want to cause problems in his marriage. He promises if she gives him another chance he’ll get a divorce. Eloisa doesn’t want to be responsible for that. Carlos says she wouldn’t be breaking up his family–his daughter is an adult. He never got a divorce because he didn’t have a reason.

But now she’s giving him motivation to start his life over. He never wants to be away from her again. Eloisa says she’s had a great time, but now she needs to go home.

Carlos gets home to find Adriana waiting up to interrogate him. If she didn’t know better she’d say he was out on a date. “That’s your mother, not me.” Adriana says she needs to ask him a question and she needs the truth from him. Carlos repeats the lie that he would never lie to her. Like he just did a minute ago.

Adriana says her mom told her that he had reconnected with an old love. Is that true?

Yep. And he doesn’t want to talk about it. He goes up to bed.

Diego fills Miguel in on the latest twist in his love life. He can’t quit modeling for Felicitas because he owes her a ton of money. Miguel agrees, that’s pretty bad, but does he really like his boss that much? Diego says he does. “Then you have to tell her.” Oh, hell no. Diego says there’s no way out of this for him. He’s going to have to get away from both of them.

Pajama party

Lucas rushes over to Vale’s, very dramatically worried about her. Vale’s touched. But Gabe took the diamonds. Lucas is annoyed.

Well, has she heard what the media is saying? Vale doesn’t care. Lucas says the novela‘s going to tank. Vale looks concerned now.

Well, Lucas decides it’s about time to go. Vale thanks him for looking out for her. She leans in for a kiss and he kisses her on the forehead. It’s possible I exclaimed “What the hell was THAT?!”

Miriam comes running up to the apartment to warn them there are reporters outside. Vale suggests Lucas spend the night to avoid them. Miriam pulls her glasses down on her nose and gapes at Vale. Vale gives her a few silent “No!”s.

Vale gets Lucas set up on the couch. Tomás grumpily asks what HE’S doing here and Vale tells him to say hello first. She explains about the reporters. Tomás is sure Lucas is the one who started this rumor anyway, so why doesn’t he go down there and set the record straight? Vale says Lucas did NOT cause this, it was a misunderstanding. Whatever. Tomás doesn’t want him here. He stomps off to his room.

“I get the impression he doesn’t like me.” Vale says it’s only a matter of time. Who could not like Lucas Duarte?! Lucas does his “Why, yes, I am awesome!” grin as Vale hugs him. I’m ok with the spontaneous forehead kiss there. At least it looked sincere.

Lucas is so incredibly pouty. He doesn’t have his face creams! Or his toothbrush! Or his goose down pillows that don’t give him allergies! Or his sleeping pills! How is he supposed to sleep without his sleeping pills! Vale offers to give him a foot massage like she does when Tomás can’t sleep.


She offers him tea. “What kind? Green?” Um…kind of brown? Lucas turns her down. He sniffs that this is his test. All the same, Vale’s glad he’s there.

Casa Salma

Agustín checked on Salma’s ex and he’s not dying after all. Yay? He sent another message and she’s not going to like it. If she doesn’t visit him tomorrow, he’s going to tell his whole story with her. (Ooh! Ooh! Don’t go!)

In the morning…

Damn, Salma’s going to the prison. Her “disguise” sucks. She complains about having to show her ID because she doesn’t want anyone knowing she shaved off five years ten years ago. And her name isn’t Salma. It’s Hilda Catalina Gomez. Agustín snorts. He can’t resist telling “Hilda” they should get going.

Vale’s got nothing Lucas-suitable in the house for breakfast. She offers him reheated coffee from last night. He’s not down with that. Also his neck is all screwed up from sleeping on the couch. Gabe comes over. He’d love a reheated coffee from last night!

Gabe has talked to the production team and he has a plan….

We don’t hear all of the plan, but TV Romance is coming over to do an interview at Vale’s and Vale needs to put the belly back on. Gabe stashed the diamonds, but he doesn’t say where.

Carlos is annoyed that Felicitas told Adriana about him and Eloisa, but he also says she’s doing him a favor. This time around he won’t have to hide things. She reminds him if he wants a divorce it’s going to cost him half his assets. He doesn’t care. “Eloisa’s worth more than that.” Well, good, because Felicitas found someone she likes more than him and she’s willing to divorce him.

Quique doesn’t know what to do. The cops are breathing down his neck and the press is all over Vale, thanks to that actor. Artemio suggests they kill him already. Quique’s down with that. He cackles.

Eloisa is frustrated about all the reporters in the café. She thinks they’ll drive away the clientele. Miram thinks they’ll attract them. They both agree they’re not going to talk to them.

But that doesn’t mean Eloisa can’t talk about her date, right? Eloisa says it was exciting, but she wasn’t up for any action. If you know what I mean. Miguel comes over to straighten out stuff on the counter and Miriam tells him they’re not going to talk anymore until he’s gone. Heh.

Eloisa tells Miriam it was like the past came rushing back. He said he’d get divorced for her. She’s nervous and she feels guilty and she’s hiding things from him.

Like…? “Yeah, mom, I’d also like to know what things you’re hiding.” So much for getting rid of Miguel.

Felicitas tells Carlos she’s enjoying her new man, and she likes that he plays hard to get. (That doesn’t bode well.) She doesn’t think that Carlos is really going to follow through with the divorce this time. Sure, sure, he said he was determined to divorce her last time, too, and over the same woman!

Felicitas changes her mind. She doesn’t want him to be happy with Eloisa. She’s not giving him a divorce.

Eloisa says there are things about her past she doesn’t want to share. Miguel says that’s not a secret, that’s discretion.

Diego comes in and pulls Miguel aside. He’s figured it out. He’ll ask Felicitas for a payment plan to get her off his back, then he’ll give Adriana the space she asked for.

Which would have been a perfect plan, but Adriana shows up, saying she’s there to check out Diego’s physical state. Is he ready to show her how good he is? Miriam looks in alarm at the two bros smiling at Adriana.

The reporter from TV Romance sits Lucas down in Vale’s living room to tell the public what’s going on. Well…Vale’s baby isn’t his.

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Thanks for another fun recap. What a fun episode yet again!

My favorite part was when after Lucas turns down the day old coffee, Gabriel eagerly takes a cup. Lucas is such a prima donna!