La Fan Friday 2/10/17 #19

She’s gone

Gabe and Lucas are both upset and neither of them knows how this could have happened. All Gabe knows is that he was in the hallway and someone asked for a family member of Ms. Perez and told him they’d done everything they could. He thinks they must have taken Vale in and operated on her by mistake.

They happen to run into that nurse who took Vale back and she sadly explains that it’s true…she came to get Ms. Perez, they knocked her out with the anesthesia–and there’s Vale in a hospital bed, sleeping–and then the operation started and she died. It was a mistake! She doesn’t see so well, and she confused their Valeria Perez for the one she was looking for.

“MINE IS VALENTINA!” both guys yell at once. Then they turn to each other and scream “¡LA MÍA!” She’s very sorry for their loss. And also hers, because she’s sure she’s fired.

Lucas goes to the chapel. He prays for God’s and Valentina’s forgiveness. She was happy when he met her, with her with her family, her son. He remembers all the highlights of their relationship. He’s going to miss her, but she’ll always be with him.

Gabriel comes in to get him–they’ll have to go over to Vale’s and tell everyone what happened. Gabe will take care of the hospital stuff. And he’s going to take care of Tomás.

Lucas says he must be feeling guilty–the stupid contest was all his idea. Gabe agrees, he does feel guilty. But even if Lucas doesn’t believe it, he feels a lot of love for Tomás. Yeah, Lucas doesn’t believe it.

The guys are still sitting in the waiting room, trying to gather the strength to go on. Gabe calls Vale a torbellino (whirlwind) of love. Lucas agrees–everything changed when she came along. And he was just starting to love her. So was Gabe.

Vale walks in and sits next to them. The guys start showering her with hugs and kisses. She’s a little confused and wonders what’s wrong with them. Lucas asks her what happened.

Well, they left her to go to the caf, some ditzy nurse insisted on taking her to surgery and wouldn’t listen to her. She left her outside the operating room and Vale hitched a ride to the caf with an orderly. They weren’t in the caf anymore, but she was hungry–did they try the tacos? Good, right? And those little lemon cakes?

Lucas tells her to get back to the story! Oh, she waited for a while, started coming back, found an empty room, took a nap, and here she is. What happened to them?

Lucas says they told them she was dead. He kisses her cheek again and puts his hand on the other side of her face so Gabe can’t. Heh.

Isn’t it so great that Vale’s back from the dead? Now the boys can fight over her like a doll. Who’s more upset, who she belongs to…. Vale tells them to cut it out already. She’s alive, nothing happened.

Gabe says they have to go back to the plan and go tell the press the pregnancy se interrumpió (ended). Vale and Lucas are both sick of lying. Gabe says he’ll do it. No, Lucas will do it! They’re here for him, he should confront them. He just doesn’t know what to say.

Vale says she’s figured it out. He has to say what he said in episode 28, scene 5, third dialogue in Amar Duele when he lost his baby and he said

There are moments in life no one wants to experience. This is one of them. I don’t have the words to tell you the pain I feel. I lost my child and it’s a nightmare I know I’ll never wake up from.

Vale cried so much during that scene! But how did he memorize all that dialogue? Lucas says he used an apuntador (prompter). Annabel. She’s the best.

OK, he needs a minute to prepare. Gabe goes to get the press while Lucas struggles to remember the line. (I know it’s supposed to be funny, but it does suck that they’re playing with people’s emotions like this.)

Lucas delivers his one line with a maximum of dramatics and a minimum of sincerity. And the reporters let him off with that. Thus endeth the fake pregnancy plot.

Vale and Gabe hide out in a room, waiting. Vale can’t wait to get home to Tomás. Everything that happened has moved her so much. Gabe agrees–when he thought he was never going to see Vale again, it was the worst moment of his life. He wants her to know that Tomás will always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always have someone who’s there for him. “Always?” Vale asks. Just checking.


Diego thinks the mysteriously unplugged computer is so ridiculous there’s no other explanation but that she did it on purpose. Adriana says maybe she just pulled the monitor over and that’s how it happened. Whatever. Diego has work to do. She keeps calling him back, asking if he wants to have some coffee or tea…and if she needs something fixed she can call him and he’ll come fix it, right? He rolls his eyes and leaves.

Good grief, Adriana’s going to wreck her office before the day is over. She spills water all over her floor and starts screaming for him. Her office is flooded! She has no idea where this water is coming from! Diego says there’s a busted pipe on the second floor, but here…?

Adriana pens him under her desk with her legs. *sigh* The only thing that keeps this from being Felicitas is that he actually likes her. But still, it’s sexual harassment.

Benicio and Carlos are done discussing an investment Benicio wants to make that Carlos thinks is a good idea, not that it should matter because Carlos isn’t his boss anymore. Felicitas is also visiting. Oh. How fun. She was bored. Her models were all busy. Except her favorite, who she didn’t call because it prolongs the pleasure. *barf* Anyway, she’s here to chat with Adriana.

Adriana, who still has Diego under her desk looking for a nonexistent leak when Felicitas walks in.

Felicitas starts in on how Carlos is going to divorce her and leave her without a cent. Oh, sure she’s got her “models” and there’s one in particular who’s driving her wild…. Adriana suggests they not talk here. She’s got someone under her desk fixing something. Diego sticks just his hand out from under the desk and makes a peace sign.

OK, Felicitas is fine to go somewhere else. She asks if the guy is cute and Diego frantically wags his finger “no” at Adriana.

At the door, they run into Carlos, who’s looking for some papers. Adriana says he can check her desk, but she’s got someone working under it. As soon as they’re gone, Diego pops up and asks what his mom’s friend “Carlos Lopez” is doing here!

Carlos says he’s…Carlos Zubizarreta’s chauffeur. Diego wonders what Carlos Z is like. He’s heard a lot of bad things about him. Carlos Fake!Lopez defends his “boss.” Hm…well, Diego heard he leaves all the work to Adriana. What a conchudo (slacker) huh?

Later, Adriana asks Diego to please not repeat what her mother said. No worries, it’s not his style. And did he find where the water was coming from?

Well, he found two bottles of water in the trash can. Gosh, she doesn’t remember spilling anything! She’s just been so distracted lately. Uh huh.

Diego asks if she knows her dad’s chauffeur. He thinks his mom has a relationship with him. Adriana doesn’t really know her dad’s chauffeur, but what a coincidence. She motions for Diego to get out of her chair and he says he’ll go and take the (now empty) water bottles with him so they don’t spill again.

Felicitas finds Diego having lunch in the cafeteria. She smarms about how much she missed him and needed to see him. They really need better security in this building.


Jess checks with Eloisa, but of course she’s not upset about her friends liking her sons. Her sons are delightful! Who wouldn’t be interested in them!

Eloisa goes with Jess and Miriam to look at the apartment Miriam found. She thinks it’s perfect for them and they should invite the boys over for a housewarming party.

Miriam finds Miguel at the café, where he’s busy. Working. She invites him to her and Jess’ housewarming party. He shouldn’t bring a date because the apartment isn’t that big.


Salma is tired of this crap. Salma is beautiful, young, successful! Salma has everything! Agustín says she has him too and he loves her. Well, Salma’s not going to let him go. Salma grabs him and snogs him.

Which is cool with Justin, but they’re not rolling. He tells them to cut, but they pay no attention. He shoos everyone out of the frame and tells the camera guy to start recording!

Salma has decided that Agustín is the guy for her. He’s the one who’s going to give her the place she deserves to have in his life…right? Oh, totally! He starts to kiss her, but she drags him over to make a Facebook Live broadcast announcing that she’s with Agustín. He looks surprised, but keeps it together until she’s done recording. Then he starts to cry.

He gets a call from Suarez, the lawyer. Nicolas escaped from prison. Salma panics. She’s sure he’s going to come kill her. Sure, he wasn’t a murderer before he went to prison but prison’s, like, murder school. (*facepalm*) She never went to visit him and she never sent him money or food or anything. Agustín promises he’s going to take care of her.

Jess gives Salma a hair and makeup touch-up and congratulates her on her new relationship. Which now means she’ll be leaving Lucas alone, right? Salma agrees–Lucas is in the past. She gets a text from an unknown number: “I’m nearby, Hilda.”

Casa Vale

Vale and Lucas get back to the café/apartments and find a crowd waiting outside. Vale’s touched by this outpouring of love. So is Lucas, but he tells one guy the flowers are a little much. Oh, they’re not for Lucas. These are Vale’s fans. Fans of La Fan.

Lucas is in shock…did he say he’s a fan of Vale’s? Yep. He’s the president of El Vale Fans. But Vale’s not even an actress! Oh, no, she’s so much more than that! Vale’s honored and accepts the flowers. She shakes hands with her fan club president, Pablo Miró “like the painter.” He admires her push, her strength, her passion, her drive to keep going! And she’s not alone!

Lucas agrees–she’s with him! Vale invites Pablo in for coffer, but Lucas says she doesn’t have time right now. They all start chanting her name as she and Lucas head inside.

Inside, he tells Vale she has to be careful. That guy could be “crazy.” Vale pointing out that she was his fan and now she’s his girlfriend doesn’t help. He just doesn’t trust that guy.

Vale’s delighted! He’s jealous of her fan! She answers her phone and talks to Jessica. Yes, everything’s resolved. Lucas is a little jealous…she’ll tell her all about it later. They’re moving in together? What good news! They’ll talk tomorrow.

Tomás comes stomping in to the living room, upset. Vale’s not a liar! What’s happening to her?! Vale follows him back to his room, leaving Lucas to check his phone notifications. He sees the news about Salma’s new “relationship.”

Vale tells Tomás that it hurts for him to call her a liar…but she knows he’s right. And she doesn’t feel good about it either. She tells him it wasn’t Lucas’ fault she had to do the fake pregnancy thing, but she can’t tell him what happened–she needs to keep him out of it. She promises it will be the last time. “And I have to believe you?” Vale says he does and he should trust her.

Lucas comes in and awkwardly asks if Tomás wants to talk or play something. At least Tomás says no “thank you.” He was on his way out anyway. Lucas wanders over to the portrait of Lucía and says he met her–Lucía. In Cancún. He knew her very well.

Vale doesn’t understand. That’s the kind of thing Lucía would have told her! They watched the novela every night, she was a superfan. Is he sure? Lucas says he’s sure. She served drinks and she was charming.

Vale is walking Lucas to the door. It’s late. It’s been a long day. And Lucas realizes he doesn’t feel like leaving. Even though he doesn’t have his creams or his goose-down pillow or his electric toothbrush, he wants to stay with her tonight. It’s been an unforgettable day. Thinking he would never see her again…he imagined himself going to the studio everyday without her, without her advice or her breakfasts or her patience, without her helping him learn his lines. He imagined a life without her and he didn’t like it.

Vale says this isn’t the first time he’s said pretty things to her, but she thinks it’s the first time she’s thought he really loves her. She hugs him and Lucas looks surprised at himself.

Casa Salma

Rodrigo notices something’s wrong with Salma at dinner. She says she’s just not hungry. She panics when he reaches for the ringing phone and claims she just hasn’t seen him all week and she wants to talk. She doesn’t know what to talk about.

Rodrigo suggests they talk about her boyfriend. He likes that she’s seeing someone so she’ll forget Lucas. Or is that a plan? Salma says it’s real. She and Agustín are starting a relationship. Rodrigo is happy they’re not cheating on La Fan anymore. (Did he grow between the last episode he was in and now? I know he’s sitting down, but I swear he looks taller!)

Gabe comes over and Salma calls him on his phone to make sure it’s really him on the other side of the door. He doesn’t understand what’s going on and Salma doesn’t explain.

He came over to find out what’s going on with her and Agustín. Salma says it’s for real. She’s giving Agustín a chance. Gabe reminds her she’s supposed to be with Lucas and his relationship with Vale is only going to last until the show ends. “Well, I heard it’s getting an extension.” (Uh…couldn’t happen to a nicer cast?)

Gabe pleads with her–she had to wait for Lucas. Well, Salma is not waiting for Lucas. Salma has no more love left for Lucas.

Someone slips an envelope under her door. She makes Gabe pick it up for her. It’s a picture of her taking a selfie.

Gabe’s ready to split, but Salma begs him to stay, just tonight, and sleep with her. NO! Not like that! She’s just having a little panic attack and she needs company. She can’t breathe! She needs something! Wine!

Gabe offers to call Agustín, but he had an event tonight. Salma says she’ll make up the sofa for him. What? He’s not sleeping on the couch. He’ll hurt his back. OK, he can sleep in her bed and she’ll sleep with Rodrigo. He’s still staying, but he makes a face like he’s thinking maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad to sleep with her.


Carlos Z comes over to the café. He makes sure to mention that he saw Diego today, but Eloisa hasn’t seen him, so she didn’t hear about that. Carlos wants to tell her something very important–he’s decided to divorce his wife.

Carlos Z and Eloisa are trying to fit 25 years of missed opportunities into one desperate snogging session in the café. She’s nervous because she hasn’t been with anyone in so long, but he says he’ll “take care of” her.

They’re interrupted by Carlos Actually-Lopez. “Am I interrupting?”

Carlos Z gives him a hostile glare and says that’s the stupidest question he’s ever heard.

Carlos Lopez is…well, he’s moving in. He got kicked out of his old place. Apparently Mami had a gambling problem and she was behind on the rent. He says he’ll just stay in the back room and he won’t be any bother.

Carlos Z begs her to say no, but Eloisa can’t. He was going to throw himself off a bridge. She has to take care of…Carlos.


Miriam and Jessica are getting their new apartment ready for the party. I didn’t like Miriam’s outfit at first, with the plunging neckline, but somehow the shorts make it ok. More casual or something. We’ve got a lot of shorts on this show. Anyway, as for Jessica’s silver lamé bubble dress…she looks like she should have green skin, a blaster pistol, and go-go boots. Jess also borrowed some feather boas from wardrobe. I cannot back her on that play. Also, if Miriam’s going to have a plunging neckline, then what’s the point of a feather boa to cover it up?

Tell me they did not invite just Miguel and Diego? They did, didn’t they? Adriana calls Diego and claims to have a problem in the kitchen and she didn’t know who else to call, so…can he come over? Natalia, on Adriana’s end, keeps shouting that there’s nothing wrong in the kitchen and totally messes up Adriana’s seduction attempt. Which would have failed anyway, because no way is Diego going to her house.

She hears Jess behind him and the music going and asks if he’s at a party. “Something like that.” Pobre Adriana. She apologizes for calling him and looks dejected.

Diego thinks it’s strange no one else has shown up. Miriam and Jess pretend all their other friends stood them up, but Miguel doesn’t believe it. Diego’s a little slower on the uptake. Jess and Miriam talk them into having drinks.

Yep, Miguel is sure they were the only two invited. And he can tell Jess wants Diego. Oh, no, Diego’s not even going there–he’s got Presi problems and Presi’s mom problems. He keeps trying to stay away from them, but the Presi had him running to her office all day and having her nearby was too tempting. He’s going to fix things. Tomorrow.

Jess reminds Miriam that Eloisa told them to give it all they’ve got. So off they go. Jess changes the music to a ballad. They fist bump to the sound of horses whinnying. I…don’t know what to say about that…. The go back into the living room and Miriam gets Miguel to dance. Jess mentions some free drink coupons for a bar around the corner and I guess that sounds better to Diego than sticking around there.

Miriam and Miguel are left alone in the apartment. Miriam tells him she likes him. Again. Which is fine, but they’ve both been drinking and Miguel doesn’t want them to do something they’re going to regret. He warns her not to get too close or this isn’t going to end well. She says that’s exactly what she wants and kisses him.


Miguel wakes up in Miriam’s bed with a bad hangover and no recollection of what happened last night.

Diego shows up at Zubizarreta to hand over his letter of resignation…to Benicio.

Rodrigo doesn’t understand why Gabe spent the night. Salma says it was just for last night. She didn’t feel well and he’s a good friend, so he kept her company. Rod doesn’t get it, but whatever. He goes off to school and Salma checks out the pictures again.

There’s a knock on the door and she assumes it’s Rodrigo, but nope. I guess this is the infamous Nicolas. “Wasuuuuuuup! Did you miss me?”

And then Gabe comes in. (Wasn’t Nicolas supposed to be dying? And he’s got one puny little bandage on his temple.)

Vale showers. With the door unlocked, apparently, because Lucas wanders in and starts peeing. Vale peeks out her shower curtain to see who could possibly be out there, screams, Lucas zips up and catches himself, and the resulting scream is heard in space.

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3 years ago

Kat, another great observation on Nicolás and the “puny little bandage.” Very odd.

The “party” at Miriam’s and Jessica’s was anything but a party. At first, the girls seemed more interested in gossiping with each other than talking to the guys. I sure hope Miguel didn’t do something he is going to regret like 9 months later . . .

My favorite part was seeing Vale hitch a ride to the cafeteria on the passing gurney.